Highlights - Economics and Finance

by Eduardo Petazze
From: February 28, 2014 - To: A ril 10, 2014 !re"ious: Economic and Financial Highlights #ote: All links to documents posted on $cribd - Most recently updated documents, listed at the top of each category (% dated in A ril& 'lobal Financial and Economic (ata #ational Economic and Financial (ata Agriculture Hungary USDA - Agencies Reports on Agriculture )ungary # Manufacturing Acti*ity Agriculture and Climate )ungary - +D, (-%&'. A! - Monthly "orld ood Situation )ndia USDA # e$ruary %&'( Reports /ndia - Manufacturing ,roduction /nde0 and the ,M/ *ommitments o+ Traders /ndia # 1rade 2alance /ndia # +D, (-%&'. (C34 Commitments of 1raders (C!14 # April %&'( data )ndonesia Commitments of 1raders - utures Markets in March %&'( )edge und Sur*ey $y CA, U5 /ndonesia # Manufacturing ,roduction /nde0 and the ,M/ Commitments of 1raders - utures Markets in e$ruary %&'( )srael 'lobal (ata /srael # Manufacturing ,M/ and ,roduction /nde0 /M - "orld 6conomic !utlook ("6!4 /srael # +D, %&'. estimate Senti0 /ndicator of +lo$al /n*estor Confidence /srael # +D, (-%&'. 2/S -uarterly Re*ie7 ,anu+acturing !,) -a an "orld7ide Manufacturing ,M/ # March %&'( "orld7ide Manufacturing ,M/ # e$ruary %&'( 8apan - 6conomy "atchers Sur*ey 8apan # 1rade 2alance, e$ruary %&'( ,ining 8apan # Manufacturing ,roduction /nde0 and ,M/ Metals /ndustry /ndicators (M//4 8apanese )ousehold Consumption .il and 'as 8apan - /ndices of All /ndustry Acti*ity +lo$al !il Market Report 8apan - /ndices of 1ertiary /ndustry Acti*ity "1/ Spot ,rice 8apan # +D, (-%&'. !il +lo$al Market Report 8apan - orecast of the 8apanese 6conomy $y Center 6conomic Research #ational Economic and Financial (ata Argentina ,e/ico Argentina - /nforme 6con9mico Mensual, C6S! Me0ico - +lo$al /ndicator of 6conomic Acti*ity (/+A64 Argentina - State Street ,riceStats /nde0 Me0ico # Manufacturing ,roduction /nde0 and ,M/ Argentina # Monetary ,olicy and +D, Me0ico # +D, (-%&'. Argentina - 1he :ehicle /ndustry #e1 2ealand Argentina # ,ol;tica Cam$iaria >e7 ?ealand # +D, (-%&'. Argentina # Manufacturing ,roduction /nde0 < Capacity Utili=ation >e7 ?ealand - Manufacturing Acti*ity Argentina Manufacturing ,M/ #or1ay Argentina # +D, (-%&'. 01& Argentina # +eneral 6conomic Acti*ity /nde0 Argentina # Current Account %&'. Argentina # Credit Default S7aps and /nternational Reser*es Australia Australia # +D, (-%&'. 3oli"ia 2oli*ia # +D, %&'. 3ra4il 2rasil - +rAos Safra %&'.-'( # Cona$ 2rasil - Be*antamento SistemCtico da ,roduDAo Agr;cola # /2+6 2ra=il - ,roduction of motor *ehicles 2ra=il # /ndustrial ,roduction and Manufacturing ,M/ 2ra=il - 6conomic !utlook for %&'(-%&'E 2ra=il # 1rade $alance # %&'(-%&'E !utlook *anada Canada # )ouse ,rice /nde0 Canada # 6mployment Situation Canada - +ross domestic product at $asic prices, $y industry Canada - Monthly Sur*ey of Manufacturing and the ,M/ Canada - 2udget $alance *hile Chile # /ndustrial ,roduction /nde0 and 6conomic Acti*ity Chile # +D, (-%&'. *hina 7 H6- Tai1an ,ainland China # '-%&'( Statistics China - C B, Manufacturing ,M/ China - Real 6state - ,rice Sales /ndices China # /ndustrial :alue Added Hong 6ong Tai1an 1ai7an # /ndustrial ,roduction /nde0 and Manufacturing ,M/ *olombia Colom$ia # +D, (-%&'. Colom$ia # Manufacturing ,roduction Acti*ity (enmar8 Denmark # Manufacturing ,roduction /nde0 and Danish ,M/ Denmark +D, (-%&'. Dansk Manufacturing ,M/ Euro Area 6uro Area - (-%&'. +D, 6uro Area 'G # /ndustrial ,roduction < Manufactuing ,M/ 6uro Area (6A-'H4 # Manufacturing ,roduction /nde0 and the ,M/ 6uro Area - I-coin indicator as an estimate of Juarterly +D, Austria Austria ,roduction /nde0 and Manufacturing ,M/ Austria # %&'. +D, 3elgium 2elgium # Manufacturing Acti*ity 2elgium - +D, (-%&'. Finland inland # Manufacturing ,roduction /nde0 France rance # +D, %&'( !utlook rance Manufacturing ,roduction /nde0 and the ,M/ 'ermany +ermany - /nde0 /ndustrial ,roduction and !rders, and ,M/ )reland /reland # Manufacturing ,roduction /nde0 and the ,M/ )taly /taly # Manufacturing ,roduction /nde0 and the ,M/ #etherlands >etherlands # Manufacturing ,roduction /nde0 and the ,M/ !ortugal ,ortugal - Mndice de ,roduDAo /ndustrial %&'. $ ain Spain # /ndustrial ,roduction /nde0 and Manufacturing ,M/ 01& a1aiting +ull data "eri+ied >or7ay # Manufacturing ,roduction /nde0 and the ,M/ >orsk Manufacturing ,M/ !eru ,er@ # ,ro0y +ross Domestic ,roduct !hili ines ,hilippines # Manufacturing ,roduction /nde0 !oland ,oland # Sold ,roduction of /ndustry ,oland +D, (-%&'. 5ussia Russia # +D, (-%&'. Russia # Manufacturing Acti*ity $inga ore Singapore # Manufacturing ,M/ and /ndustrial ,roduction /nde0 $outh A+rica South Africa # Manufacturing ,roduction /nde0 and the ,M/ $outh 6orea South 5orea - 6mployment Situation South 5orea # Manufacturing Acti*ity and the ,M/ South 5orea # +D, (-%&'. and %&'( !utlook $1eden S7eden # Manufacturing ,roduction /nde0 and the ,M/ S7eden - +D, (-%&'. $1iss S7iss economy - 6conomic forecasts - Spring %&'( # S6C! /ndustry production, (-%&'. (Federal $tatistical .++ice4 Thailand 1hailand # Manufacturing ,roduction /nde0 Tur8ey 1urkey - Manufacturing Acti*ity 1urkey - +ross Domestic ,roduct in %&'. %6 U5 - +D, Monthly 6stimates $y >/6SR United 5ingdom - Manufacturing ,roduction /nde0 and the ,M/ U5 # )ouse ,rices Situation U5 - +ross Domestic ,roduct %&'. United 5ingdom - Regional ,urchasing ManagersF /nde0 (,M/4 %ruguay Uruguay # +D, %&'( !utlook Uruguay # +D, (-%&'. Uruguay # Manufacturing Acti*ity %$A US-6/A - %&'( Summer uels !utlook US Consumer Credit and the Disposa$le ,ersonal /ncome Monitoring 2u$$les in the UKSK Stock Market 6mployment, Unemployment and >onfarm ,ayrolls in the USA US /nternational 1rade in +oods and Ser*ices US - ManufacturersF Shipments, /n*entories, and !rders US - Monitoring of Real 6state 2u$$les US - Dallas Manufacturing ,M/ US - ,ersonal /ncome and !utlays # %&'(-%&'E !utlook US - 5ansas City Manufacturing ,M/ US - +D, (-%&'. US - Richmond Manufacturing ,M/ US - Chicago ed >ational Acti*ity /nde0 (C >A/4 US - ,hiladelphia Manufacturing ,M/ US ederal !pen Market Committee US - Manufacturing /ndustry - !utlook %&'(-%&'E US - /ndustrail ,roduction and /nstalled Capacity Utili=ation # e$L'( US - 1he 6mpire State Manufacturing Sur*ey US ederal 2udget 2alance and the +D, US 6mployment Situation in e$ruay %&'( US - +D, %&'(-%&'E !utlook .ther *ollections Accounting and Auditing *redit (e+ault $1a 0*($& )n+ormation Technology /1 - !penSSB # C:6-%&'(-&'N&

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