Manage and r est or e t he Ir aqi

Mar shlands
Lab. of ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ
’s The Ir aqi Mar shlands ?
Ja: |+ .:: s |w: ||+ a|: :+s ys |: m|a|a:
V||||: b+ s |+ a|\: s |: .aba.+ s |+ .|la|a:
: + .|y!º¹|s .+·: .:|.|||1c y
ßy:|||.+·: .º|/+t|a: + .: + a+ ||.|: |
+a|. ß: :+ as : |a: .: w: .: ma:aSa|+ a
|aa+ |||+ a|s .+ a|las s : |a:a|+tt|a:
s +a.:: +t|a: m+ .s a|+ a|.
\t|: .|a: +||:+·: .am: a|:+||+ ¡s : |.
|+:+ ||aa+ |||+ a|s +¡: a: |+ w+ |: .:+ |:
+ a||: s |.+y: |+ |||: .\s + .: s a||.w||a
+ s + |: ||||: ¡a+|++t\¡.||.:||+.|+|+ |+
+a: -t|t|a.1.|||1c +t|a: m+ .s a|+ a|
+ .: ¡a||: t|++|: |+ :+ |a.
UNEP Pr oject -Act ivit ies
S a¡¡+.|t+.s |.+ |: :y|: ·: |+¡m: a|+ a|:++.||a+ ||+a
u+ |+ :+||: :||+a+ a||+ s : ||a: + a+ |ys |s
t+ ¡+ :||y|a||||a:
l ||+||m¡|: m: a|+ ||+a
\w+ .: a: s s .+ |s |a:+ a|t+||+w-a¡
UNEP Pr oject -Object ives
To monitor and as s es s bas eline characteris tics of the
mars hland conditions , to provide objective and up-to-date
information, and to dis s eminate tools needed for as s es s ment
and management.
To build capacity of Iraqi decis ion makers and community
repres entatives on as pects of mars hland management.
To identify EST options that are s uitable for immediate
provis ion of drinking water and s anitation, as well as wetland
management, and to implement them on a pilot bas is
To identify needs for additional s trategy formulation and
coordination for the development of longer term mars hland
management plan, bas ed on pilot res ults and cros s -s ectoral
UNEP Pr oject -Expect ed Out put s
bs |+ |||s am: a|+t+ l .+j: :|lm¡|: m: a|+ ||+ala||
S + |: ||||: -|+ s : |+|s : .·+ ||+as ys |: mt+.m+a||+.|a:+ a|.: + |-||m:
.: ¡+.|s .
bs |+ |||s am: a|+t+ V+ .s a|+ a|lat+.m+ ||+a\: |w+.|.
J.+ |a|a:m+ |: .|+ |s +aw: ||+ a|+ a|w+ |: .¡a+ |||ym+ a+ :: m: a|.
|: :aa|:+ |+¡||+as + a|+ s s : s s m: a|m: |a+|+|+:y.
t+ |.: +t|.+ |a: ||: :|s |+am+ |: .s .: \¡: .|s .+ a|:+mmaa||y|: + |: .s
w||a+a-|a: -:.+aa|: \¡: .|: a:: +tw: ||+ a|m+ a+ :: m: a|.
l ||+||m¡|: m: a|+ ||+at+.|.|a||a:w+ |: ..s + a||+ ||+a.+ a|w: ||+ a|
m+ a+ :: m: a|.
k: ¡+.|s +as a||+ ||: +¡||+as t+.w||: .|m¡|: m: a|+ ||+a.+ a|+ a+ |ys |s
+t¡+||:y+ a||as |||a||+a+ |a: : |s |+s a¡¡+.||+a:: .-|: .m
m+ a+ :: m: a|¡|+ a|: ·: |+¡m: a|.
\w+ .: a: s s .+ |s |a:m+ |: .|+ |s +a|a: V+ .s a|+ a|s .
UNEP Project -Expected Benefits
Contribution to the res toration and management of the Iraqi
Mars hlands .
Improved acces s to drinking water and s anitation/was tewater for
the res idents , and improved ecos ys tems and biodivers ity in
communities participating in the pilot projects .
Extens ive data and experience on s uitable options and policy and
ins titutional needs as s es s ments , which s erve as input for long-
term management plan formulation to benefit the people of
Southern Iraq and ecos ys tem.
Employment opportunities for profes s ional and community level
tas ks related to as s es s ment, pilot applications , and monitoring.
Improved dialogue and acces s to information and management
tools .
Contribution to the overall rebuilding efforts for the region and
the country.
USAID Pr oject –six act ivit ies-
\:.|:a||a.+ |l .+|a:||+a+ a|\:.||as |a: s s
Jw+|+ |: ¡+ |maa.s : .|: s + a|l+ .:: -s :+ |: :.+¡|: m+as |.+ ||+as
la|: :.+ |: |V+ .s aV+ a+ :: m: a|
\s s : s s |a: .: t|++||a: + a|||s |m¡+ :|s |+¡.+·||: :.||: .|+ t+.ta|a.: .: -
t+as |.a:|: |\: ||+ a|s
s : .·: + s + a+ |a.+ ||+w-:+s |s : w+ :: t|||: .
l|·: s |+:|+ a|u+ |.yl .+|a:||+a
l .|m+ .yl: + ||at+ .:
t+ ¡|a.: l|s a|a:+ a|l|s al+ .m|a:
Refer ences
lS \lu|:||+)” The Iraq Mars hlands Res toration Program”
UNEP project to help manage and res tore the Iraqi
Mars hlands ( a||¡.//m+ .s a|+ a|s .aa: ¡.+..j¡/ )
: +:.|+ |0 |u|a |:|+ a– l ™\‹kl·0 y:||+y
| |\|°|:|' |a |æ|a|0 |:|T |' ¦Y\m\\| |a
a•S Ÿy|+|'|Y |¸|||c a•S Ÿy|’S 0|Š¦a |0.J|\ |

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