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College Of Engineering, Pune-01 Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Title of Project: Testing and Parametric nal!sis of an "pdraught #iomass $asifier Name of Students: Dhru% Deshpande &0'(01)* Shailesh Patil &0'(01+* nirudha $hadge &0'(00,* -sha! Phad-e &0'(0.(* Name of Guide: Prof. /.0.1ai2hole Problem Statement: 3n toda!4s scenario of depleting con%entional fossil fuels, 2iomass pro%ides an alternate source of energ!. $asification is a chemical process that con%erts car2onaceous materials li-e 2iomass into useful con%enient gaseous fuels or chemical feedstoc-. The product gas of gasification has a calorific %alue unli-e that of complete com2ustion process. Introduction: The present stud! is going to 2e focused on parametric anal!sis and stud! of the mathematical model to predict the effect of usage of %arious t!pes of fuels in gasification process and also the usage of o5!gen as a gasif!ing agent. Due to lac- of authentic -inetic data to design gasifier, the gasification process 6ill 2e simulated using thermod!namic model using M T7 # and Engineering E8uation Sol%er. num2er of fuels 6ill 2e used in the stud! namel! coal, rice hus- and 6ood pallets. Their pro5imate and ultimate anal!sis 6ill 2e studied. The anal!sis of s!ngas produced can 2e done 2! gas chromatograph! and Orsat apparatus. The simulation 6ill 2e focused on the effect of pressure, air to fuel ratio and steam to fuel ratio on produced s!ngas composition. n e5perimental model has 2een fa2ricated to ta-e trial and stud! the process of gasification. The model has 2een fa2ricated so that it can hold a 2atch of (0-g fuel. n arrangement has 2een made so as to control the air flo6. Sensors ha%e 2een mounted to record the core temperature, gas temperature and steam temperature. centrifugal 2lo6er of 0.9 :P 6ith 1. cfm &cu2ic feet per minute* discharge capacit! is used. Steam is generated 6ithin the setup in the 6ater ;ac-et and supplied to gasification process. This helps in utilising the heat that ma! ha%e 2een lost to en%ironment in form of heat from outer side of the e5perimental gasifier model. Relevance:

M.E.S.College Of Engineering, Pune-01 Department of Mechanical Engineering

Due to the increasing use of non-rene6a2le energ! sources li-e natural gas, petroleum, etc. the current scenario of the 6orld is that of an energ! crisis. :ence there is dire need of energ! 6or-ing on rene6a2le sources 6hich are a2undant and profuse to the earth li-e 2iomass, solar, 6ind etc.

Significance: 2iomass gasifier 6or-s on the concept of p!rol!sis and partial o5idation of fuel to produce S!n$as. The t6o chief components of s!nthesis gas are h!drogen and car2on mono5ide, are the 2uilding 2loc-s of 6hat is often -no6n as chemistr!. The %arious applications can 2e< 1. #ul- chemicals li-e ammonia, methane and =ischer-Tropsch products. .. Clean fuel gas. (. Manufacture of S!nthetic 0atural $as &S0$*. >. To6n gas and 1eduction gas. 9. Electricit! through gas tur2ines. ,. O5o-alcohols to produce detergents and plastici?ers. ). cetates and pol!urethanes Facilities Required: 1. =uel &%i?. coal, rice hus- and 6ooden pellets* .. Electrical energ! (. @or-shop facilities >. @ater suppl! 9. 0ational Chemical 7a2orator! for anal!sis of gas sample ,. Aadn!a =uels for the designing of #iomass gasifier References: 1. 7o6r!, :. :., editor, Chemistry of Coal Utilization, Bohn @ile! C Sons, 1'>9, p. 1.9.. .. C!clic gas generators con%erted co-e, a 2!-product of high-temperature p!rol!sis process, to a s!nthetic gas 2! alternati%el! e5posing the co-e to air to pro%ide heat and to steam to produce a gas that 2urned 6ith a 2lue Dame. The coal gas 6as -no6n as E2lue 6ater gasF &Pro2stein, 1. =. and :ic-s, 1. E., Synthetic Fuels, Mc$ra6-:ill, 1'+., p. )*. (. Glass, D. 7., Biomass for Renewable nergy, Fuels, an! Chemicals, cademic Press, 1''+, p..)1. >. http<HH666.netl.doe.go%Hcoalpo6erHgasiIcationHmodels. 9. "#asification (secon! e!ition)$ 2! Christopher :igman and

M.E.S.College Of Engineering, Pune-01 Department of Mechanical Engineering

Maarten %an der. ,. . %an der Drift, 1. %an 1ee, :. #oerrigter and G. :emmes< Bio%syngas& 'ey interme!iate for large scale pro!uction of green fuels an! chemicals( )n& *he +n! ,orl! Conference on Biomass for nergy, )n!ustry, an! Climate Protection, 10-1> Ma! .00>, 1ome, 3tal!, pp. .199-.19) &.00>*. ). E#asification *echnologiesF 2! Bohn 1e?ai!an, 0icholas P.Cheremisinoff Ta!lor and =rancis Pu2lication +. 1aghunathan, G. and $ullett, #. G., Role of Sulfur in Re!ucing -C.. an! -C.F Formation, n/ironmental Science an! *echnology, /ol. (0. 0o. ,, pp. 1+.)-1+(>, Bune 1'',. '. EP13, Summary Report& *race Substance missions from a Coal%Fire! #asi0cation -lant, ".S. Department of Energ!, Bune 1''+. 10. #a-er, D. C., -ro1ecte! missions of 2azar!ous 3ir -ollutants from a Shell #asi0cation -rocess 4 Combine!%Cycle -ower -lant, Fuel, /olume )(, 0o. ), Bul! 1''>. 11. /ic-, S. C., Slagging #asi0cation )n1ection *echnology for )n!ustrial ,aste limination, 1'', $asiIcation Technolog! Conference, San =rancisco, C , Octo2er 1'',. 1.. Salinas, 7., #or-, P., and Timm, E., #asi0cation of Chlorinate! Fee!s, 1''' $asiIcation Technologies Conference, San =rancisco, C , Octo2er 1'''. 1(. "#asification han!boo'$ 2! 1eed and Das 1>. "Biomass #asification an! -yrolysis$&practical design* 2! Pra2ir #asu 19. E#asificationF a paper 2! Dr. Sam! Sada-a, P.E., P.Eng ssociate Scientist, CSET, department of griculture and #ios!stems Engineering 3o6a State "ni%ersit! 0e%ada 1,. E$asification of 3ndian Coal< Stud! and Simulation of Coal $asifierF an Chetan $hare at Therma5 7imited, M.3.D.C-Pune&.00'-.010* 1). nuradda $anesh. e.t " 5uilibrium mo!el for biomass gasification$ & d%ance in Energ! 1esearch, .00,* 1+. T.Srini%as, #./.1edd!Jet E*hermo!ynamic e5uilibrium mo!el an! 6ergy analysis of a biomass gasifier$ &Bournal of Energ! 1esources Technolog!, Sep .00' SME /ol. 1(1H0(1+01-1* 1'. M. .Cha6dhur! and G.Mah-amo% ".e/elopment of a small !own!raft M-Tech pro;ect 2!

M.E.S.College Of Engineering, Pune-01 Department of Mechanical Engineering

gasifier for !e/eloping countries(F&BS1 Pu2lication .011* .0. "-rocess e5uipment !esign$ 2! M./.Boshi and /./.Maha;ani