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I would like to congratulate Edward A. Shumpert and Patrick A. Cloud as new members of Flotilla 12-08. They were sworn in during the Flotillas monthly meeting held on January 8, 2014. The Division 12 Winter Meeting and Division 12 Change Of Watch (COW) were held at Wild Dunes Resort on January 11, 2014. Richard Daniel, Dwaine Harris and Paul Berka attended both events. The Flotilla 12-8 Change of Watch was held at Zeus Grill and Seafood located in Mount Pleasant on January 18, 2014. There were over forty members and friends in attendance. I would like to give a very special thanks to Jane and Bob Orenstein for all their work to make this a great event. On January 24, 25 and 26 the Charleston Boat Show took place at the North Charleston Convention Center. I would like to thank members from 12-06 and 12-12 who manned the booth along with members from 12-8. Also thanks to members of United States Coast Guard Gold side who manned the booth during the show. The District Leadership Workshop 2014 was held on January 25, 20114 at the Air Station Savannah. Dwaine Harris, Joe Woodbury, Duncan Hutchinson and Paul Berka were in attendance.

Paul Berka
Flotilla Commander

Our next Flotilla meeting will be held Wednesday, 12 Feb at 1900.

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Alan Miles has accepted the position of FSO-VE. We need to support Alan so the Flotilla can reach its VSC goal for 2014. The next Flotilla meeting is scheduled for February 12, 2014 at 1900 hours in the Training Room located on the second deck of the Brass Buckle building. Duncan Hutchinson will be giving his first computer presentation on helpful information for new members. Jay Bird will be brainstorming with the Flotilla members on a theme for National Safe Boating Week (NSBW). My major objective for 2014 is to install a mentoring program for new Flotilla members. To make this possible we need to establish mentor training classes. I would appreciate any suggestions from the membership. Lets have a productive year! Paul Berka FC, Flotilla 12-8

Vice Commanders Report

Its a new year for Flotilla 12-8, and 2014 will be a busy year for us. Our number one goal for this year will be to increase Recreational Boating Safety activities (RBS) by two percent. RBS includes Public Education, Vessel Safety Exams, Program Visits and Public Affairs. Below is what we will be looking at by way of numbers. PE Graduates: Vessel Safety Checks: Program Visits: Public Affairs events: 75 311 67 8 Members: Operations Hours: Training Hours: 65 125 63

Dwaine Harris
Vice Flotilla Commander

The most important goals are the ones you set for yourself. I look forward to exceeding our goals and helping you with yours. Dwaine Harris VFC, Flotilla 12-8

Remember to le all 7029, 7030, and 7038 paperwork for Auxiliary activities. Please feel free to contact William Carter if you have any questions on submitting paperwork.

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Public Education
Crystal Smith, FSO-PE

I just want to introduce myself as the new FSO-PE. I'm Crystal Smith and I'm a Charleston native. I am a graduate of The Citadel with a BS in Business Administration, and I'm slowly working on my MBA there as well. I grew up in the waters around here, and also in the lakes near Santee. I was a lifeguard at age 15 and a WSI at age 17. My parents used to joke and say that I should have been born with webbed feet because I was in the water so much. I have been around boats and PWC's all of my life. My mother and I joined the United States Power Squadrons when I was 12, I was actually an apprentice because I wasn't old enough to be a member. We were members for a year or two, until we were so busy with my school activities, that we couldn't participate in anything. For 2014, I would like to get Kelly Duncan's kids class implemented, as well as add Personal Watercraft (PWC) Safety classes to what is offered by Flotilla 12-8.

I have witnessed many boat and PWC accidents, and near misses. That is the main reason I chose to join the Auxiliary in the first place, to teach boating safety. Finance
Frank Leister, FSO-FN

The budget which was passed by the membership last month has not yet had enough activity to know if it will be in balance or not. The only significant activity came from the Change of Watch. It came in under budget, which has not happened in quite some time. The provider, Zeus Seafood and Grill, presented a bill that was exactly what they said it would be, no extras. Those who attended all paid promptly so this worked out well. We will have a bill of roughly $2,000 for dues to Division and District. We expect this bill to come in sometime in February, which will leave us in good shape to meet our expenses, and have a cushion for unexpected demands or opportunities.






12 Flotilla Meeting 1900 Brass Buckle


14 Valentines Day

15 ABS Course Bond Hall The Citadel 22


17 Presidents Day


19 TCT Refresher 1900 Brass Buckle





25 Scuttlebutt Deadline




Historical February Events

1980: CGC Cape Horn saved all six crewmen of the F/V Hattie Rose in a dramatic night-time rescue. The Hattie Rose, a Gloucester-based 75-foot stern trawler, began taking on water in 25-foot seas and 45-knot winds, 15 miles east of Provincetown. Sea and wind conditions prevented a rescue by air and so the Cape Horn, under the command of LTJG William L. Ross, and 11 crewmen, diverted from one SAR case to go to the Hattie Rose's assistance. The F/ V Paul and Dominic, standing nearby the stricken vessel, helped direct the cutter to the area. The Cape Horn's crew got a line to the men, now standing on the bow which was still afloat, and pulled four of the crew to safety aboard the cutter. The line parted, however, and the two remaining fishermen began drifting away, but two of the Cape Horn's crew, Duncan Grant and Thomas Jennings, leaped into the 35-degree water and secured a line around the two. They were all then hauled safely aboard.

In honoring February as African-American history month, wed like to give a brief history of Richard Etheridge and the Pea Island Life Saving Station. Both Pea Island and Richard Etheridge represent milestones in the history of African-Americans in the US Coast Guard. Pea Island was the first Life Saving Station with an all-black crew, and the first to have a black man, Richard Etheridge, as Commander. Richard Etheridge was born a slave on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and, like most from that area, learned how to fish, pilot boats, and comb the beaches for refuse of wrecks. By late summer of 1863, he enlisted in the Union Army where he fought both on the front lines of the war, and behind Union lines to end the mistreatment of black soldiers. Later in the war, and now promoted to Regimental Commissary Sergeant, he would be sent to Texas where his men, and those of Captain James from Roanoke Island would be regrouped into the Ninth and Tenth Calvary. These men would come to be known as Buffalo Soldiers.

Pea Island USCG Station, lifeboat, and boathouse. 1942

Later in his career, Richard Etheridge was the first African-American to hold the rank of keeper of a LifeSaving Station. Etheridge held his men to the highest standards, and made sure they were well-trained and prepared. On the night of 11 October 1896, the schooner E.S. Newman became grounded south of Pea Island. The Outer Banks were being hit by a hurricane so severe that Etheridge had suspended beach patrols. Theodore Meekins, a surfman, spotted a distress signal coming from the Newman. Using the help of a mule team, the crew of Pea Island brought rescue equipment and a surfboat in the direction of the distress signal. When the storm proved to be too great to launch a surfboat, two surfmen volunteered to swim into the waves to reach the vessel. They went into the water nine times, facing high winds and waves, and rescued all passengers and crew. For their heroism, the captain of the Newman presented them with a piece of the ships side which held the name of the vessel. Meekins kept this on display at his home on Roanoke Island. He continued to serve at Pea Island for more than twenty years.

Keeper Richard Etheridge (left) and the Pea Island Life-Saving crew in front of their station, circa 1896.

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Joe Woodbury, FSO-PA

Flotilla 12-8 is fortunate to have our elected leadership returning for another year! We were also fortunate to still have our traditional Change of Watch ceremony this year. It was much more than just fellowship at the Zeus restaurant in Mt. Pleasant. We also welcomed in the 2014 Bridge. Flotilla Commander Paul Berka re-visited all the events that happened during his first year as the 12-8 Flotilla Commander and recognized members for their contributions throughout the past year.

Flotilla 12-8s biggest Public Affairs event of the year. It is big for us because it is the event where we collect contact information for people interested in participating in our Public Education Courses like our Safe Boating Course and our Navigation Course. We usually collect contacts of people wanting Vessel Exams. This show is also where we collect HR contacts of people who are interested in joining the USCG Auxiliary, and of course, the boat show is a wonderful opportunity for 12-8 Auxiliarists to promote safe boating and meet and greet lots of boaters.

Above Left Photo: Flotilla 12-8 Change of Watch ceremony. Swearing in of 2014 Flotilla Sta! O"cers. From left: Joe Fleming, William Carter, Frank Leister, Joe Woodbury, Peter Axiotis, Crystal Smith and Blake Cannon. Above Right Photo: Leadership conference attendees.

The 34th annual Charleston Boat Show held at the Charleston Area Convention Center is the largest showcase of seaworthy vessels in the low country. Hosted by the Tri-County Marine Trade Association, and produced by JBM & Associates, it is usually

This year, the show hours were: Friday, January 25: Noon-6pm; Saturday, January 26: 10am-6pm; and Sunday, January 27: 11am-5pm. The weather was so cold that the turnout Continued on was fewer than expected.
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Above Left Photo: The 2014 Charleston Boat Show safety display. A special thanks to those from the Gold Side who helped us out with the event. Above Right Photo: William Carter, Barbara Thibodeaux and Robert Blodgett holding safety display materials. Photos submitted by Joe Woodbury. Public A!airs, cont. from Previous Page Pea Island, cont. from Page Seven

Those boaters who did come to the show, well, many of them did not go to the outside exhibitors where we had the 12-8 booth set up. Many thanks to the 12-8, 12-6, 12-12 Auxiliary members, and to those from the Gold Side, who persevered the cold weather of 21 degrees and worked the USCG Auxiliary booth! The 12-8 Flotilla Commander, Vice Commander, Human Resource Staff Officer and the Public Affairs Staff Officer all traveled to Savannah to Hunter Air Force Base actually to the USCG station on Hunter AFB to attend an all-day Leadership Workshop. At this workshop, participants brainstormed expectations and responsibilities of the first three months of the 2014 Bridges, both at the Flotilla and at the Division levels, and then presented their visions and goals to the other six groups of eight Auxiliarists in similar leadership positions.

Pea Island continued to operate throughout the Second World War until being decommissioned in 1947. In 1996, the Coast Guard awarded the Gold LifeSaving Medal posthumously to the keeper and crew of the Pea Island station for the rescue of those onboard the E.S. Newman. Etheridge and his family are buried at the Pea Island Life Saving Station memorial on the grounds of the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island.

Memorial plaque on the grounds of the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island.

Information Systems
William Carter, FSO-IS

Ive already been receiving 7029 and 7030 forms for 2014. For January we are off to a good start. Sometimes it can be a bit much to keep up with, but from experience, the easiest way is to maintain a calendar for a record of your Auxiliary activities. For example, if you attended the boat show all day on 25 January, you would write 10K-8 Hrs for that day. 10K would be the mission code for Public Affairs, and then the number of hours you helped out. The same would apply for keeping track of other missions. Please feel free to contact me if you need any help with 7029, 7030 and 7038 forms. Publications
William Carter, FSO-PB

a regular basis. The schedules for Vessel Safety blitzes, ABS and Navigation courses, and Public Affairs events will be posted as soon as it becomes available. RBS Marine Dealer Visitation
Peter Axiotis, FSO-PV

The message I would like to get out for this month is for us all to reestablish contacts with the marine dealers and other boating supply stores, and let them know that we have not forgotten about them and are ready to support them in Recreational Boating Safety. I would also like to set a goal for visitations this year, that together we visit a minimum of 100 participants or more. Vessel Examinations
Alan Miles, FSO-VE

We had an excellent turnout from the Charleston Boat Show. Id like to thank everyone from Flotillas 12-8, 12-6, and 12-12 who came out to help. Although the weather was quite cold, we still managed to have a good turnout and had a good amount on interest in the About Boating Safely (ABS) Course, Vessel Safety Checks and membership in the Auxiliary. I look forward to working with everyone in 2014 and hope that we can achieve and exceed our goals for the year. Communications Systems
William Carter, FSO-CS

Welcome VE Inspectors and Flotilla Members to Boating Season 2014. There was an increase in Boating related fatalities last year. We can help prevent this unnecessary loss of life by engaging boaters and helping them understand how important a properly equipped and inspected boat is. This year we be performing VEs several times each month, as well as during the week. We will start with a Vessel Exam refresher training which will be held at a Flotilla Meeting. The date is TBA. There will also be a guest speaker during the presentation.

The website has been updated to reflect the new Flotilla Staff Officer list for 2014. I would also like to remind everyone to check the Flotilla calendar on

Member Training
Richard Daniel, FSO-MT

We kick off 2014 with a theme of Never Stop Learning. We have scheduled our 1-hour TCT Refresher and 1-hour Coxswain and Crew Refresher for 15 February in the Brass Buckle at 1900. The Division-wide First Aid Course is scheduled for 15 March. This course is open to all Division 12 members, and will run from 0830 until about 1630. There is a $35 certification fee per person for this course. Look for a Practical GPS for Boat Crews to offered in April. This is important since all Coxswain will have to demonstrate working knowledge of the installed electronics on the facility starting this year at their QE. Getting to a Commence Search Point (CSP) is critical now. Joe Fleming and Dwaine Harris are conducting the new Boat Crew Training for 2014. Contact them for your on the water training. All Coxswain and

Crew, along with Crew trainees should have the patrol schedule for 2014. If you do not have this information, please contact Joe Fleming. On Paul Berka's January patrol, the entire crew put in way points, navigated to the way points, set up tracks and even built a route. The day was exciting and enjoyable as we pursued Never Stop Learning! All areas of our Flotilla offer learning opportunities. I challenge all FSOs to look at their AOR and decide if they want to put on a workshop to train new candidates and build the skills of current members. Areas such as Marine Dealer Visitation (PV), Public Education (PE), Vessel Safety Checks (VE) and such offer a wonderful opportunity to get involved to save lives. I challenge all FSOs to set up their training classes. Once they have the schedule together, those in Member Training can get the logistics set up. 2014 offers many areas for our members to Start Learning and Never Stop Learning!

Meeting Attendance Axiotis, Peter Berka, Paul Beauchemin, Tom Bird, Jay Blodgett, Robert Carter, William Chirila, Chuck Cloud, Patrick Daniel, Richard Flamm, Jason Fleming, Joe Harris, Dwaine Hutchinson, Duncan Jerussi, Tom Leister, Frank Lovinger, Bob Orenstein, Bob Sanyer, Wolfgang Schumpert, Ed Singletary, William Smith, Crystal Thibodeaux, Barbara Thomas, Paul (IPFC) Woodbury, Joe


Duncan Hutchinson, FSO-HR

Lack of Engagement (and not the matrimonial kind)

Membership in District Seven is declining. If the downward trend shown for the last three years were to continue, eventually, there would be no members to make up the Auxiliary. Is the same true for our Flotilla? A number of reasons for declining membership numbers could be suggested; death, retirement, expense, relocation, family or work responsibilities changing, conflict, lack of purpose - the list could go on and on. But the principle reason for declining membership is, as the title of this article may have lead you to guess: Lack of Engagement Recently, the Commodore of District 7 was part of a discussion where declining membership numbers was a topic. After several questions as to why this is happening were nudged about, Mr. Tyson finally took the floor to give us his answer. He explained to us that research shows that lack of engagement is the primary cause for declining membership in District 7, which is something that concerns him and other senior leadership in the Auxiliary. Does the same hold true for Flotilla 12-8? Our active membership numbers have dropped, even though we have added six new members to our

roster in the last year. Even with several potential members in the wings awaiting final submission of their enrollment package, our numbers are dropping. Flotilla 12-8, and other Flotillas, are undertaking strategies to stop and reverse the downward membership trend. One such strategy is to establish a Mentor-Mentee Program. You will be hearing more about this in the future. However, engagement is very much a two way street. Individual members must also be encouraged to determine which of the many programs in the Coast Guard Auxiliary interest them. This means that one must think out of the traditional box. Don't wait to be spoon fed. Do some research into Auxiliary programs. Talk to people who are involved in the things in which you might be interested. Find a path into the area of your interest and take it. Our elected leadership, Paul Berka and Dwaine Harris, are good contacts as are each of the Flotilla Staff Officers, but don't stop here. Read the newsletters from other Flotillas, Divisions and Districts. You might find an Auxiliary activity in another Flotilla that interests you that we are not yet involved with. If so, then the ball is in your court. Talk to those involved and then help make it happen in 12-8. Who knows who might be interested in what you bring to the Flotilla?

Know What You Need To Know




Left Photo: Randy Glas receiving a certicate for Charting & Plotting course. Right Photo: Frank Leister presented with Auxiliary Membership Service award.

Left Photo: Joe Fleming presented with Auxiliary Membership Service award. Right Photo: Blake Cannon receiving certicate for the Good Mate course.

Left Photo: Joseph Woodbury presented with a Certicate of Appreciation. Right Photo: Richard Daniel presented with Flotilla Commanders Award for Outstanding Service.


Joe Woodbury, FSO-SR

Call to order at 1900 by FC Paul Berka. Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all in attendance. Introduction of Guests Introduction of Visitor by FC Paul Berka -Paul Thomas, former 12-8 FC, now of Jacksonville Florida & Asheville, NC. New Members Ed Shumpert and Patrick Cloud were sworn in. Announcements & Adoption of Minutes Flotilla Commander Berka: Welcome to the new year, we have a lot of things to do this year including Crew & Coxswain training and qualifications and requalifications. We have a couple of presentations tonight which explains why we are on the second deck rather than in the Brass Buckle. Motion to accept the minutes of the December meeting as published in the Scuttlebutt by FSOFN Frank Leister and all present agreed. A quorum of 15 full members is required for a vote on any issue. Quorum was met by the 24 attending members. Please see attendance list on following page. Flotilla Staff Officer Reports Finance: Everyone present was provided a copy of the 2014 Budget & 2013 Year End Report. Our Change of Watch will be this month (technically 2014) and therefore will come out of the 2014 budget. Time was given for each FSO to respond to the proposed 2014 Budget line items. Budget was approved by the membership present. Now if any FSO wants to spend money not indicated in the

budget, then the membership will have to vote on it. All present voted to approve. Information Systems: Be sure to enter all your paperwork. New members should get in touch with William Carter for instructions on how to enter 7029. Materials: Ordered materials for handouts for the Charleston Boat Show. Member Training: Navigation Patrols ICW South, Folly Beach, Cooper River, Ashley River & Wando are expected areas for ATON patrols. Navigational Services: After the first of the year we expect to schedule some night time ATON training. Operations: EPIRB batteries need to be checked. EPIRB (Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon), are tracking transmitters which aid in the detection and location of boats, aircraft, and people in distress. EPIRBS are issued to each Coxswain when they become certified. We are back in the water as long as the temperature does not drop more than two degrees. We have a new safety patrol calendar with rotating Saturdays & Sundays with our esteemed colleagues of the 12-6 Flotilla. Our schedule is not public information. Coxswains & Crew certified 12-8 members received the new schedule. Crew members in training need to review the CD and work on knots and self study using the CD. Training will resume perhaps in February. Public Affairs: In January we have the Charleston Boat Show Jan 24-26, 2014 & Flotilla 12-8 Change of Watch Jan 18th. Public Education: We have an ABS course scheduled to be held at the Citadel.
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There are ongoing collaboration discussions for Public Education with Crystal Smith, Peter Axiotis, Frank Leister and William Singletary. Actual confirmed dates/times/locations to be announced soon! Sign up for instructors was circulated. It is the PAs responsibility to advertise with DNR & the local newspapers promoting the ABS course. Vessel Exams: Packets with the 2014 stickers and vessel safety check forms were distributed to Vessel Examiners. The VE stickers are orange this year. Please destroy any left over 2013 stickers. We need to pass 130 VEs before we can get any more decals. New Business Upcoming Boat Shows: Charleston Boat Show on Friday through Sunday, January 24th26th. Sign up days & times are on the webpage thank you William Carter. Joe Fleming may be bringing the Flotilla Boat. Joe Woodbury will check with the show organizers to see if there will be a spot inside the gates for the boat. Joe Fleming is checking with the Georgetown Flotilla to see if we can get Coastie the Safety Boat. William Carter said that some of the 12-6 and 12-12 Flotilla members are planning to come to our booth! Barbara Thibodeaux will pick up passes on Thursday. Change of Watch: The Flotilla 12-8 Change of Watch is the ceremony to welcome in the 2014 Bridge. Approximately 39 people including guests are expected. It will be held on January 18th at Zeus Grill & Seafood beginning at 1900 hours located at 725 Johnny Dodge Blvd in Mt. Pleasant. The appropriate dress is semi-formal. If wearing USCG Bravo jacket, it is with the blue shirt.

Member Training Webinar: There will be at webinar held on 13 January. It is challenging and very informative. I have a presentation for Member Training in 2014. The theme for this year is Never Stop Learning. It is for the 12-8 Flotilla (and for the Division 12). The GPS for Mariners course has been modified and this year called Practical GPS for Boat Crews. This is a two-phase system. The first phase is a classroom exercise where you learn the components of the GPS system itself. In the second phase, we will have a practical, hands-on exercise training on your personal boat using your GPS. The second program is a Crew and Coxswain course refresher. The plan is to add this course to the required 1-hour TCT course. Charles George will be offering a First Aid course on Saturday 15 March from 8:3016:30. This is an extensive first aid course, and certification cost is $35.00. The TCT 1-hour refresher course with the Crew & Coxswain refresher course will be on the 3rd Wednesday night on 19 February beginning at 1900 at the Brass Buckle. Frank will confirm the Brass Buckle for both courses with Teresa. Paul Berka will coordinate with LTJG Franklin. Teresa knows and understands that the Auxiliary is the continuity for Station Charleston. Teresa got married the other day Duncan was at the wedding! Paul Berka mentioned that we need an 8-hour TCT for the FS (Food Service) members and for all the new members to the Flotilla.

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Comments from Members & Guests Duncan said that he appreciated those Auxiliary members who checked on him, sent cards, called, or checked with his wife while he was ill last month. The barbed wire was removed, and he is on the mend. A special thank you to Barbara Thibodeaux for providing a blueberry & peach cobbler for the meeting. Adjournment Meeting was adjourned at 1955.

Respectfully Submitted Joe Woodbury, FSO-SR

Ed Shumpert (center) and Patrick Cloud (right) being sworn in as new members.

Paul Thomas (center) and Jay Bird (right) receiving their ATON ribbons.

Flotilla Commander Paul Berka (left) and Vice Flotilla Commander Dwaine Harris (right) .

Duncan Hutchinson receiving his awards for Sustained Auxiliary Service and Operations Support.

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