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Good Afternoon Toastmasters, General Evaluator, Fellow Toastmasters and dear guests Is there a better way to describe a person

than to present his Passion and believes? Thats exactly what Im going to do in this IceBreaker, my rst Toastmaster Project. But before that, just a small introduction about one person. The day, October 23,1988 Do you know what happened. A person was born in the automobile hub of India, None other than the city of Chennai. He faced his first interview when he was just 2 years old. His parents took him to a nearby school and the headmistress asked him to recite ABCD and he recited it fully. She was astonished and asked his parents not to wait for an year and admit the child this year itself and thus started his journey of school life. In his school days had a great love for toys and he had a huge collection of toys but everything was either in Pieces or dismantled. He had a craze for screwdrivers, nuts and bolts which made his parents to call him a mechanical engineer ever since his childhood. He was denied writing the annual exam for the classes seventh and eighth, not for bad or conduct related reasons, but for the accolades he had earned for his academic performances. Yes its me, myself Kaushik. I have a great passion for f1 car workings and I am diehard fan Michael Schumacher and his scarlet Ferrari and when he returned, his silver arrows. I had realised Mechanical engineering was my destiny I passed my 12 th standard with aggregate of 91% and scoring good marks in PCM which made my dream to come true. I took mechanical engineering at SMIT, one of the renowned colleges in the city for mechanical engineering. My house was frequented by my classmates at the time of exams and I used to teach them and most of them cleared their papers and I was able to pass my engineering in First class with distinction. During my graduation I got placed in a company called FL Smidth, but the joy of placement didnt last long because they declined their offer later due to recession. But I did not lose hope. I did my final year project at HAL Bangalore which played vital role in landing me an offer at Janatics India private limited as a GET and later as product design engineer. I had an opportunity to carry out many innovative projects which we were presented in major industrial expos worldwide. After that on a fine day I joined flowserve wherein I assist castlemaine and brunn bus. Passion to do things comes with Believes I believe that Technology makes us more human. I remember when I was a small kid this tall everybody was thinking that "in the future we would all be non-sociable robot- like beings, only talking with computers" and that technology would change our essence, and it is the other way around! If you think of the basic human characteristics, you would nd the most successful technology behind them. Let me illustrate with a few examples. What is the technology that comes to your mind Curiosity: Google, Wikipedia Gossip, procrastinate: Facebook, Twitter Books: Kindle, iPad Music: in our pockets Games: lots of devices to play

We invent and use technology to be more human! As the geek that I am, I cannot wait to see how history is going to continue about this I believe that we can achieve anything we propose in this life. The only three tools we need are: FOCUS DISCIPLINE PATIENCE I know, I know, I didnt say its easy, but isnt it great to know that we can achieve any goal we set out to do? So, one of the goals I set for myself it is to be a good public speaker, and thats exactly what Im trying to do with this rst speech. I also believe that the most valuable asset in life is TIME Time is needed to meet great people like you all, experience new things and have a wonderful time in this life