PETITION TO AMEND MINNEAPOLIS CITY CHARTER Proposing an amendment to Minneapolis City Charter Chapter 4, Section 5, First Power, sub

-section (c) (Proposed Amendment attached). Purpose of Proposed Amendment: to regulate neighborhood restaurants with a wine/beer license by city ordinance and state statute (which also regulate all other restaurants in the City) by eliminating: (1) the 70/30 ratio of required food sales to alcoholic beverage sales; (2) the requirement that a customer must purchase food to order a glass of wine or beer; and (3) the prohibition on serving beer/wine at a bar. The following five electors of the City of Minneapolis have formed a committee for the purpose of circulating and filing this Petition: NAME ADDRESS 1. Molly Broder 4841 Russell Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55410 2. Harvey McClain 513 River Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401 3. Frederico Navarro 4612 Lyndale Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55419 4. Steven J. Brown 4128 Drew Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55410 th 5. Peter Ireland 4129 45 Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55409 All information must be filled in in ink by the person(s) signing the petition unless disability prevents the person(s) from doing so. All information on this petition is subject to public inspection. The undersigned voters, understanding the terms and nature of the proposed charter amendment, petition the Minneapolis City Council for its adoption or, in lieu thereof, petition the Minneapolis Charter Commission for its submission to the voters for their approval. Signer’s oath: “I

swear that I know the contents and purpose of this petition and that I signed the petition only once and of my own free will.”

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AFFIDAVIT OF CIRCULATOR State of Minnesota ) ) ss County of Hennepin ) ____________________ being duly sworn, deposes and says that the affiant, and the affiant only, personally circulated the foregoing paper, that all the signatures appended thereto were made in the affiant's presence, and that the affiant believes them to be the genuine signatures of the persons whose names they purport to be. Signed ____________________________ Affiant, Circulator Subscribed and sworn to before me this ....... day of ...... ....... ___________________________ Notary Public

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FULL TEXT OF PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO Charter Chapter 4, Section 5. City Council—Power to Make Ordinances.
First.— (c) Except nothing in this Charter shall prohibit the issuance of an on-sale wine license as defined by the pertinent statutes of the State of Minnesota and the City Ordinances of the City of Minneapolis to a restaurant which gross receipts are at least seventy (70) percent attributable to the sale of food and otherwise meets the requirements of state law and city ordinance for said license. Such license may also include the on-sale of intoxicating malt beverages. The City Council shall, by ordinance, establish suitable and appropriate standards to assure that a premises exempted from the seven (7) or more acre standard shall neither sell, serve or permit to be consumed any wine, or intoxicating malt beverage, unless the patron orders a meal, nor have a bar or bar area.

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436149v4 MTN BR520-5

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