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please visit the D ! 'ssociation web site at www.7:/ many users are choosing D ! as a public safety alternative for reason which will be discussed later in this 3uide. the obvious answer is that D ! e5uipment with comparable features to -2/ is considerably less e4pensive.).blogspot.com7inde4.public. 3. an $uropean standard. '-. or -2/.Introduction to DMR DMR Communications Guide 1.us7*yteraIntro.pdf.html. in particular if you can offer better features at lower cost "more about this later#.radioreference. Background D ! is one of four basic digital 2. and 01D02 D ! was not designed for public safety use. 'dd to that. For additional comments on the suitability of otoT!() for public safety. 's far as offering D ! products to mission critical users is concerned. © Falcon Direct. Inc.com72::. we suggest a 5uick review of a listing of otoT!() users currently licensed in the %&' at http677wiki. *owever. and you can begin to understand why an increasing number of public safety agencies are purchasing D !.dmrassociation. For additional information on D !. &uffice it to say for now. The only approved technology eligible for federal funding is -2/. %nlike T$T!' "not sold in the %&' at this time#. Purpose The purposed of this guide is to provide a basic introduction to a communications technology known as Digital obile !adio "D !#.php7 )T)T!()8 )T)T!()9&ystems9in9%se. that there are those who would take e4ception to our comments concerning suitability of D ! for a mission critical user. )ur task is to simply help you make the best decision for your individual needs. 'lso consider that a D ! user can talk to a -2/ user in the analog mode for interoperability use.for. introduced in the %&' by otorola under the otoT!() brand name.way radio standards and is the only one of the four that offers both consumer grade and commercial grade models. please visit our (log page at http677falconinfo. Why Hytera? The 5uestion to many is why would Hytera jump into a market dominated by Motorola and why would these products be offered to public safety mission critical users? The answer is that following otorola<s market direction is rarely a bad choice. and more recently offered by *+T under the brand name of *ytera. For those with a contrarian view. ' -ower -oint presentation that provides more information on *ytera is available at 2 . the fact that otorola has the largest sales force and marketing resources of any communications vendor.

way radio communications is going digital.2/e# TD ' technology. > . )T)T!() supports the $T&I Digital obile !adio "D !# standard for large organiIation7enterprise two. The -2/ protocol "TI' -roAect 2/ standard# was adopted for public safety sector use and currently uses G2. The *ytera offering. provides an alternative to otoT!(). for the first time.2/ e5uivalent. It is 0)T? The following is an e4cerpt from the otorola DE' website at http677mototrbo./ H*I FD ' technology.asked. it is also moving toward the fusion of communications and computers. Be think this is a good thing? BeCll be telling your more about *ytera very soon./ H*I "J. often misinformed. 0ot only is it going digital. one of the fastest growing communications companies in the %&' and a subsidiary of the /th largest 2. the fact that there has been no competitive offering to otoT!() which has been a maAor concern by many prospective users. and now otoT!() users have a choice as well.J.ompetition advances technology and reduces cost to the consumer. Is )T)T!() compatible with -2/ technology7systemsF No. © Falcon Direct. Bith 01D0. 'side from the endless debates as to which is the best technology. For now. &ome misguided sales representatives are attempting to present otoT!() as a public safety solution. For the sake of clarification. In the meantime. -2/ is the )0@+ technology approved for -%(@I. @ike it or not.Introduction to DMR What in the world is a Hytera? *ytera is a new product offering from *+T 'merica. and in some cases. Inc. &'F$T+ communications. we Aust wanted to keep you informed on the rapidly changing dynamics of wireless communications technology. one fact is very clear. 2. . there are currently three choices. deceptive sales representatives. In the case of -2/.motorola. First .way radio manufacturer in the world? 's the battle lines are drawn between differing narrow band technologies. there are many competitors. let us address a few fundamental issues.5uestions785twelve.way radio customers and uses G2.com7fre5uently. we know that a great deal of confusion is being caused by overly aggressive.

&peaking of planning. © Falcon Direct.way radios in ay of 2:G:. . etc. or -2/ technology.heck it out for information that we hope will be useful in your system there was no competitive alternative for otoT!() users. municipal public safety organiIations "as long as they donCt use F$ ' grant money for the purchase and they have no desire to participate in a statewide Interoperability plan . %ntil then. these functions were made available by otorola. it might have been another three years before these features were developed. trunking. mi4ed mode repeater operation and 2. 0ow there is? The D ! "Digital obile !adio# technical standard now provides you with a choice? Be have always contended that free and open competition is good for the consumer and good for business. Inc. small campuses such as resorts and schools. please click here to visit the *ytera website. Kust weeks before the introduction of *ytera. It is based on the migration to narrow band using 01D0 technology for a non. = .public safety user.3uide. The elements of the plan would generally apply whether you were considering D !. construction sites.tone paging was not available on otoT!() products. we were recently asked to provide a long range plan by a maAor user looking for a near term solution for converting to narrow band. and energy7utility companies. transportation companies. The result is that otorola customers directly benefit from the entry of a new competitor. please visit www.Introduction to DMR Bhat types of organiIations would be best suited for )T)T!()F -ublic "government# administration. vehicle For more information.ase in point . and things get better for all concerned. there are some really competitive offerings as you will see in a special report available at www.pdf.us7-2/3uide. manufacturing facilities. Bith all new technology. more profits are generated. Be think you may find this information to be very useful in making your plans for narrow banding and enhanced capabilities. For more information. as well as small. products are improved. more Aobs are created.us7ID'&. and a long range obAective of selecting the best digital system as well as enhanced features such as paging. Bith no competition.pdf. things never really get moving until there are two or more competitors. . *ytera began shipping the first of the new otoT!() compatible 2. 01D0. public works. That plan is currently being prepared and shared with a number of users with similar re5uirements. more ta4es are paid. for the better part of three years. -rices come down. The battle for superiority in the public safety sector will be by those who provide top 5uality -2/ e5uipment at reasonable cost. 'lready.omments ours#. Hinda puts a lump in your throat doesnCt itF . sales increase.

N2 repeater allows analog radios to be phased out as budgets permit with the capability of operating both analog and digital radios simultaneously through the same station. Bith the !D. you can literally have two repeaters for the price of one with voice or data operation or mi4ed as desired. ' single *ytera repeater can operate on a single G2. a *ytera e4clusive? The !D. let<s take a look at the maAor *ytera offerings? Be are delighted to announce the first of a family of products beginning with the -DMN2 portable./ k*I. In the meantime. *ytera knew that had to offer a superior product at lower cost to break into the market.2JGG.D display. / . more powerful. click here. 2/O more battery capacity.N2 can operate at 2/ k*I. the !D./ k*I channel with a single duple4er and a single antenna with the ability to provide TB) simultaneous talk paths for the price of a single repeater . The !D.N/=.)@)! @. and it has front panel control with a color new top mounted controls for single handed operation and a world wide patented low profile dual function "3-&7%*F# antenna that we guarantee to out talk any other %*F portable regardless of brand. a F%@@ . That is a huge benefit. less e4pensive. They came out with a family of new products with more power on mobiles and repeaters. Bant to put us to the testF Kust give us a call at 2:/. %nlike the 1-!N>:: and 1-!N=::. lighter. and repeaters. *ytera has introduced 'mericaCs most affordable mi4ed mode D ! "Digital obile !adio# repeater especially otorolaCs otoT!() 1-! &eries mobile and portable radios as well DMN2 mobile analog7digital radios. icon function selection. price or power. drop us an email to salesLfalcondirect. and J. 2:O less cost. . a high performance patented antenna for portables along with higher capacity batteries and a standard / year warranty. Think of it as a direct e5uivalent of the otoT!() 1-!J//: with all the features and functionality -@%& smaller siIe and weight. 0othing else even comes close? © Falcon Direct. portables. designed to work with as the *ytera -DMN2 portable and The new !D.ouple that with an innovative full color display on mobiles.D. For now. if you would like to review a brochure on this remarkable new product.2/ k*I to meet current re5uirements as well as the mandatory narrow band standard which becomes effective at the end of 2:G2.N2 can accommodate an internal duple4er plus it is smaller.N2. Inc. but here is an ever better feature.N2 offers two channel trunking as a &T'0D'!D feature. G2.Introduction to DMR . plus lower pricing and you have a real competitive offering? *ow much lower are the *ytera pricesF Duite a bit actually? If you would like to know Aust e4actly how much lower.

if you would like to review a brochure on this remarkable new product. we will summariIe the information previously discussed with a simple comparison chart. a full color @. lighter. -rocesses that operate with Qsi4 sigma 5ualityQ over the short term are assumed to produce long.D display with simple 3%I interface and significant cost savings. *ytera has actually improved the 5uality levels on their products by advancing the process to a higher level known as DF&& "Design For &i4 &igma# by addressing 5uality levels beginning at the product design stage rather than applying only at the manufacturing level. Aust give us a call at 2:/. %ntil now. functions. 0ow. The DMN2 has all the features of the otoT!() 1-!=//: including '@T "'ccelerated @ife Testing# and &i4 &igmaP5uality standards.term defect levels below >. Inc. pricing. If you would like to take a look at a fully otoT!() compatible mobile with a side by side comparison.Introduction to DMR The *ytera DMN2 is the newest D ! offering in the %&'? 's you may have noticed in our previous posting. +ou<ll be glad we came R guaranteed? P&i4 &igma is a registered &ervice ark "& # and Trademark "T # of otorola Inc. J . and cost of ownership. +ou tell us the time and place most convenient for a demonstration. but the real story about *ytera versus otorola is in the performance? Be invite you to compare the features. The term Q&i4 &igmaQ comes from a field of statistics known as process capability studies. The DMN2 gives you an alternative that is smaller.N/=. more powerful. please click here. Be<ll be there. you have a choice of D ! "Digital obile !adio# offerings. In the meantime. with more function control buttons. there is now a second source of D ! radios. along with the otoT!() 1-!=//: series by otorola. you had only one choice for a D ! compatible mobile radio. © Falcon Direct. )n the following page.= Defects -er illion )pportunities "D.2JGG or email

25 kHz) capability at comparable cost and is available from ICOM (IDAS) and Kenwood (NXDN).Phone 205.falcondirect.5 kHz) operating standards required by the end of 2012. Inc. this is the standard for interoperable communications by public safety users.falcondirect.Birmingham.pdf Repeaters: http://www. It is also available in the USA from Motorola and APCO-25 (P25) is the only Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and SAFECOM operating standard. For those who may be considering DMR.Introduction to DMR A comparison of DMR Radios DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a technical operating standard primarily developed for use in Europe. More information is available at www. In the USA.854.pdf.info4u. th M .us/P25Guide.853. known as NXDN offers Very Narrow Band (6.Fax we offer the following Additional information is available at www.info4u.pdf Falcon Direct 36 – 20 Avenue NW . AL 35215 . Although somewhat more expensive than either DMR or NXDN. An alternate technology.2611 .pdf Portables: www.6178 © Falcon Direct. It was not designed or intended for public safety use although a few agencies are using this technology as a relatively inexpensive solution to meeting narrow band (12. FEATURE Price Portable Power Mobile Power Repeater Power Internal duplexer Trunking (2 CH) Color LCD display Channel Capacity Warranty HYTERA UHF Typically 20% less than Motorola 4 Watts RF 45 Watts 50 Watts Continuous Available Standard Yes 256 5 years MOTOROLA UHF Typically 20% more than Hytera 4 Watts 40 Watts 40 Watts Continuous Not available Not available No 160 2 years Product Brochures Mobiles: www.

Prices do not include any applicable taxes.854.Introduction to DMR HYTERA PRICE SCHEDULE MOBILES Model MD782U-1 UHF MD782V-1 VHF ANT-MOB-V/U ANT-GPS-I ANT-COM AC-POW SMA-10A1 ANT-EXT Description UHF 45 watt. 256 channel mobile VHF 50 watt. Inc.2611 More detailed information at: User Price $742 Same Price $35 35 95 125 103 149 Introductory Price Call 205. batteries. credit cards.854. or shipping outside the N .pdf Note: All Hytera models are currently covered by a 5 year limited factory warranty.info4u. 256 channel mobile Rooftop antenna with cable GPS antenna for in-vehicle use VHF/UHF/GPS antenna. Abuse.pdf User Price $843 Same Price $100 100 176 Introductory Price Call 205. roof mount AC power supply for office use Desk microphone for office use Antenna with 75’ of cable for outside Office use (Omnidirectional) PORTABLES Model PD782U-1 UHF PD782V-1 VHF SM18N2 BL2006 PS7002 Description UHF 4 watt.info4u. 256 channel portable Water-proof speaker microphone Spare battery Six unit multiple power supply REPEATERS Model RD982U-1 UHF RD982V-1 VHF PC37 INT-DUP PRO-TEK CAB-30 Description UHF 50 watt repeater VHF 50 watt repeater Optional Programming kit Internal duplexer with cables AC and Coaxial lightning protection 30” cabinet with 19” internal rack User Price $ More detailed information at: www. on-site service calls. Prices and terms subject to change without notice. antennas.2611 for special price or visit www. We accept Government Purchase orders. and PayPal. 256 channel portable VHF 5 watt. and clips excluded. © Falcon Direct.info4u.250 Same Price $45 500 110 490 Introductory Price Call 205.

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