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essence of Sri Vaishnavism. I give below excerpts of these, translated from "Sri
Ramaanujar," ... (written by Sri Parthasarathy Dileepan). ... -
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Essence of Sri Vaishnavism

In his final moments Sri Ramanuja is said to have
articulated 82 statements to his disciples. It is not
an exaggeration to present these statements as the
essence of Sri Vaishnavism. I give below excerpts of
these, translated from "Sri Ramaanujar," pi. sri,
sudhEsamitthiran, pp. 250 - 259, aagaStu 1964 . I
apologise for the lack of lucidity of my translation.
(written by Sri Parthasarathy Dileepan).

1. Serve God and God's devotees. Serve all devotees
without regard to their status.

2. Have faith in the teachings of AchAryAs.

3. Do not succumb to sensual pleasures.

4 & 5. Do not put your conviction on trivial
saasthraas, have conviction on the saasthraas that
deal with God.

6 - 8. Protect yourself from the five senses.

9 & 10. Praise the name of the Lord and AchAryAs.

11. All the knowledge you may have will not protect
you if you choose sensual pleasures.

12 & 13. It is not enough to control your sensual
desires, you must surrender to the Lord.

14 - 17. Do not be disrespectful of sri vaishnavaas
for any reason, including age, caste, etc. You must
show respect to them all.

18. When you rise from your bed meditate upon your
ancestral line of AchAryAs.

19. In front of the sanctum of our Lord, amongst sri
vaishnavaas utter the words of dvayam. (mentally' Do
not utter loudly, as they are rahaysyams)

20. Praise the auspicious qualities of our Lord and

21 and 22. Welcome sri vaishnavas with open arms and
praise. Do not praise ordinary people for the sake of
material gain.

23. Pay respect when you see the gOpuram of a temple.

24 - 25. Have undying faith in Lord Vishnu.

26. Do not find fault with praise of the Lord or

27 - 29. Pay at most respect to sri vaishnavaas.

30 & 31. Among sri vaishnavaas do not discriminate
between poor and rich.

32. Ignore the faults and praise the virtues of sri

33 - 35. Consume Sri paadha theertham with respect.

36. Do not consider yourself as equal to other
devotees. Think of yourself as their servant.

37 - 39. To purify your sins consume the sri paatha
theertham of great saints. For this, do not consider
the caste of those saints.

40 & 41. Duties of families. (Not described in the

42 - 44. Visiting temples and securing prasaadam is

45. Do not boast about your virtues.

46. Do not scorn a devotee.

47. Do not ignore serving devotees.

48. Praise the auspicious qualities of the Lord daily.

49. Recite prabhandams like thiruvaaymozhi daily.

50 - 58. Do not associate with the ones who only
pretend to be sri vaihnvaas. Do not associate with the
ones who find faults with others. Do not even look
upon those who belittle devotees. Associate with those
who wish to surrender to the Lord.

59 & 60. Ignore the harsh words of other sri
vaishnvas. Always do good to them.

(From this point onwards I am unable to give numerical
listing as the original text does not give the
numerical ordering.)

Do not think of the deities of the Lord as just stone
or wood.
Do not think of your guru (AchArya) as just an
ordinary person. Even simply saying out loud the caste
of a sri vaishnava is a sin.

Do not consider anything related to our Lord as
ordinary. There is nothing greater than making our
Lord and his devotees happy. Insulting a devotee is a
greater sin than not praying to the Lord. Your duty is
to surrender to our Lord. Try to live in Thiru
naaraayanapuram (mElkOte) at least for some time. If
you are unable to, where ever you are, live with
dvayam in your tongue. If you are unable to do even
this, serve other srivaishnavas.