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Multimedia Design Syllabus

Fall 2011
Instructor Information: Mrs. Amy Willingham M. A. Ed, Business Marketing Education Course Description and Objective s' Multimedia (esign is a one%credit course designed to )ro*ide students with hands%on skills in*ol*ing +ra)hic (esign, Animation, We, -u,lishing, -odcasting, and (igital .ideo -roduction. /tudents will use *arious Ado,e /o0tware1s including' (reamwea*er, 2lash, -remiere, and 2ireworks. Multimedia (esign is a )art o0 the 34n0ormation 5echnology6 7luster 0rom the /tate o0 Ala,ama 7ommerce and 4n0ormation 5echnology 7ourse o0 /tudy. Method of Instruction: 5he methods through which students learn in0ormation include discussion, )resentation, demonstration, guided )ractice, sel0%guided )ractice, coo)erati*e grou)s, audio%*isual )rograms, guest s)eakers, and other methods the instructor determines to ,e a))ro)riate. Fees: 7ourse 0ees are $25.00 )er credit recei*ed 0or the school year. Fees are due b !eptember 2" 20## $e%uired !upp&ies: 'oteboo( )*+rin, binder preferred but a !pira& 'oteboo( is o(a 8 'oteboo( .aper 8 .en **NOTE:
Students are expected to bring required materials to class without exception. Students will lose 15 points on assignments the cannot complete due to lac! o" materials#equipment.

School Email: School Phone: (25 ! "#$%2 &

/rade !ca&e 5ests9E:ui)ment +rade ;;..;;."&< (aily Work9-ro=ects ;;;;;;.; &< Em)loya,ility /kills ;;;;;;;..1&< /radin, .rocedures: E*aluation o0 /tudent -rogress' ,ased on, ,ut not limited to' 5eacher >,ser*ation, Written 5ests, -er0ormance 5asks, ?ui@@es, Aa, Assignments, -ro=ects, /el0%Assessments, >nline Acti*ities, Besearch 5eams, +rou) -ro=ects, Bu,rics, 7om)uter -resentations, and Management /kills.

Major Course 0ssi,nments and 0ctivities: Dai& 0ssi,nments. Each student will com)lete daily assignments. /tudents will ,e re:uired to com)lete assignments and su,mit 0inished work through email, wiki, or ,y )ro*iding hy)erlinks to the work com)leted. All work should ,e com)lete and error%0ree. -oints will ,e deducted 0or errors 0ound, including )icture content and :uality. 12tracurricu&ar 0ssi,nments. /tudents will collect in0ormation and )hotogra)hs 0or the we,site during and a0ter school hours. /tudents will ha*e an o))ortunity to sign u) 0or these assignments which commits the student to the e*ent. 1%uipment /rade. /tudents o0ten use (igital 7ameras, .ideo 7ameras, and other e:ui)ment 0or class work and eCtracurricular acti*ities. All e:ui)ment must ,e returned to class each day. 40 e:ui)ment checked out is not returned on the neCt school day, 2& )oints )er day are su,tracted 0rom the e:ui)ment grade. 1mp&o abi&it !(i&& .oints. Each student will accumulate em)loya,ility )oints during each nine weeks. -oints are awarded to students that go a,o*e and ,eyond the task.

Ma(eup 3or(: /tudents are res)onsi,le 0or getting missed assignments 0rom the school we,site (Mrs. Willingham1s -age D click 7alendar link!, Mrs. Willingham, or the 7lassroom (aily -ower-oint. All makeu) work must ,e com)leted in a timely manner. Each a,sence has a three%day grace )eriod. All missed work must ,e com)leted. !afet .rocedures: Adherence to sa0ety rules and regulations in the la, will ,e 0ollowed daily. ('o 12ceptions! F450 6 Future 4usiness 5eaders of 0merica: /tudents enrolled in this course are eC)ected and are eligi,le to ,e mem,ers o0 2uture Business Aeaders o0 America (2BAA!. /tudents who choose to ,e mem,ers must )ay 7lu, dues o0 $#5.00 which entitles the student to ,e a )art o0 the clu, 0or ,oth 2all and /)ring /emesters. 7areer and technical student organi@ations are integral, co%curricular com)onents o0 each career and technical education course. 5hese organi@ations ser*e as a means to enhance classroom instruction while hel)ing students de*elo) leadershi) a,ilities, eC)and work)lace%readiness skills, and ,roaden o))ortunities 0or )ersonal and )ro0essional growth. 0vai&ab&e Industr Credentia&s: Certiport -- Adobe Certified Associate Certifications