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lebers optic atrophy ayurvedic Leber's optic atrophy is a heritable condition usually transmitted via the mother, in which

slow reduction of central vision occurs due to degeneration of nerve cells in the retin a. This condition is mainly observed in mature young males. The vision loss can be either acute or sub-acute, and is mainly detected in a single eye, followed a couple weeks to several months after by another eye. There's no specific cure with this condition in the modern system of medicine. Traditional management of Leber's optic atrophy includes routine supervision and observation, and avoiding the usage of substances which are proven to aggravate this state. These generally include using tobacco, alcohol, and medications like ethambutol plus some antihypertensive medicines. Ayurvedic medicines possess an unique job to play the direction and therapy of Leber's optic atrophy, because there is no specific cure for this illness in the modern system of medicine. Treatment involves the use of high dosages of herbal ayurvedic herbs that have a specific activity on the retin a, and the optic nerve is also strengthened by which. According to the basic principles of Ayurveda, the eye is made up of the 'Majja' tissue within the body and consequently, all medicines which act on this tissue are equally helpful in the managing of vision loss due to Leber's optic atrophy. Majja is carefully associated with the 'Rakta' tissue in the torso and hence, by this logic, all-herbal medicines which act-on the Rakta tissue are equally powerful in the direction of the condition. Medications that have a direct action on the retina and optic nerve include Bruhat Vat Chintamani, Vasant Kusumakar Ras, Pathyadi Qadha, Dashmoolarishta, Saraswatarishta, and Brahmin Vati. Herbal blend medicines together with herbo-mineral medicines that are useful in the treatment of Leber's optic atrophy includes Maha Manjishtadi Qadha, Saarivadi Vati, Abhrak Bhasma, Heerak Bhasma, Lohasav, and Mandur Bhasma. Early treatment with Ayurvedic herbal medicines is important in order to bring about the maximum potential recovery and improvement in eyesight. Generally, medications need to be given for protracted intervals ranging from 12 to 18 months. Oral treatment with herbal Natural Detox Methods can also be supplemented with localised therapy which contains a special procedure known as Akshi Tarpan. This process involves the retention of herbal, medicated oils and ghee (clarified butter) on the eyes for particular intervals. Medicated herbal eye drops can also be used along with oral treatment. Ayurvedic herbal treatment thus has a clear role to play in the management of Leber's optic atrophy.