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DRAFT Planning for an Interactive Read Aloud

The Bremen Town Musicians

Grade 2, Unit 2 - Story 4 Scott Foresman Weekl Foci!
"enre! Fairy Tale #om$rehension Skill! Authors Purpose #om$rehension Strateg ! Story Structure

%$ening #onversation& #reating Meaningful 'earning (Creates the opportunity for all children
to a!e a eanin"ful connection to the central idea#the e#topic of the te$t %y accessin" &'hat they !no'( Weve all had a time.. Think about . Pro)ide scaffolds for differentiation( Maybe it was Maybe it was.*
+ere all %etter at doin" so e thin"s than other thin"s( Thin! a%out so ethin" you arent )ery "ood at( ,ay%e its a!in" a %as!et 'hen you play %as!et%all( ,ay%e its doin" a tric! on a s!ate%oard( ,ay%e its -u pin" 'ith a -u p rope( Thin! a%out ho' you 'ould feel if so eone didnt 'ant to play 'ith you %ecause you 'erent )ery "ood at that so ethin"( Close your eyes and picture yourself doin" that so ethin" you arent "ood at and i a"ine ho' you 'ould feel if so eone didnt 'ant to play 'ith you( Tell yourself 'hat you are thin!in"( Turn and share your thin!in" 'ith the person ne$t to you(

#onnecting&Bridging #onversation (Guides the reader in usin" 'hat he#she already !no's#feel to
%etter understand the characters(s*#story( Remembering how you felt about ____will help you better.*
.e e %erin" ho' you felt 'hen so eone didnt 'ant to include you 'ill help you understand ho' the characters in this 'ee!s story feel and 'hy they a!e the choices they do(

"enre Set()$ (.eadies learners 'ith a &

ind-set for the type of %oo! in the "enre set-up( Todays book is a _______. When we read this type of book we need to get our brains ready to state the features!
The story 'e are "oin" to read today is a fairy tale( A fairy tale is a piece of fiction that usually %e"ins 'ith /0nce there 'as12 Fairy tales usually ha)e a pro%le 'hich "ets sol)ed 'ith a happy endin"( +hen 'e read fairy tales, 'e also !no' a!e %elie)e thin"s 'ill happen( This 'ee!s story is also a play or a piece of dra a( 3ra as#plays are stories 'ritten in a particular for at so they can %e acted out %y others( +hen 'e read a play#dra a, its i portant for us to !eep in ind 'hich character is tal!in"( 4n this 'ee!s story the characters are ani als( 4n addition to the characters, there are also t'o narrators 'ho help tell the story(

*oca+ular Set()$ (Pro)ides deli%erate pre-teachin"

of t'o-three &tier 2 'ords (5ec!, ,c6eo'n, 6ucan* i portant to the eanin" of the te$t %y definin" the 'ord in a conte$tual 'ay that allo's learners to understand their eanin" and then reconnectin" the ne' 'ord to the te$t %ein" read(*
There are t'o 'ords 4 'ant you to thin! a%out %efore 'e %e"in to read this play( The first 'ord is &partnership( A partnership happens 'hen t'o or ore people %eco e partners and -oin to"ether to share so ethin"( +hen you and a friend sell le onade to"ether, you are partners in that %usiness( 4n this story, the characters, the ani als co e to"ether and for a partnership as usicians( The second 'ord is "solution( A solution is a 'ay to sol)e a pro%le ( +hen you and a friend ar"ue and cant decide 'hich "a e to play, you 'or! to"ether to find a solution to the pro%le ( 7ou i"ht do roc!, paper, scissors or ta!e turns playin" one "a e first then the other( 4n this story, the friends all feel li!e they arent 'anted so they find a solution for their pro%le %y for in" a %and(

Asking ,uestions A+out the Title and #over Illustrations (8n"a"es the reader in as!in"
thou"htful 'onderin"s a%out the te$t as they thin! a%out the title of the %oo! and its co)er( #s $ think about the title and illustrations% $ find that $ am wondering. These wondering make me want to read on *
+hene)er 4 read a %oo!, 4 al'ays %e"in %y readin" and thin!in" a%out the title, The 5re en To'n ,usicians, and the illustrations on the co)er( +hen 4 do this, 4 find that 4 ha)e so e 'onderin"s( The author also "i)es e a 9uestion to thin! a%out as 4 %e"in this story1(She as!s, /+ho are The 5re en To'n ,usicians:2 4 a 'onderin" if these ani als are the 5re en To'n ,usicians( 4 also 'onderin" if they are co in" fro or "oin" to 5re en To'n( +hat are so e thin"s you are 'onderin": These 'onderin"s "et s art readers e$cited to read the %oo!(

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The Bremen Town Musicians (continued*

-.$licit and Deli+erate Instructional Sto$s (8n"a"es the reader in acti)e &

eanin" a!in" durin" the readin" of the te$t as the teacher odels#descri%es#&thin!s aloud the etaco"niti)e %eha)iors of )isuali>in", a!in" inferences, stoppin" and restatin", as!in" 9uestions and#or a!in" predictions he#she is usin" to process and a!e eanin" of the te$t(*

$/ 012 Sto$$ing and Retelling

4t is i portant for e, as the reader, to stop and a!e sure 4 understand the story structures that ha)e %een shared so far( 4 'ant to a!e sure 4 !no' 'ho the story is a%out, 'here the story is ta!in" place, 'hat pro%le the characters are ha)in" and ho' they are plannin" on sol)in" their pro%le ( +hen 4 a not sure, 4 "o %ac! and reread the te$t as 'ell as to loo! at the pictures to help e %etter understand( (Go %ac! and reread(* Turn to the person ne$t to you and tal! a%out 'ho the characters are, 'hat their pro%le is and ho' they are sol)in" their pro%le (

$/ 013 *isuali4ing and Making Inferences

+hen 'e are readin" a play#dra a, it is i portant 'e dont let oursel)es "et confused as to 'ho is spea!in" and 'hat each character is sayin"( As 4 a readin" each characters part, 4 a!e a picture in y ind of that character actually sayin" the 'ords 4 a readin"( As s art readers, althou"h the author hasnt specifically told us, 'e can infer ho' the ani als are feelin" no' that their o'ners no lon"er 'ant or need the ( Turn to the person ne$t to you and tal! a%out ho' the ani als are feelin" and 'hat they are thin!in"(

$/ 015 Sto$$ing and Retelling

As s art readers, it is i portant for us to stop e)ery fe' pa"es to a!e sure 'e !no' 'hat is happenin" in the story( As 4 "o %ac!, use the pictures to help re ind you 'ho the story is a%out, 'here its happenin", and e)erythin" that has happened so far( (Go %ac! and do a 9uiet picture 'al!(* ?o', in your o'n pri)ate 'ords su ari>e 'hat has happened so far( Turn and share your su ary 'ith the person ne$t to you(

$/ 053 Sto$$ing and Retelling

+e ha)e finished the story and it is i portant for us to a!e sure 'e re e %er e)erythin" that happened( To do this, 4 a!e a o)ie in y ind of each e)ent in the story( 4 close y eyes and 4 a!e a picture of the first e)ent( 4 tell yself 'hat is happenin"( 4 then let y o)ie continue to the ne$t e)ent and a"ain 4 tell yself 'hat the characters are doin"( 4 continue doin" the sa e thin" throu"h each e)ent of the story until 4 co e to the last e)ent( Close your eyes and a!e a o)ie of the story( ,a!e sure you tell yourself 'hat is happenin" in each e)ent(

#losing #onversation
An author has a reason or purpose for their 'ritin" %ut doesnt co e ri"ht you and tell the reader( The reader has to fi"ure it out( Tell yourself 'hy you thin! the author 'rote The 5re en To'n ,usicians( Turn and tell the person ne$t to you 'hat you are thin!in"(

Additional Instructional Scaffolds

Use the co prehension cards to pre)ie' the te$t 'ith the 8S@ learners focusin" on !ey content )oca%ulary( 4ntroduce and odel the "enre of dra a( Act out a fa iliar story to odel the "enre( 3iscuss ho' %oo! characters ('hether ani als or people* often teach the reader an i portant lesson( Pair 8S@ students 'ith nati)e 8n"lish spea!ers for turn and tal!s( Use the co prehension cards to pre)ie' the te$t 'ith the Spec 8d learners focusin" on !ey content )oca%ulary( 4ntroduce and odel the "enre of dra a( Act out a fa iliar story to odel the "enre( 3iscuss ho' %oo! characters ('hether ani als or people* often teach the reader an i portant lesson( <a)e follo'-up con)ersations 'ith students a%out the te$t( Use T chart "raphic or"ani>er to co pare Turtles .ace 'ith 5ea)er and The 5re en To'n ,usicians Use the A a>in" +ords and co plete a 'ord 'e%( Focus on co ands and e$cla ations and 'rite their o'n, pa"e A4B( .ead the Ad)anced .eader, Sues <u in"%ird(

Spec 8d


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