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art Not I Who "i#es$ But %hrist 'B( All )eans . . .* ,he U-.,ight (na/ite %hi01 ,he ,i/e Is No5 ,a1e 677 the Blinders "et9s :6 ; All the Wa(< 3 14 23 32 41 50 23 69 +2 41

The Four Spiritual Laws booklet Frances talks about in this book is available on line in almost 150 di erent lan!ua!es.

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&nd 'esus came and spake unto them( sa)in!( &ll power is !iven unto me in heaven and in earth. "o )e there ore( and teach all nations. . . . * +atthew ,-#1-. 19a

,=> )6?, >@%I,IN: 0ha-ter in the entire Bible is the 23th 0ha-ter o7 A0ts.. . and i7 (ou don9t belie#e it$ tr( it< It9s eA0iting be0ause it9s the 0ha-ter that (ou and I are -ri#ileged to 5rite. ?o don9t tr( 7inding it in the Bible$ be0ause it9s not 0o/-lete (et$ but do tr( 5riting (our share o7 this ne5 0ha-ter. I li1e the shortest #erse in the Bible. )an( -eo-le thin1 it9s the #erse 5hi0h sa(sB 'Cesus 5e-t$* but in /( #ersion$ the shortest #erse has Dust one 5ord$ and that is the 5ord ':o.* !eo-le tell /e there9s /ore to the #erse than Dust that one 5ord$ but i7 there is$ the 7irst 5ord sa(s so /u0h to /e that I ha#en9t read the rest o7 it$ but ha#e onl( obe(ed the 0o//and gi#en in the 7irst 5ord o7 that :reat %o//ission. ?o/eho5 or other I9/ on a s-iritual 0loud or a /ountainto- /ost o7 the ti/e. And I ho-e that 7ro/ this boo1 (ou /ight learn a little o7 the reason 5h( I sta( on the /ountainto-. EAnd it isn9t be0ause /( o5n li7e doesn9t ha#e -roble/s$ either.F Follo5ing that one little 5ord ':o* has led /e into so/e o7 the /ost 7antasti0 situations$ but belie#ing that '5here#er I go$ :od goes 5ith /e$

and that /a1es /e a /aDorit(* lets /e 0o/e out on to- and has gi#en /e an eA0iting$ ad#entureso/e li7e I 5ouldn9t trade 5ith an(one. I ha#e heard -robabl( e#er( eA0use in the boo1 as to 5h( -eo-le 0an9t 5itness$ and i7 (ou ha#e /ade an( o7 the/$ be -re-ared to ha#e a 1ni7e stu01 in (ou through the -ages o7 this boo1 Eor thro5 the boo1 a5a( right no5F$ be0ause that9s -robabl( 5hat I9ll do Ein a %hristian 5a($ o7 0ourseF. I9#e read the Bible 7or5ard$ ba015ard$ u-side do5n$ and I 0an9t 7ind an(thing in it 5hi0h gi#es an( -h(si0al s-e0i7i0ations 7or being a 5itness 7or %hrist. I 0an9t 7ind an(thing in the Bible 5hi0h sa(s (ou ha#e to be beauti7ul$ (oung$ edu0ated$ -ossessed o7 great gi7ts o7 orator($ or an( other attribute to obe( the :reat %o//ission. %hrist didn9t tell /e I had to be a '1no01.out* Eit9s a good thingF. =e didn9t tell /e I had to be the greatest theologian in the 5orld Ethat9s a good thing$ tooF. =e didn9t tell /e I had to be the s/artest -erson In the 5orld Eand that9s reall( a good thingF. =e didn9t tell /e I had to be the 0le#erest -erson in the 5orld E=e /ust ha#e 1no5n I9d 0o/e along and hear his 0allF. But he #er( si/-l( said to /e$ ':o tell e#er(bod(.* =e didn9t sa( I had to be a real genius and 7igure out all 1inds o7 s0he/es and 5a(s to be able to tal1 to -eo-leG he Dust said in great lo#e to 'tell e#er(bod(.* And 5hat do I tell e#er(bod(? Cust the #er( si/-le stor( o7 Cesus. =ere is a /an 5ho li#ed su0h a -er7e0tl( si/-le$ un0o/-li0ated li7e$ and 5hose onl( 0lai/ to 7a/e 5as the 'greatest stor( e#er told.* =ere is a /an 5ho died 7or -eo-le li1e (ou

and /e$ a /an 5ho ga#e his li7e in a horrible$ agoniHing death that (ou and I /ight be sa#ed 7ro/ sin and ha#e eternal li7e. I7 he 5as 5illing to do this 7or us$ 5h( don9t 5e all do Dust one lit. tie thing 7or hi/B 'go tell e#er(bod(*? =e -ro/ised us an 'abundant* li7e$ and ho5 0an 5e eA-e0t to 0lai/ his -ro/ise i7 5e don9t do the one little thing he as1s us to do? I hear -eo-le tal1 about their ne5 0arsB ho5 /an( 0olors the( 0o/e inG ho5 /an( /iles the tires are guaranteed 7orG ho5 /an( gadgets are on the 0arG ho5 long the 0ar 5ill lastG ho5 0o/7ortable it isG ho5 /u0h it 0osts$ or ho5 little Enot toda( the( don9tFG and I 5onder 5h( the( 0an9t tal1 in the sa/e 5a( about so/ething 7ar /ore eA0iting than a 0ar. I7 (ou 5ill thin1 about %hrist as a 0ar$ this is 5hat (ou /ight 0o/e u- 5ithB a 'ne5* 0ar ; %hrist is ne5 to an(one 5ho hasn9t heard the gos-el and he9s ne5 to /e e#er( da( be0ause o7 the things he re#eals to /e dail( sin0e he ga#e /e a 'ne5* li7e. And tal1 about power/ You don9t e#en 1no5 5hat -o5er is until (ou 1no5 the -o5er o7 the =ol( ?-irit. =o5 7ast 0an (ou go? 6nl( as 7ast or as slo5 as (ou 5ant to go be0ause %hrist ne#er 7or0es hi/sel7 u-on (ou. =o5 /an( 0olors? %hrist isn9t reser#ed 7or an( one 0olor. =e belongs to all. =o5 /an( /iles is he guaranteed 7or? =e9s guaranteed 7or a li7eti/e$ not Dust 7or a 7e5 /iles. =o5 /an( gadgets are on the 0ar? Well$ 7igure gadgets as blessings$ and see ho5 /an( %hrist 0an gi#e (ou. =o5 long 5ill %hrist last? For all eternit(. =o5 /u0h does %hrist 0ost? =e9s a 7ree gi7t ; no -a(/ents to /a1e$ no taAes to -a($ no

/ortgages to 5orr( about$ but an eA0iting gi7t to enDo( through all eternit(. No5 isn9t that a lot /ore eA0iting than tal1ing about a 0ar? And I hear 5o/en s5a--ing re0i-es$ dis0ussing the high -ri0e o7 7ood at the store$ and all sorts o7 things that /an( ti/es neither o7 the/ are interested in dis0ussing$ but it9s 'so/ething to tal1 about.* And (et thin1 ho5 /u0h /ore 7un it is to s5a- re0i-es on ho5 to lead so/eone to a -ersonal relationshi- 5ith %hrist. ,hin1 o7 the lo5 0ost o7 sa#ing so/eone9s soul$ be0ause o7 the high -ri0e that ?o/eone -aid 7or us. ?o /an( -eo-le 5ho hang on the brin1 o7 %hristianit($ do so be0ause the(9re a7raid to tr( gi#ing %hrist a5a($ and (et this 5ill bring a Do( that nothing else 0an. ,here is a little se0ret$ though$ and be7ore I tell (ou about the di77erent 1inds o7 5itnessing$ I 5ant to as1 (ou one Iuestion. o )ou reall( 1no5 %hrist? EWell$ there 5ent that 1ni7e<F I7 (ou9re not sure$ then here9s (our se0ond 0han0e to thro5 the boo1 a5a(. I7 (ou9re still hanging on$ then (our desire /ust be right$ but /a(be (ou need Dust a little hel-. All that :od 5ants 7ro/ /e is to be able to use /e as an instru/ent 7or his 5or1. ,his 5as -robabl( the /ost di77i0ult thing 7or /e to learn as an o#erHealous$ stu-id$ ne5 %hristian. I reall( 5anted to go out and turn the 5hole 5orld u-side do5n 7or %hrist$ all b( /(sel7. And I 7ound out that I surel( 0ouldn9t do it all b( /(sel7$ but that i7 I 5ould Dust relaA a little /ore and be tuned in on station :6 all the ti/e$ he 5ould use /e in a 7abulous 5a(.

,he =ol( ?-irit is the se0ret o7 5itnessing$ and I ho-e (ou don9t get tra--ed b( -eo-le sa(ing 'su00ess7ul 5itnessing.* "et /e assure (ou that an( sin0ere 5itnessing is 'su00ess7ul$* be0ause %hrist Dust 0o//anded us to so5 the seeds$ and 5e /ust re/e/ber there is nothin! 5e 0an do to add an(one to :od9s 1ingdo/. ,hat9s a -ri#ilege he reser#es 7or hi/sel7. id (ou e#er see a tiger rug? You 1no5$ the 1ind that lies on the 7loor 7latter than a -an0a1e but 5ith /outh 5ide o-en and teeth sho5ing? ,hat9s 5hat I 7eel li1e e#er( ti/e I9#e tried to go out 5itnessing on /( o5n. I 7all so 7lat on /( 7a0e it9s re#olting$ and I 7eel eAa0tl( li1e the tiger rug loo1s s-read out all o#er the 7loor. It9s eas( to 5itness$ a0tuall($ i7 (ou9ll Dust 'go along 7or the ride.* Kee-ing (oursel7 sub/erged and letting :od use (ou 0an /a1e it reall( eas( 7or (ou$ and reall( eA0iting as 5ell$ and 5hat a blessing an instru/ent o7 :od 0an be to so/eone else. WarningB ?e0ond Kni7ing 0o/ing u-< I7 (ou9re still 5ith /e$ as1 (oursel7 honestl(B 'A/ I 7illed 5ith the =ol( ?-irit?* Are (ou sure? I7 not$ 0lai/ the -ro/ise o7 %hrist and as1 to be 7illed 5ith the =ol( ?-irit ri!ht now/ And I ho-e (ou9ll sa( 'than1 (ou.* !eo-le o7ten thin1 the uni#erse 5ill 0olla-se 5hen the(9re 7illed 5ith the =ol( ?-irit$ the thunder 5ill roll$ the lightning 5ill stri1e$ and 5hen the( don9t hear an( o7 this the( thin1 the(9re not 7illed 5ith the =ol( ?-irit. But %hrist doesn9t lie and he 7ul7ills his -ro/ises toda( Dust as he al5a(s has$ so as1 hi/ to 7ill (ou... and he 5ill< Cust that si/-le< But don9t be 'sa#ed and san0ti7ied* 7or siAt( (ears

and then sa( the onl( thing the "ord e#er ga#e (ou 5as arthritis< E6ne lad( did sa( that.F I7 (ou9#e sur#i#ed the t5o 1ni7ings to date$ I9d Dust li1e to tell (ou that so/e o7 the in0idents I9ll be sharing 5ith (ou in this boo1 are su00ess7ul$ so/e o7 (ou /a( thin1 so/e o7 the/ are not$ but regardless o7 the out0o/e I ha#e done 5hat %hrist 0o//andedB I ha#e 'gone.* )ar1 12B38$ 31 sa(sB '‘and (ou shall lo#e the "ord (our :od 5ith all (our heart$ and 5ith all (our soul$ and 5ith all (our /ind$ and 5ith all (our strength.9 ,he se0ond is this$ ‘You shall lo#e (our neighbor as (oursel7.9 ,here is no other 0o//and/ent greater than these.* I7 (ou reall( sto- to anal(He these t5o #erses (ou 1no5 that Cesus said 5e ha#e to lo#e :od 5ith e#er(thing 5e -ossess. I7 5e lo#e :od this 5a($ 5hat 0an 5e do other than 5hat he 5ants us to do? Be0ause 5hen 5e lo#e so/eone$ don9t 5e do e#er(thing 5e 0an to -lease that one? Je/e/ber 5hen (ou 7ell in lo#e? I7 (ou9re a /an$ I 0an i/agine all the things (ou did to -lease (our lo#ed one. You -robabl( brought her a red rose as a ro/anti0 gestureG (ou -robabl( 5rote her -oetr(G (ou -robabl( 5ould ha#e stood on (our head i7 she had as1ed (ou< In other 5ords$ (ou did e#er(thing in (our -o5er to -lease her be0ause (ou lo#ed her. I7 (ou9re a 5o/an$ (ou -robabl( learned all the 7e/ale tri01s he enDo(ed$ and used the/ all on hi/. EI 1no5$ be0ause I did$ too.F idn9t (ou do all the things (ou 0ould thin1 o7 to -lease hi/ be0ause (ou 5ere sooooo in lo#e? ,hat9s all that :od as1s out o7

usB enough lo#e to ha#e a desire to -lease hi/ and do his 5ill. ,hin1 o7 #erse 31B 'You shall lo#e (our neighbor as (oursel7.* ?u--ose (ou ha#e an un0hristian neighbor. i7 he died tonight$ 5here 5ould he be? You 1no5 the. ans5er$ don9t (ou? =e9d be in hell< No5 i7 (ou lo#e hi/ as (oursel7$ that /eans (ou 5ant to go to hell$ toot ,hin1 about all the -eo-le (ou 0a/e in 0onta0t 5ith toda( ; do (ou honestl( lo#e the/ as (oursel7? I7 the lo#e o7 :od shines through (ou$ ho5 0ould (ou e#er not 5ant to share the eA0iting stor( o7 Cesus %hrist? I7 (ou reall( 5ant so/ething to /a1e (ou thin1$ /a1e u- a little 0hart and at the to-ut t5o headings$ '?a#ed* and '"ost$* and then underneath the/ 5rite the na/es o7 all (our )ends and lo#ed ones and -ut a 0he01 /ar1 in the 0olu/n 5hi0h (ou thin1 a--lies to ea0h o7 the/. oes it bother (ou 5hen (ou -ut a 0he01 /ar1 under '"ost*? It ought to< All right$ 5here do 5e go 7ro/ here? !ra($ and I /ean reall( -ra( 5ith (our heart and soul$ as1ing :od to use (ou and gi#e (ou 0ourage$ be0ause until (ou9#e reall( gotten o#er that 7irst hurdle$ (ou 0an reall( be s0ared. !ra(er is reall( a 7abulous thing 5hen (ou -ra( in 7aith$ belie#ing< ,he 7irst ti/e I e#er 5ent 5itnessing I 5as s0ared s-ee0hless Eand 7or /e that9s a neat tri01F. >d WaAer o7 %a/-us %rusade 7or %hrist introdu0ed /e to the 'Four ?-iritual "a5s* 5hi0h are re-rodu0ed 5ith the -er/ission o7 %a/-us %rusade 7or %hristG and i7 (ou 0an9t do an(thing

else$ (ou 0an Dust read 5ord 7or 5ord 5hat it sa(s on the -ages o7 the boo1let. And i7 (ou9re s0ared$ don9t 5orr(< I 5as so s0ared the 7irst ti/e I 5ent out to 5itness I al/ost be0a/e unglued. I -ra(ed so hard that no one 5ould be ho/e. I -ra(ed e#er( ridi0ulous -ra(er in the 5orld$ and (et I obe(ed %hrist9s 0o//and to ':6* regardless o7 ho5 7rightened I 5as. =e honored /( obedien0e and ga#e /e one o7 the /ost eA0iting da(s o7 /( li7e and started /e on the /ost eA0iting thing in the %hristian li7eB 5itnessing< %o/e 5ith /e$ 5on9t (ou$ as I ta1e (ou on so/e 5itnessing ad#entures 5ith /e. And 5itnessing is al5a(s an ad#enture< I thin1 I /ust ha#e e#en -ra(ed that I 5ould get si01. Cust as there are -h(si0al la5s that go#ern the -h(si0al uni#erse$ so there are s-iritual Ca5$ 5hi0h go#ern (our relationshi- 5ith :od. LAW ONE :6 "6K>? Y6U$ AN =A? A W6N >JFU" !"AN F6J Y6UJ "IF>$
E?0ri-ture re7eren0es 0ontained In this boo1let should be read In 0onteAt 7ro/ the Bible 5here#er -ossible.F

God’s Love Cohn 3B1& 'For :od so lo#ed the 5orld$ that =e ga#e =is onl( begotten ?on$ that 5hosoe#er belie#eth In =i/ should not -erish$ but ha#e e#erlasting li7e.* God’s Plan

Cohn 18B18& E%hrist s-ea1ingF 'I a/ 0o/e that the( /ight ha#e li7e$ and that the( /ight ha#e It /ore abundantl(* EA 7ull and /eaning7ul li7eF. Wh( Is It that /ost -eo-le are not eA-erien0ing the abundant li7e? Because LAW TWO )AN I? ?INFU" AN ?>!AJA,> FJ6) :6 $ ,=U? => %ANN6, KN6W AN >@!>JI>N%> :6 9? "6K> AN !"AN F6J =I? "IF>.
E)an Is 0ontinuall( tr(ing to rea0h :od and the abundant li7e through his o5n e77orts$ ethi0s$ -hiloso-h($ et0.F

Man Is Sinful Jo/ans 323 'For all ha#e sinned and 0o/e short o7 the glor( o7 :od.*
E?in Is an attitude o7 indi77eren0e to :od$ and is 0hara0teriHed b( an attitude o7 a0ti#e or -assi#e rebellion.F

Man Is Separated Jo/ans &B23 'For the 5ages o7 sin is death...* E)an 5as 0reated to ha#e 7ello5shi- 5ith :od$ but be0ause o7 his o5n stubborn sel7.

5ill$ /an 0hose to go his o5n In. de-endent 5a( and 7ello5shi- 5ith :od 5as bro1en.F T e T ird La! "ives us t e onl# ans!er to t is dile$$a% LAW T&'EE C>?U? %=JI?, I? :6 9? 6N"Y !J6KI?I6N F6J )AN? ?IN. ,=J6U:= =I) Y6U %AN KN6W :6 9? "6K> AN !"AN F6J Y6UJ "IF>. Jo/ans 2B4 'But :od -ro#es =is lo#e 7or us$ in that 5hile 5e 5ere (et sinners$ %hrist died 7or us.* Cohn 14B& 'Cesus saith unto hi/$ I a/ the 5a($ the truth$ and the li7eB no /an 0o/eth unto the Father$ but b( /e.* 2 %orinthians 2B21 'For =e E:odF bath /ade =i/ E%hristF to be sin 7or us$ 5ho E%hristF 1ne5 no sinB that 5e /ight be /ade the righteousness o7 :od In =i/.* It is not enou" to (no! t ese t ree la!s or even to )elieve t e$%% LAW *O+' W> )U?, J>%>IK> C>?U? %=JI?, A? ?AKI6J AN "6J BY !>J?6NA" INKI,A,I6N.

We 0an 1ee- our 7inite sel7 on the throne 5ith %hrist outside o7 our li7e. With interest 0ontrolled b( sel7 5e 5ill ha#e dis0ord and 7rustration. 6r 5e 0an -ut %hrist in the 0enter o7 our li7e 5ith our interest under 0ontrol o7 In7inite :od$ resulting In har/on( and -ur-ose. &OW TO 'ECEI,E C&'IST- EJead Cohn 3B14F Cohn 1B12 'But as /an( as re0ei#ed =i/$ to the/ ga#e =e -o5er to be0o/e the ?ons o7 :od$ e#en to the/ that belie#e In =is na/e.* PE'SONAL IN,ITATION Je#elation 3B28 E%hrist >s s-ea1ingF 'Behold I stand at the door and 1no01B I7 an( /an hear /( #oi0e$ and o-en the door$ I 5ill 0o/e In to hi/ . ..' 'Je0ei#ing* %hrist In#ol#es 0o//it/ent o7 the total -erson.. Intelle0t$ e/otion and 5ill. E,he 0hange 5hi0h 7ollo5s this Initial a0t /a( be sudden or gradual a00ording to one9s -ersonalit(.F Is there an( good reason 5h( (ou 5ouldn9t li1e to re0ei#e %hrist right no5?
!rinted b( -er/ission. %o-(right %a/-us %rusade 7or %hrist$ In0.$ 13&2. )t rights reser#ed. !ublished si/ultaneousl( in %anada. )anu7a0tured in the U.?.

'esus su ered him not( but saith unto him( "o home to th) riends( and tell them how !reat thin!s the Lord hath done or thee( and hath had compassion on thee. &nd he departed( and be!an to publish in 0ecapolls how !reat thin!s 'esus had done or him( and all men did marvel * +ark 5#19.,0

o (ou J>)>)B>J the 7irst ti/e (ou heard the 5ord '5itness* used in 0hur0h? I do. I re/e/ber thin1ing there /ust ha#e been an a00ident or so/ething and so/eone needed so/e 5itnesses. I 5asn9t going to get in#ol#ed in an( 1ind o7 la5suit or an(thing li1e that no siree< It 5as /( 7irst ti/e attending the e#ening ser#i0e o7 /( 0hur0h and the -astor as1ed 7or a 'testi/on(* and I 1ne5 i//ediatel( the( 5ere in#ol#ed in so/e 1ind o7 legal hassle 5here the( needed 5itnesses to testi7(. I thought it /ust be so/ething a57ul be0ause it see/ed li1e nobod( 5anted to s-ea1$ but 7inall( a 5o/an got u- and /ade a #er( si/-le state/ent$ 'I 5ant to than1 the "ord 7or sa#ing /( soul<* And then she sat do5n$ and I 5ondered 5hat 1ind o7 5itness this 5as$ and (et I thin1 toda( 5hat an eA0iting 5itness she 5as. ?he 5as an elderl( lad($ had been a %hristian /an($ /an( (ears through trials and tribulations. ?he lo#ed Cesus 5ith a -assion and a 7aith7ulness 7ound in 7e5 -eo-le toda(. When I /et her she 5as

no longer 'a0ti#e* in 0hur0h be0ause she 5as -h(si0all( unable$ but she -la(ed a great -art in our 0hur0h9s gro5th 7or Dust one si/-le little 7a0t. I9ll al5a(s re/e/ber her as an eA0iting 5itness 7or %hrist be0ause she 5as 'al5a(s there.* I7 it 5as ?unda( s0hool$ )ollie 5as there. I7 it 5as /orning 5orshi-$ )ollie 5as there. I7 it 5as e#ening 5orshi-$ )ollie 5as there. I7 it 5as a business /eeting$ )ollie 5as there. I7 it 5as a 0hur0h -i0ni0$ )ollie 5as there. I7 it 5as a 0hur0h -la($ )ollie 5as there. And as I began attending all the 0hur0h ser#i0es /(sel7$ a7ter su0h an eA0iting introdu0tion to %hrist$ I 7ound /(sel7 loo1ing 7or her$ and 5hen I sa5 )ollie in her 7a/iliar -la0e$ there 5as a 0al/ 7eeling that all 5as right 5ith the 5orld and the ser#i0e 0ould begin. I 5asn9t -ri#ileged to 1no5 her reall( 5ell$ and I 5asn9t -ri#ileged to 1no5 her 5hen she 5as 'a0ti#e* in the 0hur0h$ but I 5as -ri#ileged to see the 0ontribution she /ade b( Dust 'being there.* I loo1ed u- the 5ord '5itness* in Webster9s di0tionar( and as a noun$ the 7ollo5ing de7inition is gi#enB 'testi/on(G attestation o7 a 7a0t or e#entG e#iden0eG a -erson 5ho sa5$ or 5ho 0an gi#e a 7irsthand a00ount o7$ so/ethingG . . . so/ething -ro#iding or ser#ing as e#iden0eG to bear 5itnessG to be$ or gi#e e#iden0e.* )ollie reall( -ro#ed the de7inition to be a real 7a0t be0ause her #er( -resen0e 5as 'attestation o7 a 7a0t or e#entG e#iden0e.* Inso7ar as being a '-erson 5ho sa5$ or 5ho 0an gi#e a 7irsthand a00ount o7$ so/ething$* she 0ertainl( 5as able to gi#e a

7irsthand a00ount o7 1no5ing %hrist in a -ersonal 5a(G 'so/ething -ro#iding or ser#ing as e#iden0e*G she 0ertainl( ser#ed as e#iden0e be0ause she 5as 'there*G 'to be$ or gi#e e#iden0e$* )ollie not onl( 5as e#iden0e$ she ga#e e#iden0e. ?he ga#e e#iden0e that %hrist 0a/e 7irst in her li7e$ be0ause she ne#er -ut an(thing else in 7ront o7 hi/. A 7e5 (ears ago I /ight not ha#e been able to understand )ollie9s being a 5itness$ but toda( I 0an see she 5as a #er( s-e0ial 1ind o7 5itness. THE ROBOT WITNESS I‘/ going to tr( and share 5ith (ou all the -ossible and i/-ossible 1inds o7 5itnessing I 0an thin1 o7 in the ho-e that so/e5here along the line (ou 5ill 7ind the ni0he 5here (ou belong as a 5itness. Not #er( long ago$ Al-haL6/ega$ the %hristian Youth )o#e/ent I started in 13&&$ 5as out on one o7 the bea0hes in )ia/i sharing the eA0ite/ent o7 %hrist 5ith other -eo-le on the bea0h. )( 0hur0h had loaned a bus 7or the (oung -eo-le to go out in. And it is one o7 the usual 0hur0h /onstrositiesB -ainted that horrible (ello5 5ith the na/e e/blaHoned in big ; bold. ; bla01 letters on the sideB %=UJ%=. ?o/eho5 it see/s to /e that 7e5 0hur0hes 0an a77ord strea/lined$ /ode/ buses -ainted a luAurious -ale blue 5ith lots o7 shin( 0hro/e$ and all 1inds o7 air 0onditioning$ auto/ati0 5indo5s$ and su0h. )ost see/ to go the hard route and ad#ertise %hrist in a 5orn out '0hug.0hug* t(-e o7 thing that -u77s and -ants 5hene#er there is the slightest in0line$ and the 1ind o7 thing 5here (ou9d

better -ra( there9s a 0hiro-ra0tor in the 0ongregation E!," 5e ha#e one in oursF . . . so he 0an get the 1in1s out o7 (our ba01 5hen (ou get ba01 Ei7 (ou get ba01F. And things al5a(s ha--en$ li1e the night the 0lut0h 7ell out on the high5a(. %an (ou i/agine the eA0iting '5itness* 5e 5ere 5ith a busload o7 teen. age 1ids and the 0lut0h l(ing on the high5a(? Well$ I had ne#er thought o7 an( 0hur0h bus as being a #er( eA0iting 5itness 7or %hrist. ,he( s5a( and tidangerousl( 5ith re01less abandon as the( 0arr( singing teen.agers on Daunts 7or Cesus. ,hen 0a/e the da( the 1ids returned and told /e ho5 our 0hur0h bus had '5itnessed.* It see/s that 5hen the( got to the bea0h the grou- had s-lit u- into t5o9s and three9s to sear0h out indi#iduals 5ho needed %hrist. A tea/ 0a/e u-on a lad( 5ho 5as sitting in the sand and 5ho loo1ed li1e she 5as either digging 0astles in the sand or bur(ing so/ething< ,he( started tal1ing to her$ and be7ore long she ad/itted to a great need in her li7e to 1no5 %hrist better. As the( introdu0ed her to Cesus %hrist$ she a00e-ted and then told so/ething reall( interesting. ?he said she had been sitting there drin1ing beer and 5hen she sa5 the bus dri#e u- 5ith the na/e o7 the 0hur0h -lastered all o#er it she 5as asha/ed to be drin1ing$ so she started bur(ing her beer 0ans in the sand< ?ee 5hat an e77e0ti#e 5itness our bus is? ?he isn9t -rett($ she has an a57ul 7igure$ her noise is terrible$ her 0oloring is horrible$ and she 0an9t e#en

tal1$ but I9ll al5a(s lo#e her 5ith great a77e0tion 7ro/ no5 on be0ause :od 5as able to use her in an interesting 5a(. THE REAL IMITATION 6ne ?aturda( as I 5as ra0ing through 5or1 tr(ing to get the end.o7.the.5ee1 routine things done so I 0ould get ho/e and -re-are 7or ?unda($ /( tele-hone rang. Ans5ering it$ I 5as disturbed to hear /( teen.age daughter sobbing h(steri0all( on the other end o7 the -hone. I -ushed the -ani0 button$ as all /others do$ and said$ '=one($ are (ou hurt?* ?he onl( sobbed louder 5hen I said this$ and I 0ouldn9t get an( 1ind o7 an ans5er. )( /ind ra0ed /adl( to all sorts o7 things that 0ould ha#e ha--ened to her$ or to the dog$ or to the 0at$ or Dust an( o7 the things that /a1e a (oung girl9s li7e re#ol#e. And I 1e-t sa(ing$ ' id so/ething ha--en to the 0at? id so/ething ha--en to the dog? id (ou set 7ire to the 1it0hen? id (ou 7all do5n? id (ou brea1 so/ething?* It see/ed to /e I as1ed e#er(thing I 0ould thin1 o7 that 5ould 0ause this 0r(ing. And ea0h ti/e all I got 5as a h(steri0al sob 5hi0h I 7inall( de0ided had to be a .. No< I 7inall( got Iuite stern an said$ '?tothis 0r(ing right no5 and tell /e 5hat the trouble is<* ?he 7inall( blurted out$ 'I Dust read the Four ?-iritual "a5s to /( 7riend and she a00e-ted %hrist$ and I9/ Dust li1e (ou$ )otherG I had to 0r(<* And she bro1e out in tears again. We had been ha#ing a 'Wee1 o7 I/-a0t* at our 0hur0h$ as 5e rea0hed out to bring %hrist to

indi#iduals. And sin0e Coan had gone along 5ith /e to the -re-aration /eetings$ she had learned that an(one 0an read the Four ?-iritual "a5s and introdu0e so/eone to %hrist$ so she thought she9d i/itate the 5a( she had heard /e read the boo1let and do the sa/e thing. And be0ause I9/ e/otional and al5a(s in#ol#ed 5ith /( entire heart and soul$ u-on o00asion I ha#e 0ried 5ith a -erson 5ho has Dust re0ei#ed %hrist$ and so she de0ided it 5as the a00e-ted thing to do$ and she 0ried$ too< )( heart thrilled to 1no5 that a thirteen.(ear.old 5ho lo#ed %hrist 0ould be used to 5in so/eone to hi/$ and 5ould then 1no5 the Do( that onl( this 0an bring. I don9t i/-l( that bringing a -erson to %hrist is al5a(s so si/-le. But she is$ in /( boo1 a 'real* i/itation. Are (ou? THE NEGATIVE WITNESS In tr(ing to sho5 (ou Dust about e#er( 1ind o7 5itness (ou 0an -ossibl( be$ I ha#e to /ention the good old 'Negati#e* Witness. ,he da( that %hrist 0a/e into /( li7e he brought /e -ea0e$ Do($ ha--iness$ and a li7e that nothing else 0ould /at0h. In 0ase (ou didn9t read the testi/on( o7 /( o5n li7e as 5ritten in "od 1s Fabulous( let /e assure (ou there 5ere a lot o7 little 'short0o/ings* or 'sins* Ei7 (ou 5ant to 0all the/ thatF in /( li7e 5hi0h sli--ed do5n the drain 5hen %hrist 0a/e in. ,he other da( I thought about so/ething that hadn9t o00urred to /e in ages. ,hat 5as the 7a0t that in /( B.%. da(s I had Iuite a #o0abular( o7 5ords

5hi0h I used in a #er( interesting /anner. As a /atter o7 7a0t$ the 5ords /ust ha#e been #er($ #er( interesting$ be0ause I used the sa/e ones o#er and o#er again. No5 all I 0an sa( is I9/ sure the 5ords are still in /( #o0abular( so/e5here$ but the( 0ertainl( got buried along the line be0ause I ha#en9t heard the/ sin0e the da( I be0a/e a %hristian. =o5e#er$ /( -astor 5ho led /e to %hrist$ ne#er used a negati#e thought in introdu0ing /e to %hrist$ or I -robabl( 5ould ha#e run so 7ast in the other dire0tion he 5ould ha#e thought a tornado had Dust -assed hi/ u-. 6ne ti/e I heard so/eone sa( that 5hen (ou be0o/e a %hristian (ou ha#e to ta1e the ten things (ou like to do the most and stop doin! them( and then ta1e the ten things (ou hate doin! the most( and start doin! them. ,o /a1e /atters e#en 5orse$ (ou ha#e to -retend (ou en2o) doin! the thin!s )ou reall) hate. ,his to /e is the Negati#e Witness. And I 0an9t thin1 o7 an(one 5ho 0an run -eo-le in the o--osite dire0tion 7ro/ %hrist 7aster than the Negati#e Witness. =a#e (ou e#er listened to a '%hristian* 5ho saidB 'Bo($ 5hen (ou9re a %hristian$ (ou 0an9t s/o1e$ (ou 0an9t drin1$ (ou 0an9t dan0e$ (ou 0an9t go to -arties$ (ou 0an9t go to /o#ies$ (ou 0an9t do an(thing that9s 7un an(/oreG but (ou9re sa#ed<* Who 5ants an(thing the( '0an9t* do an(thing 5ith< Not /e< I re/e/ber one ti/e on a -lane I listened to a 5o/an tell /e she 5ould ne#er be0o/e a %hristian

be0ause so/eone had told her in addition to all the things listed abo#e$ she had to 5ash 7eet as 5ell< I 0an9t thin1 o7 an(thing /ore unin#iting to a non. %hristian than to be burdened 5ith gi#ing u- all the 5orldl( things the( enDo($ and then ha#ing to 5ash 7eet besides< As I loo1 at all the 5orldl( things listed abo#e$ it 0ertainl( see/s to /e I ha#en9t had ti/e to do an( o7 the/ 7or a long ti/e$ be0ause the(9#e all been re-la0ed 5ith a li7e that is 7ar /ore eA0iting and real than it e#er 5as 5hen I indulged in all o7 those things. But I 0an i/agine the distaste 5ith 5hi0h I 5ould ha#e #ie5ed an(one 5ho told /e about all the things I had to 'gi#e u-.$$ It has been beauti7ull( eA-ressed that %hrist doesn9t ta1e a5a( an(thing in (our li7eG he /erel( re-la0es it 5ith another lo#e. And this he 0ertainl( does< =e re-la0es e#er(thing 5ith a 7ar greater thing than he e#er re/o#es 7ro/ (our li7e. And 5hat he gi#es (ou brings 7ar greater -leasure than an( o7 the '5orldl(* things 0ould -ossibl( bring. Yet ho5 o7ten 5e run ahead o7 :od and 7orget to re/ind oursel#es that :od9s lo#e 5ill sho5 -eo-le the 1ind o7 li7e the( are to lead$ 7ar better than an( set o7 rules and regulations 5e 0an establish< ,he Negati#e Witness /a1es /e 5onder 5hat ha--ened to the Do( that %hrist -ro/ised$ and the abundant li7e he said 5as ours$ be0ause usuall( the Negati#e Witness 5ears a 7ro5n or a s0o5l and an 'I disa--ro#e o7 (ou* loo1. ,his t(-e o7 -erson doesn9t allo5 :od9s lo#e to shine through$ or e#en brea1 through a tin( little 0hin1$ be0ause he9s loo1ing 7or the 'no.no9s* to tell (ou about Dust so he

0an 7eel -ious. EI i/agine that9s 5hat he thin1s he 7eels li1e.F But I ho-e an(one 5ho reads this 5ill loo1 at his o5n %hristian 5itness and see i7 he belongs to the Negati#e Witness. As l 5rite this$ I thin1 o7 the /an 5ho 0arried a hea#( 0ross to %al#ar($ and 5hose nail.s0arred hands sho5 he died hanging on a 0ross to 5hi0h he 5as nailed. And %hrist did this 7or /e< =o5 0ould I -ossibl( be negati#e in an( 5a( 7or so/eone 5ho 5illingl( too1 on hi/sel7 the sins o7 all /an1ind that I /ight 1no5 eternal li7e? And :od lo#es us so /u0h that he allo5ed his ?on to die 7or us. =o5 0ould 5e e#er thin1 or /ention a negati#e thought o7 an( 1ind 5hen 5e thin1 o7 hi/? THE POSITIVE WITNESS >Iuall( as bad in /( o-inion is the '!ositi#e* WitnessB the one 5ho is al5a(s 'right.* ?in0e a 5itness is 'a -erson 5ho 0an gi#e a 7irsthand a00ount o7 so/ething$* surel( a 5itness 5ho 1no5s %hrist '7irsthand* 0an ne#er sho5 hi/ eA0e-t in great lo#e. oesn9t it 7riHHle (our ner#es to ha#e so/eone al5a(s assert hi/sel7 as being 188 -er0ent right? !aul sa(s it so beauti7ull( in >-hesians 4B12 5hen he sa(s 'But s-ea1ing the truth in lo#e. . . I ha#e 0ringed u-on o00asion 5hen I9#e heard so/eone 5ith a 'holier.than.thou* attitude tal1ing to a ne5 %hristian$ sa(ing$ 'I 1no5 (ou 0ouldn9t -ossibl( be a %hristian$ or (ou 5ouldn9t s/o1e$ drin1$* or 5hate#er the -erson9s -arti0ular 7iAation 5as at that /o/ent. ,his is a 0rushing blo5 to the ne5 %hristian 5ho is ha#ing -roble/s an(5a($ 5ithout ha#ing so/eone be so -ositi#e he9s not a %hristian. I7 (ou9re still 5ith /e$ great< on9t go a5a(.

Sirs( what must 1 do to be saved3 &nd the) said( 4elieve on the Lord 'esus 5hrist( and thou shalt be saved( and th) house. * &cts 16# 30b.3 1 There ore man) o them believed6 also o honorable women which were "reeks( and o men( not a ew. * &cts 17#1,

I A"WAY? :>, a 1i01 out o7 -eo-le 5ho gi#e eA0uses 7or not 5itnessing and sharing the eA0iting ne5s o7 Cesus %hrist 5ith their 7riends and relati#es. And o7ten I ha#e been gi#en statisti0s about the ages 5hen -eo-le are /ost re0e-ti#e to a00e-ting %hrist as their ?a#ior. ?tatisti0s do bear out the 7a0t that e#er( %hristian should 0on0entrate on those 5ho are in their earl( teens. ,his is 5hen the ground is the /ost 7ertile$ the /ost re0e-ti#e$ and the /ost sear0hing. But 5hene#er I hear this I 5onder 5here I 5ould ha#e been toda( i7 so/eone had not realiHed that age is no barrier to :od. Be0o/ing a %hristian at the age o7 7ort(.eight or 7ort(.nine$ as I did$ 1no01s a loo- in /ost statisti0s and -ro#es that nothing is i/-ossible to :od. Je0entl( I attended a "a( Institute 7or >#angelis/ -ut on b( %a/-us %rusade 7or %hrist. I listened to a d(na/i0 %hristian$ =o5ard Ball$ tell about ho5 he$ too$ 5as obsessed 5ith 5itnessing a7ter he be0a/e a %hristian. And (et the thing that

/eant /ost to hi/ in li7e and the thing that he lo#ed /ost in li7e he 5as unable to 0o//uni0ate to his o5n 7ather. I heard hi/ tell ho5 he as an indi#idual had tried to -ersuade his dad to a00e-t %hrist. And ho5 he 7inall( realiHed he 5as not allo5ing :od9s lo#e to sho5 through hi/ and 0o//uni0ate 5ith his rather. And ho5 he 5as rel(ing on hi/sel7 and his desire to 5in another -erson to %hrist instead o7 allo5ing the =ol( ?-irit to 5or1 through hi/. ?uddenl( the =ol( ?-irit 0on#i0ted /e 0on0erning /( o5n belo#ed /other.in.la5. "et /e share 5ith (ou a little about /( /other. in.la5 Eand don9t 0ringe i7 (ou9re a /other.in.la5$ be0ause I ha#e onl( good to sa( about /( 7abulous /other.in.la5F. ?he9s a tin( little thing$ onl( 49 l8* tall$ but a real 5o/an o7 iron. ?he9s eight(.siA (ears o7 age at this 5riting$ still does her o5n house5or1$ and until the last (ear or t5o$ did her o5n (ard 5or1. ?he 5ashes and irons$ 1ee-s her house i//a0ulate$ /a1es s0ra-boo1s b( the Hillions$ ba1es ho/e/ade a--le 0a1es 7or us$ and leads a li7e that 5ould 1ill the ordinar( thirt(.(ear.old house5i7e. ?he 7inall( ga#e u- dri#ing at the ri-e old age o7 eight(.7i#e b( turning in her dri#er9s li0ense 5ith the distin0tion o7 ne#er ha#ing a tra77i0 ti01et. :rand/a Eas I9#e al5a(s 0alled herF is as inde-endent as the( 0o/e. ?he doesn9t intend 7or an(one to ha#e to ta1e 0are o7 her and she as1s no 7a#ors 7ro/ an(one. ?he re/e/bers e#er(one9s birthda($ ne#er 7orgets anni#ersaries.

?he ne#er has an( a0hes or -ains$ and she 0an9t stand an(one else 5ho has the/. 67 0ourse$ I9#e seen her 5hen it 5as ob#ious she 5as in -ain 7ro/ so/ething or other$ but she al5a(s 7lu77s it o77 5ith$ '6h$ it9s nothing ; Dust this ‘dang9 old age$ but I9ll be all right to/orro5.* I 5anted to share this inti/ate In7or/ation about :rand/a 5ith (ou so (ou 5ould 1no5 she9s /ade o7 the 'sterner stu77* ; not a 5ish(.5ash( old 5o/an. ?he9ll ta1e Issue 5ith (ou on an( subDe0t$ -oliti0al or other5ise$ i7 she doesn9t agree 5ith (ou. And$ o7 0ourse$ as (ou 1no5$ indi#iduals 5ith .de7inite 0on#i0tions o7 their o5n are o7ten hard to 0on#in0e other5ise. =o5e#er$ 5hen the =ol( ?-irit 0on#i0ts /e$ there is no -ea0e in /( li7e until I ha#e ans5ered the 0all. As Interested as I 5as in the "a( Institute$ all I 0ould 7eel 5as the tugging at /( heart sa(ing$ 'What9s (our eA0use 7or :rand/a?* I had dis0ussed %hristianit( in a 7ainthearted sort o7 5a( 5ith :rand/a. Be0ause I ha#e su0h great res-e0t 7or her I didn9t 5ant to hurt her 7eelings b( disagreeing 5ith her. E67 0ourse$ a--arentl( I didn9t 0are 5hether she 5ent to hell or notG I Dust didn9t 5ant to hurt her 7eelings 5hile she 5as on this earth<F :rand/a had a trau/ati0 eA-erien0e 5ith '0hur0h* 5hen she 5as a #er( (oung girl. I reall( ha#e no idea ho5 0orre0t this in7or/ation is$ but I onl( 1no5 the stor( as she has told it to /e doHens o7 ti/es. It see/s that as a little girl she had gone to ?unda( s0hool Iuite o7ten. Ne#er an( one -arti0ular 0hur0h$ but #arious 0hur0hes at #arious ti/es. =er

7a/il( al5a(s 7elt '(ou 0an be Dust as good outside o7 a 0hur0h as inside be0ause that9s 5here the h(-o0rites are ; inside$* so there 5as Dust no need to attend 0hur0h regularl(. A7ter all$ i7 e#er(one li#ed as good a li7e as :rand/a9s 7a/il( did$ 'this entire 5orld 5ould be a lot better o77$ and an(5a($ alt the 0hur0h 5anted out o7 (ou 5as a lot o7 /one(.* When :od rea0hed do5n and reall( 'grabbed* /e 7or his 1ingdo/$ sharing this eA0ite/ent and lo#e 5ith others be0a/e the su-re/e desire o7 /( li7e. And (et 5hen I tal1ed 5ith :rand/a$ I 5ould al5a(s start o77 /ildl( 5ith one or t5o little 5ords$ and then she 5ould boo/ ba01 at /e$ 'No5 (ou let /e tell (ou 5hat9s 5rong 5ith 0hur0hes<* And then I 5ould sit there 7or the neAt hour and listen to her tell /e 5hat 5as 5rong 5ith 0hur0hes$ be. 0ause I didn9t 5ant to disagree 5ith her or 'hurt her 7eelings.* I o7ten 5onder ho5 :od /ust ha#e 7elt about /e during those ti/es When I deliberatel( held ba01 the truth so as not to anno( :rand/a. We al5a(s ended su0h dis0ussion 5ith her sa(ing$ 'And (ou Dust 5at0h out 7or those buHHards. All the(9re a7ter is (our /one( and the(9ll ta1e e#er( 0ent the( 0an get.* And then she9d add$ 'And I9ll tell (ou ho5 I 1no5. ,hese 7riends o7 /ine had a bab( 5ho died. ,he( 5ere destitute$ and had no /one( to -a( a -rea0her 7or a 7uneral ser#i0e or an(thing. But the( 5anted their bab( buried 7ro/ a 0hur0h$ and the underta1er too1 the little 0as1et there$ and the 0hur0h 5ouldn9t let hi/ bring the bod( in be0ause

the -arents didn9t ha#e an( /one(.* And then she9d s/ile and sa($ '?ee$ all the( 5ant is /one( out o7 -eo-le.* I9d tr( to /a1e so/e la/e eA0use that it does ta1e /one( to run 0hur0hes and 5e ha#e to understand that the -astor has to be -aid so that he and his 7a/il( 0an li#e$ and then this 5ould bring on another tirade about ho5 all the '-rea0hers* too1 the /one( and li#ed high$ 5ide$ and handso/e 5hile the -oor -eo-le star#ed tr(ing to gi#e the/ enough /one( to li#e on. Finall($ a7ter a 5hile$ I Dust Iuit arguing 5ith her at all$ and 7inall( /( #isits do5n there be0a/e 7urther and 7urther a-art be0ause I '1ne5* it 5as i/-ossible to tal1 to her about the lo#e o7 :od and (et I 0ouldn9t stand to sit there and hear her sa( things I 1ne5 5eren9t the truth. ,he tre/endous tugging on /( heart at the institute be0a/e a real -ounding as the =ol( ?-irit s-o1e louder and louder to /e 0on0erning :rand/a. And so I 1ne5 there 5as onl( one thing to do. At the inter/ission bet5een the s-ea1er and the 0lasses I le7t the 0hur0h. I had 5anted so badl( to sta( 7or the s/aller 0lasses$ but :od said ':o<* And ':6* I did< I al/ost ran out to /( 0ar obsessed 5ith but one idea. And that 5as the 7a0t that I had to o#erride an( obDe0tions :rand/a /ight ha#e 0on0erning %hrist ; no-e$ I 1ne5 I had to let :od9s =ol( ?-irit use /e that night as a 0hannel 7or the 5ords he 5anted s-o1en. I 5as about t5ent(.7i#e or thirt( /iles 7ro/ 5here :rand/a li#es$ and 5hile I do not -arti0ularl( enDo( night dri#ing$ nothing 0ould ha#e

1e-t /e 7ro/ her ho/e. And 7or the 7irst ti/e be7ore going to #isit her$ I did 5hat I should ha#e done all alongB I -ra(ed< And I -ra(ed< And I -ra(ed< U- until this night I had al5a(s negati#el( thought$ ',here9s no use in /( e#en tr(ing to tal1 to her.* But this night I -ra(ed 7ro/ the #er( de-ths o7 /( soul$ as1ing :od o#er and o#er to -re-are her heart$ and as1ing hi/ to use /e in 5hate#er 5a( ne0essar( to so5 the seeds that needed to be so5ed 5here :rand/a 5as 0on0erned. I thought o7 the #erse 5hi0h sa(s$ 'Wat0h and -ra($* and that9s 5hat I 5as doing. I 5as '5at0hing* the 0ars Hoo/ b( /e on U.?. No. 1 5hi0h is an eAtre/el( bus( high5a($ and '-ra(ing* /( heart out 7or the -re-aration o7 :rand/a9s heart. Be0ause e#er(thing I do$ I do 5ith /( heart and soul$ I 5as so 5ound u- 7ro/ the eAhilarating 0on#ersation 5ith :od that 5hen I got to :rand/a9s ho/e$ I 7elt li1e I had been 0ata-ulted 7ro/ /( 0ar as I o-ened the door. B( this ti/e it 5as ten o90lo01 at night$ but I 0ouldn9t ha#e 0ared less. All I 1ne5 5as that :od had s-o1en and that this 5as the night< :rand/a 5as so 0on0erned 5hen she sa5 5ho it 5as at that hour$ and naturall( thought so/ething 5as 5rong 5ith /( 0hildren. I assured her there 5as nothing 5rong 5ith /( 7a/il($ and that I 5as 7ine$ and there 5as nothing 5rong 5ith /e. But I also 1ne5 that :od had sent /e do5n there 7or one -ur-ose$ and that 5as not 7or ordinar( 0hit0hat$ so I blurted out$ ':rand/a$ do (ou 1no5 5h( I 0a/e do5n here tonight?* I didn9t e#en -ause. ?in0e I

had relinIuished /(sel7 to :od9s 5ill$ he too1 o#er 7or /e$ and this is 5hat ha--enedB I 0ontinued$ ':rand/a$ (ou9re eight(.siA (ears old$ and (ou9re as health( as 0an be$ but at (our age (ou 0ould die to/orro5$ and I lo#e (ou$ :rand/a$ and I don9t 5ant (ou to go to hell<* And then she said$ 'No5 let /e tell (ou 5hat9s 5rong 5ith 0hur0hes<* And do (ou 1no5 5hat I heard /(sel7 sa(? I said$ '6h$ no (ou don9t. No5 (ou listen to /e$ and I9ll tell (ou 5hat9s 5rong 5ith 0hur0hes$ and I ought to 1no5 be0ause I get in a lot /ore 0hur0hes than (ou do.* ,hen I 0ontinuedB 'But I9/ not here to tell (ou 5hat9s 5rong 5ith 0hur0hes tonight$ :rand/a$ I9/ onl( here to tell (ou the -lain truth about Cesus %hrist. I 5ant (ou to 1no5 that :od lo#es (ou$ :rand/a$ and e#en at (our age$ he has a -lan 7or (our li7e.* And then I told her ho5 I had been at the "a( Institute and ho5 I had heard this /an tell about his inabilit( to share the lo#e o7 his li7e 5ith his belo#ed dad$ and ho5 he bad 7inall( 5on hi/ to %hrist. I told :rand/a ho5 /u0h I lo#ed her$ and that the thought o7 her s-ending eternit( in hell 5as too /u0h 7or /e to bear. )oreo#er$ I told her that$ i7 she died and 5ent to hell$ her blood 5ould be on /( hands be0ause I had 7ailed to tell her the honest truth. And so I shared 5ith her the eA0iting stor( o7 ho5 :od lo#ed us so /u0h that he sent 'his onl( begotten ?on$ that 5hosoe#er belie#eth in hi/ should not -erish$ but ha#e e#erlasting li7e* ECohn 3B1&bF.

?o/eti/es it is i/-ossible 7or us to belie#e that so/eone 0ould ha#e li#ed a 5hole li7eti/e and ne#er heard the si/-le truth o7 the gos-el. And (et it9s true. I 5onder ho5 /an( ti/es this sa/e situation is re-eated right here in the United ?tates 5here 5e thin1 that e#er(one has heard the gos-el o#er and o#er again and (et ne#er on0e ha#e so/e heard it 0orre0tl( in all its si/-li0it( and lo#e. I re/inded :rand/a that :od lo#ed her so /u0h that he 5anted her to s-end eternit( 5ith hi/$ and 5hen 5e realiHe ho5 little ti/e 5e a0tuall( s-end on this earth in 0o/-arison 5ith eternit($ 5e realiHe that eternal li7e is 7ar /ore i/-ortant than te/-oral li7e. I brought out the Four ?-iritual "a5s boo1let$ 5hi0h is /( 7a#orite si/-li7ied 5a( o7 soul 5inning$ ga#e her a 0o-($ and as1ed her to read along 5ith /e as I 5ent through the #arious ste-s. When I got to the third la5 I #er( 0are7ull( 5ent into the stor( o7 Ni0ode/us$ and the ne0essit( o7 being born again Eor being born '7ro/ abo#e*F$ the ne0essit( 7or a s-iritual birthda( as 5ell as a -h(si0al birthda(. In other 5ords$ there 0o/es that ti/e 5hen (ou /ust /a1e the de0ision to a00e-t %hrist$ and this establishes (our s-iritual birthda(. Wat0hing her rebelliousness and 'let /e tell (ou 5hat9s 5rong 5ith 0hur0hes* attitude$ I sa5 her shoulders sti77en$ and I -ra(ed e#en harder as I read the la5s to her. And then I sa5 and 7elt the /ight( -o5er o7 :od again as I sa5 this eight(.siA.(ear. old 5o/an turn into a /ass o7 Dell( right in 7ront o7 /( e(es. I sa5 her shoulders dro-. I sa5 a loo1 in her e(es that I had ne#er seen be7ore. ,hen I sa5

her 7a0e light u-$ and I realiHed ho5 5e li/it :od /an( ti/es. Ker( si/-l( I said ':rand/a$ is there an( reason 5h( (ou don9t 5ant to a00e-t %hrist right no5?*... And she loo1ed at /e 5ith a -er7e0tl( beauti7ul angeli0 loo1 and said$ 'No$ =one($ there isn9t<* ,hen I said$ 'All right$ :rand/a$ on the neAt -age there9s a -ra(er o7 re-entan0e$ and be0ause the light isn9t so good$ and be0ause the -rint is little$ I9ll read it to (ou$ and (ou sa( it a7ter /e as (ou in#ite %hrist into (our li7e.* :rand/a grabbed /( 0o-( o7 the Four ?-iritual "a5s out o7 /( hand and said$ 'You9ll do no su0h thingG I9ll read the/ and -ra( /(sel7.* )( 0u- o7 Do( reall( o#er7lo5ed as I heard her as1 :od to 7orgi#e her and as she in#ited %hrist into her li7e. ,hen Msaid$ ':rand/a$ 5here is %hrist right no5?* ?he said$ 'In /( heart$ 5here do (ou thin1?* ,he =ol( ?-irit had done the Dob again< And the angels in hea#en reall( /ust ha#e reDoi0ed that night.

8hosoever believeth that 'esus is the 5hrist is born o "od. .. . * 1 'ohn 5#1a For whatsoever is born o "od over cometh the world# and this is the victor) that over cometh the world( even our aith. * 1 'ohn 5#9 4lessed are the dead which die in the Lord rom hence orth. . . . * :evelation 19#13b

,=> >" >J"Y !A,I>N, had died ; a--arentl( o7 a heart atta01. But be0ause o7 an interesting /edi0al histor($ an auto-s( 5as /ade to deter/ine the 0ause o7 death. ?e#eral 5ee1s later the /edi0al eAa/iner 5ho did the auto-s( 5as in a 0ar 5ith r. C. "a5ton ?/ith$ )ia/i$ Florida$ 5orld 7a/ous o-hthal. /ologist and a /ight( %hristian 5arrior. ,he /edi0al eAa/iner 5as telling hi/ about the elderl( -atient on 5ho/ he had -er7or/ed an auto-s( and he said$ ',his /an 5as so unusual be0ause he had on his 7a0e the /ost -ea0e7ul$ serene loo1 o7 an(one I ha#e seen in the last ten or 7i7teen (ears.* r. ?/ith re/e/bered ha#ing read in 0onne0tion 5ith a#iation 0rashes that -eo-le 0arr( 0ertain eA-ressions on their 7a0es 5hen the( die. ,his is 5h( it9s -ossible to tell Ei7 the 7a0es aren9t dis7iguredF 5hether or not a -lane has had engine trouble. I7 the -assengers 1ne5 there 5as going to be trouble$ the( had an eA-ression o7 7ear on their

7a0es in death. In the 0ase o7 an eA-losion or running into a /ountain -ea1$ there 5ould be a /ild$ bland eA-ression be0ause o7 no 7ore1no5ledge o7 death. ?o/eti/es -eo-le die 5ith a snarl on their 7a0es. ?o/eti/es 5ith a s/ile. ?o/eti/es 5ith 7ear. e-ending u-on 0ir0u/stan0es at the ti/e o7 their death. But this /an /ade e#en the /edi0al eAa/iner 0o//ent be0ause o7 the beauti7ul$ serene$ -ea0e7ul loo1 on his 7a0e. And no5 that I9#e told (ou the end o7 the stor($ let /e tell (ou ho5 this -arti0ular stor( started. r. ?/ith had been treating an elderl( -atient 7or glau0o/a and the -atient$ 5ho 5as about ninet( (ears old$ 5as 7ailing Iuite 7ast -h(si0all(. r. ?/ith ne#er /isses an o--ortunit( to 5itness$ and$ in tal1ing to this /an$ 7elt that he 5as not a %hristian. ?o he 0asuall( said$ 'When did (ou be0o/e a %hristian?* ,he /an9s 0ountenan0e 0hanged radi0all( and he 5ent 0o/-letel( a5a( 7ro/ the subDe0t and told hi/ ho5 he had sung in the 0hoir and ho5 he had tra#eled 5ith a 0horal grou- and ho5 he had done this$ and ho5 he had done that. ,hen r. ?/ith said to hi/$ 'You 1no5$ i7 (ou should die tonight and the "ord should sa( to (ou$ ‘Wh( should I let (ou into hea#en?9 5hat 5ould (ou sa(?* ,he /an9s entire eA-ression 0hanged and he said$ 'I9d ha#e to tell the "ord I don9t 1no5 5h( he should let /e in.* ,hen he loo1ed u- and said he guessed he Dust didn9t ha#e the right ans5er. r. ?/ith -ro0eeded to share the Four ?-iritual "a5s 5ith the /an$ 5ho$ a7ter hearing the 7our la5s

and being 0on7ronted 5ith %hrist$ 5hen as1ed 7or a de0ision$ ba01ed a5a( and said$ 'I 5ant to thin1 it o#er.* At the ri-e old age o7 ninet($ he 5anted 'ti/e to thin1 it o#er.* It doesn9t /a1e an( di77eren0e ho5 old 5e are a0tuall($ 5e ne#er 1no5 5hen the "ord is going to sa($ ',his night th( soul is reIuired o7 thee.* I honestl( belie#e that at ninet( I 5ouldn9t 5aste /u0h ti/e thin1ing it o#er$ but this 5as the 0ase here. ?iA 5ee1s 5ent b( and one ?aturda( a7ternoon this /an9s 5i7e 0alled r. ?/ith and said her husband 5as 7eeling #er( -oorl($ ha#ing su77ered a heart atta01 7i#e da(s -re#iousl(. r. ?/ith -ro/ised he 5ould be right o#er to see her husband$ e#en though their house 5as Iuite a distan0e 7or hi/ to go. A7ter eAa/ining the -atient$ r. ?/ith tal1ed to hi/. =e said that he had been -ra(ing 7or hi/ be0ause he 5as so 0on0erned about hi/ and the 7a0t that the last ti/e he had said he didn9t 1no5 the right ans5er as to 5h( he should be allo5ed to enter hea#en. ,hen r. ?/ith said$ 'I 5ant to /a1e sure be7ore I lea#e toda( that (ou 1no5 the right ans5er.* Again he -resented the Four ?-iritual "a5s$ and this ti/e the /an a00e-ted. r. ?/ith 5anted the assuran0e that this /an trul( been sa#ed$ so he said$ ' o (ou 7eel an( di77erent? o (ou 1no5 5here %hrist is right no5?* And the old /an s/iled a beauti7ul s/ile and said$ 'I ha#e Dust entered a ne5 -hase in /( eA-erien0e.*

,he 7ollo5ing ,uesda( he died. =e had not been out o7 his a-art/ent a7ter a00e-ting %hrist and had seen no one$ and there7ore had been unable to 5itness in li7e$ but the s/ile and the -ea0e on his 7a0e ga#e hi/ the o--ortunit( he 5anted. =e 5as 5itnessing to the /edi0al eAa/iner in death< BUT NEVER SEPARATED Inside o7 /e there burns a raging 7ire o7 desire to tell others about the eA0ite/ent o7 1no5ing %hrist$ and the things he 0an do in a li7e$ and o7 his -ro/ises o7 eternal li7e. In /( -arti0ular li7e this is a 0onsu/ing 0o/-ulsion and it is i/-ossible 7or /e to do an(thing eA0e-t /( -art in 5riting the 23th 0ha-ter o7 A0ts. It 5ould be easier to sto- the 7lo5 o7 Niagara Falls than to shut /e u- 5here %hrist is 0on0erned$ and be0ause o7 this desire o7 /( heart$ the %hristian Youth )o#e/ent$ Al-haL6/ega 5as born. )an( eA0iting things ha#e ha--ened in Al-haL6/ega$ but as I 5rite this 0ha-ter$ one -arti0ular in0ident 0o/es #i#idl( to /( /ind. ?o/e -eo-le ha#e a '/ultitude /inistr(* and others ha#e a 'one.to.one* /inistr(. ?till others are blessed 5ith both t(-es. At the end o7 ea0h Al-haL6/ega rall( e#er(one -resent is 0hallenged and gi#en the o--ortunit( to a00e-t %hrist a7ter ha#ing seen his -resen0e at 5or1 in so/e o7 the /ost eA0iting (oung -eo-le in the 5orld. ,he onl( un7ortunate -art o7 a '/ultitude /inistr(* is that (ou don9t al5a(s get to 1no5 the 7ruits o7 (our

e77orts$ but on0e in a5hile so/ething ha--ens and (ou 1no5 the end result. At the end o7 one o7 the Al-haL6/ega rallies$ a (oung bo( /ade a de0ision 7or %hrist. =e then attended se#eral o7 the /eetings and 5as gro5ing s-irituall( 5hen it 5as dis0o#ered he had leu1e/ia. It 5as the 'gallo-ing* 1ind$ though I 1ne5 nothing about it until his sister 0a/e on stage Eor I should sa( behind the stageF during a rall( and told /e that her brother 5as 0riti0all( ill. =er /other 5anted to 1no5 i7 I 0ould 0o/e to the hos-ital Iui01l(. ,here9s al5a(s a great de0ision to be /ade at a ti/e li1e this. I sent a 7er#ent -ra(er u- to :od$ be0ause I 1ne5 that to lea#e right then 5ould be disastrous to a rall( 5here there 5ere /ore than 1$888 teen.agers in attendan0e. And (et a (oung bo( ho#ered bet5een li7e and death. I 5his-ered to her that I 5ould be there as soon as the rall( 5as o#er. ,en /inutes be7ore the rall( ended$ the bo( died. It 0rushed /e to 1no5 that I had been unable to be o7 0o/7ort to so/eone 5ho greatl( needed 0o/7orting. But the neAt night 5hile I 5as eating dinner a 0all 0a/e in 7or /e 5ith a /essage 7ro/ the bo(9s /other. ?he #er( si/-l( said$ ',han1 (ou. )( son died 5ith the s/ile o7 Cesus on his 7a0e$ be0ause (ou 0ared.* I7 nothing else is e#er a00o/-lished in Al-haL6/ega$ this one thing has /ade all /( e77orts 5orth5hile.

“I STAND AT THE DOOR AND KNOCK...” Witnessing is al5a(s one o7 the /ost eA0iting things in the %hristian li7e be0ause o7 the unusual things that ha--en. When (ou reall( let :od use (ou it9s a/aHing 5hat 0an and does ha--en. ?o/eti/es the things that ha--en are hilariousG so/eti/es the(9re a little eerieG so/eti/es dangerousG so/eti/es unbelie#ableG al5a(s eA0itingG al5a(s thrilling$ and 0ertainl( ne#er dull. )( -ra(er.5arrior 7riend$ Barb$ and I 5ere out /a1ing 0alls one night$ and 5e 5ent to a ho/e to #isit a (oung 0ou-le. ,he( had a little bab( 5ho 5as still a5a1e 5hen 5e got there$ but the husband 5as out. Barb and I ne#er tal1 in the 0ar 5hen 5e9re out 7or the "ord$ but 5e -ra( 0onstantl( as1ing :od9s =ol( ?-irit to reall( s-ea1 through us. ?o 5e 5ent in$ ha#ing de0ided b( -re#ious agree/ent it 5as /( night to tal1$ and her night to be the ba01. u- -ra(er.5arrior. We al5a(s tr( to 7ind a 0o//on ground 7or tal1ing to indi#iduals 5e don9t 1no5$ and be7ore long 5e had dis0o#ered a /utual interest and 5ere tal1ing. It al5a(s intrigues /e$ 5hen I9/ #isiting$ to see 5hen :od is going to turn the situation around to the -oint 5here he gi#es /e the ':6* signal on -resenting %hrist as a -ersonal relationshi-. We began dis0ussing 0hur0h$ Cesus$ the need 7or bringing u- our 0hildren 'in 7ear and ad/onition o7 the "ord.* And I told o7 ho5 I had not brought /( oldies u- in a %hristian ho/e and the subseIuent -roble/s I had. >#en though I realiHe a %hristian ho/e does not al5a(s -rodu0e the -er7e0t 0hild$ I

had 0ertainl( dis0o#ered the odds are tre/endousl( in (our 7a#or i7 (our ho/e is a %hristian ho/e Enot o7 -rodu0ing a '-er7e0t* 0hild$ but o7 ha#ing 7e5er -roble/sF. Both Barb and I ga#e short testi/onies to 5hat %hrist had done in our li#es$ and then the 'green light* 7lashed on. At this -oint I too1 out the Four ?-iritual "a5s boo1lets$ ga#e one to Barbara$. one to the hostess$ and 1e-t one 7or /(sel7. Fro/ this -oint on$ Barbara ne#er tal1ed$ but Dust ba01ed /e u- 5ith -ra(er. >#er(thing 5ent beauti7ull( as 5e read the 7irst three la5s. ,he little bo( 5as so Iuiet and attenti#e (ou 5ould ha#e thought he understood 5hat 5e 5ere doing$ e#en though he 5as less than a (ear old. ,he /other 5as so attenti#e$ so eager$ so sear0hing$ so desirous. And then I rea0hed "a5 Four. ,o an(one 5ho has e#er 5itnessed$ using this /ethod$ it9s nothing ne5 that (ou should be on the alert 5hen (ou get to the 7ourth la5. uring the reading o7 "a5 6ne$ nothing ha--ens. uring the reading o7 "a5 ,5o$ nothing ha--ens. uring the reading o7 "a5 ,hree$ nothing ha--ens. 4ut watch out or Satan himsel durin! the readin! o Law Four. I ha#e seen e#er(thing ha--en at this -ointB dishes 7all o77 the 5all E7ro/ a -late railF. ,he tele-hone rings in#ariabl(. ,he doorbell rings in0essantl(. A Det -lane roars o#erhead. ,he bab( begins to 0r(. ,he /eat begins

to burn on the sto#e. ,he house 0at0hes 7ire$ or so/ebod( 7aints$ or so/eone gets hurt ; an(thing 0an ha--en$ and usuall( does. But this night so/ething ha--ened 5hi0h I9#e ne#er had ha--en be7ore or sin0e Eand I ho-e ne#er doesF< I ho-e (ou 0an a--re0iate the re#erent /ood o7 all -resent 5hen the Four ?-iritual "a5s are being -resented. ,he =ol( ?-irit brings su0h a hushed at/os-here into a roo/ at this ti/e (ou al/ost 1no5 (ou 0an rea0h out and tou0h hi/. I read the 7ourth la5 5hi0h sa(sB 'In Je#elation 3B28$ %hrist is s-ea1ing and he sa(s ‘I stand at the door and 1no01G and guess 5hat ha--ened< A 1no01 0a/e on the 7ront door< Barb is a real 0ute blonde and as I loo1ed at her$ her e(es 5ere as big as sau0ers and she later said /ine 5ere$ too< I9/ sure both o7 our /ouths 7ell o-en. )( ba01 5as to the door and it9s a good thing$ be0ause I 5ould ha#e been s0ared to death to loo1 at the door I thin1$ be0ause I 1ne5 it had to be either %hrist hi/sel7 or the de#il. )( heart 5as beating li1e a tri-. ha//er and I 1ne5 the door had o-ened be0ause I heard it sIuea1ing. Barb Iui01l( bo5ed her head in -ra(er and I guess I Dust 7roHe in /( 0hair$ 5aiting 7or I didn9t 1no5 5hat. All o7 this too1 onl( a /atter o7 se0onds$ but I9/ sure (ou 0an realiHe 5e 7elt it 5as an eternit(. And do (ou ha#e an( idea ho5 relie#ed 5e 5ere 5hen 5e sa5 it 5as the 5o/an9s husband 5ho had 0o/e ho/e? :od9s =ol( ?-irit 5as so at 5or1$ ho5e#er$ that e#en this didn9t brea1 the s-ell. ?he handed hi/ the

bab( and said$ ',a1e hi/ in the bedroo/$ Iui01.* ,he husband grabbed the bab( and le7t. ?o/eho5 :od ga#e /e the -o5er to regain /( 0o/-osureG I 0ontinued reading the 7ourth la5 and she a00e-ted %hrist< I7 (our li7e is boring$ I9d 0ertainl( suggest (our as1ing :od to use (ou in 5itnessing 7or hi/. I 0an reall( guarantee (ou a0tion<

1 am cruci ied with 5hrist# nevertheless 1 live6 )et not 1( but 5hrist liveth in me# and the li e which 1 now live in the lesh 1 live b) the aith o the Son o "od( who loved me( and !ave himsel or me( * "alatians ,#,0

?IN%> ,=> AY %hrist 0a/e into /( li7e$ he o-ened /( /outh$ and I ha#en9t shut it sin0e< =o5 /an( ti/es ha#e I /ade this state/ent and ho5 true it is. But the interesting thing is$ in s-ite o7 the 0o/-elling 7or0e in /( li7e to let e#er(one hear the eA0iting stor( o7 Cesus %hrist b( letting :od use /e$ e#er( on0e in a 5hile 'I* /anage to get in the 5a( and then I reall( 7ail 7lat on /( 7a0e. It9s so #ital 7or the %hristian to realiHe that :od 5ants to use us$ but he 5ants to use us 'a00ording to the 5or1ing o7 his great /ight* E>-hesians 1B13F. 67ten 5e run ahead o7 :od and don9t ta1e ad#antage o7 his 'great /ight.* ?o/eti/es 5hen (ou a0Iuire a re-utation as a 'soul 5inner* others 5ant to go along to see ho5 (ou do it. And on o00asion I ha#e tried to sho5 #arious -eo-le ho5 'I do it.* And tal1 about getting 'hung u-$* I reall( get 'hung u-* 5hen I tr( to do this.

:od sa(s in his Word that he 5ill gi#e us -o5er to 5itness through his =ol( ?-irit$ and so/eti/es 5e 7orget to utiliHe this. 6ne night an organiHation as1ed /e to ta1e one o7 its /e/bers 5ith /e on a ':o* 0all to sho5 the/ ho5 it 0ould be done in a ho/e$ b( a la( -erson. Naturall($ /( ego 5as 7lattered and I 5as glad to oblige. A7ter all$ 5asn9t I 5ell 1no5n 7or being a 'soul 5inner*? "et /e sa( right here$ I don9t li1e the 5ord 'soul 5inner* be0ause none o7 us is e#er that. :od adds to his 1ingdo/ dail($ but 5e 0ertainl( do not. :od uses us to so5 the seeds$ but 7or the a0tual ne5 birth$ onl( he 0an /a1e this -ossible$ and onl( through his -o5er are ne5 na/es 5ritten in the Boo1 o7 "i7e. But I guess 5e all get 0arried a5a( on0e in a 5hile Ebut than1 hea#ens :od 1no5s ho5 to hu/ble /e in a big hurr(<F. )( ego had been 7lattered so greatl( I reall( 5as a ball o7 7ire and eager to sho5 e#er(one ho5 it 5as done. I 0ould Dust #isualiHe sitting ba01$ bas1ing in the eA0ite/ent o7 hearing ho5 I had '5on* so/eone to %hrist. You 5ill note that I ha#e stressed the i/-ortan0e o7 -ra(er and the need 7or as1ing that :od s-ea1 through his 5itness 5hene#er /a1ing a 0all o7 this 1ind. Well this -arti0ular night I 5as so i/-ressed 5ith /( o5n abilit(. I 0hattered /adl( in the 0ar eA-laining ho5 to -resent e#er(thing so that the -erson #isited 5ould a00e-t %hrist$ and then ho5 to -ra( ; but be7ore (ou -ra(ed$ (ou /ight e#en 0r( a little be0ause it 5ould be a #er( eA0iting ti/e and e#er(one 5ould

7eel e/otional$ so i7 (ou 5anted to 0r($ that 5ould be all right$ be0ause I 5ould -robabl( 0r($ too. I 5as so s/ug as I eA-lained to /( -artnerB 'You 5ill note that I don9t ha#e to a0tuall( use the boo1let$* be0ause I had done this so /an( ti/es I didn9t need the boo1. 'But it 5ill be ne0essar( 7or (ou to use the boo1 until (ou are as 7a/iliar as I a/ 5ith the -ro0edure.* I9/ sure that :od /ust ha#e reall( been laughing at /e that night as he -re-ared to -ull the rug out 7ro/ under /e$ be0ause I 7orgot 5hose -o5er and 5hose /ight 5ould add to his 1ingdo/. We sailed bra#el( into the house$ 0on7ident o7 so/e s0al-s on our belts$ or souls on our halos$ I don9t 1no5 5hi0h. And a7ter the usual a/enities$ I began 'selling* Cesus %hrist. I ho-e (ou 5ill noti0e I use the 5ord 'selling* be0ause that9s eAa0tl( 5hat I 5as doing. I ga#e e#er( reason in the boo1 5h( this 0ou-le should a00e-t %hristB '?o (ou 0an ha#e eternal li7eG so (ou 5on9t ha#e to go to hellG so (ou 0an ha#e an abundant li7e hereG so (ou 0an 1no5 the -ea0e o7 :od in (our hearts E5hi0h I 5as beginning not to ha#e at this -oint be0ause I 0ould see I 5as 7ailingFG so (ou 0an eA-erien0e 7orgi#eness o7 (our sins.* I 5ent on and on tr(ing to 'sell* the/ on the idea o7 in#iting %hrist into their hearts. ,he /an then saidB '%hrist is 5ith /e right no5. =e9s sitting right on /( shoulder this #er( /inute.* ?o/eho5 or other$ I ne#er did 0on#in0e hi/ that %hrist 5as 1no01ing at the door o7 his heart 5anting entran0e$ and 0ertainl( 5as not sitting on his shoulder.

I did e#er(thing that night that 5as hu/anl( -ossible to sho5 that I 0ould lead so/eone to %hrist. But that 5as /( -roble/. >#er(thing that I did 5as 'hu/anl(* -ossible. But things that are 'i/-ossible to /an$ are -ossibleN 5ith :od$* and I had not eAer0ised the -ri#ilege o7 0alling on :od9s =ol( ?-irit to use /e. I had de0ided to use /(sel7 instead o7 being an o-en 0hannel that :od 0ould use. And the little old thing 0alled 'ego* blo01ed :od 7ro/ using /e that night. id I learn so/ething that night? You bet I did. I said to /(sel7$ '=o5 :reat ,hou Art not<* And I -ra( that I ne#er again 7orget$ 'It is not I 5ho li#es$ but %hrist.* CHRIST IS THIN %hrist is interested in e#er( area o7 li7e$ in0luding -ersonal a--earan0e. I ha#e al5a(s been a big 5o/an$ and ha#e al5a(s 5eighed too /u0h. When /( -ublishers told /e the( 5ere going to send /e to #arious -la0es in 0onDun0tion 5ith /( 7irst boo1$ the =ol( ?-irit reall( 0on#i0ted /e about /( 5eight. I 0ould Dust #isualiHe /(sel7 5addling out onto a stage and /a1ing the grand state/ent$ 'Nothing is i/-ossible to :od$* ; and then ha#e so/e s/art ale01 1id in the 7ront ro5 sa(B '6h$ (eah$ Fatso< =o5 0o/e (ou don9t lose 5eight then?* Kno5ing this 5ould shoot holes in /( 5hole testi/on($ I reall( -ra(ed that %hrist 5ould sho5 /e the 5a( to lose 5eight. I9/ sure I ha#e lost ten thousand -ounds in /( li7eti/e ; and gained an eIual nu/ber ba01$ so I 1ne5 that b( /(sel7 I9d be

the usual /ess. I 0o/-letel( ga#e the -roble/ to :od and as1ed hi/ to sho5 /e 5hat to do. I9/ ho-ing (ou 5ill note that /( reason 7or as1ing 5as 7or a 7urtheran0e o7 his 5or1. And I didn9t as1 hi/ to Dust /elt the -ounds o77$ I as1ed hi/ to sho5 /e the 5a(. ,he neAt /orning a 5o/an$ 5ho/ I had not seen 7or about siA /onths$ 0a/e into /( o77i0e. And she had lost about siAt(.7i#e -ounds. I gas-ed at the di77eren0e in her a--earan0e$ and be7ore I uttered a sound$ I silentl( shouted ',han1 (ou "ord. ?o soon?* And then I as1ed her to share 5ith /e ho5 she had lost all the 5eight. ?he shared 5hat had ha--ened to her$ and as I totall( ga#e /( -roble/ to :od$ he reall( 0hanged /( eating habits 0o/-letel($ and 5hile I eat /ore no5$ I 5eigh less than I ha#e in (ears. I9d li1e to share 5ith (ou ho5 the "ord ga#e /e /ore o--ortunit( to be0o/e the 1ind o7 5o/an he 5anted /e to be b( sho5ing /e the 5a( to a /ore attra0ti#e a--earan0e. id (ou 1no5 that (our -ersonal a--earan0e 0an sa( as /u0h about (our ha--iness in li7e as an(thing else? I 5ant to be the best a/bassador to the King that I 0an$ and i7 i/-ro#ing /( -h(si0al a--earan0e hel-s /e to be a better a/bassador$ then I9/ all 7or it< And it9s a/aHing 5hat an eA0iting tal1ing tool it is 7or %hrist 5hen -eo-le sa( to /e$ 'What has ha--ened to (ou? You loo1 t5ent( (ears (ounger.* ,he(9re reall( as1ing 7or it$ aren9t the(? EAnd (ou9d better belie#e I reall( gi#e it to the/<F

I9d li1e to share 5ith (ou ho5 I lost 5eight and ha#e been able to /aintain the loss E5ithout 5rin1ling u- li1e an old -runeF.

BJ>AKFA?, Edon9t let this turn (ou o77. Cust tr( it on0eFB 1 sli0e o7 toast O 0u- 0ottage 0heese P 0u- 7resh stra5berries bla01 0o77ee I s5eeten the berries 5ith arti7i0ial s5eetener. I no longer belie#e 5hat I used to sa( to /(sel7B 'It lea#es a nast( taste in /( /outh. I Dust ha#e to use sugar.* I 5as 1idding /(sel7$ be0ause b( tr(ing se#eral o7 the s5eeteners$ I dis0o#ered there9s at least one that 5on9t gi#e /e an a7tertaste. ?o/eti/es I sli0e a--les on to- o7 the 0ottage 0heese and toast$ -ut a little arti7i0ial s5eetener on ea0h a--le sli0e$ then s-rin1le 0inna/on on the 5hole thing and broil it under the broiler. I use oranges or an( other 7resh 7ruit in season$ but I do not eat the E7orbidden 7ruits* su0h as 5ater/elon$ bananas$ 0herries$ gra-es$ -a-a(as$ or an( 1ind o7 dried 7ruit. As a 0hange no5 and then$ I ha#e a 5hole orange Ethis sta(s 5ith /e longer than orange Dui0eF$ one egg$ and one -ie0e o7 toast. I ha#e dis0o#ered I9/ not a #er( good dieter 5hen I9/ hungr($ and the 0ottage 0heese routine holds /e 7ro/ + in the /orning until 2 or 3 in the a7ternoon$ 5hile I get the e#il9s sto/a0h.a0he about 11 A.). i7 I eat an egg in the /orning. EYou don9t 1no5 5hat a e#il9s sto/a0ha0he is? ,hat9s hunger -angs<F >a0h da( I also drin1 t5o glasses o7 s1i/ /il1. I bu( -o5dered s1i/ /il1$ /iA it$ and 1ee- it 0old in the re7rigerator.

"UN%=B I 0oo1 an( o7 the '%hristian* #egetables 5hi0h areB 0abbage /ushroo/s 0auli7lo5er green -e--ers bean s-routs bro00oli as-aragus s-ina0h 0eler( sIuash Fren0h.st(led green beans EAlso '%hristian* are lettu0e$ radishes and 0u0u/bers$ but I eat the/ ra5$ and not 0oo1ed<F I 0oo1 an( or all o7 these #egetables together$ or so/eti/es I 0oo1 Dust one. )ost o7 the ti/e I /a1e a huge -ot$ big enough 7or the entire 5ee1$ be0ause I use it /an( di77erent 5a(s$ ?easoning is also #er( i/-ortantB I use one o7 the deh(drated onion sou/iAes to season 5ith. And at the sa/e ti/e I -ut either 0hi01en or bee7 bouillon in to season the #egetables. I9/ a great /ushroo/ lo#er$ but I9#e dis0o#ered i7 I -ut too /an( /ushroo/s in$ it 5ill gi#e /e a 'bad* taste in /( /outh. I ta1e as large a hel-ing o7 this as desired. 6n to-$ I -ut t5o oun0es o7 an( 0heese 5hi0h /elts easil(. I al5a(s heat the #egetables 5ith the 0heese 0ut u- on the to-$ and 5hen it9s /elted all the 5a( through$ I sti01 it under the broiler 7or a Iui01 bro5ning. It 0an be eaten 5ith one -ie0e o7 toast. For dessert$ an orange or an( other '%hristian* 7ruit is suitable. ?o/eti/es I let the #egetables get 0old$ and eat the/ as a salad 5ith a 0an o7 sal/on on to-$ or a 0an o7 tuna 7ish. =o5e#er$ I eat no /ore than 7our oun0es o7 the 7ish 7or lun0h. I s-rin1le #inegar on

to- o7 this and it9s deli0ious< 6r$ t5o 0ho--ed hard. boiled eggs on to- /a1es an interesting #ariet(. I9ll ha#e to share a 7unn( stor( 0on0erning 'garbage* E/( ter/ 7or this /enuF. I had al5a(s been so -ositi#e that /( 5eight 5as 0aused b( a glandular -roble/. >#en though /( daughter has the sa/e 5eight -roble/ I do$ I 1ne5 it 0ouldn9t -ossibl( be the 7ood 5e ate. But 5hen :od -ro#ided the -lan 7or 5eight redu0tion$ I suggested to Coan that she go along 5ith /e on the eating -lan. ,he 7irst night I ser#ed the 'garbage* she 5hined in t(-i0al teen.age tonesB 'I don9t li1e the loo1s o7 that garbage<* I lo#e that daughter o7 /ine$ so I loo1ed her right in the e(e$ grabbed the roll o7 7at around her /iddle$ and said in the sa/e 5hin( teen.age toneB 'And I don9t li1e the loo1s o7 all that 7at<* ?he ne#er batted an e(e$ but saidB ':i//e so/e o7 that garbage<* As o7 this 5riting$ she9s lost t5ent(.7i#e -ounds$ and e#en /ore i/-ortant$ the teen.age -i/-les are gone. ?U!!>J E,here are #egetables 5hi0h I re7er to as 'lu1e.5ar/ %hristian* #egetables. ,hese in0lude 0arrots$ beets$ -eas$ 5hole green beans$ to/atoes$ and su0h. I eat onl( a s/all Iuantit( o7 these$ but all I 5ant o7 the '%hristian* #egetables. I 1eere/e/bering$ salad is reall( '%hristian$* but go light on the to/atoes< )ost i/-ortant o7 all$ I 7ind that 7or the su--er /eal it is /ost i/-ortant not to eat an(thing that is 'non.%hristian* su0h as -otatoes$ gra#($ 5hi--ed 0rea/$ -ie$ 0a1e.FB ?iA to eight oun0es o7 roast bee7$ 0hi01en$ 7ish$ ha/burger$ or an( lean /eat 5or1s out 5ell. But I

ha#e to sta( a5a( 7ro/ 'non.%hristian* things li1e 7at /eat o7 an( 1ind$ -or1 or ha/. E,he(9re reall( not 'non.%hristian* ; the(9re Dust -lain 7attening<F An( 1ind o7 7o5l is 7ineB tur1e($ 0hi01en$ du01. I ha#e Iuit 7r(ing things. ,his /eans that ?outhern 7ried 0hi01en 7ans need to eat it another 5a( in order to lose 5eight. I ha#e 0o/e to thin1 o7 7oods su0h as 0orn$ dried beans$ /a0aroni as 'non. %hristian$* and don9t eat the/. !otatoes and gra#( are tools o7 the de#il 5here the 7at -erson is 0on0erned. ,hree to 7i#e 7ruits a da( gi#e /e the natural sugar I need. I 7ind this a real /ust be0ause I ha#e a 's5eet tooth* and need sugar re-la0e/ent. !ersonall( I 7ind oranges the best thing to 0urb the de#il9s 's5eet tooth.* I9#e been told that t5o glasses o7 s1i/ /il1 a da( 5ill 1ee- one 7ro/ 5rin1ling as he 's1innies u-.* ?o I9/ drin1ing it be0ause I 0an9t a77ord to ta1e an( 0han0es at /( age< 6ne night a7ter I had s-o1en at a /eeting 5here the air 0onditioning 5asn9t 5or1ing$ I 5as reall( 5ar/$ so I 5ent o#er to the -un0h table and -i01ed u- a glass o7 7ruit -un0h 5ith i0e 0rea/ in it. Cust as I raised it to /( li-s$ a #oi0e behind /e said$ ',hat isn9t #er( %hristian$ )other<* No5 I as1 (ou$ 0ould (ou drin1 it? 6r 5ould (ou ha#e done 5hat I didB -ut it do5n? Coan 0ould ha#e told /e it 5as 7attening and I 5ouldn9t ha#e 5orried$ but 5e al5a(s re7er to situations as being 'non.%hristian* and it reall( has an e77e0t on /e. ,r( it< As1 (our do0tor 7irst be7ore (ou tr( this 1ind o7 diet$ but /ine sa(s he9s ne#er seen /e loo1ing

better$ so /a( the "ord bless (our '%hristian* eating habits.

4ut now hath "od set the members ever) one o them in the bod) as it hath pleased him. * 1 5orinthians 1,#1&nd let us not be wear) in well.doin!# or in due season we shall reap( i we aint not. * "alatians 6#9

I ,=INK %=JI?, is the /ost eA0iting -erson in the 5orld be0ause he thin1s o7 the /ost interesting and unusual 5a(s to use those 5ho are 5illing to be used. And I o7ten thin1 o7 /( 7a#orite a-ostle$ !aul$ sa(ing$ 'I a/ all things to all /en$ so that some /ight be sa#ed.* 6ne ?aturda( a7ternoon I 5as t(-ing in /( o77i0e ; usuall( ?aturda( is not he0ti0 li1e the rest o7 the 5ee1$ and a good ti/e to 0at0h u- on the un7inished details o7 the 5ee1 ; 5hen a #er( unha--( loo1ing (oung /an 0a/e into /( o77i0e and as1ed /e to t(-e a short letter 7or hi/. =e 5anted t5ent( 0o-ies o7 it be0ause 'I ha#e to /ail the/ out be7ore t5ent(.7our hours are u-.* I said 'I9ll be glad to$* but instead o7 the (oung /an sitting do5n as 0usto/ers usuall( do$ he stood right b( /( t(-e5riter as I started t(-ing. I t(-ed the 7irst -aragra-h 5hi0h 5ent so/ething li1e thisB ;+ail this to twent) o )our riends within twent). our hours or bad luck will come to )ou. ,his is a -ra(er letter. :ood lu01 5ill 0o/e to (ou

i7 (ou /a1e t5ent( 0o-ies o7 this letter$ add (our na/e to the botto/ and /ail it to t5ent( o7 (our 7riends$ but it /ust be done 5ithin t5ent(.7our hours. ')r. AJQ /ailed this letter and 5ithin t5ent(. 7our hours re0ei#ed R188$888 7ro/ an un1no5n 7riend 5ho had died. ')r. 6JS laughed at this letter be0ause he didn9t belie#e in it$ and 5ithin t5ent(.7our hours his t5o 0hildren had been hurt in se-arate auto/obile a00idents and 5ere in di77erent hos-itals in intensi#e 0are 5ith e#er( bone in their bodies bro1enG his 5i7e had drun1 a bottle o7 -oison thin1ing it 5as soda -o- and 5as no5 dead$ his /other 5as 1illed in a -lane 0rash$ his 7ather 5as blinded in an eA-losion$ and e#en his dog had gotten heart5or/ and 5as not eA-e0ted to li#e. )r. 6JS hi/sel7 had ste--ed into an o-en /anhole and had to ha#e his leg a/-utated.* All o7 this had ha--ened be0ause he 7ailed to send this ridi0ulous letter to t5ent( o7 his 7riends? I had t(-ed Dust about this /u0h o7 the letter 5hen I loo1ed u- at this (oung /an and said$ 'You don9t reall( belie#e this garbage$ do (ou?* =is re-l( 0a/e in on /( :od.gi#en radar and he said$ 'Well$ /( lu01 has been so bad here latel( I9/ a7raid not to send the letter out be0ause o7 5hat /ight ha--en.* In 0ase (ou9re 5ondering 5hat I 0all /( ':od. gi#en radar$* I9/ s-ea1ing o7 an i/aginar( -art o7 /( anato/( 5hi0h i7 it 5ere real 5ould ha#e to loo1 li1e t5o horns or a tele#ision antenna. And it9s the /ost use7ul thing in the 5orld 5hen I9/ tal1ing

to so/eone$ be0ause it -i01s u- and si7ts out a non. %hristian9s need 7or %hrist. In other 5ords$ it9s not a uniIue blessing in /( li7e$ and I reall( don9t ha#e horns$ but it9s the abilit( to sense the need o7 an indi#idual. I sin0erel( belie#e this abilit( is gi#en to e#er( dedi0ated %hristian. As %hrist heard the needs o7 his -eo-le$ so he gi#es to his belie#ers the abilit( to hear the needs o7 others. All 5e ha#e to do is to be in su0h 0lose 0o//union 5ith :od that 5e are tuned in at all ti/es. 6ne o7 the things that I thin1 hel-s /e /ost in /( %hristian li7e 5as 5hat /( -astor on0e said to /eB 'I -ra( all the ti/e. >#en 5hen IT/ tal1ing to an indi#idual$ !/ -ra(ing at the sa/e ti/e.* At that ti/e I thought this 5ould be a -rett( neat tri01 i7 I 0ould do it. And so I began as1ing :od to tea0h /e ho5 to -ra( at all ti/es$ or to '-ra( 5ithout 0easing* 5hile I ran a business$ dro#e a 0ar$ taught ?unda( s0hool$ tal1ed to -eo-le. I9/ sure I 0ould ne#er ha#e learned to do this b( /(sel7. But b( as1ing :od to sho5 /e ho5 to 1eein 0lose tou0h 5ith hi/ at all ti/es$ I learned the se0ret o7 0ontinual -ra(er. And this$ I belie#e$ is the se0ret o7 being tuned in to the needs o7 our 7ello5/an. :od 1no5s our needs be7ore e#en 5e 1no5 the/$ and b( 0onstant 0o//union 5ith hi/$ 5e$ too$ 0an 1no5 the needs o7 our 7ello5/an. )( heart a0tuall( 0ried out 5hen I realiHed the tre/endous #oid in this (oung /an9s li7e. I sto--ed t(-ing and as1ed$ ' o (ou attend 0hur0h?* =e said$ 'No$ I used to$ on0e in a5hile. But I9#e had so /an( a57ul things ha--en to /e$ that I Dust

don9t go an(/ore be0ause I thin1 that :od reall( hates /e.* I silentl( -ra(ed$ 'Well$ than1 (ou$ "ord$ (ou reall( do send /e o--ortunities all the ti/e$ don9t (ou?* I reall( as1ed :od to /a1e the (oung /an9s heart re0e-ti#e to 5hat I 5as going to sa(. ,hen I as1ed this (oung /an i7 he belie#ed in the Bible. =e said that he belie#ed in 'so/e o7 the things.* I as1ed hi/ i7 he belie#ed the -art 5hi0h said that :od lo#ed hi/. =e 5as #er( dubious about this be0ause o7 his o5n -ersonal li7e and all the -roble/s he had. We tal1ed 7or about an hour as I told hi/ 5hat %hrist had done in /( li7e and ho5 he had 0hanged /( li7e and had gi#en /e the /ost eA0iting$ thrilling li7e in the 5orld. I told hi/ 5hat %hrist 0ould do 7or hi/$ and 5hat %hrist 5anted to do 7or hi/ be0ause =e saidB '%o/e unto /e all (e that. . . are hea#( laden$ and I 5ill gi#e (ou rest.* E)alt 11B24F. VARIED PATTERN Witnessing and soul 5inning see/ ne#er to 7ollo5 a de7inite -attern. ,he o--ortunit( to 5itness and to so5 the seeds in the soil o7 a hu/an heart are ne#er eAa0tl( the$ sa/e t5i0e. =o5e#er$ i7 5e rel( on the =ol( ?-irit$ he 5ill guide us sa7el( through all o7 the o--ortunities he gi#es us. I tal1ed to this (oung /an and dis0o#ered ho5 unha--( he 5as$ unha--( in his Dob$ his -ersonal li7e$ his th5arted a/bitions$ Dust e#er(thing. ,here ha#e been ti/es in /( %hristian li7e 5hen at this -oint the =ol( ?-irit ga#e /e the 'green light* to

go ahead and -resent the -lan o7 sal#ation and as1 7or an a00e-tan0e o7 %hrist. But in this 0ase$ the =ol( ?-irit used a di77erent a--roa0h. We be0o/e o#ereager at ti/es as 'soul 5inning* %hristians ; and I9ll tell (ou 5hat I thin1 about that 5ord shortl( ; and 5e 5ant to add 'another not0h to our belts.* We go ahead 5ithout the 'green light* o7 the =ol( ?-irit and b( our o5n hard 5or1 tr( to 'lead a soul to %hrist.* =o5e#er$ i7 (ou 5ant to be a /iserable 7lo-$ tr( it this 5a(. Cust tr( leading so/eone to %hrist on (our o5n. I dare )ou * onl) i )ou want to ind out what a lous) 2ob )ou do b) )oursel . >#en though I sa5 the great need in this (oung /an9s li7e$ and e#en though I sa5 a sear0hing heart$ I 7elt the bra1es a--lied b( the =ol( ?-irit. And 5hile 5e 0ontinued tal1ing about :od9s lo#e$ I did not -ush the issue 0on0erning the a00e-tan0e o7 %hrist$ nor did I e#en /ention this eA0e-t in a general 5a( b( 0asuall( sa(ing 'When I a00e-ted %hrist. . .' I -ra(ed earnestl( 7or :od9s guidan0e in this (oung /an9s li7e and the neAt thing I 1ne5 I 5as in#iting hi/ to 0hur0h 5ith /e the 7ollo5ing /orning. And he a00e-ted< I -ut his na/e on /( -ra(er list right then and there$ and as1ed :od to gi#e hi/ the 0ourage to be there$ and then I as1ed :od to gi#e /( -astor the 5ords that 5ere needed in this (oung /an9s li7e. In 0ase (ou thin1 that e#er(one 5ho -ro/ises to attend 0hur0h 5ith /e reall( /eans it$ (ou9d better thin1 again. I9#e had so/e -eo-le -ro/ise /e on their '5ord o7 honor* the( 5ould be there$ and the(

ha#en9t sho5ed< ?o I9#e dis0o#ered that the '5ord o7 honor* o7 so/e -eo-le doesn9t a/ount to #er( /u0h. A7ter ?unda( s0hool the neAt /orning r 5aited outside the 0hur0h 7or /( ne5 7riend. I -ra(ed$ I 5aited$ I -ra(ed$ I 5aited$ I -ra(ed$ I 5aited EI did this at the sa/e ti/eF. Finall( the organ began -la(ing$ so I 1ne5 I had to go inside the 0hur0h. I 5as heartbro1en be0ause I 7elt that so/eone had been sent to /e to hel- and so/e5here or so/eho5 I had 7lubbed it. )( heart 5as hea#( as the ser#i0e started$ but be7ore long :od9s -resen0e 5as so near /( heart 5as li7ted on the 5ings o7 7aith. As I listened to the ser/on$ all I 0ould thin1 o7 5as ho5 sad it 5as this (oung /an had not 0o/e$ be0ause the ser/on re#ol#ed around '%o/e unto /e all (e 5ho are hea#( laden.* I 5ent ho/e$ and as I 5as -re-aring ?unda( dinner$ /( tele-hone rang. It 5as the (oung /an 5ith the 'garbage* letterG he said$ 'I 5ant to a-ologiHe 7or being late$ to 0hur0h this /orning. And then I 5ant to a-ologiHe the se0ond ti/e 7or not sta(ing and tal1ing 5ith (ou. But I thin1 (our -astor 1ne5 about /e$ be0ause that ser/on 5as /eant Dust 7or /e. I 5as so sha1en u- at the end o7 the ser#i0e I had to lea#e.* Again :od9s =ol( ?-irit had ta1en o#er 5here there 5as a great need. We tal1ed 7or about a hal7 hour Eor long enough to burn the -otatoes ; but 5ho 5orries about things li1e that 5hen a /an9s soul hangs in the balan0e?F. =e 0ontinued to as1 Iuestions 0on0erning 5hat ha--ens 5hen %hrist

0o/es into (our heart. =e said he thought it all sounded interesting$ but he had so /an( -roble/s in his li7e he 0ouldn9t 0onsider a00e-ting %hrist until he got the/ straightened out. Isn9t it 7unn( that so /an( 5ant to straighten out their -roble/s be ore a00e-ting %hrist? And isn9t it eIuall( 7unn( that no one can straighten the/ out be7ore he a00e-ts %hrist? I o7ten thin1 i7 I had 5aited to sol#e /( -roble/s and get rid o7 /( sins E5hoo-s$ there9s that nast( 5ord againF and straighten /(sel7 out be7ore a00e-ting %hrist$ e#en i7 I had li#ed a hundred (ears or /ore$ I9d ne#er ha#e been able to do it. I o7ten 5onder i7 it9s not a /atter o7 -ride be0ause 5e reall( don9t 5ant %hrist to 1no5 ho5 a57ul 5e are$ and 5e don9t realiHe that he 1no5s$ e#en better than 5e do$ ho5 a57ul 5e reall( are< I tried to eA-lain to hi/ that %hrist 5ants us 'Dust as 5e are.* And be0ause he 5ants us to 1no5 hi/ in a -ersonal 5a($ he9ll do all the 0hanging in our li#es that needs to be done. ,he (oung /an 5as 0o/-letel( intrigued 5ith the 7a0t that I tal1 0onstantl( about %hrist Dust as though he9s a0tuall( ali#e. And he said he thought it 5as so interesting that I s-o1e o7 %hrist as though he 5ere right here all the ti/e. =e said 'It reall( gi#es /e goose -i/-les to hear (ou tal1 about hi/ be0ause I al/ost 7eel he9s right here 5hen (ou tal1.* Again$ the =ol( ?-irit 5as 5or1ing through an indi#idual to rea0h another soul$ be0ause 1 0ould tal1 all night and ne#er /a1e %hrist 0o/e ali#e to an( -erson.

,his (oung /an 0ontinued to 0all /e during the 5ee1s that 7ollo5ed$ see1ing$ as1ing$ sear0hing. And (et the =ol( ?-irit ne#er ga#e /e the 'green light* to a0tuall( gi#e hi/ the o--ortunit( to a00e-t %hrist. And I ne#er 5ent ahead on /( o5n$ be0ause I9#e learned the hard 5a( that this doesn9t 5or1. 6ne ?unda( this (oung /an as1ed i7 he 0ould sit beside /e during the 0hur0h ser#i0e. I 5as delighted be0ause I 1ne5 this /eant he 5as getting 0lose to a de0ision 7or %hrist. Again 5e heard an eA0iting ser/on about 5hat %hrist 0an do in a li7e. And as the in#itation 5as eAtended at the end to those 5ho 5ished to a00e-t %hrist$ he began sha1ing so badl( I honestl( thought he 5as going to 1no01 /e through the 5all o7 the 0hur0h. ?in0e 5e 5ere sharing the h(/nal$ I had to rea0h 7or it 5ith /( other hand to stead( it be0ause he 5as sha1ing so badl(. I 5his-ered 'Wh( don9t (ou gi#e (our li7e to %hrist right no5?* And he hoarsel( 5his-ered$ 'No.* uring the neAt 5ee1 he 0ontinued to 0all /e$ as1ing Iuestion a7ter Iuestion. Finall( the 7ollo5ing ?aturda( he 0alled /e three ti/es during the a7ternoon. uring the third 0all the =ol( ?-irit ga#e /e the 'green light.* I said$ ' o (ou realiHe (ou don9t ha#e to be in a 0hur0h to a00e-t %hrist? I honestl( 7eel 7ro/ the urgen0( in (our #oi0e that (ou 5ant to /a1e (our de0ision 7or %hrist right no5. Would (ou li1e 7or /e to -ra( through 5ith (ou right no5?* =e al/ost (elled at /e$ 'No<* And as I 7er#entl( -ra(ed 7or hi/$ I said$ '!lease 0all /e ba01 i7 (ou9d li1e to a00e-t %hrist

toda(. on9t turn (our ba01 on %hrist i7 this is (our hour o7 de0ision. Cust re/e/ber I9ll be at the tele-hone i7 (ou9d li1e to -ra(.* !lease note that the =ol( ?-irit didn9t en0ourage /e to -ush hi/$ be0ause :od ne#er 7or0es his 5ill on an( one$ but he ga#e /e 0o/-assion$ lo#e$ and understanding to let the (oung /an 1no5 I 5ould be a#ailable 5hen he /ade a de0ision. I hung u- and as1ed :od to reall( let hi/ 1no5 that the ti/e 5as now/ I had sensed the urgen0( in his #oi0e and the need and the desire$ and I didn9t 5ant hi/ to Iuen0h :od9s -lan 7or his li7e. Within 7i#e /inutes the -hone rang again and a #oi0e said$ '%an (ou -ra( 5ith /e ri!ht now3 I 0an9t go another /inute 5ithout a00e-ting %hrist as /( ?a#ior and "ord.* )( heart 5as reall( -ounding as I than1ed :od 7or re/inding /( (oung 7riend that now 5as the ti/e. I as1ed hi/ i7 he 5as sure that this 5as the desire o7 his heart$ and 5hen he said$ 'Yes$* I as1ed hi/ to bo5 his head at the other end o7 the tele-hone line 5hile I bo5ed /ine. And 7or the neAt t5ent( /inutes 5e -ra(ed o#er the tele-hone as he as1ed :od to 7orgi#e his sins and he a00e-ted %hrist. 'I a/ all things to all /en$ so that b( all /eans$ so/e /ight be sa#ed.*.. . e#en b( the use o7 a /ode/ da( in#entionB the tele-hone. You /a( be interested to 1no5 that the neAt /orning 5hen the in#itation 5as gi#en$ this (oung /an -ra0ti0all( hurdled the -e5s to go 7or5ard and tell the 5orld he bad a00e-ted %hrist. =e still has -roble/s$ but he9s 7inding the ans5ers and it9s eA0iting to see hi/ rea0hing out and bringing others to hear the gos-el.

For we are his workmanship( created in 5hrist 'esus unto !ood works( which "od hath be ore ordained that we should walk in them. * <phesians ,#10 1 have planted( &pollos watered6 but "od !ave the increase. * 1 5orinthians 3#6

I 6F,>N W6N >J ho5 I get /(sel7 in situations li1e I do. But then I 1no5 that %hrist -uts /e there$ and al5a(s gi#es /e the abilit( to get out o7 the situation as 5ell$ and this neAt night 5as one o7 those 'unusual* ones. I had been to a %hristian 0o77eehouse under the s-onsorshi- o7 a eA-eri/ental /inistr($ and the subDe0t 7or the night 5as$ b( -o-ular reIuest$ ;"od.= )ost o7 those 5ho attended in the -ast belonged to a drug addi0ted 0ro5d$ and /an( o-enl( ad/itted being "? users$ '-ot* s/o1ers$ and the li1e. It9s so interesting to sit and 5at0h during a dialogue at this t(-e o7 0o77eehouse$ be0ause it9s so eas( to -i01 out the /ariDuana users and the "? ta1ers b( their #arious 0o//ents. And an(5a($ /ost o7 the/ /a1e no atte/-t to 0on0eal the 7a0t o7 their addi0tion. ,his -arti0ular night there 5ere a lot o7 reall( rebellions 0ollege students there. ,he 5ord had gone out that the subDe0t 5as ':od* and the( 5ere

going to 0ut a lot o7 -eo-le do5n. )an( ti/es there 5ill be so /u0h 0on#ersation and rebuttal during an e#ening that not too /u0h 0an be a00o/-lished. But a7ter the e#ening is o#er Eusuall( around /idnightF$ 5hen the 0ro5d goes outside$ this is 5hen the little grou-s 7or/. And in ea0h little grou- (ou 0an see a %hristian eA0itedl( tal1ing$ surrounded b( a bun0h o7 hi--ies$ all tr(ing to shoot holes in his theories. ,his -arti0ular night the 0on#ersation in the 0o77eehouse had 5aAed hot and hea#( about the i/-ossibilit( o7 a li#ing :od. )( heart a0hed 7or these (oung -eo-le 5ho are so 0on7used the( re7use to ad/it the realit( o7 a :od to 5ho/ nothing is i/-ossible. I literall( 5anted to ta1e the/ in /( ar/s and tell the/ to Iuit their sear0hing$ be0ause the ans5er 5as so eas(B Dust let :od lo#e the/< 6ne (oung /an in -arti0ular 5as the leader o7 the rebellion$ and I reall( had a burden 7or hi/$ so I as1ed :od to use /e so/eho5 or other in this (oung /an9s li7e. =e stood there s/o1ing /ariDuana and de7iantl( dared an(one to e#en hint this 5as stu-id. We 5ent outside and 5ere standing on the street$ and I said to hi/$ ' o (ou reall( belie#e that :od is noneAistent? o (ou honestl( thin1 that the earth and e#er(thing in it Dust ha--ened?* ,his started a real tirade on his -art and he said$ '"isten$ Babe$ :od didn9t do nothin9 7or /e. )( old /an /ade /e$ and e#er(thing I got in this 5orld I got be0ause o7 /(sel7. I9/ -o5er7ul$ do (ou hear /e? power ul/= And 5hile I9/ not a -ee.5ee in an( sense o7 the 5ord$ he 5as a lot bigger than I a/. And 5hen he

-o--ed his 7ist into his o-en -al/ it /ade a big enough noise to s0are /e$ but not loud enough to 1ee- /e 7ro/ lo#ing so/e -oor 1id li1e this. =e 5as a little glass(.e(ed 7ro/ the /ariDuana but still had /ost o7 his 7a0ulties. ?o 5e #erball( 5ent ba01 and 7orth 7or about t5o hours 5ith his telling /e that he 5as going to get e#er(thing he 5anted out o7 li7e$ all b) himsel . Nobod( had e#er gi#en hi/ an(thing$ and nobod( e#er 5as< =e said religion 5asn9t his 'bag$* but i7 I 5anted to go around 5earing /( 1nees out -ra(ing$ that 5as o1a($ but not 7or hi/. I reall( ha#e to ha#e a siAth sense 5hen tal1ing 5ith the hi--ie 0ro5d be0ause their language is so di77erent 7ro/ 5hat I9/ used to. But I ha#e a good i/agination and ho-e I 1no5 5hat the(9re tal1ing about. =e said$ ',he onl( thing I9/ interested in$ Babe$ is the greens<* EKegetables?F I hardl( thought this 5as his 'bag.* ,hen he eA-ounded and said 'greens* got (ou an(thing (ou 5anted in li7e$ but$ '(a gotta ha#e the greens.* It 7inall( da5ned on /e that he /eant /one($ so I guess /one( 5as his 'bag.* =e 5as stud(ing to be a -ro7essional /an ; not be0ause he li1ed 5hat he 5as doing$ but be0ause he 5anted the 'greens.* =e 5as so Ditter( I 7elt li1e gi#ing hi/ a tranIuiliHer$ be0ause he absolutel( 0ouldn9t stand still. =e loo1ed li1e a tragi0 -i0ture o7 a ner#ous 5re01 in the -ro0ess o7 ha--ening. ,hen he /ade the /ista1e o7 as1ing /e 5hat 1ind o7 tranIuiliHers I too1 be0ause I 5as standing there so 0al/l(.

I told hi/$ 'I al5a(s use :od 7or a tranIuiliHer and get /( energ( 7ro/ s-iritual #ita/ins.* ,his sort o7 sur-rised hi/$ but he insisted I didn9t 1no5 5hat li#ing 5as until I had 'heard a tree gro5.* =e as1ed /e i7 I had e#er sat 7or hours tr(ing to hear a tree gro5. ?o/eho5 or other$ this didn9t send /e$ so I de0ided tree 5at0hing 5asn9t /( 'bag.* Finall( I sa5 a brea1through begin to o00ur. I as1ed hi/ 5h( he s/o1ed '-ot$* and he re-lied$ '?o no one 0an hurt /e< )ariDuana /a1es /e 7eel strong and I don9t 0are 5hat an(one sa(s or does to /e<* I assured hi/ that I had an ar/or that 5as so strong no one 0ould hurt /e and I had this 5ithout the bad side e77e0ts o7 /ariDuana. I told hi/ ho5 /u0h :od lo#ed hi/$ and ho5 =e had a -lan 7or his li7e$ i7 he 5ould onl( gi#e =i/ a 0han0e. =e told /e$ 'Kno01 it o77. I7 I tell (ou I9/ 5illing to tr( this 5a( o7 li7e then (ou9ll send a -rea0her around to see /e and the -rea0her 5ill /a1e /e go to 0hur0h$ and I 5ouldn9t li1e that at all.* ,hen he said$ 'And don9t as1 /e 5hat /( na/e is$ either. I 5on9t tell (ou be0ause (ou9ll si0 all the -rea0hers on /e$ 5on9t (ou?* I said$ 'No$ I 5ouldn9t. But /ore than that$ I 5ouldn9t as1 (our na/e 7or an(thing$ and I 5ouldn9t e#en listen i7 (ou told /e be0ause i7 a /inister ha--ened to 0all on (ou$ I 5ouldn9t 5ant (ou to thin1 I had sent hi/.* I told hi/ so/e o7 the things that %hrist had done in /( li7e$ ho5 he had 0o/-letel( re#olutioniHed it. I 5anted hi/ to 1no5 the sa/e eA0ite/ent and Do( in %hrist that I 7elt$ and 5hi0h

an(one 0ould 7eel$ i7 he 5ould onl( a00e-t the lo#e o7 :od. It 5as beginning to s-rin1le b( this ti/e$ but this is reall( uni/-ortant 5hen a /an9s soul hangs in the balan0e. ?o 5e 0ontinued our dis0ussion in the rain. =e said /( a--roa0h 5as 'hea#(* EI thought he 5as tal1ing about /( 5eightF. ,hen he said it 5as reall( '5et.* And although it 5as raining a little harder$ I assured hi/ I 5asn9t 5et$ but he insisted I 5as. ?o I thought I9d Dust let hi/ ha#e his 5a($ be0ause one thing I ha#e learned is never to ar!ue 5ith an(one 5hile 5itnessing. ,his reall( 'turns the/ o77.* I noti0ed it 5as about 2 A.). so I told hi/ I had to go be0ause I had an hour9s dri#e ho/e and had to get u- 7or ?unda( s0hool and 0hur0h the neAt /orning. But I leaned o#er and dro--ed a Four ?-iritual "a5s boo1let in his -o01et$ and said 'Jead that$ 5ill (ou -lease$ tonight$ be7ore (ou go to bed. And then re/e/ber one thing< I9/ going to -ut (ou on /( -ra(er list$ and (ou9d better 5at0h out$ ‘0ause (ou don9t 1no5 5hat ha--ens to -eo-le on /( -ra(er list<* =e loo1ed at /e and s/iled$ and said$ 'Kno5 5hat? You9re an u-.tight$ d(na/ite 0hi01. Will (ou 0o/e ba01 neAt ?aturda( night?* :od had reall( begun his 5or1 again< ,hat is the greatest 0o/-li/ent a hi--ie 0an -a( (ou. I9#e sin0e learned that being 'hea#(* and '5et* /eans I9/ reall( 'groo#(.* E?o/eti/es I 0an9t e#en understand /(sel7<F Un7ortunatel( the 0o77eehouse did not reo-en again$ be0ause o7 a 0hange o7 building o5nershi-

5here it had been held. I had no 5a( o7 0onta0ting this (oung /an. )( heart a0hed 7or hi/. I 0ontinue to -ra( 7or hi/$ 1no5ing that at least the seeds ha#e been so5n. And I ha#e done 5hat %hrist as1ed /e to do. Who 1no5s$ /a(be siA /onths 7ro/ no5$ /a(be a (ear 7ro/ no5$ /a(be ten (ears 7ro/ no5 this (oung /an 5ill a00e-t %hrist as his -ersonal ?a#ior be0ause o7 so/ething that 5as said to hi/ b( an 'u-.tight d(na/ite 0hi01* standing outside a 0o77eehouse in the rain at 2 A.). in the /orning. COFFEEHOUSE SPEAKER Another 0o77eehouse in0ident 5as 0ertainl( uniIue in that the entertain/ent had been /ost un0hristian. ,he audien0e 5as Iuite hostile as I 5as introdu0ed. ,he /anage/ent had -re#iousl( announ0ed that the author o7 "od 1s Fabulous 5as there as a s-e0ial guest$ and I 0ould literall( eel the resent/ent. I al/ost 0hi01ened out o7 s-ea1ing that night be0ause I had ne#er 7elt su0h strong rebellion in /( li7e. But I guess :od lets this ha--en to /e so that I9ll reall( al5a(s re/e/ber to 0all on hi/. Cust be7ore I 5ent on I said$ '"ord$ (ou9d reall( better get in here and do so/ething$ be0ause I don9t thin1 the( li1e us here.* And as al5a(s$ 5hen I s0rea/ /adl( 7or hel- EI 5as reall( -ra(ing 5ith all /( heart and soulF$ :od heard /( 0all. All o7 a sudden I re/e/bered again that :od is 5ith /e and that /a1es /e a /aDorit( 5here#er I go. And so I said$ '"ord$ (ou9d better thin1 o7 a reall( good o-ening 7or /e$ or 5e9re sun1<*

!robabl( be0ause o7 /( age$ the 0ro5d didn9t boo$ but i0i0les 5ere in the air a7ter I 5as introdu0ed. As I rea0hed the /i0ro-hone$ :od9s =ol( ?-irit 5as reall( 5ith /e. =e hel-ed /e start in an unusual 5a(. I said$ 'I9/ not the usual t(-e o7 entertain/ent. As a /atter o7 7a0t$ I9/ not e#en entertain/ent$ but I9/ going to share 5ith (ou the /ost eA0iting -erson I9#e e#er /et ; Cesus %hrist<* You should ha#e heard the groans< E)a1es a s-ea1er 7eel reall( lo#ed and 5anted$ (ou 1no5.F ,hen I said$ 'I9/ going to tal1 7or thirt( /inutes$ but i7 (ou don9t 5ant to listen$ I9ll gi#e (ou eAa0tl( t5o /inutes to lea#e$ right no5?* With that bold state/ent$ I Dust sto--ed eA0e-t 7or sending silent -ra(ers 7ranti0all( to :od. I stood there 7or t5o 5hole silent /inutes 5hi0h see/ed li1e three hours. And 5ould (ou li1e to 1no5 5hat ha--ened? >ot one person le t/ :od had dro--ed a s-iritual blan1et do5n and en#elo-ed ea0h one there. You 0ould ha#e heard a -in dro- 7or as long as I tal1ed$ sharing the eA0ite/ent o7 %hrist. It 5as thrilling again to 5at0h :od 5or1 as I ste--ed out o7 the 5a( and let hi/ ta1e o#er. ,he a--lause 5hen I 7inished 5as unbelie#able$ not be0ause o7 an(thing I had done$ but be0ause o7 5hat %hrist 5as able to do through /e as an o-en 0hannel o7 his great lo#e. I -ersonall( 5ouldn9t ad#o0ate using the a--roa0h o7 as1ing -eo-le to lea#e$ unless :od tells (ou to. I9/ onl( tr(ing in this boo1 to sho5 ho5 e#er( single situation in li7e -resents a 0hallenge to

5rite a -ortion o7 that 7abulous 23th 0ha-ter o7 A0ts. “GOD GIVES THE INCREASE” >#er( o--ortunit( to gi#e %hrist a5a( is an eA0iting /o/ent 7or the gi#er. %hrist9s -resen0e is the onl( thing I 1no5 o7 5hi0h gro5s /ore and /ore as (ou gi#e hi/ a5a(. ,r( it and see. ,he /ore (ou gi#e hi/ a5a($ the /ore o7 hi/ (ou ha#e. And this 0ontinues on and on. ?o i7 (ou 5ant lots o7 %hrist$ tr( gi#ing hi/ a5a( dail(. ?o/eone told /e re0entl( ho5 /an( -ro/ises %hrist /ade in the Bible. I ha#e 7orgotten the nu/ber but I 1no5 it 5as a tre/endous nu/ber$ and all I 0ould thin1 o7 5as '=o5 great< I ho-e to be able to 0lai/ all o7 the/<* When (ou thin1 o7 all the #arious 1inds o7 -ro/ises that %hrist ga#e to usB the -ro/ise o7 su--l(ing e#er( need$ the -ro/ise o7 eternal li7e$ the -ro/ise o7 abundant li7e$ the -ro/ise o7 s-iritual light$ the -ro/ise o7 sal#ation$ the -ro/ise o7 -o5er$ the -ro/ise o7 -ra(er ; I 0ould go on inde7initel( listing these -ro/ises ; aren9t 5e sel7ish 5hen 5e re7use to share these 5ith so/eone else? And aren9t 5e /ore than sel7ish 5hen 5e don9t 5ant an(one else sharing these -ro/ises 5ith so/eone 5e9re -ra(ing 7or? Je0entl( in /( ho/e 5e had an interesting eA-erien0e. We had #isiting us an out.o7.to5n guest 5ho 5as not a %hristian. I ha#e the 1ind o7 house 5here 5e al.. 5a(s ha#e roo/ 7or one /ore ; and

5e usuall( ha#e three /ore instead o7 one. I9#e learned ho5 to stret0h 7ood$ stret0h beds$ stret0h to5els$ stret0h the budget$ stret0h e#er(thing$ Dust be0ause :od ga#e /e a tre/endous lo#e and a tre/endous burden 7or -eo-le. I ha#e had as /an( as siA eAtra teen.agers li#ing in /( house$ and 7or a 5or1ing 5o/an this is Iuite a 0hore in 0ase no one e#er told (ou. 6ne o7 /( 'ado-ted* 0hildren is a (oung /an 5ho is also /( s-iritual 0hild and 5ho reall( has a tre/endous Heal 7or gi#ing %hrist a5a(. ,he (oung /an 5ho 5as a guest in our ho/e 5as a sear0her$ 5e -ro/-tl( dis0o#ered$ and :od ga#e /e /an( o--ortunities to share %hrist 5ith hi/. =e 5al1ed to /( o77i0e e#er( da( and 5ould as1 /e all 1inds o7 sear0hing Iuestions. And I -ra(ed that :od 5ould gi#e /e the right ans5ers and use /e to lead this one to %hrist. =e 5as intrigued 5ith the idea that 5e all tal1ed about %hrist all the ti/e$ and had -ra(er 0ir0les at night be7ore 5e 5ent to bed$ and Dust -ubli0l( Earound the tableF -ra(ed 7or the /ost i/-ossible things 0on0erning other -eo-le. Be7ore the 5ee1 5as u- he heard us than1ing :od 7or ans5ering the -ra(ers. =e sa5 a 'Wa( o7 "i7e* and heard a 'Wa( o7 "i7e* that he had ne#er Iuite thought -ossible be7ore. =e 5as a/aHed at the Do( in our house as 5e all 0a/e ho/e nightl( and shared the eA0iting things that %hrist had done during the da(. And e#en though I 7elt he 5as getting 0loser and 0loser to %hrist$ I ne#er 7elt the 'go* signal 7ro/ :od$ so I Dust 1e-t 0ulti#ating the soil. And then the night 0a/e. =e had le7t on the table 7or /e to read a

letter 5hi0h he 5as 5riting to a 7riend. =e had 7orgotten one thing he had -ut in it$ be0ause he had 5ritten$ 'I guess :od 5ants /e to be one o7 )rs. :ardner9s %hristians be0ause I know I9/ going to be0o/e a %hristian be7ore I 0o/e ho/e.* ,he 'green light* 7lashed< I -ut the letter do5n and 5ent to the li#ing roo/ to a0tuall( introdu0e hi/ to %hrist. And do (ou 1no5 5hat ha--ened? ,he =ol( ?-irit had des0ended u-on the house and the 'green light* a--arentl( 5as 7lashing in e#er( roo/ and in e#er( heart be0ause$ 5hen I got to the li#ing roo/$ Ji0h$ /( s-iritual 0hild 5ho li#es 5ith /e$ 5as reading the ,hird ?-iritual "a5. I Iui01l( sat do5n on the so7a and silentl( ba01ed Ji0h u- 5ith -ra(er. And be7ore /( e(es I sa5 a thrilling eAa/-le o7 'I ha#e -lanted$ Ji0h 5atered$ and :od /ade the in0rease.* ,he thing that this brought ho/e to /e so #i#idl( 5as :od9s -lan 5herein none o7 us should belong to !aul or A-ollos$ but onl) to %hrist. =ere 5as so/eone 5hose heart :od had -re-ared and (et did not let hi/ belong to ')rs. :ardner9s %hristians* be0ause that9s a noneAistent organiHation. We 5ere thrilled that our 7riend be0a/e a brother in %hrist and it 5as 0o/-letel( uni/-ortant 5ho a0tuall( led hi/ to the 7inal ste-. ,he onl( i/-ortant thing 5as that he 5as a %hristian. ,oda( he9s 5itnessing /adl( be0ause he 1no5s 5hat ha--ens 5hen (ou do. =e 1no5s it ha--ened to hi/$ and he also sa5 %hristian lo#e and 0oo-eration. .=e 1no5s that none o7 us had a desire 7or an(thing eA0e-t to see hi/ a00e-t %hrist.

Look unto me( and be )e saved( all the ends o the earth# or 1 am "od( and there is none else. * 1saiah 95#,, Seek )e the Lord while he ma) be ound( call )e upon him while he is near. * 1saiah 55#6

>K>N A? I 5rite this boo1$ the "ord 0ontinues dail( to 0ross /( -ath 5ith -eo-le 5ho are hungr( 7or the truth< I7 (ou9ll Dust dis0o#er ho5.to use (our built.in 'radar$* it9s a/aHing ho5 :od 0an use (ou. "isten to 5hat I 0ould ha#e said$ and then listen to 5hat :od had /e sa( to an indi#idual 5ho 0a/e into /( o77i0e. E"et /e eA-lain that I ha#e a dis-la( o7 :od Is Fabulous in /( o77i0e.F %usto/erB '?o (ou9re an author$ too<* )eB 'Yes$ I 5rote a boo1.* Not )eB 'Not reall($ it9s Dust a stor( that :od 5anted told$ and he Dust ha--ened to use /e be0ause I 0an t(-e.* %usto/erB 'It9s an autobiogra-h($ isn9t it?* )eB 'Yes$ it tells 5hat a 7abulous li7e I ha#e.* Not )eB 'No$ it9s a stor( o7 %hrist$ and 5hat he did in a li7e$ and that li7e ha--ened to be /ine.* %usto/erB 'I used to be able to 5rite$ but it see/s to /e li1e I9/ dr(. And I don9t ha#e the

ins-iration to 5rite li1e (ou a--arentl( do. It Dust see/s to /e that there9s so/ething /issing in /( li7e. And there9s an a57ul e/-tiness there.* )eB ')( goodness$ isn9t that a sha/e. Well$ Dust 1ee- tr(ing and so/e one o7 these da(s (ou9ll be able to 5rite again. I 0ertainl( ho-e so.* Not )eB 'Well$ I on0e heard so/eone sa( that in e#er( /an there is a :od.sha-ed #a0uu/ that onl( :od 0an 7ill. )a(be this is the -roble/ in (our li7e.* %usto/erB '6h$ no$ I 1no5 all about %hrist and I ha#e studied the Bible and I 1no5 5hat religion does 7or (ou.* )eB 'Well$ that9s good. >#er(one should 1no5 about the Bible. And I thin1 it9s 7ine that (ou 1no5 a lot. Well$ I 5ouldn9t 5orr( i7 I 5ere (ou. I9d go to 0hur0h$ and be7ore (ou 1no5 it$ (ou9ll be able to 5rite again.* Not )eB 'Would (ou /ind i7 I as1ed (ou a -ersonal Iuestion? You don9t ha#e to ans5er /e i7 (ou don9t 5ant to$ but I9/ 0urious to 1no5 5here (ou ha#e %hrist. It9s ob#ious to /e that (ou ha#e hi/ in (our head$ but I9/ 5ondering i7 (ou ha#e hi/ in (our heart 5here he belongs.* %usto/erB 'You 1no5$ (ou9#e got /e thin1ing$ and I9/ 5ondering i7 (ou9re not right in that /( 5hole -roble/ is the 7a0t that I ha#e %hrist in /( head and not in /( heart.* )eB ',hat9s -robabl( (our 5hole trouble$ but I guess there9s nothing (ou 0an do about it.*

Not )eB 'Would (ou /ind i7 I shared a 7e5 eA0iting things 5ith (ou that ha#e ha--ened in /( li7e sin0e I in#ited %hrist to 0o/e in?* For the neAt 7e5 /inutes I shared 5ith her so/e o7 the eA0iting re0ent e#ents o7 /( li7e$ eA-laining ea0h ti/e that be0ause %hrist 5as in /( heart and li#ing his li7e throu!h /e$ it 5as eA0iting to dis0o#er 5hat :od 5anted 7ro/ /( li7e. At that -oint she said$ 'Well$ this doesn9t gi#e (ou /u0h 0hoi0e$ does it? It see/s to /e li1e it9s all 0ut and dried.* At this -arti0ular /o/ent /( -astor 0a/e in to -i01 u- the ?unda( bulletins and I introdu0ed hi/ to this 0usto/er. And in a 5a( in 5hi0h onl( the "ord 0an lead$ he -i01ed u- the 0on#ersation right 5here I le7t o77$ and -resented the Four ?-iritual "a5s to this Wo/an. When he had 7inished$ she loo1ed at /e and said$ 'You 1no5 5hat? I 7eel that :od led /e into this o77i0e this a7ternoon to tal1 to (ou$ and then I thin1 be had (our -astor 0o/e in right at this -arti0ular ti/e$ too.* )eB It9s reall( a 0oin0iden0e$ isn9t it?* Not )eB 'It9s interesting ho5 the "ord 5or1s$ isn9t it? And this ans5ers the Iuestion that (ou Dust as1ed$ be0ause 5hile (ou 5ere led to this o77i0e this a7ternoon$ and the "ord sa5 to it that /( -astor 0a/e in at Dust the right ti/e$ the de0ision is still (ours to /a1e. =e isn9t going to 7or0e (ou to a00e-t hi/$ but he has /ade hi/sel7

a#ailable to )ou throu!h two o the instruments o his work( but the choice is )ours.= %usto/erB 'I 0hoose to a00e-t hi/ as /( ?a#ior and "ord.* And then 5hile I bo5ed /( head$ she and /( -astor -ra(ed. And she in#ited %hrist into her li7e. I7 (ou 5ill loo1 0are7ull( at the 7oregoing 0on#ersation$ (ou 5ill see ho5 eas( it 5ould ha#e been 7or /e to sa($ ',here 5asn9t an(one to 5itness to toda(.* But i7 (ou use (our built.in radar$ it9s a/aHing ho5 /an( -eo-le the "ord 5ill -ut in (our -ath. ANY WHERE, ANY TIME And then there 5as the (oung girl 5hose li7e 5as tragi0. ?he had lost her husband and her t5o (oung 0hildren in a horrible a00ident$ and at t5ent(. three 7elt as though nothing 5as 5orth5hile. ?he had ta1en the insuran0e /one( and sIuandered it. "i#ing high$ 5ide and handso/e$ she had blo5n R32$888 in a single (ear and had absolutel( nothing to sho5 7or it. When she realiHed it 5as gone ; and e#en as she 5as s-ending it$ she realiHed 5hat a 0o/-lete /ess she 5as /a1ing o7 her li7e. ?he had borro5ed a 0ar 7ro/ a 7riend o7 /( son9s 5i7e$ and had a blo5out. ?he 0alled /( son and as1ed hi/ to 0o/e and 7iA it 7or her$ and ulti/atel( she ended u- at /( house 7or dinner. ,his is not at all un0o//on or unusual$ be0ause I ne#er reall( 1no5 ho5 /an( I9/ going to ha#e eating at /( house. ?o I Dust 7iAed an eAtra -late and

I don9t honestl( re/e/ber ho5 the 0on#ersation started$ but I o#erheard her sa( to so/eoneB 'What I reall( need is a 5hole ne5 li7e.* Instantl( /( ',K antenna* -er1ed u- its ears$ so I Dust saidB ',hat9s interesting$ be0ause that9s eAa0tl( 5hat %hrist o77ers (ouB a 5hole ne5 li7e. As a /atter o7 7a0t$ in /( %hrist/as letter t5o (ears ago I said that 5hen %hrist 0a/e into /( li7e$ nothing 0hanged eA0e-t /( 5hole li7e.* No5 (ou /ight thin1 this 5ould ha#e been the -er7e0t /o/ent to read the Four ?-iritual "a5s$ but there 5as no 'green light.* ?o /( ',K antenna* 7olded itsel7 u- and 5ent ba01 into nor/al -osition. ,his (oung lad( heard the 0on#ersation the rest o7 the e#ening$ ho5e#er. And I noti0ed that e#er( night 5hen I 0a/e ho/e 7ro/ 5or1 she ha--ened to be there. I 0ouldn9t Iuite 7igure it out eA0e-t I 1ne5 that the "ord had sent her 7or a reason and 5hen he 7elt the ti/e 5as right I 5ould get the ':6* signal. And sure enough$ on a ?unda( a7ternoon she 5as there$ ha#ing #isited /( 0hur0h in the /orning. All the teen.agers 5ho s5ar/ all o#er /( house 5ere in s5i//ing. >#er(one 5as reall( ha#ing 7un$ but she see/ed #er( Iuiet as she sat there on the -or0h. ,he 7ollo5ing night she a--eared in /( o77i0e and I as1ed her i7 she 5anted to ha#e dinner 5ith us. ?he a00e-ted. ?he had to go -i01 u- so/ething 7ro/ her house$ and 5as dela(ed so long I 7elt she /ust ha#e 0hanged her /ind. ?o /( daughter and I sat do5n to eat and 5ere al/ost 7inished 5hen she arri#ed.

When she 0a/e in$ I 1iddingl( said$ 'Well$ 5e -ra(ed 7or an hour o#er the 7ood$. 5aiting 7or (ou$ but then de0ided 5e9d ha#e to go ahead and eat. But don9t 5orr($ 5e -ra(ed 7or (ou$ too<* It see/ed to /e this -arti0ular night I had so /an( -ra(er reIuests that -ra(er 5as reall( length( Ebe0ause 5e ha#e our -ra(er 0ir0le at the su--er table 5hen 5e9re all togetherF. ?he said$ 'What did (ou -ra( 7or /e?* And I said$ ',hat %hrist 5ould gi#e (ou the 5hole ne5 li7e (ou 5ant.* As I said this$ the 'green light* 7lashed$ so I got t5o 0o-ies o7 the Four ?-iritual "a5s$ one 7or her$ and one 7or /e$ and I started reading. ,he tele-hone /ust ha#e rung at least ten ti/es$ but /( daughter 5ho 5as silentl( ba01ing /e u5ith -ra(er$ ea0h ti/e ans5ered the tele-hone sa(ing I 5as not a#ailable at that /o/ent. When 5e 7inished$ the (oung 5ido5 -ra(ed to re0ei#e %hrist. And /( "ord be0a/e hers.

Then the Spirit said unto ?hilip( "o near( and 2oin th)sel to this chariot. * &cts -#,9 &nd 'esus went orth( and saw a !reat multitude( and was moved with compassion toward them( and he healed their sick. * ..+atthew 19#19

A? I WA"K do5n an( street$ 7l( in an( -lane$ sho- in an( store$ 5or1 in an( o77i0e$ #isit in an( 0hur0h$ eat in an( restaurant$ engage in an) a0ti#it($ I 7ind an o--ortunit( to tal1 about %hrist$ an o--ortunit( to 7ill the #oid in someone@s li7e. I ne#er start a da( 5ithout as1ing :od to -re-are so/eone9s heart 7or /e to s-ea1 to. And I ne#er start on an( 1ind o7 tri- ; 5hether it9s to the store or to another 0it( ; 5ithout as1ing :od 5ho he9s -re-ared 7or /e to tal1 to. As I ha#e 5ritten this boo1$ 5hi0h in#ol#es tal1ing about %hrist$ I ha#e tried to dis0o#er the reason so/e -eo-le tal1 about %hrist$ and so/e don9t. A7ter the 1ni7e.-lunging in the 7irst 0ha-ter about 1no5ing %hrist$ I9ll ha#e to -lunge another one in 7or a 7inal thrust< ,al1ing about %hrist in#ol#es an a57ul lot o7 tal1ing to :od. id (ou e#er thin1 o7 that? )a(be the reason 5e don9t 5itness /ore is be0ause 5e don9t tal1 to :od enough. And belie#e /e$ i7 5e don9t s-end a good

share o7 our ti/e tal1ing to :od$ all our labor 5ill be Dust that ; "AB6J ; and 5ill be in #ain. 6n a re0ent tri- I had le7t so/ething in /( hotel roo/ and had to go ba01 7or it. ?in0e I had so/e #er( i/-ortant -eo-le 5aiting 7or /e$ I 1ne5 I had to hurr( ba01. )( hotel 5as about three blo01s a5a( 7ro/ 5here I had the a--oint/ent$ so I 5al1ed. And I honestl( had to -ut 'blinders* on ; Dust li1e the( do to a ra0e horse ; be0ause I 1ne5 i7 I didn9t$ I9d get 'sidetra01ed.* And hea#en onl( 1no5s ho5 long it 5ould ha#e been be7ore I got ba01. I literall( had to hang /( head and 1ee- /( e(es on the side5al1 so I 0ouldn9t see an(one 7or those 7e5 /inutes$ let alone see his need. But I 5onder ho5 /an( o7 us do this all the ti/e? =o5 /an( ti/es ha#e (ou ignored a real o--ortunit( to tal1 about %hrist be0ause (ou 5ere 'too tired* or 'a7raid* or 'Dust didn9t 5ant to*? At a -ra(er grou- a (oung 5o/an indi0ated a hal7hearted desire to 5itness but said she 0ouldn9t get a5a( 7ro/ the house be0ause o7 her siA 0hildren. ?o 5e -ra(ed the "ord 5ould send her so/eone right to her house$ be0ause 5e 1ne5 ho5 di77i0ult it 5as 7or her to get out. ,he neAt 5ee1 5hen 5e as1ed her 5ho the "ord had sent b($ she shee-ishl( saidB 'I 5as 5at0hing a soa- o-era on tele#ision this 5ee1 and a (oung sales/an 0a/e to the door and started telling /e his -roble/s be7ore tr(ing to sell his -rodu0t. I told hi/ I 5as too bus( then be0ause I 5as 5at0hing a ,K -rogra/. But a7ter he le7t$ I realiHed that :od had ans5ered (our -ra(er and sent /e so/eone to

5itness to$ and I 5as ‘too9 bus( 5at0hing tele#ision to ta1e the ti/e out to be 0on0erned 5ith hi/.* As1 (oursel7 an honest IuestionB I7 (ou 5ere standing on the edge o7 a s5i//ing -ool$ on the edge o7 a la1e$ or on the ban1 o7 a ri#er$ and (ou sa5 so/eone dro5ning$ 5ould (ou stand there and sha1e (our head and sa($ ',s1$ ts1$ isn9t that a57ul? =e9s about to die<* 6r 5ould (ou do so/ething about it? 6r 5ould (ou at least tr) to do so/ething about it? I belie#e (ou 5ould s0rea/ 7or hel-$ or thro5 a li7eline in$ or e#en Du/- in (oursel7 i7 (ou 5ere reall( bra#e$ but I Dust 1no5 (ou 5ouldn9t stand there sha1ing (our head and 5at0hing a hu/an being dro5ned$ and do nothing but sa($ 'Isn9t that a57ul?* "et9s turn the situation around. What do (ou do 5hen (ou ha#e so/eone 5ho is s-irituall( 'dead* and 5ith 5ho/ (ou9re in 0onta0t 0onstantl(? o (ou s0rea/ 7or hel- i7 (ou don9t 1no5 5hat to do (oursel7? o (ou thro5 hi/ a li7eline? 6r do (ou e#en dare to Du/- in a7ter hi/ and tr( to 'sa#e* hi/ 7ro/ s-iritual death? 6r do (ou Dust sa($ ',s1$ ts1$ isn9t that a57ul?* Well$ i7 (ou9re not out there 5itnessing 7or %hrist$ (ou9re 5at0hing the/ die 7or eternit( and doing nothing but sa(ing$ 'Isn9t that a57ul?* It is a57ul. It9s a57ul that (ou9re doing nothing about it< id (ou e#er thin1 about 5hat (ou sa( 5hen (ou go to the gro0er( store 7or (our 5ee1end sho--ing? )an( sales 0ler1s sa($ '=a#e a ni0e 5ee1end.* And I used to inanel( re-l($ ',han1 (ou$ (ou too<* And one da( the =ol( ?-irit 0on#i0ted /e o7 the 7a0t I 5as thro5ing a5a( a /ar#elous

o--ortunit( to 5itness$ so I started re-l(ingB ',han1 (ou$ and (ou reall( 5ill$ i7 (ou go to 0hur0h on ?unda(.* I9d li1e to 0hallenge (ou to tr( this on so/eone. You9#e no idea o7 the interesting situations this has gotten /e into and (ou9#e no idea o7 the 5itnessing o--ortunities this has gi#en /e. )( 5hole li7e s-ar1les sin0e %hrist -ut so /u0h Hi- into it$ and 5hene#er so/eone as1s /e ho5 I a/$ I al5a(s sa(B 'Fabulous$ but then I9/ alwa)s 7abulous<* And I9/ 0ertainl( telling the truth be0ause sin0e %hrist 0a/e into /( li7e and I surrendered /( all to hi/$ I9/ al5a(s 7abulous< And (ou ha#e no idea 5hat an o--ortunit( this gi#es /e to 5itness. >#er( da( -eo-le as1 /e ho5 I 0an -ossibl( al5a(s be 7abulous< And then I Dust s/ile and sa($ '6h$ (ou Dust 5al1ed into so/ething$ did (ou 1no5 that?* And 7ro/ then on I let the =ol( ?-irit do the Dob o7 5itnessing 7or %hrist. I ho-e (ou9#e gathered 7ro/ the things that I 5rite that I ha#e a great sense o7 hu/or. I thin1 i7 all o7 us de#elo-ed this$ or en0ouraged this in oursel#es$ 5e9d be a lot better o77 in our 5itnessing 7or %hrist< I ho-e (ou9#e noti0ed ho5 hu/orous /an( o7 the situations are as I en0ountered so/eone to share %hrist 5ith$ and 5hat a boon this has been in the 7inal de#elo-/ent. I ho-e (ou are also a5are o7 /( eAtre/e seriousness 5here the destin( o7 a soul is 0on0erned. I al5a(s gi#e a 0o-( o7 /( boo1 "od is Fabulous to so/eone on e#er( -lane tri- I ta1e. And it9s al5a(s eA 0iting to see 5ho the "ord 5ants /e to gi#e it to.

Jeturning 7ro/ a tour reall( tired$ I assured :od that i7 there 5as an(one he 5anted /e to tal1 to$ I9d be glad to$ but i7 it 5as all right 5ith hi/$ d Dust as soon 'sa01* out on the 5a( ho/e be0ause I 5as eAhausted< No one sat beside /e on the -lane$ so I sle-t all the 5a( borne ; 5ell al/ost. :od al5a(s /a1es it eas( 7or /e to 1no5 5ho9s to get the boo1$ but on this tri- I didn9t get the 'green light* on an( o7 the ste5ardesses$ so I Dust doHed. ,he /an in 7ront o7 /e had as1ed the ste5ardess at the beginning o7 the 7light 7or t5o double s0ot0h and sodas. =e bolted the/ do5n 5ith one s5allo5 ea0h$ and -ro/-tl( 5ent to slee-$ I guessed. I had not seen hi/ or tal1ed to hi/$ but as 5e 7le5 o#er ,a/-a I got the sa/e nudging I had gotten 7ro/ the beginning the /an ahead o7 /e should get the boo1. ?o I stu01 a 0o-( o7 the boo1 bet5een the seat and 5indo5 as 5e a--roa0hed )ia/i$ sa(ing$ 'I9/ an author Egreat state/ent ; one boo1 to /( 0reditF and I gi#e a boo1 a5a( on ea0h -lane tri- I ta1e. Would (ou a00e-t it?* =e 0ouldn9t see /e through the little 0ra01 bet5een the seat and the 5indo5$ but I heard hi/ sa($ 'Yes$ I9ll be glad to.* I -ushed the boo1 through to hi/. And as the -lane landed soon a7ter that$ I 5ondered$ '"ord$ 5h( hi/?* And then I did a /ost unusual thing. I stood$ 5aiting 7or the -lane9s door to o-en. =e 5as still sitting. ?o I Dust ra--ed on his head 5ith /( 7ingers Edon9t 5e al5a(s ra- on -eo-le9s heads?F and in /(

/ost -ious tone I said$ 'I ho-e it grabbed (ou<* And I s/iled. =e loo1ed u- at /e$ snarled$ and said$ 'Not a 0han0e ; I9/ an agnosti0<* I said$ '=o5 eA0iting$ absolutel( great< I 1ne5 that :od had a reason 7or sele0ting (ou to ha#e a 0o-( o7 /( boo1. !ro/ise /e (ou9ll read it?* =e saidB 'Is it about (ou?* I said it 5as. =e gro5led. 'I 5ouldn9t /iss reading about a nut li1e (ou 7or an(thing<* =o5 eA0iting li7e is 5hen 5e listen to 5hat :od sa(s. I /a( ne#er 1no5 5hat ha--ened as a result o7 this en0ounter$ but Dust thin1 o7 the -ossibilities as :od -ointed out so/eone 5ho reall( needed to read a stor( about a li#ing :od< ,a1e o77 the blinders and begin to li#e (oursel7<

1 1 will that he tarr) till 1 come( what is that to thee3 ollow thou me. * 'ohn ,1#,, Finall)( m) brethren( be stron! in the Lord( and in the power o his mi!ht....<phesians 6#10

I =AK> o desire in li7eB to be an o-en 0hannel 7or :od to use. I -ra( dail( that /( li7e 5ill 0onstantl( be 0o/-letel( o-en 7or his great and /ight( lo#e to 7lo5 right through to rea0h others and start a 7ire 7or Cesus %hrist 5ho is the 0onsu/ing -assion o7 /( li7e. ,hen I as1ed :od to use /e to 7an the 7ire into a 7la/e. ,hen I as1 hi/ to use /e to start another 0oal burning so that the 7irst 7ire 5on9t go out. 6n an 'enthusing* tri- in !enns(l#ania$ I had a 5o/an sa( to /e$ 'I9ll bet (ou ne#er 7ail$ do (ou?* I reall( laughed$ and said 'Are (ou 1idding ?' I9d li1e to use the last 7e5 /inutes o7 (our reading ti/e to reassure (ou o7 one 7a0tB It9s not a sin ne#er to 5in so/eone to %hrist$ but it@s a sin not to tr)/ ,r( to thin1 o7 (our 5itnessing li7e as a 0ross$ or I should sa( a series o7 0rosses on the road o7 li7e.

6n the road sho5n siA 0rosses are /ar1ed. ,he road re-resents a li7eB an(one9s li7e. ,he 0rosses and the na/es indi0ate indi#iduals 5ho ha#e 5itnessed to that -erson. No5 ea0h o7 the/ is #ital to the 7inal de0ision 7or %hrist$ but 5ho deser#es the /ost 0redit? )ar($ 5ho Dust a00identall( ha--ened to be on the s-ot 5hen :od added to his 1ingdo/? 6r Cane$ 5ho9s the 'lo5 /an on the tote/ -ole$* but 5ho -lanted the original seed? Is an( one o7 the/ an( /ore i/-ortant than an( other? I don9t thin1 so. 6ur onl( res-onsibilit( is to do 5hat %hrist has 0o//anded us to doB ':o$ )an$ :6<* )a(be in the -lan 7or (our li7e :od de0ided that (ou 5ere a s-e0ialist at the third 0rossing -oint and so he -lanted (ou in a #ital and 1e( -osition 7or his 5or1. We 0an9t all be the Iuarterba01 5ho 0arries the ball and gets the tou0hdo5n. )a(be :od Dust 5ants us to do our share along the line 5ithout e#er getting an( o7 the so. 0alled 'glor(.* Well$ i7 that9s (our slot in li7e$ lo#e it< ,hat9s 5h( :od -ut (ou there ; to do (our Dob$ be0ause it9s as #ital as an( other -erson9s on that road. ,hat9s 5h( I belie#e it9s not a sin ne#er to 5in an(one to %hrist$ be0ause /a(be that isn9t 5hat :od has 0alled (ou 7or. But he has 0alled (ou to 5itness 7or hi/$ regardless o7 the out0o/e$ and I ha#en9t 7ound one single eA0use in the Bible 7or an(one not to 5itness. I 1no5 5h( so/e don9t 5itness< o (ou? o (ou belie#e the Bible and 5hat it sa(s? ,hen (ou9ll ha#e to belie#e 5hat the boo1 o7 A0ts has to sa( about the -o5er to 5itness. It si/-l( sa(s all 5e ha#e to do is a--ro-riate the -o5er o7 the =ol(

?-irit$ be0ause the =ol( ?-irit 5ill gi#e us boldness to 5itness. It doesn9t sa( that onl( a 7e5 5ill be bold. It sa(s the =ol( ?-irit 5ill so e/-o5er (our li7e that (ou 5ill be able to 5itness e#en to the ends o7 the earth. And it /eans )ou and me( e#er( %hristian. And I belie#e 5hat the Bible sa(s. ,hroughout the eA-erien0es I9#e shared 5ith (ou I9#e tried to e/-hasiHe t5o thingsB the ne0essit( o7 being an o-en 0hannel that :od 0an use$ and the ne0essit( o7 -ra(er$ as1ing :od to -re-are the hearts 7or (ou. You must be an o-en 0hannel so the =ol( ?-irit 0an use (ou. And onl( :od 0an /a1e the in0rease$ so it9s ne0essar( to as1 hi/ to -re-are the hearts 7or (ou. And don9t al5a(s 7eel that '5itnessing* is ne0essaril( to those 5ho are not %hristian. ?o/e o7 the /ost eA0iting '5itnessing* I do is to %hristians. You9ll note I /entioned I 5as on an 'enthusing* tri- to !enns(l#ania. When :od 7irst -ut the 0all on /( li7e$ I 0ouldn9t 7igure out 5hat he 5anted /e to be. ,hen I dis0o#ered he didn9t 5ant /e to be a -rea0her$ or le0turer$ or tea0her$ but he Dust 5anted /e to be an 'enthuser.* 67tenti/es in our %hristian li7e 5e /a( run out o7 gas$ or enthusias/$ or 5e need our s-iritual batteries re0harged to gi#e us ne5 %hristian Hest 7or 5itnessing. ,his is the eA0iting thing that :od has 0alled /e 7orB to i/-art so/e o7 his Heal$ or enthusias/ i7 (ou 5ant to 0all it that$ to those 5ho ha#e run do5n. ?o (ou see 5hen (ou9re u- on a s-irituall( high le#el$ (ou should share it 5ith other %hristians$ be0ause this is one o7 the /ost eA0iting

t(-es o7 5itnessing there is. ,o re#italiHe a %hristian is indeed a thrill. ,r( it so/eti/e soon. Is (our %hristianit( ali#e? Is %hrist su0h a 0o/-elling 7or0e in (our li7e that (ou (oursel7 ha#e a0tuall( 0o/e ali#e? oes he reall( li#e his li7e through (ou? I7 he does$ then I9/ sure (ou9re out on the battle7ront 5itnessing. But i7 he doesn9t I9d li1e to suggest that 5itnessing starts at ho/e< )a1e sure that (ou9#e 5itnessed to (oursel7 so 5ell that (ou9re totall( surrendered$ so that (ou 0an be used ho5e#er :od 5ants to use (ou. ,hen re/e/ber that a heathen 5or1s 7ro/ sun to sun$ but the %hristian9s 5or1 is ne#er done<

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