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Name : Nerissa

NIM : 115090017

Major : Information Technology



First of all we must know about the description about engineering. How could

engineering appear in public, especially we concern about informatics engineering.

Engineering itself was divided into many branches. Like electrical engineering, chemical

engineering, industrial engineering, and so on. And of course Informatics Engineering

was included in it. In computing field, it has five branches in it. It is computer science,

computer engineering, software engineering, information technology, information


Every branch has their purpose and definition. Computer engineering concerned

with the design and construction of computers and computer-based systems. Like

hardware, software, communications, and the interaction among them. Currently, a

dominant area within computing engineering is embedded systems, devices that have SW

and HW embedded in them. Instead, Computer Science spans a wide range from its

theoretical and algorithmic foundations to cutting-edge developments in robotics,

computer vision, intelligent systems, bioinformatics, and other exciting areas a

comprehensive foundation that permits graduates to adapt to new technologies and new

ideas. Then, Software Engineering is the discipline of developing and maintaining

software systems that behave reliably and efficiently, affordable to develop and maintain

satisfy all the requirements.

Also Information System that focuses on the information aspects of information

technology views technology as an instrument for generating, processing, and distributing

information. The last and the most important is Information Technology, which has many

definitions in different ways. In the broadest sense often used to refer to all of computing.

In academia undergraduate degree programs that prepare students to meet the computer

technology needs of organizations. (Networked) Computer-based systems must work

properly, be secure, and upgraded, maintained, and replaced as appropriate. Graduates

possess the right combination of knowledge and practical, hands-on expertise to take care

of both an organization’s information technology infrastructure and the people who use


According to interviews and if we ask most of the Informatics Engineers, we will

find variant answer. In my opinion, I myself choose this major because I interested in

computer stuff. Technology is the most developing thing in the world. If we live in the

world then how come we don’t know about technology? So, technology has already

dominated our daily life.

In earlier century of computer, computer was known as equipment to help people

to finish their job. But now we can see in every place we can find computer. Firstly

computer was being known as only an invention. In recently days, it becomes a

requirement for public. In every job field computer is used to helping people to lighten

their job. Just imagine if we don’t use computer, we will work harder and longer than

before. That can answer the question, ‘why do many students want to become engineers,
especially Informatics Engineers?’ Besides, we will be more entertained by applications

in computer. Many fabulous games are provided in computer. Many gamers are become

IT engineer because of that reason too.

Computer has many complicated parts. And it will become a private pleasure if

we can understand and assemble our computers. That will grow the sense of curiosity too,

and the effect is we will like computer more. In addition, Information Technology is a

universal major. We can also get job easily if we are Informatics Engineer.

And if we compare engineer with scientist, we can see many differences in their

job field. The engineers are usually practicing and conducted by teams, and each member

of team can contribute their specialty of knowledge in order to solve a problem. In other

side, the scientists are usually working toward the solution of specific practical problems.

Engineers can also performed classified broadly function such as research, development,

design, testing, planning, production, operating, sales, service and administration. But

scientists are interested in investigating what occurs and why, and are less concerned with

practical applications of their investigations.

So, in my conclusion, Informatics Engineering is the best way to get success. And

if we become an Informatics Engineer, we will be needed by a whole humanity. But it

demands a hard work too, as equal with a reward we will get in the end.