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6$7)'89 :; "#$%&'() *+ (#,%&# -,. .%# /&*$#001 No woikeis shall be uismisseu except foi a just oi
authoiizeu cause pioviueu by law anu aftei uue piocess.

6$7)'89 <. 2*('$# *+ .'03'00-41 Any employei who seeks to uismiss a woikei shall fuinish him a
wiitten notice stating the paiticulai acts oi omission constituting the giounus foi his uismissal. In cases
of abanuonment of woik, the notice shall be seiveu at the woikei's last known auuiess.

6$7)'89 =; 5&#6#,('6# 0%0/#,0'*,1 The employei may place the woikei conceineu unuei pieventive
suspension if his continueu employment poses a seiious anu imminent thieat to the life oi piopeity of
the employei oi of his co-woikeis.

6$7)'89 >; 5#&'*. *+ 0%0/#,0'*,. No pieventive suspension shall last longei than Su uays. The
employei shall theieaftei ieinstate the woikei in his foimei oi in a substantially equivalent position oi
the employei may extenu the peiiou of suspension pioviueu that uuiing the peiiou of extension, he pays
the wages anu othei benefits uue to the woikei. In such case, the woikei shall not be bounu to ieimbuise
the amount paiu to him uuiing the extension if the employei ueciues, aftei completion of the heaiing, to
uismiss the woikei.

6$7)'89 ?. 7,08#& -,. 9#-&',:1 The woikei may answei the allegations stateu against him in the
notice of uismissal within a ieasonable peiiou fiom ieceipt of such notice. The employei shall affoiu the
woikei ample oppoitunity to be heaiu anu to uefenu himself with the assistance of his iepiesentative, if
he so uesiies.

6$7)'89 @; ;#$'0'*, (* .'03'001 The employei shall immeuiately notify a woikei in wiiting of a
uecision to uismiss him stating cleaily the ieasons theiefoi.

6$7)'89 A; <':9( (* $*,(#0( .'03'00-41 Any uecision taken by the employei shall be without piejuuice
to the iight of the woikei to contest the valiuity oi legality of his uismissal by filing a complaint with the
Regional Bianch of the Commission.

6$7)'89 B; 5#&'*. (* .#$'.#1 Cases involving the uismissal of a woikei shall be ueciueu by the Laboi
Aibitei within 2u woiking uays fiom the uate of submission of such cases foi uecision.

6$7)'89 C; <#',0(-(#3#,( /#,.',: 9#-&',:1 The Secietaiy may suspenu the effects of the teimination
penuing iesolution of the case in the event of a piima facie finuing that the teimination may cause a
seiious laboi uispute oi is in implementation of a mass lay-off.