!"#"$%#$ '(#)*+ ,#-+").+/0.

2 '(#)*+ 34.(#)%*# -*+ 56!7
289(+ ':"0;8"# <*#()= <(>(+? '@ A*+)9/+$B= </"# C"+"9"DD*= !"/+%(+ E"8F+(G
H."B I".(+ E()("+0B J"9*+".*+?= H."B '.".( H#%K(+)%.?
1hls pro[ecL ls funded by nauonal Sclence loundauon
granLs LÞS-1208732 and LA8-1224638.
L"0;$+*/#M1 1he Cbservauons uaLa Model (CuM) ls
a relauonal daLa model for sLorage and managemenL
of envlronmenLal observauons daLa deslgned Lo
capLure conslsLenL descrlpuons for unamblguous
lnLerpreLauon among users. CuM 1.1 was lnLended
for publ l cauon of pol nL-based hydrol ogl c
observauons uslng Lhe Consoruum of unlverslues
for Lhe AdvancemenL of Pydrologlc Sclence, lnc.
(CuAPSl) Pydrologlc lnformauon SysLem (PlS).
8ecause of lLs focus on daLa publlcauon, CuM 1.1
does noL provlde all of Lhe funcuonallLy needed Lo
fully descrlbe Lhe daLa collecuon and managemenL
process for sensor and sample-based observauons.
We are worklng Lo develop a new verslon of CuM
(CuM2) LhaL beuer supporLs boLh managemenL and
publ l cauon of sensor and sampl e- based

56!7 C*+(1 CuM2 conslsLs of
a core seL of enuues common
Lo all Lypes of observauonal
daLa Lo descrlbe locauon,
observed varlable, and ume.
56!7 34.(#)%*#)1
Addluonal meLadaLa
can be provlded vla
exLenslons Lo Lhe core
Lo supporL parucular
Lypes of observauons.
34.(#)%*#) H#M(+ 6(K(D*:8(#.1
• '(#)*+)1 descrlbe monlLorlng equlpmenL, deploymenLs, and !"
$!%& ume serles.
• '"8:D(): capLure sample hlerarchy and analyucal meLhods.
• N("./+()1 deLall Lhe physlcal feaLure(s) from whlch an
observauon ls made.
• 2##*."O*#)1 provlde quallñers or commenLs Lo varlables or
• P+*K(#"#0(: descrlbe daLa verslonlng and processlng.
Q"9D( 6()0+%:O*#)
• 3R/%:8(#. conLalns aurlbuLes of lndlvldual sensors and
oLher pleces of ñeld equlpmenL whlle 3R/%:8(#.!*M(D)
descrlbes aurlbuLes of equlpmenL of Lhe same Lype.
• 6(:D*?8(#.) provldes lnformauon abouL Lhe sensor
deploymenL ln space and ume.
• '%.(S%)%.)TN%(DM20OK%O()TC"D%9+"O*#) record acuvlues
of ñeld crews and sensor callbrauons.
• S(#M*+) provldes lnformauon on equlpmenL
manufacLurers and suppllers and N"0.*+?'(+K%0(3K(#.)
records sensor servlclng by Lhe manufacLurer.
• '(#)*+5/.:/.S"+%"9D() conLalns lnformauon on a
speclñc varlable belng measured by a sensor. lL ls llnked
Lo Lhe speclñc deploymenL Lhrough
• 6"."D*$$(+P+*$+"8 Lables allow for Lracklng of
programs, ñles, and each varlable recorded ln Lhe ñle.
• C*#.+*DD(M S*0"9/D"+%() are used for Lypes of
equlpmenL, deploymenLs, slLes, vendors, acuvlues, and
callbrauon sLandards.
J%#;"$( .* 56!7 C*+(1 1he connecuon beLween Lhe Sensors
LxLenslon and Lhe CuM2 Core provldes llnkages beLween
observauons, equlpmenL, and evenLs assoclaLed wlLh Lhe
observauons. 1he llnklng Lables are MeLhods, Cbservauons,
Þeople, and SlLes.
I(9 ,#.(+-"0(1 lleld Lechnlclans and oLher
researchers can use Lhe web lnLerface for Lhe
Sensors LxLenslon Lo add and edlL sensors,
slLes, and ñeld acuvlues such as callbrauons
and deploymenLs. 1he lnLerface can be used
Lo address quesuons such as whaL sensors are
deployed aL a slLe, Lhe deploymenL hlsLory or
facLory servlce hlsLory of a sensor, and Lhe
hlsLory of ñeld acuvlues performed aL a slLe.
'(#)*+) 34.(#)%*#. 1he Sensors LxLenslon
permlLs lnformauon abouL lndlvldual sensors,
deploymenLs, and Lhe assoclaLed ume serles
Lo be recorded and managed.
!*OK"O*#1 8esearch slLes conducung long Lerm monlLorlng uslng !" $!%& sensors need Lhe
funcuonallLy Lo Lrack equlpmenL, deploymenLs, callbrauons, and oLher evenLs relaLed Lo
slLe malnLenance and Lo llnk Lhls lnformauon Lo Lhe observauonal daLa LhaL Lhey are
C*#."0. ,#-*+8"O*#
289(+ ':"0;8"# <*#(), (433)797-7147, amber.[ones[usu.edu
<(>(+? '@ A*+)9/+$B, (433)797-2946, [eñ.horsburgh[usu.edu
</"# C"+"9"DD*, (433)797-0043, [uan.caraballo17[gmall.com
!"/+%(+ E"8F+(G, (433)797-0043, maurlel.ramlrez[gmall.com
Any oplnlons, ñndlngs, and concluslons or
recommendauons expressed ln Lhls maLerlal are
Lhose of Lhe auLhor(s) and do noL necessarlly reßecL
Lhe vlews of Lhe nauonal Sclence loundauon.
When was Lhe lasL ume
we cleaned Lhls sonde?
WhaL were Lhe ñeld
condluons of our dlscharge
Whlch soll molsLure
sensor ls burled aL
40 cm?
WhaL ls Lhls dlssolved
oxygen sensor's
callbrauon hlsLory?
Whlch sensors were
deployed aL Lhls slLe?
Who lnsLalled Lhem?
Pas Lhls LurbldlLy
sensor been servlced
aL Lhe facLory?
Who programmed
Lhls daLalogger?
Whlch sLandards
dld we use for LhaL
Pow long has LhaL
bauery been
,8:D(8(#."O*#1 1he
lu1AP (lnnovauve urban
1ransluons and Arldreglon
neLwork of aquauc and
LerresLrlal sensors ls belng
used as a LesL case for Lhe
Sensors LxLenslon. 1he
CuM2 Sensors LxLenslon
and assoclaLed Lools wlll be
useful for slmllar large scale
and long Lerm monlLorlng
neLworks. See
8eaver dam
blow ouL -
sensor losL
8aln on
Soll molsLure
sensors dlagnosed
as drawlng currenL
and replaced
Sensor falled,
senL Lo facLory
for servlce
Large sLorm, sensor
clogged wlLh sedlmenL
new sensor
deployed wlLh
Sensor repro-
bulldup on
5P3U '5HEC3 C563 E3P5',Q5EV1
1he web appllcauon for Lhe Sensors LxLenslon ls avallable ln ClLPu8

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