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Selected Annotated Bibliography Primary Sources

Personal Contacts: Kor, Eva Mozes., and Lisa Rojany-Buccieri. Surviving the Angel of eath! "he Story of a Mengele "#in in Ausch#itz. "erre $aute, %&! "angle#ood, '((). *). +rint. "his is a section and,or -age of the .oo/ 0Surviving the Angel of eath! "he Story of a Mengele "#in in Ausch#itz1 in #hich Eva Kor -rovides -ictures of r. Mengele and a -icture of t#ins in a la. during e2-eri3entations.

0%rene Roth $olocaust Survivor.4 %ntervie# .y $ouston $olocaust Musue3. Irene Roth Holocaust Survivor. $ouston, "5, n.d. "elevision. "ranscri-t. %rene Roth is another 6osef Mengele e2-eri3entation survivor. She -rovides her o#n accounts.

Kor, Eva M. 4Eva Kor %ntervie# on 6osef Mengele and $is E2-eri3ents.4 "ele-hone intervie#. (7 8ct. '(9:. Eva Kor -rovided insight in her -ersonal e2-erience #ith r. 6osef Mengele, 4"he Angel of eath4. She shared #ith us #hat e2actly ha--ened #hen they too/ her and #hat they -erfor3ed on her. She also -rovided her thoughts on #hether or not it is right to use the nazi 3edical infor3ation.

4Lena $assid $olocaust Survivor.4 %ntervie# .y $ouston $olocaust Musue3. Lena Hassid Holocaust Survivor Interview. $ouston, "5, n.d. "elevision. Lena $assid 3entions that her sister #as e2-eri3ented on due to her .eing a virgin. "hey #ould co33it e2-eri3ents .ased on se2ual re-roduction.

48ral $istory! %rene $iz3e and Rene Slot/in.4 Http:// &.-., n.d. ;e.. 9: &ov. '(9:. %rene $iz3e and Rene Slot/in are t#ins that -rovide accounts of #hen they arrived and together they tal/ a.out #hen they 3et 6osef Mengele.

48ral $istory! %rene $iz3e.4 Irene Hizme. &.-., n.d. ;e.. 9: &ov. '(9:. %rene $iz3e #as -art of 6osef Mengele<s t#ins. She -rovides her e2-eriences #hat ha--ened inside the hos-itals and #hat she re3e3.ers. She also re3ains an afraid of doctors and hos-itals, an i3-act due to e2-eri3entation.

48ral $istory! Rene Slot/in.4 Http:// &.-., n.d. ;e.. 9: &ov. '(9:. Rene Slot/in #as a -art of 6osef Mengele<s t#ins. $e -rovides his e2-eriences of #hen he #as e2-eri3ented. %t #as very 3ini3al co3-ared to his t#in sister, %rene $iz3e.

+ozos, Ro.ert. 4Ethics on =sage of &azi Medical %nfor3ation.4 E-3ail intervie#. (9 8ct. '(9:. r. Ro.ert +ozos -rovided his -rofessional and -ersonal advice on the ethics of usage of nazi 3edical infor3ation. $e -rovided his -ersonal #or/s #ith the hy-other3ia research that he received and also -resented different -oints of vie#s.

Selected ;or/s. Boston =niversity School of +u.lic $ealth. The Trial That Never Happened: Jose !engele and the Twins o "uschwitz. #or$ Selected ;or/s, 6an. '(99. ;e.. 9( &ov. '(9:. A variety of -ri3ary accounts of survivors and leaders are told throughout the

e2tent of this -a-er. "his reference -a-er hel-s us e2tend our .ac/ground /no#ledge on the r.Mengles -oint of vie# as #ell as his -atients,

4"esti3ony E2cer-ts!! Anna ;. > ?ale =niversity Li.rary.4 Testimon& '(cerpts:: "nna #. ) *ale +niversit& Li%rar&. &.-., n.d. ;e.. 9: &ov. '(9:. Anna ;. is a @y-sy #ho #as e2-eri3ented on. %t see3s that the e2tent of her e2-eri3entation caused her to no longer .e a.le to conceive children, an i3-act due to e2-eri3entation.

4"esti3ony! Aather Leo Miechalo#s/i.4 , +nited States Holocaust !emorial !useum. &.-., n.d. ;e.. 9: &ov. '(9:. Aather Leo Miechalo#s/i -rovides his accounts of #hen he #as tested .y 6osef Mengele. S-ecifically, #e found his .eing used as a hy-other3ia su.ject 3ost interesting, as #e /no# the nazi 3edical data of hy-other3ia to .e currently used today.

4"esti3ony! Bladislava Karole#s/a.4 , +nited States Holocaust !emorial !useum. &.-., n.d. ;e.. 9: &ov. '(9:. Bladislava Karole#s/a, -rovides her accounts of .eing e2-eri3ented on during the $olocaust. "he after effects of .eing e2-eri3ented re3ained as she states, 4%<3 #ea/, % have no strength to #or/ and 3y legs get s#ollen u- very easily.4 An i3-act due to e2-eri3entation.

4"#in $olocaust Survivors escri.e Arriving at Ausch#itz.4 *ouTu%e. ?ou"u.e, '9 A-r. '((). ;e.. 9' &ov. '(9:. "his video -rovides us the accounts of t#o t#ins that survived Mengele<s e2-eri3ents and #hat they #itnessed and e2-erienced.

4Bera Ale2ander.4 *ouTu%e. ?ou"u.e, 9' ec. '(99. ;e.. 9' &ov. '(9:. %t is a video of Bera Ale2ander, a #itness to 6osef<s Mengele<s e2-eri3entation on t#ins, testifying to the horror of Ausch#itz.

Secondary Sources: Annas, @eorge 6., and Michael A. @rodin. The Nazi -octors and the Nurem%erg .ode: Human Rights in Human '(perimentation. &e# ?or/! 82ford =+, 9))'. +rint. "his .oo/ gives us the details on hu3an e2-eri3entation under &azi doctors and the i3-act it 3ade on 3odern day 3edicine.

4Argu3ents on Ethical or =nethical =se of Medical %nfor3ation.4 /0S. +BS, n.d. ;e.. ' 8ct. '(9:. "his list of argu3ents -rovides e2a3-les and -resents infor3ation on the ethical and unethical -oints of vie#s on the use of nazi 3edical infor3ation.

4Ausch#itz-Bir/enau! &azi Medical E2-eri3entation.4 Nazi !edical '(perimentation at "uschwitz10ir$enau. A3erican-%sraeli Coo-erative Enter-rise, '(9:. ;e.. D &ov. '(9:. "his -rovides a detailed infor3ation a.out other doctors li/e Mengle #ho also -erfor3ed 3edical e2-eri3ents on -risoners and co33ited other acts that violated 3edical ethics.

Bau3slag, &ao3i. 4 ecline of @er3an Medicine ! Aro3 Euthanasia to Murder.4 !urderous !edicine: Nazi -octors2 Human '(perimentation2 and T&phus. ;est-ort, C"! +raeger, '((*. :*7*. +rint. "his section sho#s the 3any #ays of -ro-aganda that .ore do#n the i3age of 6e#s during ;;%%. "hey continued to -ersuade others that 6e#s #ere the 4lice of civilized 3an/ind4 and un#orthy of .eing any ty-e of -eo-le.

Ca-lan, Arthur L. ;hen Medicine ;ent Mad! Bioethics and the $olocaust. "oto#a, &6! $u3ana, 9))'. +rint."his .oo/ -rovides testi3onies of a variety of -eo-le and their involve3ent #ith a nazi e2-eri3entation and ho# they survived it.

.enters or -isease .ontrol and /revention. Centers for isease Control and +revention, 'E Se-t. '(9:. ;e.. * 8ct. '(9:. "he "us/egee Study -rovides an e2a3-le of the rights of -atients not .eing -racticed as the -atients did not give consent of the real -ur-ose of the e2-eri3ent. "he -atients #ere fooled.

4 eadly Medicine! Creating the Master Race > E2a3ine Key Artifact.4 -eadl& !edicine: .reating the !aster Race ) '(amine 3e& "rti act. &.-., n.d. ;e.. 9: &ov. '(9:. "he narrator tells us that the ulti3ate -lan #as to create a 3aster race.

-'"-L* !'-I.IN': .R'"TIN4 TH' !"ST'R R".'. igital i3age. Http:// &.-., n.d. ;e.. 9: &ov. '(9:. "his -rovides an i3age that sho#s t#o t#ins .eing tested .ased on their eye color, one of the 3any tested areas in -art of creating the 3aster race.

igital i3age. Jose !engele. &.-., n.d. ;e.. 9: &ov. '(9:. Fhtt-!,,,.,3engele.ht3lG. "he i3age sho#s 6osef Mengele and other fello# &azi doctors involved #ithin the e2-eri3entation of -atients.

@esundheit, Benja3in. 4CME Activity.4 /s&chiatr&5nline. +sychiatric Services, '(99. ;e.. 9( &ov. '(9:. "his article -rovides an account fro3 E-hrai3 Reichen.erg, #ho #as a -risoner at Ausch#itz-Bir/enau in 9)EE. $e tells us his story and ho# r. Mengles e2-eri3entation i3-acted his life greatly as they left hi3 #ith no voice of his o#n. 46osef Mengele.4 Holocaust 'nc&clopedia. &.-., n.d. ;e.. 9: &ov. '(9:. "his article sho#s the ti3eline of 6osef Mengele<s life and so3e .ac/ground infor3ation that could lead hi3 into the field of 3edical science.

468SEA ME&@ELE.4 Holocaust 'nc&clopedia. =nited States $olocaust Me3orial Museu3, 9( 6une '(9:. ;e.. 9* &ov. '(9:. "his #e.sites -rovides details of 6osef MengeleHs life and ho# he started and

earned his +h. . in -hysical anthro-ology, as #ell as #hat #as his influence in his interest #ith e2-eri3entations on t#ins.

46osef Mengele.4 =5L Biogra-hies. etroit! =I5IL, '((:. Student Resources in Conte2t. ;e.. 9* &ov. '(9:."his -rovides yet another .io of 6osef Mengele .ut includes 3ore details on his deathHs deter3ination and ho# it occurred. %t also -rovides 3any .oo/s that could #or/ as a good sources.

!engele6s '(perimental Twins. igital i3age. -r. !engele 7"ngel o -eath7 &.-., n.d. ;e.. 9: &ov. '(9:. "his i3age illustrates the horror 6osef Mengele -ut the children he e2-eri3ented on through.

Moreno, 6onathan . 4&ure3.erg<s Shado#.4 +ndue Ris$: Secret State '(periments on Humans. &e# ?or/! ;.$. Aree3an, '(((. *:-D*. +rint. "his cha-ter .rings in the &ure3.erg Code, the search for 3edical ethics and gives us .rief gli3-ses at nu3erous trials during this ti3e.

Moreno, 6onathan . 4"he +entagon Meets &ure3.erg 8de.4 +ndue Ris$: Secret State '(periments on Humans. &e# ?or/! ;.$. Aree3an, '(((. 9*7-DD. +rint. %n this section, #e are -resented #ith the scarce search of a -olicy on hu3an e2-eri3ents and a gradual 4-rogress4 as the e2-eri3ents gave Mengele the -o#er to learn fro3 failure.

4&AJ% ME %CAL E5+ER%ME&"S.4 $olocaust Encyclo-edia. =nited States $olocaust Me3orial Museu3, 9( 6une '(9:. ;e.. '(9:. "his source -rovides #ith a loo/ into #hat e2-eri3ents 6osef Mengele did at the ca3-s. Sho#s ho# Mengele did not just #or/ #ith t#ins .ut as #ell as serological e2-eri3ents on @y-sies along #ith his colleague ;erner Aischer at Sachsenhausen, in order to deter3ine ho# different 4races4 #ithstood various contagious diseases

&yiszli, Mi/loKs. "uschwitz: " -octor6s '&ewitness "ccount. &e# ?or/! Arcade +u.., 9)):. +rint. Author Mi/los &yiszli, served as Mengele<s -ersonal research -athologist #hich gave us a contrastive -ers-ective on Mengele<s e2-eri3entations. 4+ortrait of 6osef Mengele.4 /hoto "rchives. =nited States $olocaust Me3orial Museu3, ;e.. 9* &ov. '(9:. "his source -rovides a -icture of r. Mengele along #ith a short .io. +osner, @erald L., and 6ohn ;are. !engele: The .omplete Stor&. &e# ?or/! Mc@ra#-$ill, 9)DL. +rint. "his .oo/ in details Mengele<s life fro3 the -ers-ectives of his closest co3rades and fa3ily.

+osner, @erald L., and 6ohn ;are. 4"he Aor3ative ?ears.4 !engele: The .omplete Stor&. &e# ?or/! Mc@ra#-$ill, 9)DL. 9-9D. +rint. %n this section of the novel, #e are told a.out the u-co3ing of 6osef Mengele and his -ersonal life. ;e enter ho# #e #as raised as a ty-ical nor3al childMdes-ite his insane futureN. Many accounts are -rovided .y 3e3.ers of his old to#n a.out ho# he #as an 4intelligent, a3.itious, fun-loving, erudite and -olished4 3an gro#ing u-. ;hen he entered college to .eco3e the <first Mengele Scientist<, he<d .eco3e inde-endent. "o e2-lore the vast field of 3edicine he chose Anthro-ology and @enealogy. "his study co3.ined

#ith the -olitical confrontation ha--ening in this ti3e -eriod 3ust<ve s-ar/ed 6osef<s ideas of su-ressing the inferior races such as 6e#s, @y-sies, etc. "his cha-ter -laces us in the environ3ent and ti3e -eriod of #hich 6osef Mengele #as .eing influenced as he gre# u-.

+ozos, Ro.ert. N"8I H*/5TH'R!I" R'S'"R.H: SH5+L- TH' -"T" 0' +S'-9 igital i3age. &.-., n.d. ;e.. 9: &ov. '(9:. "his -rovides a -icture of ho# they tested their hy-other3ia e2-eri3ents. Schult, Christo-h. 4 r. Mengele<s Bicti3! ;hy 8ne Ausch#itz Survivor Avoided octors for L* ?ears.4 S/I'4'L 5NLIN'. &.-., 9( ec. '((). ;e.. 9( &ov. '(9:. "his article -rovides a useful e2a3-le of the dra3atic i3-acts due to r. Mengles e2-eri3entations as it tal/s a.out ?itzha/<s -ersonal life and ho# he #as affected .ecause of his -ast e2-eriences #ith r.Mengle, hi3self.

Seigert, Alice. 4$is Secret 8ut, Rolf Mengele "al/s A.out $is Aather.4 .hicago Tri%une. &.-., :( 6une 9)D*. ;e.. '7 8ct. '(9:. "his sho#s 6osef Mengele<s son, Rolf Mengele, and his accounts #hen he visited hi3 in Brazil and ho# 6osef Mengele never too/ .ac/ his #or/ and ho# he stayed true to his #or/s.

4So3e Call "he3 Area/s, $u3an 8ddities and Monsters .ut % Call "he3 $u3an Marvels.4 TH' 5:IT8 ;"!IL*. &.-., n.d. ;e.. '7 8ct. '(9:. "his -rovides infor3ation on the 8vitz Aa3ily and #hat they endured during 6osef Mengele<s e2-eri3ents. "his also -rovides insight on ho# t#isted 6osef Mengele #as .y his e2cite3ent of seeing the 4ulti3ate test su.jects4. "i3es, "ho3as L. Aried3an, S-ecial "o "he &e# ?or/. 46ER=SALEM L%S"E&S "8 "$E

B%C"%MS 8A ME&@ELE.4 The New *or$ Times. "he &e# ?or/ "i3es, (7 Ae.. 9)D*. ;e.. 99 &ov. '(9:. %n this article, the author s-ea/s of the E(th reunion of 3any of the t#in survivors fro3 Mengle<s e2-eri3entations. $e ho# senti3ental and difficult it #as for each survivor to share their stories a3ongst an audience.

"yson, +eter. 4"he $i--ocratic 8ath "oday.4 /0S. +BS, '7 Mar. '((9. ;e.. * 8ct. '(9:. "his -rovides a classical and 3odern for3 of the $i--ocratic 8ath, in #hich all doctors universally follo# this oath.