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Move List from Right Stance On Guard for the Fist Volcano Basic Set Move List by Andrew

Sol Alatorre

Jab From on guard position, throw your right hand from a Bruce Fist, forward without retracting your fist. Follow through with the rest of your body without too much of a forward motion. Like snapping your fingers it must be uick and accurate, with !ust enough forward motion. "ross #sually after a Jab, from on guard position, throw your left hand from it$s defensi%e position. &'tra forward motion can cause you to lose your balance. (ut !ust enough forward motion for a clean connect. )f you are *++, sure it will connect you may put additional forward motion into the punch. #seful as a secondary weapon, following the Jab. #ppercut From the on guard position, throw your right hand in a hooking uppercut. -o%e the motion of your left hand to a defensi%e position to a%oid any counters. .ook directly upwards for a close opponent, and further for a distant one. /he #ppercut gains strength in the upwards motion, so be sure to a%oid hooking too far forward. #seful on an ad%ancing opponent. .ard to see coming and counter. .ook From the on guard position, pull your right hand to about your waist, putting it at about a 01 degree angle from your body. 2o not drop it too low. From the hooked position e'plode %iolently outwards in a sweep or hook motion. 3lways be on defense with your left hand, able to deal with counters or attacks prior to your .ook. 3 .ook unseen and fast is deadlier than one seen and slow. &lbow 4trike From the on guard position, shoot %iolently with your right elbow. /here are a total of three different angles the &lbow 4trike can be used. 3 forward is the most

damaging, the #pper &lbow 4trike is slower but aims at the face, the Lower &lbow strike aims for the top of the head. #sed with practice this strike can be landed consecuti%ely. Be careful on a defense opponent, who may try to grab your arm. &lbow strikes should be as uick as possible, and as much of a snap as possible. 2o not think them, feel them. Back Fist From the on guard position, shoot your right hand out %iolently arching it from on guard to front and right. /his is a %ery uick motion, it is %ery similar to the !ab, e'cept you mo%e e%en uicker. )magine an arch from your right on guard fist arching further right uickly. /his is a mo%e that is short and sweet. -eant to disorient and confuse. 2oes little damage but can stun an opponent %ery uickly.

"orkscrew Blow From the on guard position, throw your right elbow up while at the same time bringing your right fist down into your opponents stomach. /his must be done %ery uickly. Like turning a corkscrew, you throw your right elbow up while your fist goes forward and lower. )magine turning a corkscrew and apply this to your punch. (ractice this mo%e repeating it o%er and o%er until it becomes a second nature. 5ariations of the Fist 6 /hese are considered the basics of the Fist alone. /hese are by no means a complete %olume of attacks, but this is what ) call the Basic 4kill 4et of the Fist. -any of these mo%es ha%e %ariations including the way the hand takes the shape of a spear or an open palm. /hese to me are 5ariations of the Fist. )n this seeing of the techni ue we can take the mo%e and apply the %ariation. )f you want an 7pen (alm Jab then you throw it in that way. /he 5ariations are as follows. (alm Fingers pulled back e'posing the (alm

4pear Fingers e'tended with tips pulled back or inde' bent o%er the middle Fist Fingers co%ered by the thumb 2ifferent attacks re uire different %ariations. (alm is good for pushing. 4pear is good for soft %ital spots, and Fist is ideal for o%erall damage. Find the ideal hand for whate%er situation. /his concludes the basic Fist mo%es. /his is considered the first part of my lecture on fighting. )f you are to understand it, these mo%es are paramount in using your fist against your opponent. 3lthough ) ha%en$t begun to talk about counters this will be addressed later. /his scroll is known as )gnition. )t is the basic Fist mo%es that all fighters can use. 8ow ) will e'plain why ) call this )gnition, with a few poems and a basic theory of philosophy you can apply to your fighting techni ues so you can be a master of your own art, or an art you study. hiloso!hy of "gnition# art "# Fire$ begins$ what can set it down% "f you hold it$ it burns you$ "f you burn yourself$ who do you blame% "f you aim it$ it burns outward# "f you burn something$ who do you blame% "f you aim it$ it burns where you aim# Aim the Fire# But alas$ how do " s!ar& this fire% From "gnition# For without s!ar&$ there is no fire# From the s!ar& " see clearly now#

'his is how " aim the fire# (ave " ignited it% "s it wild or controlled% 'his de!ends### On how you ignite it# Haiku Fire is !urified$ Move it forward to win$ )nergy is life# "n all things there is$ Fire is !ower unsto!!able$ Feed the flame or die# Mantra of ower S!read your energy and burn$ Focus now and attac&* Fire or +ater often as&ed$ Fire can burn on water " saw$ But not the other way#

hiloso!hy art ""# .ow crucial in energy is )gnition9 )t is perhaps the most crucial. For you cannot start a

fire without first preparing the elements of the planet in the form of a fire. )f you are to kick a ball, can you kick the ball without igniting the energy in your legs forward9 :ou cannot. /his is why this is the first scroll. )gnition. ;ho are you9 2o ) personally write you9 :ou must know by now that this is true. 3nd 3lthough ) do not know you, you are personally reading this. .owe%er, at one point there must be a spark in your mind that said this would be interesting. (erhaps you know me personally, or perhaps not at all. (erhaps it was the title of the piece. (erhaps you en!oy talking about )gnition. ;ell ) am to tell you that we are all in someway capable of creating fire within us. For e'ample, ;hen the body is cold and begins shi%ering, )t creates heat, this kinetic heat is %ery similar to Fire, and to those that are in affinity to the element of fire, may already know this. /he &lement of Fire is %ery powerful, and we can generate heat through our bodies. 7ur bodies do not stay at one cold temperature after we ha%e been in a warm area. /he Body naturally heats up. 4o if we ha%e this ability to create fire, what is it for9 )gnition is the spark. )gnition of energy. ;e are fire6starters. ;e can burn as bright as the sun once we reach this nir%ana. /his 8ir%ana is simple. )magine yourself as a rolling bla<e of fire. "onsume this mental state and allow it to flow through you like water, but instead of )dle water, %iew yourself as %ibrant fire, ;hen you lo%e be like a %ibrant fire. ;hen you show kindness, let that fire be a kind fire, warming the souls of all around. ;ithout fire surely we would ha%e star%ed. ;ithout fire we couldn$t li%e anywhere. 3ll /he settlers of %arious places ha%e used fire for cooking, and for warming themsel%es. /his is the basics of our theory. .ow can ) become like a raging fire9 .ow can ) be a kind fire9 .ow can ) warm the soul of another9 )gnition is the spark. From the moment we ha%e a thought or motion towards something the mind begins the ignition. /his ignition isn$t something that will go away. ;e may find a way to do it, But what )f ) could offer you the idea of a ne%er6ending fire9 4omething that you yourself become. 3 (ure Fire .eart. (ure energy. (ure Lo%e. (ure Bliss. (ure Lo%e of =od. Lo%e =od and the Fire will open itself to you. )t will become wise to you and you to it. Be like the fire, mo%ing forward, consuming what you

need but always burning. >eep burning and keep stri%ing. /his is the mentality of a Fire -ind. :ou must be like fire. Burning and Burning. /he -ind, Body and 4pirit of Fire is consuming what you ha%e, and turning it into &nergy. ) suggest you study this well. -ay the (eace of =od, Jesus "hrist, and /he .oly 4pirit Be upon you. 3men. God is a loving fire$ Be li&e him always loving$ Burn brightly loving# 63ndrew 4ol 3latorre

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