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2nd Class Stationary Engineer Date Posted Location Country Degree Required Job Type Min Experience Position

Id Job Description 9/7/2011 Windsor, ON Canada See EDUCATION !"ll#Ti$e %eg"lar & 'ears 7099 EDUCATIO !


("st )ossess 2nd Class O)erating Engineer *erti+i*ate as )res*ri,ed ,y TSSA-s O)erating Engineers %eg"lations

!i.e or $ore years o+ e/)erien*e s")er.ising in a "nioni0ed 1or2+or*e in a $aintenan*e / $an"+a*t"ring setting3 1or2ed 5 s")er.ised 1ater and 1aste )lant o)erators, stationary engineers and a"/iliary e6"i)$ent o)erators, )o1er syste$s and )o1er station o)erators Wor2ing e/)erien*e o+ *o$)"teri0ed $aintenan*e $anage$ent syste$s, ti$e and attendan*e / la,o"r allo*ation syste$s # 1o"ld ,e *onsidered a de+inite asset3 ("st e/*el in 7ealt7 and sa+ety re6"ire$ents, )ro*ed"res and )ro*esses3 ("st 7a.e 2no1ledge o+ t7e O**")ational 4ealt7 and Sa+ety A*t and a))li*a,le (OE and (O8 legislation3 E/*ellent *o$$"ni*ation, inter)ersonal s2ills and tea$ )layer3 Sel+ dire*ted and a,le to $"lti#tas23 ("st )ossess an e/e$)lary tea$ ,"ilding and )ro,le$ a,ility3 E/*ellent *o$$"ni*ations s2ills # .er,al and 1ritten

RE"PO "I$ILITIE" Under t7e s")er.ision o+ t7e O)erations (anager, t7e C7ie+ Engineer# 2nd Class 1ill ty)i*ally o)erate +le/i,le 7o"rs t7ro"g7o"t t7e 1or2 1ee2 # +"l+illing tas2s +alling "nder t7ree *ategories # ad$inistrati.e s"))ort, s7i+t *o.erage and )lant 1ide s"))ort3

%es)onsi,le +or all )ro9e*t 1or23 Con+or$an*e to a))li*a,le legislati.e ,odies in*l"ding t7e (OE and (O8 as 1ell as Co$)any )oli*ies is an essential re6"ire$ent3 O)erate a"to$ated or *o$)"teri0ed *ontrol syste$s, stationary engines and a"/iliary e6"i)$ent s"*7 as ,oilers, t"r,ines, generators, )"$)s, *o$)ressors, )oll"tion *ontrol de.i*es and ot7er e6"i)$ent to )ro.ide 7eat, .entilation,

re+rigeration, lig7t and )o1er +or ,"ildings, ind"strial )lants and ot7er 1or2 sites

(onitor and ins)e*t )lant e6"i)$ent, *o$)"ter ter$inals, s1it*7es,, ga"ges, alar$s, $eters and ot7er instr"$ents to $eas"re te$)erat"re, )ress"re and +"el +lo1, to dete*t lea2s or ot7er e6"i)$ent $al+"n*tions and to ens"re )lant e6"i)$ent is o)erating at $a/i$"$ e++i*ien*y Analy0e and re*ord instr"$ent readings and e6"i)$ent $al+"n*tions Tro",les7oot and )er+or$ *orre*ti.e a*tion and $inor re)airs to )re.ent e6"i)$ent or syste$ +ail"re Clean and l",ri*ate generators, t"r,ines, )"$)s and *o$)ressors and )er+or$ ot7er ro"tine e6"i)$ent $aintenan*e d"ties "sing a))ro)riate l",ri*ants and 7and, )o1er and )re*ision tools (aintain a daily log o+ o)eration, $aintenan*e and sa+ety a*ti.ities, and 1rite re)orts a,o"t )lant o)eration (ay assist in t7e de.elo)$ent o+ o)eration, $aintenan*e and sa+ety )ro*ed"res3 i1=WEBGUEST&i2=1975 1!27" "179&i"=#ET$%&&i =1975 1!27" "179&i5=E&E'T(%'$&) E*G%*EE(&i!=&i7=&i+=1,-2.5-2.2,11-2,5:5!:59-2,$/&h01h=22"+1 ,5&i1,=,&pcr2 i3=g'Srpu42/0.567w3 7-2b90+eh&,T.81E19:;Sx; -2.T9p;%9<0p72p=3b0'7&x>tuW?@!-2.6$n6A6Gn>-,3-,06:ASgh:S(7 -2.BCD?c.5?G#,$7bw:bpwW/,47!&x$9/,9x!t+/C$ iB1B?