Marathon of problem solving
Participants move from a table to another and try to find solutions for the problems written on the table cloth.

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Time: 75 minutes Materials: enough post-it with different shapes, flipchart paper Instructions: □ Individual □ Team ● Group □ Plenary Leading: □ Trainer ● Participant Tags: action learning, problem solving

Step by step
Prepare ahead for the session 4-5 problem situation and write them on flipchart paper 1. as a title, that latter will act as a table cloth. Arrange the room as a car race track or circuit with stands. As stands put tables, and on each 2. table one of the flipcharts. Divide participants in groups and ask them to sit each group at one table and distribute 3. padded post-it to each group. The post-it may have a different colour for each group. Explain that they will have a certain amount of time (15-20 minutes) to read and to find 4. solutions for the problem presented, and then they have move to another table. 5. Ask them to write solutions on post it. Allow them to complete or to correct the solutions that already exist from the other 6. groups.


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