Life Science 7 February 2008 Biomes Sonoran DesertRainfall: less than 10 inches, all deserts get less than

16 inches per year Temperature: 20- 25 degrees C Animals: rattlesnakes, road runners, bob cats, very few insects Plants: cactus and desert willow, and a few other small plants Two driest biomes are the desert and the tundra. Northern Coniferous/Taiga- mostly cold Rainfall: 40 inches per year Temperature: 58-85 degrees F, 30-50 degrees Celsius Animals: grizzly bear, black bear, wolverine, bald eagle Plants: spruce, evergreen trees Temperate Grasslands- no tress or shrubs Rainfall: 20-35 inches per year Temperature: 40-100 degrees F Animals: bison, wild turkey, eagles, rabbits, coyotes, dung beetles Plants: grasses, very rich soil, asters and sunflowers grow here Fire keeps trees from overtaking the grass. Temperate Deciduous Forest Rainfall: 30-60 inches a year Temperature: 50 degrees F Animals: bears, raccoons, snakes, frogs, turtles, squirrels Plants: ferns, oak trees, mushrooms Seasons: yes, four Temperate Rainforest Rainfall: minimum amount is between 50-60 inches per year, can exceed that amount Temperature: mild-rarely below freezing in winter, seldom above 80 degrees F in summer Animals: turtles, spotted owls, black bear, deer, elk, lynx Plants: conifers, Douglas ferns, grasses Tropical Deciduous Forest Rainfall: approximately 100 inches of rain Temperature: 68-77 degrees F. Located in the mountains, which prevents the temp. from being too hot, two seasons Animals: leopards, snakes, toucans, Plants: orchids, elephant ear plants, hibiscus plants

Savanna Rainfall: 10-30” from February to November Temperature: 68-86 degrees F Animals: zebras, lions, African elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, boa snakes Plants: grass, baobab tree (fire resistant trees, appear to be upside down) Locations: Africa, Australia, India, South America Tundra-coldest and driest biome, two seasons, world’s youngest biome. Divided into Arctic tundra (less moisture in the soil)/Alpine tundra Rainfall: 6-10 inches, mainly from snowfall Temperature: -30 F in winter, 37-54 degrees F in summer Animals: snow wolves, snowy owl, grizzly bear, arctic fox, musk ox, caribou Plants: shrubs, moss, lichen, small flowering plants, reindeer moss (which is actually a lichen). A very simple food chain might consist of reindeer moss  caribou wolf. Tropical Rainforest Rainfall: 250 cm a year, about 100 inches (50% is from its own evaporation) Temperature: 77 degrees F to 64 degrees F – if it drops below 64 degrees F, vegetation will die because it is suited for higher temps. Location: 15-20 degrees north and south of equator Animals: frogs, insects, birds, tigers, panthers, monkeys, snakes Plants: shrubs, orchids, trees Tree bark is adapted by being smooth and thick. This makes it difficult for other plants to grow on the surface. Leaves have drip tips, to prevent moisture from collecting on leaves and rotting them. Most biologic functions occur in the canopy. The soil is not well suited for growing crops. Trees have deep tap roots. Mountains- Many biomes are located on a mountain, and depend on your latitude and location, often have unpredictable weather Rainfall: depends on where you are located, Smokey Mountains have about 14” Temperature: -35 degrees F or below at night, 43 degrees F to 28 degrees F Animals: black bears, squirrels, white tailed deer, raccoons, wild turkeys, woodchucks, diverse salamander population in Smokey Mountains due to it being the epicenter of salamander evolution Plants: deciduous forest plants, fields, coniferous forest plants, black chokeberry, dogwood tree, golden currents, oaks, pines, moss Assignment: Divide Science Standards, look over your standard and be thinking of what you could do with it.

Grade 1 Std. 1- Charles Std. 2- Andrea Std. 3-4 – Andy Std. 5- Anita Grade 2 Std. 1-2 – Alexis Std. 3- Alisa Std. 4- Allison Std. 5- Yolanda Grade 3 Std. 1-2- LeAnne Std. 3- Romannita Std. 4- Amanda Std. 5- Debbie

Grade 4 Std. 1-2- Brandy Std. 3-4- Anna Std. 5- Nancy Grade 5 Std. 1 and 3- Penny Std. 2- Pamela Std. 4- Dana Std. 5-Katherine Grade 6 Std. 2- Lynne Grade 7 Std. 1- Faith Std. 3- Riley Std. 4- Jackie Grade 8 Std. 5- Eden

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