Personal Details Title: Dr. Family Name (surname): ACHARJYA First Name: BASANTI Gender: Female Civil Status: Married Place and Country of Birth: INDIA Date of Birth: 9th-Feb-1969 Nationality: Indian Issues: Nil Spouse: Dr Surajit Nayak, MD (Skin and VD) Permanent Address: Street Address/P.O. Box: Town/City/State: BERHAMPUR LANE-3, GAJAPATI NAGAR
760010 Zip/Postal Code: 760010 Country: India Other details: E-mail: basantiacharjya@yahoo.co.in Other e-mail address: surajitnyk@yahoo.com Telephone: Home none Mobile 9861410384 Other Address/Additional Contact Information: 89,Goutam Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India

Work Preference Availability Employment Length Preference TEMPORARY Availability: TWO MONTH'S NOTICE
Areas of Expertise HIV/AIDS, COSMETOLOGY
Developed 3 to 5 years Leprosy
Developed 6-10 years
Language Skills Mother Tongue: Oriya Working Languages Speaking Reading Writing English Intermediate Advanced Advanced Hindi Intermediate Intermediate Poor
Computer Skills Internet and e-mail:
Working Knowledge Average
Education Highest Educational Degree Post Graduate Degree Educational details: Year Name and address Degree/Diploma Title of degree/diploma and description of studies May'1998
SCB Medical college and hospital Orissa INDIA M.D. MD in SKIN, VD and LEPROSY
A 3 yrs study covering indoor and outdoor and presentation of a thesis and
Seminars Apr'1993 VSS Medical College and hospital Orissa
POST PG EXPERIENCE:Approx 8.2 yrs Present and previous employment Exact Title of Position held Assistant Surgeon, Dept of Skin and VD, MKCG Medical College and Hospital,
Berhampur, Orissa From-To 9/2005 - Till date Title of supervisor HOD, Dept of Skin and VD Name/address of employer Dept of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of Orissa, India Brief description of duties and responsibilities Managing OPD, Indoor, Guiding and teaching PG students in case studies,
Dermatosurgeries Exact Title of Position held Assistant Surgeon, Dept of Plastic Surgery, MKCG Medical
College and
Hospital From-To 07/2003-09/2005 Title of supervisor HOD, Dept of Plastic Surgery, MKCG Medical college, Berhampur. Orissa Brief description of duties and responsibilities: To assist superiors in all kinds of cosmetic surgeries, grafting and managing indoor patients and attending
Emergencies Exact Title of Position held Assistant Surgeon in charge of Skin and VD Dept, District HQ Hospital, Phulbani From-To 7/1999 - 7/2003 Title of supervisor Chief District Medical Officer, Kandhamal Name/address of employer Department of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of Orissa India Brief description of duties and responsibilities: To manage Skin and VD, OPD and Indoor in District HQ Hospital. Looking after
of various National level control Programmes like, Leprosy, STD and AIDS. Reason for leaving Transferred by Govt order Exact Title of Position held Assistant Surgeon, Govt Hospital, Chandragiri From-To 12/1998-07/99 Brief description of duties and responsibilities: Managing general OPD, attending all kinds of emergencies Reason for leaving Transferred
Family / Residence Information Dependants No dependants References Name Address Telephone DR PRASENJEET MOHANTY Associate Prof, Dept of skin and VD, SCB Medical college, Cuttack, Orissa, India 09861031102 DR BASANTI DEBI Associate Prof, Dept of Skin and VD MKCG Medical college, Berhampur, Orissa, India 09437448489
Additional Information Publications, fellowships, etc.:
3 publications in 2 Indian Journals this year (all indexed in Pub med), 3 pending for publication Relevant experience, additional skills
Worked in Dept of Plastic Surgery as Asst Surgeon from July 2003 to Sept'2005, with adequate experience in performing all kinds of dermatosurgeries, minor cosmetic procedures
Verification of Date and Place of Application I certify that the statements made by me on my Personal History Form are true, complete and correct. I understand that any false statement or required information
Withheld may provide grounds for the withdrawal of any offer of appointment or the cancellation of employment with the Organization. Date1.3.2007 Place: Berhampur Full Name as Signature: Dr Basanti Acharjya