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CC2040 English for Academic Studies (Health Care)

Assignment 2 - Group Project (50%)

This assessment task is designed to assess your ability in using English effectively in
academic contexts you will encounter in your studies in Associate in Health Studies. You will
be completing a series of activities including discussions, research, writing tasks, and a
seminar discussion task in which you collaborate with your group members:
ƒ Task A (Project Preparation and Research Essay): to write a 5-paragraph academic
essay of 1,000-1200 words in which you will critically analyse a health-care related
issue in Hong Kong and present your critical opinion/attitude on it, AND
ƒ Task B (Seminar): to lead a discussion about your research topic.
• Each group of students will select one of the following topics (there should be no
duplication of topics among groups). Within your selected topic, you should (a)
identify problems or issues and/or (b) make recommendations or solutions for this
phenomenon or situation.
1. Abortion 5. Food Poisoning 9. Plastic Surgery
2. Chinese Medicine 6. H1N1 10. Slimming
3. Drug Testing 7. Health Check-ups
4. Fast-food Culture 8. Health Education

Project Overview
Week Task to be Completed What You Need to Do
3-8 A. Project Preparation ƒ Form a group of 3-4 (Week 3).
Lecture/Tutorial Steps 1-3* [Group] ƒ Submit respectively:
as specified by i) Topic and thesis statement [Step 1]
your lecturer *5 bonus marks will be (Week 6),
given to the students who ii) Essay outline [Step 2] (Week 8)
can complete the three ƒ After completing the above two project
project preparation steps preparation steps, you may need to
on time. attend a follow-up meeting with your
lecturer [Step 3], if required. (Week 8/9)
8/9 ƒ Review lecturer’s feedback.
ƒ Draft the essay.
ƒ Revise the essay.
ƒ Prepare the required attachments.
11 B. Research Essay (25%) ƒ Submit the Research Essay with
Lecture/Tutorial [Group] i) a copy of the source articles,
as specified by ii) a table recording the percentage
your lecturer You will be assessed on allocation of team member
your writing skills and contribution,
research skills as a group*. iii) a table recording the division of
*Individual contribution to iv) the completed “Declaration of
the group project will be Original Work” signed by all group
considered. members, and
v) your group’s “Project Preparation

CC2040 English for Academic Studies (Health Care) – Assignment 2 1

Week Task to be Completed What You Need to Do
12 & 13 C. Oral Presentation/ ƒ Present your project idea to the
Lecture Seminar (25%) [Individual class.
+ Group] ƒ Lead a discussion about your
research topic.
You will be assessed on your
performance in an academic
discussion as an individual
(70%) and as a group (30%).

Project Task 2A – Research Essay (25%; Group)

In this task, you are required to collaborate with your group members to write a 5-paragraph
research essay of 1000-1200 words (for a group of 4 members). You will have to work in
groups to brainstorm ideas, gather information, organize the essay content, review other
members’ writing, and revise your part with reference to the feedback given by your peers.

*For groups with fewer than 4 members, the total length of the essay will be set on a pro rata
basis. For example, a group with 3 members should write an essay of about 750-900 words.

I. Expected Learning Outcomes:

Research Skills
• Conduct library and other research (e.g. interview, questionnaire) and integrate ideas
from other sources to support their positions
• Document information from multiple sources using an established documentation
style (refer to MLA citation style on pp.213-228 of the textbook, and pp.9-36 of the
The McGraw-Hill Guide)
Writing Skills
• Plan, organize, and structure an academic essay
• Write a research essay using the process approach
• Write well-structured paragraphs that include a topic sentence and supporting details
• Paraphrase, summarize, and quote from different types of sources (e.g. newspaper,
• Edit and revise the essay for unity, coherence, support, and sentence skills
• Demonstrate appropriate usage of vocabulary and grammar
Study Skills
• Contribute positively to group work

II. Project Preparation:

Your active participation in the writing process can substantially improve the final quality of
your research essay. Before submitting your research essay, you are required to complete
THREE project preparation steps: i) select a topic and write a thesis statement, and ii) write
an essay outline. Besides, you may need to attend a follow-up meeting with your lecturer (if
required). Your group will receive 5 bonus marks on your research essay if ALL project
preparation steps are completed by the deadlines stated in the suggested work plan below.
You will be required to submit the checklist with each project preparation step and with the
final research essay.

CC2040 English for Academic Studies (Health Care) – Assignment 2 2

Week Project Preparation What You Need to Do
Steps (5 bonus
6 (Lecture/ 1. Topic and Thesis ƒ Choose an issue you are interested in and
Tutorial as Statement would like to discuss, and submit the topic and
specified by thesis statement for the group project.
8 (Lecture/ 2. Essay Outline ƒ Submit an extended essay outline*.
Tutorial as *Use the template (word file) given by your
specified by lecturer on Moodle to write the essay outline.
your *Refer to the samples in the Study Guide. Your
lecturer) group will receive feedback from your lecturer in
the tutorial of Week 8/9.
8-9 3. Follow-up (if ƒ Attend a follow-up meeting with your lecturer
required) and take appropriate action recommended by
your lecturer.

III. Structure of Essay Outline:

Introduction Thesis Statement: In one sentence, state the single central idea with
a plan of development–tell readers the essay’s topic, presents the
writer’s attitude/opinion, and previews the main points that support
that attitude/opinion.
Body Paragraphs 1-3 Topic Sentence: State your main idea in one sentence.
(Main Ideas 1-3) Specific Supporting Evidence:
(a) Complete Sentences. Specific evidence/ details used to support
the main idea.
(b) Complete Sentences. Specific evidence/ details used to support
the main idea.
(c) Complete Sentences. Specific evidence/ details used to support
the main idea.
Conclusion Summary (Optional): Summarise the essay by briefly restating the
thesis and the main supporting points
General Closing Remarks: Present the final thought about the

Important Reminders:
• Your participation in the Essay Outline step will only be recognised if an extended
outline is prepared (See the samples in the Study Guide).
• You must complete the Essay Outline before the deadline to receive feedback from
your lecturer. Late submissions will not be accepted.

IV. Topic of Research Essay:

The topic of your group’s Research Essay should be the same as that in the Essay Outline,
unless your lecturer recommends you to narrow down/ change the topic. Prior approval from
the lecturer is required for changing the topic of your research essay.

CC2040 English for Academic Studies (Health Care) – Assignment 2 3

V. Guidelines:
• Each member should write about 300 words. If a student has no contributions in
writing the essay, s/he will have zero mark for the essay. Work out the percentage of
contribution of each member. Then, complete and sign Table 1 below:
Table 1 – Percentage Allocation of Team Member Contribution in Research Essay
Names a. b. c. d. TOTAL
Percentage allocation:
= 100%
(must add up to 100%)

• At least 5 sources of references (of which 3 should be printed sources) should be cited
in the essay to show that research skills have been used. Attach a copy of the source
articles to the essay.
Note: You may use sources in Chinese if those were the only ones available on your
topic. However, you have to attach a copy of the Chinese source and translate the
quoted parts into English. Moreover, you cannot use more than 2 Chinese sources.
• You may use an interview/ a questionnaire as one of the 5 sources to support your
arguments in your essay. If you do so, you need to attach copies of your interview or
questionnaire with your essay.
• Write down the total number of words at the end of your essay.
• Summarize or paraphrase the quoted materials as far as possible. Direct quotation
should not exceed 10% of the total length of your essay. The MLA citation style
should be correctly used to document sources in the essay.
• You must write your own work. Disciplinary action will be taken if a student is
found plagiarizing other writers’ ideas/ words. Prior to your submission of the project,
all members of your group MUST fill in the “Declaration of Original Work” (See
Appendix II) indicating that the project you have completed is your own original
work. This form must be attached to your research essay for final submission.
• Your essay outline and research essay must be double-spaced, and word-
processed/type-written on single-sided A-4 paper.
• A cover page is needed for the research essay. Please follow the Sample Cover Page
shown below.

Sample Cover Page

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Hong Kong Community College

CC 2040 English for Academic Studies

Project Title: Health System in Hong Kong

Group: 2XX

Student ID Members Signature

xxxxxxxx Hay Mung Moon xx
xxxxxxxx Lam Chi Chi Karina xx
xxxxxxxx Pang Yi Man Keo xx
xxxxxxxx Yip Ching Yee Oliva xx

CC2040 English for Academic Studies (Health Care) – Assignment 2 4

VI. Grading Aspects of Research Essay:

1. Content - Title: informative and able to indicate the aim of the essay
(25%) - The introduction provides an effective entry to the thesis of the essay using one of
the methods introduced in the textbook.
- Adequate and specific evidence and sound reasons are provided to support the
topic sentences which develop the thesis.
- At least 5 sources of reference are given to demonstrate research skills have been
2. Unity - The thesis statement introduces the topic of the essay and advances the group’s
(25%) opinion, attitude, idea or point about the topic.
- The thesis contains a plan of development.
- All ideas in the essay develop and support the thesis.
- Each paragraph has a topic sentence, and supporting details are relevant to the
topic sentence.
- The format of documentation is correct within the paper and at the end of the
3. Coherence - The essay is organized systematically.
(25%) - The paragraphs are well-structured: main ideas are stated at the beginning of the
supporting paragraphs.
- A variety of transitional devices are appropriately used to connect sentences and
ideas (e.g. using keywords, pronouns, connecting words, transitional phrases/
4. Language - Grammar, spelling, punctuation, writing style, mechanics are used appropriately
& Mechanics and accurately.
(25%) - Vocabulary is varied, specific, and appropriate.
- Sentences are well-formed, varied in length and structure.
- At least 5 sources are given in the “Works Cited” list.
- The MLA citation style is correctly used to document sources.

VII. Due Date of Research Essay:

In the lecture/ tutorial (as specified by your lecturer) of Week 11.

Submit the research essay, together with:

i. A copy of the source articles (e.g. newspaper articles, online articles),
ii. A table recording the percentage allocation of team member contribution (Table 1 below),
iii. A table recording the division of work (Table 2 below),
iv. The completed “Declaration of Original Work” (Appendix II) signed by all group
members, and
v. Your group’s “Checklist for the Project Preparation Steps” (Appendix I).

Table 2 – Peer Review: Division of Work

Writer’s Name Paragraphs Reviewer’s Name
*Number the paragraphs in the essay

CC2040 English for Academic Studies (Health Care) – Assignment 2 5

Appendix I

Checklist for the Project Preparation Steps

CC2001 - Group ____________________

Project Member List:

1. 3.

2. 4.

Preparation Steps:

Steps to be Completed Deadline Completed with Satisfaction?

Yes ; Æ Lecturer’s Signature
1. Topic & Thesis Week 6
Lecture/ Tutorial as
specified by your
2. Essay Outline Week 8
Lecture/ Tutorial as
specified by your

Follow-up Required? Yes ‰ No ‰

Step to be Completed Deadline Completed with Satisfaction?

Yes ; Æ Lecturer’s Signature
3. Follow-up (if required) 8/9
Tutorial or
scheduled with your

ALL Steps Completed as Required? Yes ‰ (5 Bonus Marks)

No ‰

CC2040 English for Academic Studies (Health Care) – Assignment 2 6

Appendix II


Hong Kong Community College

CC2040 English for Academic Studies

Semester 1, 2009-10


This form must be completed, signed, dated and attached to the group project in hard copy to
the subject lecturer for record.

Student Name Student Number





Assignment Title:
Submission Date:
Name of Subject Lecturer:


We declare that the attached assignment is entirely our own work. All sources have been
properly acknowledged and the assignment contains no plagiarism.

We have been taught how to avoid plagiarism and understand that any plagiarism found in
our assignment can lead to penalties such as mark deduction, disqualification or even
expulsion from the College.

Student’s Signature(s):
a. b. c d.

Signing Date:

CC2040 English for Academic Studies (Health Care) – Assignment 2 7

Project Task 2B – Oral Presentation/ Seminar (25%; Group + Individual)

In this task, you and your project group members are required to lead an academic discussion
of about 20 minutes on your essay topic in the lecture of Week 12/13. You will be assessed
on your performance as an individual (70%) and as a group (30%).

I. Expected Learning Outcomes:

Listening Skills
ƒ Take effective notes on key points and ideas suggested by group members/classmates in
the seminar session.
Speaking Skills
ƒ Contribute and justify your comments and respond critically to others’ ideas in the
seminar session.
ƒ Demonstrate competent speaking skills appropriate for an academic presentation and

II. Topic
The topic should be the same as that of your research essay.

III. Guidelines:
ƒ Re-read your essay.
ƒ Prepare a 5-minute presentation of your research essay to introduce the thesis and
supporting points of your paper.
ƒ You are expected to converse and interact in English, so you may prepare notes in point
form only.
ƒ Scripts are strictly prohibited. A fail grade will be given to those who read aloud from a
Assessment Day
(1) Opening (5 minutes)
(i) Your group will have 1 minute to present the background information and the
topic. To facilitate the discussion, you need to show the thesis statement and plan
of development on the screen/ white board.
(ii) Each group member will have 1 minute to present to the class his/her viewpoints
and supporting details for the topic.
(iii) Every student in the class is required to prepare comments and/ or questions.
(2) Discussion (12 minutes)
(i) All group members are required to participate actively in the discussion by taking
a. To invite class members to give comments and ask questions, and
b. To respond to comments given by class members and/or answer questions.
(ii) Your group is required to coordinate the level of participation of both group
members and class members:
a. Avoid dominance by certain group member(s) and/or class members(s), and
b. Avoid dead air.
(iii) 1 bonus mark (maximum 5) will be given to a class member who participates in
the discussion to express his/her opinion which makes a meaning contribution to
the discussion.

CC2040 English for Academic Studies (Health Care) – Assignment 2 8

(3) Closing (3 minutes)
(i) One member of your group has 3 minutes to give a summary of what have been
discussed as a report to the whole class and to the lecturer. This member’s
performance will affect the group marks only.

Note: You may use the white board/ visualiser in the classroom to help you illustrate your
points in the presentation/discussion/closing.

IV. Grading Aspects:

(i). Individual Performance (70%)
1. Interest and Clarity of Ideas - Clear viewpoint
(20%) - Adequate examples and details to illustrate
understanding of the topic
- Logical organization of ideas
2. Level of Participation & - Active listening and appropriate responses to
Interaction with Others (both comments/ questions
verbal & non-verbal - Clear clarification of opinions and reasoning
communication) (20%) - Active involvement of others in the discussion
- Positive verbal and non-verbal communication
3. Fluency of - Smooth and natural expression of ideas
Speech/Expressions (10%) - Appropriate pace of speech
4. Accuracy of Speech (10%) - Correct grammar
- Clear articulation and pronunciation
- Appropriate intonation and stress
5. Appropriateness & Variety of - Appropriate techniques for transition of ideas
Language Used for Discussion - Variety of expressions and questions for
(10%) facilitating a discussion

(ii). Group Performance (30%)

1. Group/Class Interaction - Active involvement of all group members and
(20%) class members in discussion
- Logical flow of arguments
2. Overall Effectiveness of the i) Opening
Discussion (10%) - Take turns to present main ideas and supporting
points clearly within the responsible group
ii) Discussion
- Maintain the discussion on a focused topic and
- Pose appropriate questions to generate further
- Ensure effective involvement of class members
in discussion
iii) Closure
- Give an effective and meaningful conclusion of
main points discussed
iv) Time management
- Complete the opening, discussion and closure
within 20 minutes

CC2040 English for Academic Studies (Health Care) – Assignment 2 9