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CAR of of the future will- be without gears, but that Is not

the question—today we have gears but ar» sim-
plifying our driving.
"Pedals, levers, dials, contraptions of all sorts,
A BtfEEZELESS electric fan is one of the
newest and most unique offerings of the in-
ventor. This latest model of comfort de-
vices for the hot days, which consists of a series
of blades formed on new lines, is described as fol-

will disappear. The interior of the car of the fu- lows in the Scientific American:
ture v,ill look Ilka a little ?!«a«irp house, not the "lTipt*»ad of the nroppller-shaped blade, the
engine room of the U-boat. The engine—whether present device is composed of sheets of metal
electric, gas or steam, or located under the hood or rolled in a cylindrical,shape, one cylinder being
the rear seat—will deliver and store enough power within the other. The action of this fan when
TO fln pverythijis about the car that manual labor attached to a motor in the ceiling is to draw the

LL glass enclosed, power plant at point ot now does. The air brake displaced hand bracing «ir upward with a gentle draft, iiidieau oi! b'OTrlug
power application, driven from anywhere by on the railroad train, making greater speeds and
a small control board, no clutch, gears, safety possible—it has started, with its rival, the
transmission, gear shift lever (that's not a prophe- electric brake, to do &e same for the motor.
"Steam or electric steering has displaced hand
cy, there is a magnetic-drive now that eliminates steering on all great ships—why should you sit
those four nuisances)—will sit low, have a small humped" over a much-in-the-way-of-your-comfort
clearance, ride easily over perfect roads, carry steering wheel, when your engine can supply the
BO spare tires because possessing pnnctureless or muscle and all you need to supply is the brala?
"The New Car Will Be All Glass-Enclosed and Controlled Entirely by a Set of Push "The motor car of the future will be low. You
airless tires, have no exterior or interior excres- Buttons. It Will Have No Clutch, Gears or Transmission, Will Sit Low, Have Small won't climb into it—you will step into it Six-inch
cences and cost—like those of today, just whatever Clearance and Punctureless Tires." clearances will be ample, because the future won't
your pocketbook can afford to pay and a little bit have any bad roads. In any modern city any Car
more—that's the automobile of the immediate down the oiler, a man to pump the tires, a maa left as he or even, on country roads, 03 could get along with a six-inch clearance.
future C. H. Claufiy describes in the Scientific to fill the oil lamps and a man to light them. It the rear seat. Driving will be, then, what it ought "Exterior, excrescences are doomed. Presgnt
was the same man, but the point is the engine to be, a mental, not a physical, exercise." practice runs fenders into bodies, and has cleared
American. didn't do anything hut pull htm around. He had As a basis of fact for the foregoing prediction the running boards of the boxes, battery cases,
Any one who has considered the rapid develop- to attend to all the rest of it himself. Mr. Claudy points to the push button electric gear spare tires, acetylene generators, etc., of a few
ment of the automobile will not he surprised, but "Today the engine- supplies power for lights, shift which displaces the manual work of moving years ago. Future practice will—and very soon—
interested, in Mr. CHaudy's predict?*™? power to start itself, power to pump up tires, pow- around a set of gears, and does the labor electrl- banish all such 'out-at-elbow' things as projecting
"The automobile of the future," says Mr. C!aa- er to pump its own oil, and power to putup its own. v.euiy, '..I'.?.£7 stored in the storag0 batter* by headlights, knobby tire carriers on the rear, gaso-
fly, "will be weather tight. The open car, the so- gasoline. the engine. "Of course." says Mr. Claudy, "the car line tanks that caliect uusi, license brackets with,
called 'touring model' -will never be as popular in "What is next? Power to stop itself, of course! the license hanging loose and all such!
the future as it has been in the past. Of course And here we are. on solid ground, for the vacuum "The car of the future will carry neither extra
there will always be as many, if not more, body brake, -svhich uses engine power to create suction tires nor extra wheels. In the first place, if the The Blades Are Rolled in Cylindrical Shape
models in the future as now, but they will all tend
toward one standard, just as most of the models
today tend toward the standard touring, roadster
and air pressure to apply brakes, is flready on the
market. So is an electrical brake, which uses the
stored engine energy in the battery to wind a cable
on a drum and ,iuts so much pressure on the brake
BRITISH troops while campaigning in the Sinai
non-puncturable tire doesn't arrive—which it will,
probably—and if the substitute for rubber is never
made—which it will be—why, some one will come
across with a substitute for air.
Which Cause the Air to Be Drawn Upward.
it violently downward from the upper part of the
room. The inventor claims that this results in
or limousine bodies. And this standard model will bands that the best practice is to keep them thor- ' - "The troubleless tire is on the way and the
be a. weather-proof affair. Probably it will be ail desert, in Palestine, were reported to have far more effective cooling, as the-- heated air is
oughly oiled. found a way of making their feet as sand- car of the future will have it. A spare tire in the nearest the eeiHng, while the cool air is near tha
glass sides, front, rear and roof. The entire trend "The car of the future will have no such thing future will be as extinct as the dodo and as un-
of the industry runs from clumsiness to refiae'- worthy as the camel's hy adopting the principle of floor. Hence to draw the cool" air upward gives
as a 'driver's seat.' All the seats in the car save the snowshoe. By -weaving a stiff network ot known as a spare engine, a spare gasoline can or the hest result, Th& action of the fan is so gentle
ment, and the present styles of bodies, modelled the rear one, wfll be moveable. Driving will be an extra top is today.
from long practice on the precedents of hundreds heavy wire and attaching it to their shoes, they that it does not tend to raise the dust from, the
done from a small control board, which can be "The dew-dabs designed to make a car ride floor, yet it effectively circulates the air and re-
of years of coach building, are far too clumsy to held in the lap. It wjll be connected to the easily will go, too, because all cars wilt ride easily
live. duces tbe temperature in short order. It has been
mechanism by a flexible electric cable. A small Toe Sand Shoes on good roads. Spring suspension win be easier, tried out with success in restaurants and offices
"The glass sides will come down, of course, for finger lever, not a wheel, will guide the car. An- lighter, less complicated, non-squeaking', more ef-
warm weather. Curtains inside will keep out glare, Resemble and is .adapted to factories, hails and other places
other will attend to speed changes, buttons will fective, because less will be demanded of it" where perfect ventilation is required.'1
and a roof curtain will keep off sun when shade light and warm the car, blow the horn, apply the Wire Traps.
is wanted. But frames, instead of being of heavy brakes—everything. The driver win sit right or
wood or metal, will approximate the framing now


used on the most modern glass showcases, if
malleable glass is ever made, the frame may be
dispensed with, but nobody has discovered mallea-
ble glass, to date."
Mr. Claudy points out a very radical change in
the future car. "The power plant of the car of the
OLDIERS are often found dead on the battle-
field with no mark of an injury. Some are
Monthly, his blood fills with small bubbles, like
those of champagne when first uncorked. If the-
uot-too-near future," he says, "will be under the
body and on or near the rear axle. A thousand
gasoline engineers are about to arise and call me
E VERY woman, and girl who at present is in-
dustriously plying her needles in "doing her
bit" to provide comfort for some soldier or
sailor, do not always find a pair of willing hands
lying with arms outstretched as in running;
others are grasping their guns as though about
to fire—*all are in exactly the positions in which
they were at the moment of death.
bubbles are large, enough to choke the circulation
the man dies. On the battlefield, such occurrences
are the result of intense explosion waves. Tha
blood holds in solution a considerable amount of
wicked names, and tell me it can't be done. I dare outstretched to hold the yarn which must be air and carbon dioxide, the quantities being great-
say it can't—with a gasoline engine. But who said These mysterious deaths do not occur as a re-
wound, but if there is a cricket in the family each were enabled to travel over the finest desert sand er when tie pressure is high. t
without sinkine ankle-deep in it. sult of nervous shock, else ttoe bodies would ha
.—,,3 ,nd TiatnraT They are victims of "tba Upon lowering the pressure,..{he gases separate
gine? little contrivances," says a writer in Forecast, "can Those who have tried to do so, say that it 13 nut n« huhhToci. TTT flip case of soda water, the
"There is at least one brand new development be taken apart and put away when it is not in use, physically impossible for a man to walk; over bends" or "caisson, disease" caused by suctaen re- bubbles can escape, hut in a man they are caught
In the steam car field, which does this very thing find is small enoush to accommodate itself to any desert sand for more than two days with ordinary lease from great air pressure. in the capillaries. All muscular action is arrested
"—puts the power plant where it belongs,'close to shoes. At tha end of that time the toes and heels When a workman emerges from a higa-pressura with lightning-like rapidity,, thus preserving the at-
the rear axle, thus dispensing with the long shaft, become painfully inflamed and the skin comes off. air chamber, explains a. writer in Popular Science tutie held by the victim before the fatal attack.
the universals and their likelihood of breaking
and weaving out, and their power loss. Electric
automobiles of the present all have their power
plants on or near the point of power application.
One truck, which drives from all four wheels, and
at' least one front drive pleasure car, show that MOBILIZING the HONEY BEES
some engineers appreciate the real mechanical
need of putting the source of power and the place
HE government's newest recruit is the bee. By E. I. FARRINGTON ' obliged to make wax, they can devote themselves
to the storing of honey.
where the power is applied as close together, not Every effort is being made to double the
production of honey in this country this months orders for millions of pounds of honey people have an Idea that extracted
as far apart, as possible. received from across the' water have been re- honey is likely to be adulterated. The fact 33
"If, as seems reasonable to suppose, the great- year. Emissaries of the agricultural department fused, simply because they could not be filled. that very little bogus honey is now on the mar-
est of all power problems is finally solved—if we are calling meetings of beekeepers in almost The wholesale price has almost do-ubled a.nd the ket, because the laws pertaining to this matter
ever learn to dev.elop the powers in gasoline, alco- every state to urge the.necessity of increasing tha present supply is practically exhausted in most are very strict and honey which is not pure can
hol, kerosene, explosives, coal—wherever latent amount of honey raised. of the large cities. be easily detected.
power is—directly into electricity, then there can The reason for this propaganda is that the At a recent meeting of beekeepers In "Wash- By mobilizing the country's bees the food
he no question as to where the power plant will be. The Yarn Cricket. ington, representing various parts of the United supply can be augmented to a very large extent
To get electricity from coal now we have to burn country is experiencing a serious shortage in States, a program for the season's work was at practically no cost, for the bees board them-
It, and turn it into heat, use the heat to make sugar. It may seem like a remote contingency mapped out. It was decided to urge upon every ' selves and labor without ceasing so long as warm
water vapor, which has mechanical movement, use table, or even a chair or the floor. Some women that honey should have to be substituted for apiarist, large and small, to produce extracted in- weather lasts. It is a literal fact that millions
the mechanical movement of the steam to drive a stretch tbe yarn upon its wooden arms and knit sugar in sweetening the nation's tea and coffee, Etead of comb honey this season. The reason for of bees work themselves to death every.season,
turbine or a piston and the resulting rotation to directly from it without stopping to wind. It is this procedure is that twice as much extracted as for" they live only from six to ten weeks, at tha
practically everlasting and makes a very accept- as well as for making its' cakes and pies. Never- comb honey can .be produced by a colony of bees.
turn a generator—after which we take out about end of which time they are worn and tattered.
10 per cent, electrical energy for every hundred able gift to grandma, mother, sister or whoever la theless the agricultural department looks upon This means that if the season's program is car- They give their whole time to labor in the hiva
per cent, in the coal. We do better with gasoline, knitting among one's friends. It may be made of this as a possibility which must oe foreseen. ried out as planned, the amount of liquid honey
because we turn it directly into meeh'anical yover polished hard wood. Hence the energy now being displayed to work LUNG
In the cylinders of our cars. Some day we'll turn "The cup in the centre can be used to hold the the bees overtime. LUNG
It directly into electrical energy—and the perfect ball of yarn after it is wound. When used for Honey is really a much more important prod-
motor will arrive." this purpose the yarn holders may be detached, uct than most people realize. Nearly 300,000,-
Mr. Claudy suggests other possibilities besides leaving just the standard and the cup. The yarn- 000 pounds are made by the bees in the United
electricity—kerosene, alcohol, crude oil, some un- holders have each a concealed spring which gives States every year and yet that amount does not
known fuel—any or all, he says, may be de- them an elasticity almost like living hands." meet the present o>xnand. Within the past few
veloped in the future as rapidly as the internal
combustion engine of today has grown.
"The car of the future won't leave anything to
be done hy man nower," says this write*. "la two
or three years foot brakes will be things ot the
past except on cheap cars. Why should a man
exert muscle to stop a car any more than to start
It. In the future the car with the steering wheel
•will be as obsolete as the car with the hand pump
for gas or oil is today!
T HAT blisters can actually be produced on the
skin by means of hypnotic suggestion alona
is the clarim made by Dr. J. Arthur Hadfield,
temporary surgeon,*R. X, describing some recent
ment, Dr. Hadfield hypaotized lha man and then
suggested to him that his arm was being touched
with a red hot Iron and that a blister would form
on the spot. The arm was then covered with a
"The first automobile bca an engine to pull the experiments in the London Lancet. bandage pinned on with a safety-pin, and the pin
car, a-man to start the engine, a man to stop the Catting tbe consent of a seaman patient at the was sealed with sealing wax to make certain that
car, a man to pump, the gasoline, a man to turn Royal Naval Hospital, Chatham, to try the experi- the arm could not be interfered with in any way.
The patient was watched contianously by nurses
till next morning, when, in the presence of three
surgeons, the aeal was broken and the bandage Cross Section Diagram
of a Honey Bee Show-
To DESTROY the POISON IVY Pest removed, showing a small blister on the chosen
spot This gradually developed dorin£ the day to
form a large bleb with an area of inflammation
ing the Breathing Sys-
tem and the Location

T HE cheapest and most effective method of

eliminating poison ivy, acrording to experts
of the U. S. department of a?riculture, is the
eimple one of rooting up the plaats and destroy-
is to grease the hands with lard and after the
plants have been handled to wash the hands with
strong alkaline soap.
Tiliautc aznounis of non-volatile oil 1n poison
In two other experiments the skin was actually
touched with a red hot iron. In the first instance
the surgeon suggested that there would be no pain
in the market will be vastly increased, while
of the Scent Glands,
A and E.
until their wings are worn out, when they are"
ivy is what makes it cause extensive inflamma- comb honey will be hard to obtain at any price. cast aside to die.
ing them. II the poison ivy i<s in iars<> flplds it tion. A'rnhol or a solution of sugar of lead and in the second that there would be the usual It is in the Jiquid form, however, that boner It may be interesting to some people to learn
may he necessary to plough and cultivate the will remove this oil; it is insoluble In water. la £o£i of a bli?t«r. Tito first blister was perfectly Is most available for all domestic purposes. More- that all the work in a beehive is done by female
land. Ivy on large trees, stone walls and build- cases o' poisoning, one of the most effective x
painless, bad practically no area of inflammation over, extracted honey is much easier for th« ama- bees. The drones, or males, lire on the labors
Ings can be killed by arsenate of soda, at the rate methods is to cleanse the inflamed surface re- aroand it, and healed very rapidly. The second teur to raise than comb honey. The combs In- of their' more industrious female companions.
of two pounds to ten gallons o£ water. Two or peatedly with alcohol, or with a saturated sola* blister iras painful from the first, was surrounded stead of being sold and eaten are put back into Moreover, there is no such thing as a king bee!
three applications are sufficient tion of sugar of lead in alcohol, using a fresh by a reddened area and took longer to heal. the hives to be filled again. Sometimes this is The ruler of the hive is the queen, but she is a
The fall of the year is the safest lime to bit of lint or absorbent cotton each time to pre- From tbe fact that the blister which was ren- done over and over again in a single season. The ruler in name only, being guarded and protected
handle poison ivy, because at that time the 330 vent the spread of the irritant. Covering the' in- dered painless by hypnotism healed so quickly, saving in time and labor on the part of the in- by the bees simply because the colony would be-
turn pollen are oat ol tts pluzt. With the <-r.foi« f^T*o>l parts with lint, or absorbent cotton kept Dr. Hadfield suggests that hypnosis, by rendering dustrious insects can be appreciated when It is come extinct if she did not lay eggs at a pro.
PI due care, the use of overalls and gacntleted constantly moist with limewater or with a sat- >»ou&Js asd certain psinfu} conditions, such as stated that from 10 to 14 pounds of honey are digious rate. It is not unusual for a good
gloves will enable most individuals to deal with urated solution of bicarbonate of soda will afford pleurisy, less painful, might with advantage be required to make a single pound of the wax from U> proaaco tor c-4 weight In eggs in a
the plant without danger. A further protectioa relief. made part of the treatment of such condtions. which combs are formed. When the bees ar« not day and she keeps this np^for weeks at a
flcrrtm, 191*.

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