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5 Ways To Make Your Life An Adventure! I loved watching Sinbad growing u !

"is life was full of risk# adventure and so $uch interest! I wished I could trade $y bogus life routine for %ust one day of the irate&s 'with his skills of course(! I wanted to be stronger# faster# s$arter# and better than I was! )ew year resolutions gave $e a kick and I would start off with great a$bition! "owever# by late *ebruary# $y assions had died and I was back to $y drudgery! I have discovered a few things over the years that have $ade $y life an adventure! With ti$e# I have $astered so$e but I believe I still have a long way to go! "owever# I will confidently say that if Sinbad was watching $e today# he&d wish his life was as an adventure as +rnest Wa$boye&s! So here are 5 things that I have seen in $y life that $ake each day an adventure to look forward to! ,! -ut the T. watching! I reali/ed that the only way I was going to have a better life than Sinbad# was to sto watching Sinbad! Television offers ideal conce ts of life that are very unrealistic! 0es ite having full knowledge that what we watch is scri ted# acted and $ade to bring the best and $ost i$ ossible outco$e# our subconscious $inds don&t know that! T. is the reason so $any attractive wo$en feel ugly because they watched a $odel who s ent si1 hours of $ake2u to a ear for three $inutes on set! T. can $agnify certain insecurities you have and create new ones if you don&t have the$! A good e1a$ le is this3 T. nor$ali/es divorce and infidelity! If you ask a few eo le who have been through broken relationshi s# they will tell you it is nothing like T.! )o2 one is relieved and s$iling the ne1t day! )ow# T. in itself is not a bad thing! There are very good T. rogra$s out there by the way! "owever# the viewer $ust reali/e that television sells $ore than roducts and entertain$ent4 it sells values! Sadly# $ost of those values will dull your life instead of give you $ore /eal for it! My wife and I disconnected our T. about two2$onths ago! We have had $ore ti$e to drea$ and talk in a very enriching way during the ti$e we would be watching a sitco$! T. re laces 5uality interaction! It shows you the world&s great and a$a/ing drea$s but it doesn&t& tell you that those drea$s are a s$idge co$ ared to what&s stored in your head if you interact with real eo le! 6! 7ead )othing gets your $ind well e1ercised than reading! Mark Twain once said that the $an who does not read has no advantage over the $an who cannot read! 7eading gives you an advantage! I have been to cocktails with $y eers where very i$ ortant guests were invited! You always have an u er hand when the guests of honour s eak of a book they read and you %ust ha en to have read it! You look like you don&t fit with your eers because des ite our acade$ic degrees# you have an u er hand in the conversation! You stand out and you grant yourself $ore o ortunities than the average28oes who refer watching a whole season of that2new2 season during the weekend! I challenge you# re lace the co$ uter ti$e in the weekend with a novel! 7eading also s urs your i$agination! Your creativity is bound to increase with increase in reading! With an increased creativity# there is an increased drea$ing! An increased drea$ing results in an increased challenge that translates into an interesting life if those challenges are ursued and even better if they are achieved! In the Infor$ation Age# the greatest tragedy is that we erish for lack of knowledge! 9! Take u challenges I like laying ga$es that I know I will win! "owever# even after winning a few rounds# it gets dull! "owever# I have found it $ore interesting when I lay a ga$e with a worthy or greater o onent! The ga$e is $ore interesting and you get to discover yourself 'character and ersonality( in loss and in victory! So it is with life&s challenges! If we kee acce ting to take u tasks that we are sure of ,::; success# we will never i$ rove our $ettle! Life is dyna$ic! A ti$e will co$e when titanic challenges will arise without notice and if we haven&t had ractice with tough challenges# we will cru$ble and falter! So$eone in )ove$ber 6:,, dared $e to write a novel in 9: days! I could not i$agine setting aside all that ti$e to %ust write! "ow could I s end hours writing

<:#::: words= -hallenges re5uire overriding our defective will ower that defaults for the co$fort /one! I took the $onu$ental task and on ,st of )ove$ber 6:,,# I wrote 5::: words! There was no sto ing! I had $y first novel ty ed out by 9:th )ove$ber 6:,,! I had it ublished in one year after that! The novel has added a flavour to $y life! I walk in the streets and a rando$ stranger sto s $e and says# >You&re +rnest right= ?h $y goodness# I so love your book! I&ve read it twice!@ If that&s not an adventure I don&t know what is= Many eo le loved the book and ke t asking for the ne1t! I now have an audience that e1 ects a new book every year! You need to discover your niche and res ond to the challenges that it offers! It $ay be that you&ve baked for neighbours for too long and the challenge re5uires you to atte$ t a wedding cake or a birthday cake! Aerha s the $elodious voice needs to do an albu$ of ,6 songs before the year ends and start a $usic brand! If I turned down the challenge# I&d have no incentive to beco$e a best2selling author! I&$ not one yet# but I ho e to be! Listen# even if you fail in your challenge# re%oice! *ailures are the battle2$arks that rove you survived the war and that you can still fight! And this ti$e# you can fight with better skill! A $an who has failed has infinite success robabilities than one who hasn&t failed at all B even worse# than one who hasn&t tried at all! Take u challenges! If your drea$s don&t scare you# you still have roo$ for a $ore an adventurous life! C! -hange $ediocre co$ any The only thing worse than bad co$ any is $ediocre co$ any! If there is anything that kills a$bition# $otivation and assion# it is the average# $ediocre friend! The one with who$ you share your drea$ and they laugh because they think you are not being ractical! They are the ones who are co$ lacent about their body# their intellect# their %obs and who like free things! They have reason to co$ lain how things should be but do not contribute to effect changes! They find work as a bother and don&t like stretching outside their /one of co$fort! They would refer slee to activity any day! They are slaves to their a etites and are sus icious of those who succeed! They will be the death of you and the end of an adventurous life! I love $y wife for being su er co$ any! I have shared drea$s with Turi that looked cra/y and she always considered the ossibility before considering the i$ ossibility! So$e of the drea$s have co$e to ass and I too was shocked to see the$ co$e to fruition! "owever# I look back and I see co$ any that u held $y vision and s urred $e to go on! Dad co$ any will obviously kee you fro$ clear success and a life of greatness! "owever# $ediocre co$ any is worse4 it will not even let you know there is such a thing as an adventurous# successful life! Mediocre co$ any is the carbon $ono1ide of a dull life4 it kills you slowly and you don&t even notice it is lethal! 5! Duild your walk with Eod This is robably the best way to an adventurous life! I have a ersonal walk with -hrist 8esus! I don&t know about you# but I will tell you this about $e B each day has new /eal knowing that Eod directs $y ste s! I arise before the sun is u and I ensure that $y daily routine does not start without hearing fro$ Eod first! Many eo le call it their Fuiet Ti$e 'FT(! In $y FT I reflect on $y life! As I read through the scri tures# I a$ $ade aware of the offences I have caused# the right decisions I have $ade# the $istakes I have incurred and the chances that I have! I a$ co$ elled each day to know that this adventurous life on +arth is %ust a teeny tiny $olecule co$ ared to what ha ens after I die! +very day s ent reading and $editating on the Dible shows $e that the +arth is a i1el in the vast universe and that I $atter! -an you believe that= That $y life has ur ose and $eaning! That I a$ not a $istake and that a loving Eod wants $e by "is side when this life is over! +ach day as I build $y walk with Eod# I discover that the word adventure has fallen short of the very e1 erience of walking with $y -reator!