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Absurdist literature of the Absurd

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Literature of the Absurd

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The premise basing most traditional or conventional literature is that life has me and order or structure. Originating from Aristotles Poetics where he laid down guidelines for the order and structure of literature, traditional literature by being coherent, linear in structure and aiming for order and unity. Furthermo criteria aims for close correlation between character and plot. The conflict, risin complications and especially the denouement or resolution of the conflict must ground rules of cause and effect to retain credibility and plausibility. This causa particularly must be reflected in the consistency of the actions of the characters imperative that the characters act consistently throughout and never act The beginning, middle and end lead to closure. Absurdist literature defies all these conventions, reflecting changes in philosophical perception of our place in the universe. Essentially, there are four historical worldviews;

Ptolemaic Geocentric hierarchical, stable, superstitious - order is a high priority. Copernican Heliocentric / man no longer the center of the universe. Newtonian egalitarian rational & empirical Einsteinian - Infinite universe chaos theory, atoms now can be split. Nothing is certain.

The Literature of the Absurd had its origins in the Theatre of the Absurd, notably following the firs world wars. This absurdity (that which has no purpose, meaning goal or objective) is the result of dis with the rationalism, which attempted to justify the exploitation of the working class and poor, the rich, the wanton yet condoned destructiveness of two world wars, and the unquestioned belief in evo progress. No longer can we accept a unanimous consensus of moral and social order. 06-Mar-13

Absurdist literature of the Absurd

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The decline of religious faith, the destruction of the belief in automatic social and biological progress discovery of vast areas of irrational and unconscious forces within the human psyche, the loss of a s control over human development in an age of totalitarianism, and weapons of mass destruction and persuasion, have all eroded a sense of confidence in the future of the world.

In reflecting the world they live in, dramatists no longer enjoy universally accepted dramatic conventi the action proceeds within a framework of fixed and self-evident set of accepted values. Faced with many artists turned to nihilism, the Da-Da movement, or existentialism or felt the need to fit their wor frame of values and dogma expressed in contemporary ideologies: Marxism, psychoanalysis, aesthe nature worship.

The Literature of the absurd attempts to depict a grotesque caricature of our world; a world meaning, direction or freedom of will. Human life is more and more removed from natural; we are al the earth and each other. As human behaviour becomes more conditioned and psychologically man pre-determined by the conformity of the mass media, it is no longer governed by logic or the rational

The meaningless and fecklessness (loss of a sense of direction and purpose) of life is depicted as ra chaotic structure of the works. Nothing is sequential and nothing follows from that which went before

The arbitrariness of decision making is indicated in the capricious way the promotions system works bureaucracies, especially the army. There seems little rhyme or reason for many decisions that are are whimsical and illogical. The Literature of the Absurd shows the world as an incomprehensible place. Distortions occur both place that perplex us. Language fails to communicate and explain symptoms.

Literature of Absurd portrays life in the twentieth century. If characters change half way through th identity crises, it suggests they dont know who they are. If people appear to be marionettes, helples without any will of their own it is because of the irresistible seductive powers of mass advertising and persuasive techniques of mass media campaigns. Passive, impotent and powerless to possess gen to decide our own destiny we are at the mercy of blind fate and meaningless circumstance in an ove world

Narcissism rules: We are subtly encouraged by movies, marketing, advertising and pop cultu permeate government and political rhetoric not to regard each other as selves deserving res trust but as objects for consumption.

Greed is sexier than gratitude, competitiveness is better than cooperation. Power and money matter.

Mostly we live in a heightened state of insatiability, wanting what we cant have, forgetting and what we already have. 06-Mar-13

Absurdist literature of the Absurd

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Brittle fragile relationships are normal, with each person watching their backs rather than the person they most want to love and be loved by. Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love Questions:

1. Create a chart to illustrate the differences between Traditional and Absurdist literature. 2. Define these words and add them to your vocabulary list:

Absurd Whimsical

affluence Feckless




Pragmatism aestheticism

Any other words you would like to use.

1. What caused the disillusionment of modern mankind? 1. What factors have contributed to the loss of a common basis for universally accepted values? 1. How does the literature of the absurd reflect modern life?

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