The Incredible Long Lost Secrets Of … Vedic Mathematics

Let me tell you a story. It's an amazing story of the lost secrets of Vedic Mathematics, - the secrets lost for three thousand years, the secrets to lightning quick mental mathematics, and it might have gone something like this. Let's roll back the mists of time, back, way back to 1000 years before the birth of Christ. In a small remote area surrounded by valleys and streams, a community prospers. They are a deeply religious community, and in that community a group of wise and upstanding men, combining their knowledge, over a period of years, work out an almost magical system of mental mathematical calculation. Calculations that we sometimes needed to use slide rules to conquer before the advent of calculators and computers. Calculations that would have mystified us even a few hundred years ago. Protective of their assets, this knowledge is written into their religious teachings in code and appears to casual observation to be nothing of importance. Over time, the teachings are passed on, the population disperses, and gradually the secret knowledge is all but lost. The secret code is lost, and although the written record remains in the religious teachings, its significance too is lost. The years roll by, and the Roman Empire rises. A new system of numbers, Roman numerals, supersedes the old mathematical systems in the Empire. The use of Latin becomes prevalent, the Empire falls, and different religions prosper. The lost secrets of mathematics continue to be reproduced in the religious teachings of this now major religion, but their significance is well and truly forgotten, although the knowledge survives in obscurity. In Europe, the Arabic numerical system replaces Roman numerals in everyday use and mathematics is taught by the long handed methods we know of today. The story in many ways appears worthy of a plot of a possible Indiana Jones film. In India (the country where the secret system was first discovered) and written into the Hindu religion in Sanskrit, scholars studying the ancient records still unappreciate the significance of parts of the ancient Sanskrit texts. The Vedas (meaning knowledge) contained profound knowledge on many subjects, including architecture, medicine and astronomy, of which mathematics was but one subject. The section entitled "Ganita Sultras" (meaning Mathematics), could still not be interpreted as anything other than nonsense.

However, one scholar, Bharati Krsna, could not accept that time and trouble would have been taken to write into religious teachings, 'nonsense', so he set out to discover the truth behind the 'Ganita Sultras'. At the age of 20 he held a degree and 7 M.As with high honours in the subjects of philosophy, English, mathematics, history and Sanskrit. For seven years between the years of 1911 to 1918, working virtually alone in India, Bharati discovered the hidden code in which letters were given numerical values and reconstructed the entire system. It is hard to believe, but thousands of years ago, these wise men knew about calculus, coordinate geometry and other subjects which we credit with being discovered in recent times. Even harder to take in is the fact that the secret systems of over 3000 years ago, were far in advance of the systems we use today. So why have we not been taught this before you ask? It is said, change is inevitable, except from a vending machine. The process of change however is a slow lumbering beast. During the Second World War, a prisoner in the German concentration camps, Ukrainian engineer Jakow Trachtenberg, to try and keep his mind occupied during his internment, worked out a system of speed mathematics, very similar to the Vedic system. Trachenberg's system of speed mathematics did gain some following and was taught in some European schools during the 1960s by teachers mostly on their own initiative. But for most of us who were at school in our primary years in the 1960s, this knowledge was just not available. It is only recently with the introduction of the Internet and the information age that these strands of information have coalesced to form a new picture of Mathematics as a whole. As a result the secret of Vedic Mathematics is now revived across India and is making a huge impact into the western world. There is still a lot of ground to cover, but gradually the face of mathematics across the world will change for the better, and I believe some of these new wonderful systems of mathematics, (I'm being sarcastic), that have been introduced across America and the United Kingdom, which are causing parents and teachers great concern, will be consigned to the waste bin, where their largely pointless and difficult to understand complicated methods of calculation truly belong. The lost secrets are back! This article is written in good faith. The inferences and conclusions drawn may not be entirely accurate. For more information and a free tutorial ebook, visit:

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