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org 651-293-1200 or 1-800-999-7457 (Adopted 21 September 2013)

This resolution should be considered under the following category: [check one]
___Agriculture & Food ___National Security & International Policy
___Business & Community Development ___Natural Resources & the Environment
___Civil, Human & Constitutional Rights ___Public Safety & Crime Prevention
___Consumer Issues ___Retirement Security
___Education ___Tax & Budget Policy
___Energy ___Transportation
___Government Accountability to the Public ___Veterans Affairs
___Health & Human Services
___Labor & Employment ___Local or Party Issues
This resolution is intended for the following: [check one]
___Action Agenda ___Ongoing Platform
The State DFL Ongoing Platform embodies the principles of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. The State
DFL Action Agenda is a set of recommended public policy positions which the party supports and will promote during
the next two years.
(Submit one resolution per form and one subject per resolution)
Unit: Precinct:
Proposed by: __________________________________ ____________________ ______________________________
(Name) (City) Contact Phone # / E-mail
To be flled out at the Precinct Caucus:
This resolution was: ___ Adopted ___ Defeated
BE IT RESOLVED THAT: (Please print or attach your resolution here. Any WHEREAS clauses or supporting statements
should be included on the back of this form.)
Whereas the DFL ongoing platform includes the following:
We Oppose: Barriers to participation in society.
We Support: Small business development, especially ownership by members of economically
disadvantaged groups.
We Support: Economic investment in troubled regions or industries.
We Support: Affordable housing for all Minnesotans, including assistance to local governments that
promote mixed-income housing opportunities.
We Support: Services to children to ensure their healthy start in life.
We Support: Adequate provision for the needs of physically, mentally or emotionally challenged
persons, including in-home and institutional care services.
We Support: Programs to assist displaced persons, including refugees, displaced homemakers, and
the homeless.
Raise welfare grants in 2014 for the first time in 28 years to adjust for inflation and cost of living
increases; if necessary use funds from non-essential projects, such as the Vikings NFL stadium.