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Unit/Theme 1 Knowing Me Knowing You Page 1 Theme: People Week (1 3) 02/1/-16/1/ Level Language for Interpersonal Use Language for Informational Use Language for Aesthetic Use Grammar Sound System Educational Emphases

Writing and talking about wedding customs and rituals Comparing and contrasting between two weddings Reading dialogues and determining the language functions Making sentences to express specific functions Completing a mind map Role playing using cue cards Pronouncing words with /I/and/i/sounds in a poem Problem solving and decisionmaking

Reading a variety of texts Listening and ticking corrects answers Reporting similarities and differences between two weddings Writing paragraph on weddings Presenting a report in class Reporting information gathered writing a composition

Reading excerpts to determine characters Reading excerpts to determine setting

Language Form and functions

Vowel sounds /I/i:/ Diphthongs /et/at///o i/

Thinking Skills Preparation for the Real World Multiple Intelligences

QWERTYUIOP 3 Listening and completing a mind map interviewing people Scanning for details by ticking true or false statement Finding meaning of words using contextual clues Predicting the outcome of events 2 Saving Every Drop Page 21 Theme: Environment 2 Week (4 6) 20/1-07/2 Exchanging ideas Pronouncing words with /v/and /w/sounds in a poem Brainstorming about organizing an event Giving opinions on water conservation learning the format of a formal letter Completing a letter of complaint 1 Recalling past experiences on water shortage by completing a mind map Keeping a journal Listening and completing a mind map Listening and identifying true or false Statements Taking note Reading a news paper report Choosing the best answer Interviewing people on water crisis Transferring information to a table

Wrap up

Rearranging sequence of events Completing a diagram to determine rising action and climax QWERTYUIOP

Language Forms and functions

Consonant Sounds /v//w/

Preparation for the real world Futures studies Thinking Skills Multiple Intelligences ICT

Writing a narrative paragraphs Writing meaning of phrases Presenting information on a campaign Converting information in a passage to graphic form

3 Reaching Out Page 44 Theme: Social Issues Week (7 8) 10/2-21/2

Sharing and recording past experiences Role playing to practice language functions

Listening and ticking the correct answers Listening and sequencing the order of statements Using the internet to source for information Listening and noting important details , making inference ,moving beyond the text Writing a summary Writing a Formal letter of appreciation Get meanings of words using a dictionary Predicting the outcome of events Giving a talk on Alzheimers Disease

Listening to a poem to sequence events Choosing appropriate descriptive words Reading a poem aloud Choral reading Matching meanings to expressions used in the poem

The Simple Past tense Modals should and needs

Sentence stress and intonation

Knowledge Acquisitions ICT Multiple Intelligences

Futures studies Thinking Skills

Presenting a group report Role playing to place an order for a wheelchair

Picking out the idea from each stanza IN THE MIDST OF HARDSHIP Wrap up

Keeping a discussion going

4 Checking Up On Health Page 65 Theme: Health

Reading about people s experience Sharing feelings

Listening to a conversation Reading for details , making inferences , moving beyond the text Skimming and scanning to identify fact or opinion Using a thesaurus

Reading the Poem aloud Relating The Situation in the poem to real life Selecting images from poems that describe moods Picking out words which appeal to the senses Finding evidence from poem on how feelings and moods are created

The present Perfect Tense Revision on the simple Past Tense

Stress on four syllable words

Thinking Skills ICT Knowledge Acquisition Multiple Intelligences

2 Week (9-10) 24/2-07/3

Discussing organ donation Planning a visit to an organization

Listening for specific information and ticking the correct answer Listening for specific information and ticking the correct answer Listening for specific information to complete a flow chart Writing ones opinion

Initiating and keeping a discussion going


5 Deciding On Dams Page 82 Theme: Value

Sharing information on dams Reading and matching opinions

Giving opinions on building dams Problems solving and decision making

Listening to a dialogue and answering true or false questions Matching expressions with the meanings Gathering information Finding meanings of phrases using the contextual clues Responding to questions and comments

Reading and listing characteristics of characters Reading excerpts to determine characters FRUITCAKE SPECIAL

Gerunds Gerunds after preparation



Week (11 12) 10/3-21/3

Discussing consequences of land- clearing

Completing a graphics organizer Reading for details and making

Completing a diagram to determine rising action and

inferences Writing abbreviations Writing an argumentative composition Simulating shopping over the internet Listening and completing a table Listening a picking out specific words Using contests page and index Reading an article and transferring Information onto a flowchart Scanning for information Preparing a graphic organizer on paper making

climax Rearranging sequence of events

6 Going HighTech Page 102 Theme: Science and Technology

Sharing experiences about internet shopping

Completing the sequence of events Rearranging the sequence of events

Passive construction Logical Connectors Sequence Connectors The Prefix pre

Consonants Clusters /sI/k I/

Preparation for the real world Thinking skills Learning How to leans skills

2 Week (13 - 15) 01/4-11/4

Reading shorts texts and transferring information onto a chart Answering questions on shorts texts

ICT Multiple Intelligences

Interviewing people about their jobs 3 Discussing ways to solve a problem Initiating and keeping a discussion going Taking about patriotism


Writing a report Presenting the report in class Listening to short texts and answering true or false question Dictation Reading an article on The Twin Towers Completing a fact sheet Reading for details making inferences Wrap up Preparation for the real world Thinking skills Learning How to leans skills

7 Loving Our Country Page 215 Theme: Value Week (16-18) 21/4-09/5

The past Perfect Tense Adverbs of degree Thoroughly, completely, nearly FRUITCAKE SPECIAL

Sentences stress in statements and questions

Agreeing or disagreeing with opinions

Finding word with the same meaning Completing a crossword puzzle with antonyms Writing a descriptive essay

Writing a dialogue based on a short story

ICT Multiple Intelligences

Role playing the characters

Initiating and keeping a discussion going Wrap up

8 Looking up Lifestyle Page 121 Theme: People Week (19-21) 12/5-30/5

Sharing experience on eating foreign food completing a conversation

Finding the origin of foods Listening and completing a table Interviewing people on their lifestyle Writing an essay Reading an article Reading for details , making inference moving beyond the text Finding synonyms using a thesaurus Picking out similes or metaphors in a poems Rewriting the poem in dialogue form Dramatising a poem Identifiying stress and intonation in poem Identifiying tone and mood in poem

Concord : Subject

Words from foreign languages

Knowledge Acquisition ICT Thinking Skills

Role playing using cue cards Making inquiries ,placing an order and giving feedback Making a verbal complaints Giving opinions about using hand phones Discussing using hand phones

Writing using the format of an article HE HAD SUCH QUIET EYES Writing the summary 9 Caring for the Environment Page 139 Theme: Environment Week (22-25) 16/6-11/7 1 Sharing experience on environmental damage Homographs Reading short texts and scanning for information Listening to a forum and completing a graphic organizer Finding meanings of words Making predictions Forming words using a suffix Identifying main ideas and supporting details, Identifying cause and effect Writing a speech Giving a speech Dramatizes the poem : HE HAD SUCH QUIET EYES Reading the poems aloud with expressions Verb and preposition combinations Adjective and preposition combinations Thinking Skill ICT Knowledge Acquisition

Exchanging ideas and opinions about the enviroments

Having a discussion based on short texts

10 Facing Teenage Blues Page 156 Theme: Social Issues Week (26-28) 14/7-01/8

Sharing experiences on problems Relating experiences and completing a table

Listening to problem and jotting down key points Listening and answering true or false statements Reading an article on depression Reading for details Using Contextual

Reading the dialogue aloud and describing the mood

Making decisions and coming to a consensus Agreeing or disagreeing with a speaker Suggesting way to solve a problem Giving advise to teenagers

Writing events in a play in the form of a diary entry

Punctuation colon,,hypen, brackers Revision present Perfect and Simple Past Tenses

Consonant Sounds /s//zem/sp/

Thinking Skill ICT Knowledge Acquisition Multiple Intelligences Preparation for the real Word

Composing a poem Writing an informal letter GULP AND GASP

11 Moving Ahead Page 176 Theme: Science and Technology Week (29-30) 04/8-15/8

Sharing experience

Listening and completing short passages Watching a video advertisement and taking notes Reading an article on science and technology Answering multiple choice questions Reading for details, making inferences, Moving beyond the text Matching meaning of expressions Listening for main ideas

Reading the dialogue in various Styles

Prepositions of time Preposition of association

Consonant Sounds/s//zem/sp/

ICT Knowledge Acquistion Thinking Skills Future Studies

Completing a table

Writing a letter of complain Role playing buying a product

Writing an article Finding meaning to words using Contextual clues and the dictionary Carrying out an interview Writing a summary Predicting the cause and effect of actions and decisions Writing a descriptive composition

Composing a poem based on a characters point of view


12 Healthy Living Page 196 Theme: Health

Completing a table on meals Role Playing

Listening to a conversation and completing an exercise Listening for specific information

Preposition of time Prepositions of association

Consonant Sounds /k/ks//z

Future Studies Multiple Intelligences ICT Thinking skills

2 Week (31-32) 18/8-29/8 3

Reading food labels and exchanging ideas Giving advice to health problems Making decisions Making enquiries about a product and making decisions based on information Discussing the attitude of Malaysian youth on fitness Sharing information on wetlands Discussing activities in a wetland

Discussing a meal plan Searching for information on health topics Reading for details, making inferences Writing a reflective essay Choosing the most suitable word

Role playing the dialogues


Comparing reasons

13 Preserving Nature Page 233 Theme Environment

Listening and completing a chart Carrying out an experiment on peat Stating true or false statements Reading a text on a wetlands site Answering true or false questions Designing a brochure for a wetland Finding words with the same meaning Scanning for words to complete a table Drawing a food web Writing a summary Determining the themes and moral values from excerpts

Conjunctions eitheror, neithernor Conjunctions Although, However

Contractions d and m Silent g /n/silent I /m/,/lm/,/r/ sounds

Knowledge Acquisition ICT Multiple Intelligences

2 Week (33-34) 01/9-12/9 3

Planning a trip to wetland


Initiating and continuing a discussion on wetland activities Discussing aspects of a brochure and making decisions

14 Promoting Our Crafts Page 252 Theme People Week( 35-37) 22/9-10/10

Sharing ideas about crafts Sharing experiences about arts or craft

Writing a paragraph on experiences shared Reading about lotus shoes REVISION OF LIT COMP

Reading short excerpts to give opinion Brainstorming and making decisions

Finding synonyms Listening and completing a graphic organizer

Type of sentences : Simple Sentences, Compound Sentences, Complex Sentences

The diphthong Sound The /e/ and /A/ Sounds

Thinking Skills Knowledge Acquisition Multiple Intelligences

Initiating and keeping a discussion going

Writing a summary Writing a description Revision and Teaching of Answering Technique for Final Exams

Week (38-39) 13/10-24/10 Week (40-43) 27/10-21/11