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Toetsvragen (en antwoorden) Part 1 Renaissance in a Nutshell

1. Explain the differences in the way people thought during the iddle !ges and the way people thought during the Renaissance. ". #hy did the Renaissance start in $taly% Na&e at least three reasons. '. Na&e two changes in art that happened during the Renaissance. (. #hat is hu&anis&% ). Explain what *The +olden Rule, is and what it has to do with hu&anis&. -. #hat caused the end of the Renaissance% Na&e at least three different events that influenced the end of the Renaissance and explain what .ind of i&pact these events had. /. Explain how the Renaissance has i&pacted your own life.
!ntwoorden voor &i0n toetsvragen !ntwoorden &orgen anders 1i0n2 &aar de essentie &oet het1elfde 1i0n.

1. 3uring the iddle !ges people4s thoughts were very &uch focused on death. 3uring the Renaissance this wasn4t the case any&ore and people allowed the&selves to en0oy life and co&forts. ". 5ecause of the history of Ro&e and the Ro&an E&pire 6 5ecause $taly was very wealthy 6 5ecause wealthy people in $taly were willing to use their &oney to support artists and geniuses '. 7as to include two of the following8 - 9hanges in perspective - 9hanges in the role of the artist - 9hanges in su:0ect (less religious) - !rt :eca&e &ore life li.e (. ! cultural and intellectual &ove&ent of the Renaissance that e&phasi1ed secular concerns as a result of the rediscovery and study of the literature2 art2 and civili1ation of ancient +reece and Ro&e. ). The *+olden Rule, is the idea of treating people the way you would li.e to :e treated. #hat this have to do with hu&anis& is that hu&anists see. to live good lives without religious or superstitious :eliefs. They use reason2 experience and respect for others when a:out &oral issues2 not o:edience to dog&atic rules. -. The esta:lish&ent of the Ro&an $n;uisition the Ro&an $n;uisition was against hu&anis& - #ars (5y the end of the 1)th century2 $taly was :eing torn apart :y one war after another. The .ings of England2 <rance and =pain2 along with the Pope and the 7oly Ro&an E&peror all :attled for control. ) all those wars &ade for a :ad cli&ate for hu&anis& - Northern countries ; surpassed $taly in wealth and power. $taly was no longer the &ain center /. Personal answer2 has to include things that are actually fro& the Renaissance ti&e period and argu&ents as to why those are i&portant now. Part " $nfluences

1. ". '. (.

Explain why the English Renaissance was :etter .nown as the +olden !ge. #hat were the &ain causes of death in England during the Renaissance% The leading country for exploration was Portugal explain why that was. #rite one entry that can :e put in a captain4s log. a.e sure that you &ention ti&e and place. ). Explain why >ueen Eli1a:eth was also .nown as the ?irgin >ueen. -. 3escri:e in four sentences how Eli1a:eth :eca&e ;ueen. /. 3uring the 3utch Renaissance the 3utch arts flourished explain why that was and why it was different fro& the $talian arts. !nswers 1. $t was .nown as the +olden !ge :ecause the arts flourished in England and the English went of exploring the world and expanded a:road. ". The &ain causes of death were deceases such as the 5lac. plague and s&allpox. a. The learners &ay also na&e syphilis and tu:erculosis as a &ain cause of death. '. Portugal developed a lot of technical wor.s that could :e used to explore the un.nown world. (. This is a free assign&ent2 :ut they should &ention words for ti&e and place. ). >ueen Eli1a:eth :eca&e .nown as the ?irgin >ueen :ecause she refused to &arry and in those ti&es it was assu&ed that you have not slept with a &an :efore &arriage. -. !t first Eli1a:eth4s :rother :eca&e .ing at a young age2 :ut he passed away. !fter his reign her sister ary set on the throne2 :ut she too passed away. =ince Eli1a:eth was next in line she :eca&e ;ueen2 :ut she had to fight her cousin ary of =cots. =he .illed ary and that is how she ca&e on the throne. /. The 3utch arts flourished :ecause the Netherlands :eca&e rich through trade. $t was different fro& the $talian arts :ecause the painters focused on still life2 nature or portraits. They also showed &ore every day life.

Part 3 Literature and Art 1. Write down three great literary works of the Renaissance. (Dont forget to write down who created the work. !. "a#e one of the things Dante was ad#ired for. $ra##ar% &uestions. 'urn the sentences into (uestions. 3. Leonardo da )inci was a renaissance #an. *. +e ,ainted- scul,ted and in.ented a lot of useful #achines.. /. 0any ,eo,le ad#ire Leonardo for his skills- e.en today. $ra##ar% 'ag &uestions. 1. 0ichelangelo was a great ,ainter as well 2. 3esides ,aintings- he also #ade statues 4. 5t is not weird that a lot of ,eo,le ad#ire hi# Answers%

1. Al#ost any 6hakes,earian ,lay. A lot of works of Dante- Any of the ,oetry discussed in class and on the we7site. !. 8or the de,th of his s,iritual .ision and for the range of his intellectual acco#,lish#ents. 3. Was Leonardo da )inci a Renaissance #an9 *. Did he ,aint- scul,t- and in.ent a lot of useful #achines9 /. Do #any ,eo,le ad#ire hi# for his skills- e.en today9 1. Wasnt he9 2. Didnt he 4. 5s it9