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Bus Crash Expert-Consider the Actual Points

In a recent article, we took a look at some of the most deadly bus crashes in history. Yes, it's a morbid topic, yet exploring these tragic disasters also helps put into context the problems we face in our everyday lives by making us realize that our unexpected problems aren't so bad after all. With the help of a bus crash expert, we took a look at the most famous bus crashes in history to get a sense for just how bad these crashes can be. Last time, we began at the start of motor vehicle history and went up through the 1950s. This time, we begin at the dawn of the 1960s. The decade defined by flower children, love and psychedelic music also opened with a tragic bus crash in Japan when, in July 1960, two buses in Shiga collided, sending one plunging 270 into a valley. Some 18 died in the accident. In 1961, the United States saw one of its most horrific crashes when a school bus driver in Evans, Colorado stopped on a set of train tracks. A train struck the bus, killing 20 children on board. According to our bus crash expert, a crash the following year in Argentina was even worse. In Buenos Aires, a train struck a bus full of children on their way to kindergarten. The socalled Villa Soldati Level Crossing Tragedy resulted in the death of an astounding 42 children, along with an additional 83 injuries. It was one of the worst crashes in history and shocked the nation. The next year switched continents but escalated the body count when a bus in Kenya, filled with people returning from church, veered off the road and plunged into the Tiva River. The exact number of casualties is still unknown, but at least 72 people died in the accident. That same year, a bus filled with Boy Scouts in the United States lost its brakes while on a hill and crashed into a river. Thirteen were killed in the accident. Our bus crash expert told us that 1965 was a particularly bad year, perhaps the worst year in

history for bus crashes. At least seven crashes killed over a dozen people each, with the highest total claimed to be 125 killed. These accidents include a bus in Peru plunging into a river and killing 31 victims, 19 killed when a bus in Mexico carrying a soccer team crashed into 450-foot ravine, another Mexican bus crash that killed 25, a bus crash in Egypt that claimed the lives of 36 victims, and an Egyptian trolley bus that fell into the Nile, killing 74 people. In 1966, a bus in Germany carrying children crashed on the Autobahn, killing 33. But worse still was a crash in Japan two years later. In an intense rainstorm, two charter buses crashed into the Hida River. In this tragic accident, a stunning 104 people were killed, one of the worst bus disasters of all time. The 1960s closed with two other noteworthy bus crashes. Our bus crash expert told us that in June 1969, a bus in the Philippines crashed into a ravine, killing 40, and a few months later, in August, a bus in Brazil fell from the Almas Bridge, killing 30 people.