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NEWS from the Marcum Family

- February 2014 -

Dear Friends & Family,

Were writing this month from a very cold, snowy place ! Weve just had our first major snow of the year here in Kansas City, with around 10 inches on the ground, and temperatures tonight will be below zero. Our dear friends, Korey & Stacia Kimrey, were here for a couple days visiting, and thanks to their 4-wheel drive we were able to go to the Prayer Room last night. Jessianna sang on the 8-10 p.m. set, and there were surprisingly a lot of people in the room for being during a huge snowstorm! We were able to shovel our van out today, and were back in the Global Prayer Room tonight for 2 worship & prayer sets, from 8 to midnight. Schools will be cancelled again tomorrow for the 3rd day, and IHOPU has cancelled classes, too.

Gods Wonderful Provision!

Speaking of IHOPU, Joy has enrolled for her 2 nd semester at IHOPU in the School of Ministry. The first news of the month we want to share is how wonderfully the Lord is providing for our family! After Joy attended the fall semester at IHOPU, she was praying over the holiday break and sensed the Lord leading her to continue her studies. She (and we) did not have the funds for enrollment, which were due by January 15. We were all praying & Joy was trusting the Lord as her Provider. She shared about this on Facebook, and asked friends & family to pray about whether the Lord would have them contribute to her ministry training. A few days later, just before the deadline for tuition, a friend contacted Joy and said the Lord had been speaking to her even before Joy put the post out on Facebook. She said the Lord was leading her to pay Joys entire tuition for the 2nd semester! Joy was so blessed & thankful to the Lord! We all spent that day praising God for His wonderful provision for us. Joy has started her classes, which are SO good and she is pursuing diligently the call the Lord has placed upon her life. We have a second praise report we would like to share about Gods provision. We have now reached HALFWAY to our goal for monthly partnership! We began our partnership development having only 20% of the necessary funds coming in monthly. But God is so faithful, and that amount has been steadily increasing as we have been trusting Him and sharing on weekend partnership development trips the vision & mission of partnering with our family in the new ministry assignment we are involved in here at International House of Prayer. Many of you are giving monthly, or sending special gifts, & many are praying in agreement with us for full provision. Thank you all so much!

Visitors Coming to See Us (yall come too)! As you know, we had a house full during OneThing 2013, and weve continued to enjoy visits from dear ones over the past month as well. We continue to sense from the Lord and pray in agreement with Him that we will be a bridge to help connect others, especially from our home area of southwest Missouri, with the prayer movement and particularly with the spiritual resources of this sanctuary of night & day prayer here at IHOPKC. Weve had 3 special visitors this past month the first was a visit from Rob & Kathryn Harryman from Joplin. Rob is an associate pastor and Kathryn is worship leader at Joplin Church Alive, and they have 4 children and 1 on the way! They do extensive missionary work in Mexico and Latin America, and we were really excited to be able to take them to our new All Nations Prayer Room for a Spanish-language worship & prayer set! As we shared earlier, our friends Korey & Stacia Kimrey were also here for a visit recently, and we were able to spend some time in the Global Prayer Room together. They are a beautiful family with 3 children who live in Cherokee, KS where Korey has been a high-school track coach, as well as food service administrator for the school. Korey leads a Christian summer camp for track as well, which were very interested in now because our son, Jonathan, has taken up running at his Christian school! In fact, in his FIRST EVER race recently, he ran a 5K in under 24 minutes (in cold temps), and finished in the top 100 of nearly 1,000 runners. He finished 7 th place in his age group. Way to go Jonathan!

A very special visitor We said we had 3 visitors this past month who do you suppose was the 3rd one? It was none other than ANEKO MARCUM! Our 6-yrold granddaughter came to stay for a few days, and we had such a wonderful time together. She kept saying, Can we go to the prayer room? We went several times, and Joy got to introduce her to her college friends too, which was really fun for them both. One afternoon, we took Aneko to our childrens ministry center building for a special worship & prayer set designed for children. Its called our Malachi 4:5-6 Worship & Prayer. We do 3 or 4 of these a week, and the children actually lead the sets, including being singers, musicians, and prayer leaders! Here is a picture of Aneko standing in line for rapid fire prayer. She did a great job!

Our granddaughter, Aneko, in line to pray. At this set, we prayed for families, for homeless children in Kansas City, and also for Israel & China

Gearing Up
for a New Season of Ministry
Many of you whove been following us through our newsletters know we completed our internship here at IHOPKC last fall, and are now full-time staff. However, weve not been able to fully engage in ministry yet on the Missions Base while we are spending many hours a week in partnership development. But behind the scenes things are developing, and we are sensing the Lord setting things in motion for a new season of ministry! We cannot share a lot of details, but we want to share some of what has transpired recently. Each Tuesday, I (Jim) attend staff meetings of our pro-life ministry department, Life Initiatives. At the beginning of this year, all of our department staff really prayed and sought the Lord about His vision for us being a part of Life Initiatives. As we were sharing, our director Nick Stotzer said that he believed that the vision and ministry of our department would become more connected with Orphan Justice Center, and particularly with Safe Families for Children, which is a ministry dept. of OJC. We realize that to establish a Culture of LIFE, we must see families restored, children rescued, and an increase in the spirit of adoption. He said, We are really looking for an individual the Lord would anoint and position to be a liaison between our two ministries (Life Initiatives & OJC/Safe Families). He then turned to me and said, Jim, what about your wife, Melissa? Isnt she going to be working with OJC? I think this is something you two could even work on together. That began discussions which are ongoing, but we are feeling more and more that this is the Lords leading. Melissa has met with the director of Safe Families, and he is very excited about the possibility of her being this individual who will promote Safe Families amongst our Life Initiatives outreaches, and he went on to say that he has been praying also for someone who would go to churches and other ministry organizations to promote Safe Families, and Melissa may be able to fill that role as well! One ministry that Safe Families is considering expanding into is not just recruiting and training families who will become rescue homes for children in need, but also to provide rescue/respite care for pregnant teens. This fits in perfectly with what our Life Initiatives Dept. is doing, as we are encountering many young women who have this need. We are praying the Lord will show us how to present a seamless solution for these ladies when we meet them on our outreaches so that we can, in the moment, offer them help and a place to be cared for. We ask your prayers for us in all of this! Must go for now we love each of you, please keep in touch. Were praying for you!

Because He is worthy of it all,

Jim & Melissa Marcum P.O. Box 1099, Grandview, MO 64030 Phone/text: 816-287-3525 / 816-287-2228 Email/PayPal: International House of Prayer Kansas City, MO

Jim & Melissa Marcum & family