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Recruitment Exchange

Recruitment Exchange
Recruitment Exchange is an android mobile application which helps the recruiter to get notification of tasks assigned, candidates under the requisition and also helps to communicate with his Reporting Manager/Client.

ReSOLUTE (Recruitment Solution Exchange) is a next generation recruitment software with a state-of-the-art user interface. Plan and Measure recruitment performance by creating a Hiring Plan for any requisition and measure efforts against targets at each stage of recruitment. Create customized Assessment Templates that are broken down into Skills/Sub-Skills and are further mapped to each stage of the workflow. Highlights of ReSOLUTE: State-of-the-art, real-time Dashboards with drill-down capability Microsoft Outlook like intuitive User Interface - Minimal user Built to provide productivity improvement in Planning, Sourcing,

training required

Screening and Reporting Unlimited Email and Filter templates User Customizable Fields, Labels and Forms Highly Flexible Workflows and Extensible Frameworks - New Ad hoc Reporting feature helps build unlimited trackers Uses Dynamic Synchronization - reduces network bandwidth needs
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features and Modules are plug-and-play add-ins


Recruitment Exchange


User-defined Automated Alerts & Task notifications Universal Calendar, Date - Time, Numbers and Currency format

MS Office Integration, Bulk Import resumes, Bulk Schedule for Walk -ins, Roster management and many more

Recruiter 1. them. 2. 3. The recruiter can see list of jobs they are working on. The recruiter can see list of candidates tagged by them against jobs The recruiter gets a notification whenever the new job is assigned to

assigned to them 4. The recruiter can submit CV of candidate(s) to hiring manager/client,

after which the recipient will get the notification on the same, see the CV and shortlist them. 5. The recruiter can schedule an interview of candidate and send an

appointment notification to hiring manager/client/candidate. 6. The recruiter can send request for offer approval of his/her

candidate(s) to the offer approver for approving the same. 7. The recruiter will get notification in the event when Hiring

Manager/client shortlist or rejects the profile/resume sent to them. 8. The recruiter will get notification in the event when the Offer

Approver approves or rejects the offer approval request of a particular candidate.


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Recruitment Exchange


The recruiter will get notification whenever their candidate(s) joins

the company/client.

Recruitment Manager 1. The recruitment manager can view list of requirements of client(s)

handled by them. 2. If the requirement is breaching the target date without fulfillment or

the target date of closing the same is nearing (the intervals can be configured by the user), then the recruitment manager will get an alert. 3. 4. The recruitment manager can assign the requirement to team/vendors. If the recruitment manager has shared/assigned the requirement to

vendors/team, then at the EOD or at specified intervals, he/she will get an alert which will show statistics or reports of vendors/team on how many candidates sourced, scheduled, offered or joined.

Hardware and Software Requirements: Software For developing the application the following are the Software Requirements: Language: Java. Database: SQLite. Tools: Eclipse IDE, Android Plug-in for Eclipse (Android SDK),

Plug-in for JSON Convertor. Web service (REST).


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Recruitment Exchange

Hardware For developing the application the following are the Hardware Requirements: Operating System: Windows 7 Processor: Pentium IV or higher RAM: 2 GB Space on Hard Disk: minimum 100GB

Client For running the application: Device: Android version 2.3 and higher

In this fast moving world, everything can be done with just a touch. Likewise ,this application is developed to reduce the work of the recruiter .This application would provide the user friendly interface so that even a layman without any technical knowledge can make the best use of it.


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