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Issue - 2 RABIUL AVVAL - 14 February - 2014 Pages - 8 Monthly Price : Rs. 10/Annual Subscription : Rs. 120/disturbing peace and harmony, he said. He said that it was just a wishful thinking on the part of Modi to become Prime Minister. Thangal said that Modi was dreaming and let Modi to float in his dream world. IUML National Secretary E.T.MohammedBasheer M.P., Abdul SamadSamadani, M.L.A., State General Secretary K.P. Abdul Majeed, Kerala Minister MuneerKoya , State Secretary P.M.A.Salam, Muslim Youth League predidentZubair., MSF president Muhammed Fiji and the rally president UmmerPandikasali addressed the rally. M.E.Mayeen welcomed the gathering and P.P.S. Salih delivered vote of thanks. “Secular Bharath, Kerala unity” was the theme of the rally which evoked a great zeal among the people.

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Modi a blown up balloon. It will burst

Defeat communal fascist forces
E.Ahamed, KunhaliKutty and Syed Hyder Ali SihabuThangal Appeal
“We will defeat the divisive , communal fascist forces in the coming parliament election” IUML National President and the Central Minister of State for External Affairs E.Ahamed stated. Addressing a huge rally organized by the kohikode district IUML, the party National President said that the IUML was working for the welfare of all sections of people. No one could allege that it was a communal party.No one ever made such an allegation during the long period of coalition rule in Kerala nor during the partnership of IUML in the UPA government for the past ten years. He said that the communal fascist forces in order to capture power were trying to divide the people on the communal lines. We should unite to defeat the evil

designs of the communal forces. The Party National treasurer and the Kerala Minister P.K.Kunhalikutty stated that the IUML was ready for Kuruchetra war. The IUML had dedicated to safeguard the unity and integrity of the country. But certain forces had engaged in destroying the unity and harmony to capture power, he alleged. To disturb the communal peace was tantamount to throwing stone on the honey comb. He warned that the consequences would

be disastrous. He sarcastically commented that Modi was a blown up balloon and it would burst. Kerala State IUML President Pankkad Syed SihabThangal while addressing the rally stressed the policy and programs of the party. He said that the party stood for national integration, communal amity and protection of separate identity of Muslim community. People were longing for peace and harmony. On the other hand certain forces were bent up on

IUML plans to build colony houses for Muzhafar Nagar riot victims
IUML Relief Team under E.T.Basheer M.P. Visits Relief Camps
relieve the sufferings of riot affected people in U.P. and else where.IUML delegation led by the party national secretary E.T.Basheer M.P. recently visited the relief camps in U.P. and studied the need and requirement of the affected people. The party planned to construct colony houses for those who could not go back to their villages due to fear of security to their life. The August 2013 communal riot in Muzafar Nagar and Shamli districts in U.P.resulted in the death of more than 60 people and displaced thousands from their habitation and forced them to seek shelter in the relief camps. Due to lack of sanitary and medical facilities many riot victims died in the camps. The condition of many people in the camps were pathetic as they were forced to live between devil and deep sea The party National President and the Central Minister E.Ahamed visited earlier the relief camps and met the

The IUML was in the forefront to

U.P.Chief Minister , and asked him to take immediate and necessary steps to relieve the pain of the sufferings. The party also collected the relief funds and provided monetary and material support to the affected people. The party president E.Ahamed, the national general secretary prof:K.M.KhaderMohideen and the national treasurer P.K.KunhaliKutty constituted a relief team under the national secretary E.T.Mohammed Basheer. The team comprised of

national Secretary Khurrum Omer Anees, the Kerala State General Secretary K.P.A.Majeed, Tamil Nadu State General Secretary K.A.M.Mohammed Abubacker, Mala puram District President Syed Sadiq Ali Thangal, High Court advocate Haris Beeran, Youth League National organizer P.K.Feroze, Tiruchur District President Nazir, Youth League Delhi Convenor M. Asif Ansari, Joint Convenor Madaair Vaikum Syed

Muhammed, U.P. State General Secretary Dr. Matheen Khan, Secre tary Advocate Muhammed Uvais, Meerat District Secretary Azeem Asfaq, Meerat Muhamed Sabir and Muhammed Idris. On January 24, 2014 the Relief Team visited the relief camp in Todi Village in Khaziabad district, met the riot victims, listened their grievances and provided them food expenses. The Team visited the hospitalized and enquired the condition of Syed Ahamamed and Nazma and paid the entire medical bill for their treatment. The Relief Team later visited the site Naklarai and discussed the party proposed to construct the colony houses for the riot victims. The team was accompanied by the president of Al-Furkan school,Muhammed BurkhanAsadi. Along with the colony houses the party proposed to construct mosque, Madrasa and hospital for the benefit of the affected people.

February - 2014



M.AbdulRahman M.P. utilizes 100% MP LAD Funds One of the Top Performers in the State
area development funds by MPs from Tamil Nadu show that 85% of the sanctioned funds have been utilized until January 21, 2014. The Vellore constituency parliament member M.AbdulRahman has utilized 100% of the funds released and has become one of the top performersin the state. The objective of the scheme is to enable MPs to recommend works of development nature with emphasis on the creation of durable community assets based on locally felt needs to be taken up in their constituencies. Right from the inception of the scheme durable assets of national priorities viz. drinking water, primary education, public health, sanitation and roads etc. are being created. Under the scheme each MP has the choice to suggest to the district collector for the works to the tune of rupees five crores per annum to be taken up in his constituency M.Abdul Rahman spared no efforts to utilize MPLAD funds to

A close look at the utilization local

the tune of Rs. 16.70 crores in his Vellore Constituency. Being a post-graduate in economics, with banking background Rahman meticulously planned the utilization of the fund extending the allocation to all the deserving needs of his constituency. The Hogenakal Mega Water Project, 500 plus bore wells, additional Class Rooms, Compound Walls, toilets in almost all the Educational Institutions, high mass focus lights in all the areas of the constituency including in the Temples, Churches, and Mosques, annexures in Hospitals, primary

health centers , motor able roads, canals, Qaid-e-Milleth Memorial inside the collector ate are eloquent testimony to his service in his constituency. As a true disciple of his political mentor Prof:KMKhaderMohideen the IUML leader , Mr.Rahman works hard for the communal harmony and peace in the society. No Member of Parliament had given such a large number of recommendations to the Hindu people for Thirupathydevstanthursan as was given by Mr. Rahman. More than 300 patients received PM’s 1lac medical relief by his recommendation. He was awarded with “Out standing Personality in keeping communal harmony” by Tamil Sangam and Jamal Mohamed College, Tiruchirapally, conferred him “Personality Award for Comm unal Amity”. He played a pivotal role for the welfare of the people of his constituency that prompted them to call him fondly as “People’s M.P.”

‘We lost hope the day SC dismissed Pathribal case’
had completely lost hope for justice the day the Supreme Court dismissed the CBI’s case and granted the Army the option of court martial. Still we appeared before the Army court to record our statements so that they don’t get an excuse to close the case. From day one, we knew it was a fixed match,” said Abdul Rashid Khan whose father Juma Khan was among the five civilians killed in a ‘fake encounter’ at Pathribal on March 25, 2000. Abdul Rashid’s brother Moham mad Rafeeq was among the eight demonstrators gunned down by the men of the Special Operations Group (SOG) at Brakpora in the district headquarters of Anantnag, when a multitude of people from Shangas and Achhabal was demanding exhumation and identification of the five bodies buried at Wuzkhah. “Two coffins in one week is a tragedy that shattered our family completely.” “From day one, the Army conveniently reduced the Supreme Court to a wild joke. It set up the court at Nagrota, in Jammu, to ensure that nobody from Kashmir appears for recording the statement. When the Army drew flak from several quarters, it said


it would meet the witnesses at Awantipore [headquarters of the Victor Force division]. Through the media and other channels, we begged for the police protection and the assistance of counsel. Our appeals fell on the deaf ears. Even a vehicle was denied to us. Out of a donation, we hired a Tata Sumo [taxi]. Our statements were recorded for one day. The next day, we were subjected to cross-examination,” Mr Rashid told The Hindu on Monday at his nondescript house in a snowbound neighbourhood, 20 km from Anantnag. “During the cross-examination, they asked us if we could identify the men who had kidnapped the five civilians. We replied that it was impossible after 14 years. Besides, they had their faces covered with mufflers; it was pitch dark and late night; and, those days we didn’t have digital cameras and cellphones. Thereupon, they said the case stands dismissed,” Mr. Rashid said. Do they have any plan to still pursue their case? “What case? Who’s above the Supreme Court? Their own CBI investigated the

case for five years and called it the cold blooded murder of five innocent civilians? We are left with no faith in their system. The Supreme Court is theirs. The Prime Minister is theirs, The President is theirs. And, they are all on the Army’s side. Who’ll give us justice?” Mr Rashid said. “Martyrdom of 8 Brakpora demonstrators has failed to wake up their conscience. They have buried the CBI’s eye-opener. What’ll we get from a dharna or an appeal to the Prime Minister?” “All hues of politicians have failed us. What should we expect from a Chief Minister who didn’t provide us a counsel or two police guards? Even the Hurriyat Conference and the Bar Association have failed us. They ran their politics on the Pathribal innocent blood for 14 years. We are not going to provide them another platform for the next 14 years,” Mr. Rashid said in a bitter reaction to the mainstream and the separatist political leaders’ statements after the Army exonerated its five officers and declared to have closed the matter last week. Courtesy : The Hindu, Chennai Jan 28, 2014

February - 2014



Khauf-e-khuda ya khauf-e-Modi
particularly with the so called Muslim Intellectuals today is that they are more afraid of Modi than ALLAH. BJP was in power earlier also, so what if comes to power and form the government again? As a matter of fact the way things are in our country today, it looks like that Modi is going to be next prime minister of India whether you like it or not. The issue is, what about Muslim Political parties in our country today – I would say there are ONLY two and a quarter political parties who actually can claim to be the representatives of Muslims in the country all rest all are so called “secular” parties who claims to represent all communities. It’s perfectly fine, there is no problem in working for all – there are more than a thousand political parties registered with Election Commission of India who claim to be Secular parties, each of them crying out loud that only they are the saviors’ of democracy in our country.....and supposedly working for all citizens and communities in the country. As a matter of fact just before the last parliamentary elections (2009) more than fifty secular parties were registered in UP alone and interesting point to note is that most of these newly registered parties were headed by members of minority community (Muslims) only. Now coming back to my prior statement about two and a quarter political parties please allow me to explain, before you all think that there is something wrong with my head.... No. 1. Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) It is the only political party which claims that it’s first and foremost duty is towards the minorities and other backward classes of the country. It intends to work for better understanding between Muslims and other religious groups and so on so forth (please read its constitution for more details) Apart from that it is organized purely on democratic principles meaning it’s not a one man show like most regional and national

The problem with the Muslims,

parties that call themselves secular parties. Anyway, moving on with my argument, I still have to explain about rest of one & a quarter parties. And those are..... 2. Majlis Ittehadul Muslemeen (MIM) it’s worth is three quarters only because it’s a one man/family show. There is no doubt that Asaduddin Sahab is a wonderful orator and I really respect him for his performance as MP in and out of parliament. His style reminds me of our great leader marhoom Ghulam Mehmood Banatwala Sahab. Asaduddin is fearless and wonderful orator and always to the point in his speeches and I really admire him as a community leader and as a person but the only negative issue here is organizational setup of MIM. 3. Two quarters or atthanni as we are used to say for half is AIUDF - reason being that even though they have 18 MLAs & are the main opposition party in Assam they are again a one man show. They won these many seats by fluke, no political ideas or ideology. As a political power it failed to achieve anything for their voters and/or minorities in their state. There was a political void and Ajmal Sahab was there to fill that void. Again please note that I have no intention to malign any person or party and Ajmal Sahab is a very respectable and sincere person. As an individual he has done remarkable charity work for the poor people of Assam. Several charitable institutions are running there just because of Badruddin Ajmal Sahab. The questions that comes up time and again is, that, if it is possible for Muslims in north India to come on one platform, i.e. one political party which is exclusively for them alone? I ask you all do we have any other choice?? Have we not seen enough of firqe amongst us? I am not talking about Shia or Sunni or barailvi deobandi groups for me it doesn’t matter what your personal belief is. The foremost condition of Islam is.... la ilaha illallah as long as one fulfills that I am all for him or her - rest as they say “woh jaaney ya

unka Khuda jaaney” who am I to say what is right or wrong. Has Allah not said very clearly in Quran -”I know what is hidden in your hearts” so please let’s not bother at all about it and let HIM decide who is going to heaven or hell. Our concern here is whether we can unite politically? Yes, we can and please just imagine what wonders it can do, not just for our community but for everybody in the country. Let us now talk about my organization that is IUML-Indian Union Muslim League. Though I can list out umpteen numbers of achievements & contributions from Muslim League but for now I will give just two examples of League’s achievement in the state of Kerala. 1. 12% reservation for minorities was given years back in all government jobs. Does congress, SP or for that matter any other party have the guts to do so? They get Muslim votes on this issue alone and come to power. What happens after that..... Let me put the second poin as a little exercise for all. In the next few days please spend some time to count all Muslim managed educational institutions in all of UP, Bihar, Assam & Bengal. Mind you these four states probably have more than 50% of total Muslim population in the country. (Madarsas don’t count) I am only talking modern educational institutions from primary level to post graduate/ medical colleges, universities etc. Would it surprise you to know

that Kerala may still have more of muslim managed educational institutions in terms of numbers.... Can you imagine why that is? Please allow me to explain; Since the day Kerala state was carved out from Madras Presidency, whenever Muslim league comes to power in alliance with Congress or left parties (yes sir both of these parties came to league requesting alliance at various times) Muslim League always make sure they get education ministry portfolio. Please remember Kerala is the only state in the country which is considered 100% literate. Need I say more on this...I am sure you can easily understand that whose policy is it for this remarkable achievement? Can it be congress or can it be left parties! But then in other states ruled by these parties the situation is exactly opposite. As a matter of fact in whole of north India as well as in West Bengal Muslim Educational condition is so pathetic, that it is much below the national average. My dear brothers & sisters please do ponder on this issue. I can go in and on about League’s contributions for the community not just in Kerala but all over the country including inside parliament and legislative assemblies. We respect all religions because we follow the Quranic principal of “lakum deenekum walay ya deen. We understand the importance of our neighbors. Allah says your neighbor is important. HE does not say that only Muslim neighbor is important. Concept of Human Rights and its values are gifted to this world by none other than our prophet Mohammad e Mustafa SAW. We all know it, understand it but are bit scared to admit it and spread it. Yes we may not be secular in that typical sense of what is generally understood today but it is a fact we live by the concept of UNITY in diversity, JUSTICE for all and an HONEST & corruption free society. So, am I not more secular than “them”. Khorrum A. Omer National Secretary – IUML New Delhi

February - 2014


THE TIMES OF LEAGUE seeks to cater to Muslims’ job needs
Bangalore: One of the dilemmas facing Muslims in their work environment is, whether their professional choice is compatible with their religious obligations. Many times, this uncertainty over preferences, careers, religion and an individual’s various other social needs and commitments, leaves one in great mental commotion, creating what is popularly called the work-life imbalance. So is there is a solution to this problem, one with little or no compromise? A new job site aptly called seeks to provide a fix. Initially started as a job consultancy, Founder Zahra Fathima, revamped the company into a job portal in December 2013, due to an increasing demand for such a service she observed among Muslim job seekers. She says as Muslims, “it’s our duty to seek livelihood, which is congenial with Islamic injunctions,” this she says, fulfills not only our mundane obligations, but also our religious requirements. promises not only to connect, employers and candidates, “but also assist them in having the best working environment as permitted by our creator.” The best working environment says Zahra, is one which apart from addressing the question of halal and haram, also provides for instance, an employee time to offer his or her obligatory prayers as and when required.

- ShaikZakeer Hussain, Two
a supreme example how to respect women. Woman is the mother and that’s what we need to keep on mind. Showing disrespect to woman means insulting your own mother. This is what taught by our prophet,” Islam added. But how does one identify, which job is permissible and which one is not? Zahra replies that the criterion is the Qur’an and aHadiths. Job listings on the site, she says are consistent with Islamic teachings, so for example, jobs in Banking industry, does not finds a space on the site, as interest based dealings are not permissible in Islam nor do jobs in liquor brewing companies and many others. Thankfully for job seekers, what is permissible is more, compared to what is deemed not permissible. The site runs under the guidance of Mufti Omar Sheriff Ibn Abdul Salam, President of Darul Huda and former President of Halal India, Chennai and Umar Sheriff, President of Discover Islam Education Trust (DIET), Bangalore. The site is seeing a steady increase in both participating employers and candidates since its inception, and the response, Zahra says has been relatively good. Imran Waheed, a commerce graduate and currently a job seeker says that, “coming from a commerce background, the most obvious choice is in the Banking industry, however, I am hesitant about it.” He says, with lack of knowledge about different career options, a site like this could be very useful. Ahmed Khan, a HR recruiter at a private firm agrees and opines that, though it may not provide all the options under the surface due to its infancy, but he believes, given the growing number of individuals wanting to find employment in sectors which are conducive to religious believes, it could bridge a growing need. With, companies can have their jobs listed for a moderate fee, and is free to use for job seekers. The positions so far include in Information Technology, Sales & Marketing and Education and the site seeks to add more industries in future. Jamat-e-Islami office bearer during the press conference at Guwahati Press Club. He also expressed concern at the deterioration in the law and order situation and especially the ever increasing crime against women in the country. “This is what one area we want to address by Prophet’s message. Prophet himself had set The city unit of Jamat-e-Islami Hind hoped that their efforts will bring a change in the way people think. “We will be ore than happy if at least we can bring a change in the way of thinking of the people,” he said. JIH to propagate Prophet’s message in Guwahati
Guwahati: The city unit of Jamat-e-Islami Hind in Assam has decided to spread the message of Prophet Mohammad among the mass in order to bring a change in the society. Accordingly, the members of the body will circulate leaflets, books, banners with the messages and ideals of the prophet among the public from January 27 till February 2. “We think at the preset time, the society needs the lessons and ideals of Prophet Mohammad. The chaos and the loss of peace all around in our society only can be cured if his ideals can be followed. So we have decided to carry out this,”

said Safiqul Islam, secretary of city unit of Jamat-e-Islami Hind in Guwahati Press Club addressing a press conference.

February - 2014



Muslim representation in India’s civil service
What is the reason for the poor representation of Muslims in India’s civil services? The community’s leaders say this is because of prejudice against them; that their access to the professions is deliberately blocked because of their faith. On the side of politics, the communists and the Congress accept the data on poor Muslim representation, though they do not publicly articulate the reasons for this. They want to redress it through legislation and such things as reservation. The BJP does not refer to the data for the most part. To the extent that they accept it, the party’s leaders say that all Indians must be treated alike. To see some as disadvantaged is incorrect, in this view, and everyone will benefit the same if the state is neutral and competent. I have speculated in the past that one reason for the backwardness of Muslims is the castes that Muslims are drawn from. Most of the subcontinent’s Muslims are converts from the lower castes. Even among Hindus, these communities have poor representation in the professions because — according to me — of their culture. An article in the current issue of Economic & Political Weekly looks at it another way. Written by the former chairperson of Aligarh Muslim University’s Economics department, it analyses the data of applicants to the civil services from select colleges. The writer, Naseem A Zaidi, starts by framing the problem. In the announcement of May 3, 2013, “out of the 998 candidates recommended (for selection) for various services, only 28 were Muslim — 2.8 per cent of the total. This story is repeated year after year and crossing the three per cent barrier seems insurmountable.” Zaidi writes that “Different explanations are proffered for applicants and see how many are Muslim and how many succeed. Here there is a problem, which is “While (the Union Public Service Commission reports) carry detailed profiles of candidates belonging to the scheduled castes (SCs), scheduled tribes (STs), Other Backward Classes (OBCs) and the general category, no separate

By Aakar Patel
University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. She looks at data for five years and finds that the success ratio of applicants from the Muslim set is actually higher (10.2 per cent of applicants) than that of the general set (4.3 per cent). She then looks at the number of candidates from these institutions who actually appeared for the exams and finds a solution to the problem there. The average annual number of applicants for the four Muslimdominated institutions is under 25. For the other set, it is over 444. Her conclusion is unambiguous: “The low level of participation of Muslim students in the CS examinations rather than their probability of being selected is the major cause for low representation of Muslims in these services.” Zaidi adds her understanding of a second factor that inhibits Muslim participation, which is that “Muslim girls are performing well in many areas but they are not encouraged to attempt the CS examinations.” I think Muslim groups must look at her work and try and see how to improve their position. Some years ago, I read the interview of a successful Muslim bureaucrat. His advice to Muslims was that “there will be not many who will go out of their way to help you. And there will be even fewer who will deliberately want to hinder you. It is up to you to make a success or failure of your career.”

this state of affairs. Among these are: there is something wrong with the system of selection; it is an evil design of the people in power to keep the second largest community of the country backward by depriving them of a fair share in the corridors of power and so on. The Muslim political leadership revels in the opportunity to demand community-based reservations in education and employment in the public services.” Zaidi’s approach is to look at the

data is available for Muslims.” What Zaidi has, therefore, done is to look at institution-wise university data on applicants. She chooses two sets of universities. The first includes Aligarh Muslim University, JamiaMilliaIslamia, Jammu & Kashmir University and Kerala’s Calicut University “as these are considered hubs for Muslim students”. The second group has Allahabad University, Lucknow University, Banaras Hindu University and the

Muslim Youth League New Delhi Celebrates Republic Day

Formation of Dhubri District IUML Committee - Assam

MUSLIM YOUTH LEAGUE Delhi State Committee Celebrates 65th Republic Day. Chief Guest: Shri Dr. Karunakaran, Hon’ble DCP, South Delhi, Guest of Honour: Shri H.M.Bakshi, Hon’ble ACP, South East Delhi, Guest of Honour: Shri Pankaj Singh, SHO, Jamia Thana, Presided By: Shri Khurram Anis Omer, President, IUML, Delhi

The general meeting for formation of Dhubri District IUML Committee was held on 15th Jan/2014 at Assam Sanga Hall, Dhubri, Dist - Dhubri (Assam).

February - 2014



Lok Sabha Elections 2014 ; The Indian Muslim’s Dilemma
- SABIR GHAFFAR Lok Sabha elections going to be held next year 2014 is very crucial from the point of view of ideology. What makes this election more interesting is that apart from the competition between two parties, the clash between two individuals. Rahul Gandhi who is largely being looked upon as the Prime Minister hopeful if the Congress and the UPA is to return to power and Narendra Modi, the official Prime Minister candidate of the BJP. The rise of Arvind kejriwal led “Aam Aadmi Party” has no doubt infused a new dimension in the political system of the country , however from the perspective of national politics and number of lok sabha seats , it yet remains a at most a regional party. As the election pitch louder and the media largely focuses on the continuous attack and counter attack between Mr. Modi and Mr. Gandhi, the real issue being faked by the people of India , foreign policy, societal reforms seem to be forgotten. The BJP is accusing the grand old party of the country, the Congress of running the country as it has been in power for the major portion of 66 years of independence. The BJP is holding the ten years of UPA rule responsible for the current state of economy, high prices of essential goods like vegetables, fuel and industrial recession. The Congress on the other hand is putting forward its credentials as the grand old party which fought for the independence of the country and its firm commitment to its Secularism. It is taking credit for rural growth due to NREGA, and also projecting its social side “Aam Adami” for passing the food security bill, Right To Information (RTI), Right To Education Act in both houses of Parliament. The congress also accuses Narendra Modi of being responsible for the PostGodhra Gujarat Programme in 2002 in which more than 2000 people, mostly Muslims, lost their lives. The BJP on the other hand denies such accusation, with its President Mr. Raj Nath Singh telling the media that whenever Mr. Modi recalls the Gujarat riot a sad look descends on his face and he expresses deep sadness for what happened. The BJP while accusing the Congress of Vote Bank politics speaks of Secularism minus Vote Bank politics. Another factor is the regional parties in various states which the opinion polls predict would play the king makers politics post 2014 Lok Sabha polls. The left front once again is on its role to lay the foundation of the third front, this time more cautious and turning the grouping of regional parties opposing both BJP and Congress on a non electoral secular grouping. a secular convention in delhi which was attended by left front constituents, JD(V), AGP of Assam, Babular Mandi of Jharkhand, Samajvadi Party and leader of NCP, Mr. Tripathi . The secular grouping’s main target is Narendra Modi but at the same time in spite of being critical of the economic policies of the Congress party, the grouping considers the Congress Party as secular and prefers to keep options open of leading a third front government supported by the Congress or else a Congress Government supported by the regional party conglomerate. The riot in Muzaffarnagar and the serial bomb blasts in Patna at the party rally organized by the B.J.P. in which Mr Modi was the chief speaker , threaten to polarize communities and voting patterns. Many regional parties have begun to warn about the dangers of communalism and fascism which can wreck havoc within the country. The Indian Muslim community is the single largest religious minority in the country and has the power to influence the result in about a hundred Lok Sabah seats. Previously Muslims have explored voting patterns; *only for the congress..(pre Babri mosque demolition) *vote for regional parties (anti bjp and anti congress post riots of 1992) *voting for parties best in the position to defeat the bjp(post Gujarat riots 2002). However increasing education and literacy within the Muslim community and higher aspirations and growth of media and social


media, have increased the levels of awareness within the Muslim community. The Indian Muslims are no longer willing to be just a captive vote bank of any so called namesake “secular party and is demanding action on the grounds to prove ones Secular credentials. Congress party irrespective of its loud claims on Secularism has failed to implement the recommendations of Sachar committee Report or fulfill its promise of providing Reservations to Muslim community in education and in jobs. The Congress party feels it might lose the support of majority community if it is seen with or recognised with minority appeasement. However of late the Congress government’s Home Minister Mr. Shinde has given a written circular to all states not to target innocent Muslim youths and fast track courts have been setup to bring justice to innocent Muslim youths accused of terrorism. The government has also passed the Waqf Amendment Bill 2013 and is also on the verge of passing the communal violence bill. The BJP on the other hand is claiming to be truly secular by pointing to the BJP ruled state, e.g. Madhya Pradesh where Muslims are fairly better off and no riots have taken place during its rule. Rajasthan under congress Gehlot rules has criticized the anti Muslim riot but not a single Muslim riot has been reported during the BJP “Vasundhara Raje” tenure. Mr. Modi also claims that Muslims in Gujarat under BJP rule are economically much better off than their counter parts in any other congress or regional party ruled state in India. Recently Mr. Modi demanded in a public rally that Mr. Rahul Gandhi should apologise or show proof for pointing a finger at the community of Muslim youths by associating them with the ISI. The secular regional party grouping has been fierce in their call for secularism and defeat of communal forces. However, the riots in Muzaffarnagar under Samajwadi party rule and the extreme backwardness of Bengali Muslims as pointed out by the Sachar committee report under its uninterrupted secular left government rule points out towards a very poor record. When it comes to implementing secularism in action even Nitish Kumar led JD(U) has so far failed to rein in the rising in the rising communalism and community mobilization in Bihar. The corporate world and a major portion of the mainstream media have already made their preference known in their choice of next PM of India. The corruption scams including the 2G and the Coal scam, slow growth of the economy, high inflation, recession under the present regime has affected the pockets and thinking of every citizen of the country irrespective of the religion or caste. Muslims of the country are still thinking very deeply about their next choice of party which will lead India in the next five years. The Maulanas of the likes of Madani Saheb and Sadiq Saheb have already started speaking a new voice emerging within the community. Mr. J.S. Bandukwala from Gujarat wrote in the “the congress used Muslims as a vote block. The BJP used Muslims as hate objects to secure Hindu votes.” In the opinion of Mr. Bandukwala “ the only way for Indian Muslims is to avoid politics for atleast a generation. Just vote in elections for the party that the community considers good but other focus only on education, wealth generation, the rights of women and improvement of one’s own areas etc”. In the opinion of a college going Muslim youth in his early twenties “ the congress keeps talking on Muslim’s upliftment, promises many new things and once the elections are over, power is in their hand, they don’t look at anyone… only money is their concern and the Muslim community fall prey everytime as the congress is expert in raising some new concerns, some new fears among the community which makes the Indian Muslim community lost and surrender to the government of the congress.” Dr. Jawed Jamil in his article The Muslim Mirror writes “mere ghost of Modi will not be enough to make Muslims and other deprived sections take shelter under the umbrella under UPA.” Inam Abidi Amrolvi, a businessman based in Dubai says, “the elections next year could again end up as more noise and less substance unless the

February - 2014

Muslim wake up in time to vote for education and jobs.” Kiran Kumar says in her article,’ “topi pehen kar topi pehenao.” The congress has employed emotional blackmailing to give a sense of false security to Muslims. Educated muslims need to introspect. goes on to question “where are the jobs?” “where is the security?” “where is equal footing with Hindus, Sikh or Christian middle classes? At the end of the day money, education, rights, security and respect matters. “do you have them, after voting for congress for 62years since 1951? The Indian Muslims has moved much ahead of time when a particular Imam of Delhi or some mufti of some other place gave a fatwa to vote for a particular political party. In the words of Late Justice H.M.Yusuf,” education is fast spreading within the Muslim community, and even though the Indian Muslim continues to be emotional, the enlightened Muslims will vote after judging the condition of India, which way the wind is blowing, and whether secularism should be strengthened or not, and if this is not strengthened, what will be the future of India.” With the growing aspiration of Muslim youth it is largely being felt that the community in both urban and rural areas would line up in polling booths to vote together for a stable, secure and reliable government, which will chart out a course that will address the hopes and needs of all communities in an inclusive manner. “Muslim identity based political parties” There has been a recent growth in the number of “Muslim political parties” in India. The Indian Union Muslim League is a constituent of the UPA and also alliance with the Congress Party in Kerala with 5 ministers. The Mulana Badruddin Ajmal led AUDF became the main opposition party in Assam, eroding the Muslim base of congress and others. The Hyderabad based MIM has consistently sent one MP from Hyderabad and four legislatures to AP assembly. The dr. ayub led peace party won three seats in the UP assembly. Even the Rastriya Ulama Council has managed to create a vote bank for itself in certain pockets of Uttar Pradesh. In Tamil Nadu the IUML has always been a major player, aligned mostly with the DMK. A new Muslim party Manithaneya Makal Katchi (MMK) was formed in 2009 and is now with the ruling AIADMK. The rise in Muslim parties is mainly due to the dissatisfaction with the mainstream political party, anger among the Muslims over their unduly admitted socio economic backwardness as well as police high handedness after every terror attack. However the above trend is to initial and too soon to impact National politics. Also the fear of counter majoritarian polarization keeps the majority of muslims away from religious identity politics in the hindi heartland. A list of political parties exposing the causes of muslim community among other issues: • Indian Union Muslim League • Majlis-e-ittehad-ul-muslimeen • All India United Democratic Front. • Welfare Party of India. • Social Democratic Party of India. • Peace Party • Rashtriya Ulama Council • Manithaneya Makkal Katchi (MMK) Main issues which will prioritise Muslim voting pattern in 2014 Lok Sabha elections : • Slow growth of economy. High inflation, rising unemployment. • Strong and stable governance. • Security of life and property. • Communalism verses Secularism. • Wrongful detention of Muslim youths on charges of terrorism. • Hindu extremism. • Cross boarder terrorism. • Caste and Sectarian loyalties. • Equal opportunities • Integration into mainstream society. • Corruption • Reservation in government jobs and education. • Foreign Policy.


Distribution Of Fruit, Bread, Milk & Buiscit From WELFARE LEAGUE BELGAUM In Govt.Hospital
Prophet Mohammed (SWS) who showed the light to whole of Humanity from the dark ages. He has preached and guided us to lead a Peaceful, Prosperous and Healthy life. Following his preaching’s, today Belgaum Dist Welfare League is distributing Fruits & Biscuits to patients of Belgaum Dist Civil Hospital, along with a pray to

On this auspicious day of Eid –E- Miladunnabi (Birth Day) of

Almighty Allah for speedy recovery of your health. May Allah grant Peace and Prosperity to all Belgaum Dist Community. (Ameen) Dastagir. I. Aga, Mhod Aslam.M.Pachapuri, K.Gorikhan, Mangalsingh Pruohit, Irfan Inamdar, Amjad Inamdar, Mhod Isaq G. Jamadar, Kishor Jain and Ibrahim Shamsheer, were also present


Union Muslim League Punjab called an important meeting at Party office railway road Malerkotla, this meeting was presided over by Mahmood thind state president Punjab, and all the proceedings were done by Mamoon Rashid secretary Indian union Muslim League, Punjab, all the district presidents and designated authorities of Punjab unit attended the meeting and an important resolution was passed in which it was decided to nominate a candidate for lok sabha election from district Sangrur, where party has its strong roots, a team from the state unit will visit to New Delhi to meet Honorable national President for further discussions in this concern.


February - 2014


Published : 4th of Every Month.


A National Muslim Political Party is the solution for all the problems of North Indian Muslims
Muslims living in India are badly exploited politically, educationally, socially and economically due to lack of political party that can be their voice in the parliament and state assembly, Muslims living in north Indian states follow the renowned political parties with a hope that perhaps any party will do something good for them, perhaps their social, educational and economical standard will improve and they will live like other people living in north India, all national and state level political parties attract Muslims with big promises before lok Sabah and assembly elections and as usual Muslims become a victim of any one of the political party, Muslims leaders from these parties are given party tickets in the elections to attract Muslim voters, Muslim leaders from different parties take full advantage of the power, fame and earn well but big number of Muslims who help these candidates in winning elections in different states of north India remain exploited always, all the promises done by the political parties and their representative remain a dream for north Indian Muslims, Muslim candidates who win on the ticket of different political parties act on the respective advises of their senior leaders and speak as much they are ordered, so there is not any voice for the justice and betterment of these people, they are given facilities but very rare. North Indian Muslims are compelled to elect the candidates from these political parties though they like them or not because there is not any other choice for them and there is not any existence of a Muslim political party in north Indian region, as a result same political parties are repeating in these states and all this is happening since independence of India, all this will happen in future if there will not be a Muslim political party and educated, aware Muslim leaders who really want development of North Indian Muslims, definition of development for North Indian Muslims is good streets, street lights and good drainage system but as a community they are unable to understand that actual development of their community is in getting good education, getting reservation in education and government/ semi government jobs and getting financial assistance from state and center governments for development of businesses of Muslims in the region, they are not aware of the facilities provided by the state and center governments for them as a minority, due to being uneducated they do not know how to get these facilities, now the condition has got the worst because beyond exploitation they live under the threat as being a minority in north India and they feel insecurity, north Indian Muslims need to take firm decision that they will support a party that will provide the best education to their children, employment to the unemployed Muslim youth and best facilities for self Employed Muslims, they need to come on a common platform to fight for their rights, all this can happen after having a national Muslim political party in north India that could lead Muslims across the region, no doubt north Indian Muslims wait for educated aware political Muslim leaders who can be the honest for their people, I am very sure that a Muslim Political party with a good vision will have awesome results and complete fellowship of north Indian Muslims in Lok Sabha and state assembly elections and the party can expand across north India easily with a big number of supporters, just an Introduction of such political party can change the conditions of political parties in north India, Muslims in this region have already elected candidates from different political parties till now and unfortunately they all failed to deliver good results for them since 1947 the Independence of India, no doubt a few Muslim political leaders have taken advantage of the political parties but common Muslims never ever enjoyed any advantage so their condition remained the same during the governments of different parties in their states and the center, so it is quite clear that a Muslim political party only can change the condition of north Indian Muslims and north Indian Muslims don’t have any other choice except choosing a strong Muslim political party with nice

Mamoon Rashid IUML - Punjab State Secretary
vision and educated leadership is immediately required in North India, I strongly believe that such party will be the biggest National political party of the country with a big share in state and center governments on the other hand Muslims living in north India will have all the facilities like education, employment and security as there will be good number of representatives from their community in the parliament and state assembly to protect their social, political and economical rights , so it is absolutely clear that a Muslim political party that will lead North Indian Muslims can be the biggest political party of the country and have strong routs across the country.

IUML - Adilabad District Committee Programe

21st dec.2013 adilabad district mushaera program announced mr syed hashmathullah quadri as a district committee Member.


The Times of League - English Monthly - R.Dis. No. 1765/10 published by Mohamed Ismail on behalf of Muslim League Publication Trust, published at 36, Maraikayar Lebbai Street, Mannady, Chennai - 600 001 and printed by K.A.M. Muhammed Abubacker at Madras Media Press No, 36, Maraikayar Lebbai Street, Mannady, Chennai - 600 001. Editor : Prof. K.M. Kader Mohideen,

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