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Jason Shapiro

1508 Berkeley St. Apt D, Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 422-3045 /

EXPERIENCE U.C. Berkeley Transportation Engineering

Berkeley, CA Undergraduate Researcher May 2012 August 2013 Updated and maintained a legacy Django server to handle, store, and output data for a behavioral economics experiment. Coded an interactive HTML/JS graphical interface to profile risk preference for different individuals. Experiment data was transferred between the aforementioned server and the client using Ajax. Coded the website for a SFMTA-sponsored Muni user experience experiment using Django.

Black T-Shirt LLC Real Estate Venture

Los Angeles, CA Technical Consultant June 2011 August 2011 Fully responsible for gathering and managing the geospatial MLS data used to assess the value of prospective real estate. Collaborated in the creation of highly circumstantial metrics used in assessing the viability of prospective real estate. Author of several data-driven technical reports analyzing the potential profitability of unexplored regions of interest.

California EPA: Department of Toxics and Substance Control

Chatsworth, CA Intern June 2010 August 2010 Joined and contributed to a website overhaul committee aimed at making DTSCs website more accessible . Wrote a full analysis and critique of the then-current website, exposing numerous bugs and suggesting ways in which the usability of its features could be improved. Participated in an environmental justice initiative for the EPA where we distributed information regarding environmental issues to residents of underprivileged and low-income neighborhoods in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

EDUCATION University of California: Berkeley

Bachelor of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering Cumulative GPA: 3.3 / Major GPA: 3.5 Berkeley, CA September 2009 - August 2013

Lund University
Exchange Studies - Industrial Design Semester GPA: 3.6

Skne, Sweden August 2012 - December 2012


Python Proficient Experienced Familiar











Skills: Linux Shell, Git, Photoshop/Illustrator/Fireworks, AutoCAD, Microsoft Project and Excel Scripting Notable Awards: Eagle Scout, UC Berkeley Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology Engineering Leadership Award Languages Spoken: English (fluent), Indonesian (conversational), Japanese and Swedish (basic understanding) Interests: Game Design, UX Design, Basketball, Backpacking, Mixed Martial Arts and Brazillian Jiujitsu