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1. SAMOSA (2 pcs) $7.50 Home made pastry filled with spicy potatoes and green peas. 2. VEGIE PAKORA (2 pcs) $6.50 Flourettes of mixed vegetables & spinach, deep fried. 3. ONION BHAJI (2 pcs) $6.50 Spicy onion fritters, deep fried. 4. TANDOORI MUSHROOM (4 pcs) $9.90 Marinated in exotic Indian spices and char grilled. 5. CHICKEN TIKKA (4 pcs) $11.90 Free range chicken fillet marinated in spices cooked clay oven. 6. MALAI tIkkA (4 pcs) (MILD) $14.90 Breast chicken pieces marinated with chick-pea flour and egg yolk and herbs and cooked in tandoor 7. TANDOORI LAMB CUTLETs (4 pcs) $16.00 Juicy lamb cutlet marinated in rum and spices. 8. SEEKH KEBAB (2 pcs) $10.50 Minced lamb with ginger & garlic, rolled on skewer cooked in clay oven. 9. BOMBAy MushROOM $11.90 Mushroom stuffed with lamb mince, cheese and deep fried HALf $11.50 10. TANDOORI CHICKEN $20.90 Spring chicken marinated in yoghurt FuLL & selected herbs and spices cooked in clay oven. 11. AMRIstARI FIsh $18.00 Mouth watering fried fish (Rockling Fillets) lightly spiced and served with chutney. 12. ShAVANs MIX GRILL $22.90 Its an assortment of sizzling tandoori specialities.

18. kADAI chIckeN $15.90 Chicken cooked with tomato gravy and coriander seeds and served in Kadai 19. chIckeN tIkkA MAsALA $15.90 Char grilled fillet chick cooked with fresh tomato and onion and garnished with spring onion 20. chIckeN DILwALA $15.90 Chicken cooked with tomato gravy & cashew nuts and garnished with corriander 21. CHICKEN VINDALOO $15.50 Chicken cooked in unique hot and sour recipe 22. ChIckeN chIckpeA MAsALA $15.50 Chicken curry mixed with chickpea and garnished with coriander

36. TANDOORI SALMON $23.90 Salmon pieces marinated in yoghurt and tandoori spices, cooked to perfection and served with homemade cottage cheese. 37. FISH MAsALA $18.90 Authentic Fish curry cooked with tomato and spices 38. KERALA FISH CURRY $18.90 Fish prepared with coconut cream, and south Indian spices and cooked in slow fire. 39. FISH MADRAs $18.90 Fish cooked with diced coconut and South Indian spices (Medium or Hot) 40. PRAWN JALfReZI $21.90 Prawns cooked with onions, tomato, spring onion and garnished with corriander. 41. COCONUT PRAWN CURRY $21.90 Fresh prawns cooked with five spices, and served in mouthwatering coconut gravy.

23. ROGAN JOSH $15.90 Authentic lamb curry 24. LAMB kORMA $16.50 Deliciously mild lamb, cooked in yoghurt based gravy, and finished with cashew nut. 25. LAMB SAAG $16.50 Lamb cooked with fresh spinach, herbs & spices finished with cream. 26. LAMB RARA $15.90 Diced lamb cooked with onion, tomato and lamb mince and spices 27. kADAI LAMB $15.90 Diced lean lamb tossed with onion and capsicum and finished with corriander and served in Kadai 28. LAMB VINDALOO $15.90 Lamb cooked in unique hot and sour recipe 29. LAMB BhOONA $14.50 Lean lamb cooked with coriander seeds and chefs own recipe

42. ALOO GOBI $12.90 Potatoes and cauliflower, stir fried with spices and finished with fresh tomato 43. VeGetABLe JALfReZI $12.90 Seasonal fresh vegetables cooked with spices. 44. eGG pLANt MAsALA $12.90 Egg plant and potatoes cooked with ginger, fennel & fenugreek. 45. NAVRATNA KORMA $12.90 Mild, seasonal vegetable curry. 46. MALAI KOFTA $12.90 Potato and cheese balls, mixed dry fruits & nuts. Simmered in almond flavoured sauce. 47. PALAK PANEER $12.90 Fried home made cottage cheese with fresh spinach puree, finished with fresh cream. 48. MushROOM MAsALA $12.90 Mushrooms cooked with onion gravy, tomato and potato 49. ALOO pALAk $12.90 Potato cooked with spinach puree & spices 50. DHALL MAKHANI $10.90 Black lentils and kidney beans slowly simmered with fine herbs finished with butter cream. 51. puMpkIN MAsALA $12.90 Diced Pumpkin tempered with onion, fennel seeds / fenugreek seeds and finished with chefs own sauce (simply delicious) 52. pANeeR ButteR MAsALA $12.90 Home made cottage cheese cooked with butter sauce and finished with cream


13. shAVANs specIAL chIckeN $16.90 Chicken cooked with cashew sauce, tomato sauce and chefs suttle spices and finished with fresh coriander 14. ButteR chIckeN $15.50 Old time favourite & popular dish. Char grilled fillet chicken harmonious blend of tomatoes, enrich with cream. 15. CHICKEN kORMA $15.90 For mild taste buds, chicken cooked with cream and cashew nut sauce and spring onions. 16. CHICKEN LABABDAR $15.90 Chargrilled chicken cooked with cheese and egg and spices and finished with cream 17. hyDRABADI chIckeN cuRRy $16.90 Breast chicken pieces cooked with chefs own recipy.

30. kADAI Beef $15.90 Lean beef cooked with capsicum and spices served in Kadai 31. BEEF BABLIhANDI $16.50 Beef cooked with mixed vegetables and spices and garnished with corriander 32. KASHMIRI BEEF $16.50 Chefs own recipe. Cooked in cashew & onion gravy. 33. Beef cuRRy $15.90 Authentic beef curry 34. chILLI Beef $15.90 Lean beef, pan fried with onion, tomatoes and capsicum and finished with chilli sauce 35. Beef VINDALOO $15.90 Beef cooked in unique hot and sour recipe


53. chIckpeA MAsALA $12.90 Chickpea cooked with onion and capsicum and spices, garnished with spring onion


72. GARDEN SALAD $6.00 Refreshing and wholesome green salad. 73. CACHUMBER $6.00 Spicy Indian salad 74. chIckeN tIkkA sALAD $8.90 Chicken tikka in fresh salad 75. chIckpeA chAt sALAD $7.90 Chickpeas mixed with onion and tomato and lemon juice and finished with coriander 76. RAITA $3.50 Home made yoghurt with grated cucumber and garnished with ground cummin. 77. MANGO CHUTNEY OR MIXED PICKLE $2.50

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54. BAsMAtI RICE SML $4.00 LGe $4.50 Flavoured white rice 55. KASHMIRI PULAO $7.50 Basmati rice mixed with fruits & Nuts . 56. LEMON RICE $7.50 Rice cooked with curry leaf & mustard seed and flavoured with lemon. 57. VeGetABLe puLAO $8.90 Rice cooked with vegetables to perfection. 58. BuRIYNAI (ChIckeN, LAMB) $12.90 Rice cooked to perfection with your choice, Garnished with crispy onion.

Tandoori Indian Restaurant
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For the sweet toothed....

78. 1. KULFI Home made Indian Ice cream with pistachio nuts 79. 2. GULAB JAMUN Home made cottage cheese dumpling in aromatic sugar syrup 80. 3. BANANA SPLIT Splitted banana topped with assorted Ice Cream topped with Strawberry coulis and nuts 81. 4. ASSORTED ICE CREAM 82. 5. FRUIT SALAD WITH ICE CREAM 83. 6. WHITE CHOCKLATE MOUSSE With passion fruit 84. 7. WATTALAPPAN Coconut milk with palm sugar, home made 85. 9. PHIRNEE Semolina and milk pudding served chilled garnished with desiccated coconut, pistachios and strands of Saffron 86. 10. CUT FRUITS PLATTER Assortment of freshly cut seasonal fruits $ 7.00 $ 7.00 $ 8.00 $ 7.00 $ 8.50 $ 9.00 $ 8.00 $7.00

59. NAAN $3.00 Leavened white flour bread 60. cheese NAAN $5.50 White flour bread stuffed with cheese & corriander (tasty) 61. chILLI cheese NAAN $6.00 White flour bread stuffed with cheese, chilli & corriander (tasty) 62. KEEMA NAAN $5.50 Bread stuffed with minced lamb and spiced herbs. 63. KEEMA cheese NAAN $6.00 Bread stuffed with minced lamb, cheese and spiced herbs. 64. ButteR NAAN $3.50 White flour flakky bread 65. GARLIC NAAN $3.50 Plain flour tandoori bread flavoured with garlic. 66. PeshAwARI NAAN $6.50 Bread stuffed with chicken, dry fruits and coconut 67. kAshMIRI NAAN $6.50 Bread stuffed with fruits and nuts 68. PARATHA $3.50 Enriched whole wheat bread with butter. 69. ALOO PARATHA $5.50 Wholemeal bread stuffed with potatoes and fine herbs 70. MASALA KULCHA $5.50 Bread stuffed with spiced potatoes, cottage cheese and fine herbs. 71. ROTI $3.00 Whole wheat bread.

family pack
More Than $75 Worth

Any Curry With Rice

only $58

only $10
(Take Away Only)

Samosa (4 Pcs) Tandoori Chicken (4 Pcs) 1 Butter Chicken, 1 Rogan Josh Or 1 Beef Curry 2 Rice, 2 Naan Or 2 Garlic Naan Raita
Discount Not Applicable

Lunch BanQuett
(peR peRsON)

2 Curries + Rice + Bread Raita+Papadum+Chutney

only $20
(Dine-In Only)



(Minimum $30.00 * Discounts not available)

smooth drink
87. LAssI PLAIN / MANAGO $5.50

Shavans RoYal Treat

ENTREE Samosa, Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Cutlets MAIN FARE Butter Chicken, Rogan Josh, Coconut Prawn Curry Stir Fried Vegetable served with Rice Naan and Raita DESSERT Kulfi or Gulab Jamun PER PERSON TEA OR COFFEE MINImUm 2 PERSONS

Lunch: Thursday to Sunday Dinner - 7 days a week 7 days 5.30 onwards

Shop 30, Harbour Plaza, Thompson Road
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