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Satisfaction of Customer through Marketing

Research of

Submitted for the partial fulfillment of the

requirement for the
Degree of
Guided by: - Submitted by

Bhagwant university, Ajmer

One of the most pleasing aspect of penning down this report is the
opportunity to acknowledge the academic interaction, exchange of views
and invaluable guidance by company executives, professors and friends.

I would like to express profound gratitude to

Mr. .................................................. for his diligent guidance and
constant encouragement through out the course of the project which was
of invaluable help in its successful completion.

I am also thankful to ....................................... who rendered

assistance continuously as promoter and sincere advisors in all phases of
its progress and subsequent completion.

A shower of thanks to all employees of sales department of

Rajasthan Patrika Ltd., Ajmer who provided me relevant material.
I take this as my esteemed duty to express my whole hearted
thanks to fellow trainees at Rajasthan Patrika Ltd. which made it
possible to achieve this target.

This is certify that the Training and Project
Report is submitted for the partial fulfillment of the
requirement for the degree of Master of
Business Administration (2008-2010) by Deepak
vaishnav , student of bhagwent university, Ajmer.

This project work has been completed

satisfactorily under my guidance and supervision.

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Page No.
1. Introduction 1
2. Company’s profile 3
3.3’ Analysis 3
4. Segment 4
5. Objectives of Patrika 5
6. Goal 5
7. Brief Profile 6-9
8. Milestone of Patrika 10-12
9. A ward by Patrika 13-14
10. Privacy Policy 15-21
11. concerned communicator award of
07 Ceremeny 22-24
12. Conference 25
13. Down & Jointly KCK award, 2008 28-29
14. Detail of Rajasthan Patrika in Ajmer 30-35
15. Research Methodology & Marketing
Research of Patrika 36
16. Method of collection data 37-40
17. Merits 41
18. Form of questionnaire in survey 41-46
19. Some other method of data of patrika 47
20. Weakness of Patrika 48-49
21. Conclusion 50
22. Bibliography 51

Rajasthan Patrika

Rajasthan Patrika
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner Rajasthan Patrika Pvt. Ltd.
Founded 1956
Political allegiance Liberal
Language Hindi
Headquarters Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bhopal and Indore
Address 1GH Sager Vihar Colony Vaisali nagar Ajmer

Phone 9799800927



A Established 7th March 1956

Core business Print media

Product 360 degree media including Audio Visual production, Cable TV,FM Radio,
Internet, Hoarding , Event, SMS, Service [56969],Yellow pages , .Find it Patrika
events, Mind Pool School of Management.


Marketing HeadMr.O.P. Kat aria [Ajmer city.

Marketing Executive 3[KISHANGAN, Beawar, Naguar] 6Ajmer.
Rajasthan Patrika is a Hindi language daily newspaper published from Jaipur, Jodhpur,
Udaipur, Kota and other cities of Rajasthan and from major Indian cities such as Bhopal, Indore,
Ahmedabad, Gwalior, Kolkata , Jabalpur and Bangalore. Late Shri "Karpoor Chandra Kulish
founded Rajasthan Patrika on 7 March 1956. It is one of the leading newspapers of Rajasthan
and Madhya Pradesh highly trusted, and known for the use of excellent Hindi, featuring famous
writers such as Gulab Kothari.
Recently Rajasthan Patrika instituted the Karpoor Chandra Kulish International Journalism
Award in the hallowed memory of late Karpoor Chand Kulish, the founder editor. This annual
international award carries prize money of US $ 11000 and a trophy. The award aimed at
recognizing efforts of thought leaders in media, journalist's outstanding contributions to
upholding professional values as well as protecting and promoting ethics and morality, right and
freedom of the people for better quality of life. Dawn Pakistan and Hindustan Times Delhi were
jointly awarded with the inaugural Karpoor Chandra Kulish International Award-2007 in New
Delhi on 12 March 2008. Former President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam bestowed the prizes
to the winners. The function was chaired by Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee
Patrika Group launched a Hindi news portal in August 2008.
[edit] Editions
Rajasthan Patrika is printed from the following places
• Jaipur
• Jodhpur
• Sikar
• Sriganganganagar
• Udaipur
• Alwar
• Bikaner
• Banswara
• Ajmer
• Pali
• Kota
• Bhilwara
• Bhopal
• Indore
• Gwalior
• Jabalpur
• Bangalore
• Surat
• Kolkatta
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• Patrika News Portal
• Rajasthan Patrika - Hindi News portal
• K C Kulish Journalism Award
• Patrika in Education


The Flagship Company, Rajasthan Patrika Rajasthan Patrika is well known company for its
value –based journalism for over 50 year now. Rajasthan Patrika is 8th largest com. newspaper in India
with a readership of 11.5 million. It has 17 print centers in States, with more than 50 editions. It has an
army of 600 correspondents, reporters and stringers spread all across the country.

It enjoys a vast network of 3,500 agents and 12000 Hawkers. Through PEPC WORLD
WIDE press vending machines it is available in 50 countries. It was in 5 Community newspaper s in Asia
considered by AMIC, UNESCO.

Rajasthan Patrika enjoys the distinction of both IFRA Asia Award for best printing and SOPA
AWARD for best reporting in Asia, in the same year.

It enjoys a massive response of over 1.2 million, qualified through a direct coupon scheme. The
land mark event of the group enjoys footballs of 1.1 to1.5millian; they have thrice earned mention in
Limca Book of record.

The 3’C Model is tragically look at the factor needed for success .Its model points out that
asterism should focus on three key factor for success .In the consideration of a business strategy, three
key players must be taken into account:

A. The Company

B. The Customer

C. The Competitors

Only by integrating these three in triangle, a sustained competitive advantage can exist.

COMPANY:-In RAJ. Alone more than 1crore 32 lake 90 thousand readers read [IRS 08 TR] Rajasthan
Patrika. The readership of Rajasthan Patrika alone is more than the combined readership of rest of all
newspaper in Rajasthan; put together [IRS 08].

Rajasthan Patrika uses direct marketing in market. In the direct marketing com. reach their customers’
directly without any intermediary through medium because direct market feedback s available to paper
etc. in comparison with a news paper advertisement.

COSTOMER:-In the Rajasthan Patrikabelieves improving long term customer’s relationship, rather than
just focusing on the sale of product. Individual want to interact directly with manufacturers and
requirement to them. Its potential customer according to different segment.


1. Automobile

2. Bank

3. Medical

4. School /College

5. Government

6. Electronic

7. Classified/Advertisement

8. Life style

10. Builders

11. Political, Economic, Religion. Social

12. Jewelry

13. Ruler

14. Sorter

COMPETITORS:- In Rajasthan Patrika ,there are many competitors’ of Patrikasuch as other newspapers,
magazines ,FM ,TV, Radio etc. Competitor analysis is very important for each and every com. Because
aCom. Can not progress without having knowledge about its competitors who is exist in market?

The main competitors of PATRIKA is Danik Bhaskar newspaper and Nava Jyoty newspaper who share
about half part of customers in Rajasthan

Objectives of Rajasthan Patrika

The object plays an important and crucial in making the image of company. It is to be said that
without object, even having sound background and image, no com can progress and can not exist not only
in the market but also in its life –cycle. Patrika has also decided the certain goals that are rigid as well as
flexible according to the situation.

`Main objectives of Patrika:

1. To achieve market leadership by ensuring customer satisfaction through product and

service of world class excellence.
2. To achieve sustained competitive advantage through value edge and technological
leadership in product and servant through generation of adequate internal and provide the
best knowledge to customer.
3. To make its image in market by providing a better quality news.
4. To get support of the customer.
5. To adopt sound and ethical business practice, and to be responsible toward the society of
its country.
6. To become highly innovative and responsive to meet the challenges of the changing
7. To encourage the development of ancillaries small Industries, rural and backward areas.
8. To provide the cheep and suitable product.
9. To work as transparent media so that image and trust of com. may be increased.

Towards the attainment of the corporate objectives the industrial strategic business unit
and groups should have short term goal which can be translated into quantitative
operational targets. These are more specific than objective in term of focus, time of
achievement and qualification. Goal should be significant, challenging specific and

A Brief Profile
The Flagship Company, Rajasthan Patrika. Rajasthan Patrika is well
known for its value-based journalism for over 50 years now. Rajasthan
Patrika is the 8th largest newspaper in India with a readership of 11.5
Million (CR IRS). It has 17 print centers in 5 states, with more than 50
editions. It has an army of 600 correspondents, reporters and stringers
spread all across the country.

It enjoys a vast network of 3,500 agents and 12,000 Hawkers. Through

PEPC World Wide press vending machines it is available in 50

Is among top 5 most credible newspaper in India according to a BBC-

RUETER study. It was in 5 Community newspapers in Asia considered

Rajasthan Patrika enjoys the distinction of winning both IFRA Asia

Award for best Printing and SOPA award for Best Reporting in Asia, in
the same year.

It enjoys a massive Response Strength of over 1.2 Million, qualified

through a direct coupon scheme. The land Mark events of the group
enjoy footfalls of 1.1 to 1.5 Million, they have thrice earned mention in
Limca Book of Records.

The Patrika Conglomerate

Patrika group enjoys a strong presence in various media and also in several other
fields. Let’s have a brief look at some of major group companies from The
Patrika Conglomerate.
• Daily News: It is Yet Another Popular daily newspaper from the group. It is
targeted towards youth, designed with content, presentations and concepts to
catch the ‘fancy new segment’. Today it is the No. 3 Newspaper in Jaipur.
• News Today: An evening daily catering to the growing demand of quality
evening update, it has been declared the No.1 evening newspaper in Rajasthan
with readership base of 4.12 lakh readers (IRS 08).
• Radio Tadka: Enjoying a multi state presence, a FM station known for its
distinct play list and contents. Rightly Declared No.1 FM channel in Jaipur,
leading with 1 lac 70 thousand more listeners than nearest competitor (IRS 08)
• Patrika Online (The Web Division):The web division of Rajasthan
Patrika that proudly represents its 2 unique Hindi language News
portals; & the very recent . is first of its kind portal with extensive coverage of over 54 cities
across India and is responsible for 24 hours news publishing on the Internet,
with around 3 millions page views per month.
• Patrika Events: For below the line solutions, hosts events that enjoy
footfalls as high as 18 lac which have been recognized thrice in Limca Book of
record. National Book Fair, Property Fair, Health and Wellness Fair, Career
Fair, Mega Trade Fair, Food Festival, Indian Festival at Dubai etc are some of
our popular event properties.
• Planet Outdoors: It is the 2nd largest outdoor Promotion Company of
Rajasthan giving Out-of-Home media solutions to advertisers.

• Patrika Mobile (56969): Value added SMS services provider with an

enormous base of 15 lac customers, also providing a National reach to its clients
through personalized solutions to mobiles across the country.
• Cable Networks: Local Cable Network spread across the important cites
state. Channel 24, Aaradhana, My Music, and Sky Movies are some of the
popular cable channels of the company.
• Patrika-in-education (PIE)An event company that specializes in
producing education models and communication programs focused at the youth.
It is the NiE (Newspaper in Education) wing of Rajasthan Patrika Group based
on some very popular NiE Programs of Global standards approved by major
academicians around the state.
• Find it: Find it Yellow pages are available not only in print but also on web
and CD, supported by 24 hours online phone services and are available in the
states major cities. Largest Yellow pages of the state of Rajasthan. We are now
expanding in M.P. and Gujarat.
• Patrika TV: An audio-visual unit involved in production of programmers’,
Local News & TV commercials. It has a good coverage among the city.
• Patrika Prints: Produces project based mass prints jobs with expertise.
• Patrika Junctions: Touch points that provide unique selling, showcasing
and advertising avenues.
• Mind Pool School of Management: A Leading institute providing
professional education in Management, Retail Management & Journalism
• Year Book: comprehensive General Knowledge yearbook available in 3
languages with more than 1.5 laccopies published passing year.
• Patrika Publications: Has over 200 titles published in over 12
Languages. Patrika yearbook sold around 1,50,000 copies last year, will now be
published in Gujarati and English, as well.
• Jan Mangal Trust: A public charitable trust started by Patrika Group, to
serve the society. The trust mainly focuses on supporting the relief work
during any epidemics. Also supports Prime Minister Relief Fund through
monetary help during any national emergencies. The trust promotes Public
Awareness programs related to various social issues. The JMT provides services
to the Society, which is not confined to any Caste, Community and Religion.


First up was Siddhartha Kothari, director, Rajasthan Patrika, who presented the various ways and means
through which the regional newspaper house has strengthened its presence across media channels. “New
media does not replace old media, but only adds to the existing choice that a consumer has at disposal,”
began Kothari.

He stressed that a sound strategy is more important than technology. India comprises 17.2 per cent of the
world’s population and has endless choices available to obtain information or entertainment.

When Patrika (Rajasthan Patrika’s edition in Madhya Pradesh) was launched, a big scale multimedia
campaign was carried out to announce its entry into Madhya Pradesh. Apart from its daily broadsheets
(Rajasthan Patrika and Patrika), Rajasthan Patrika also has a Hindi afternoon daily, News Today and a
morning daily in Hindi, Daily News, which cater to specific target groups.

Radio is another offering the company provides to its consumer base. The brand created its presence in
the dot com space with and, both of which provide varied information.
The sites receive about 16.38 million hits per month.

Find It, is the yellow pages that the group created for about seven Indian states. The yellow pages are
supported by SMS and also have a link on Value added service (VAS) is the recent media
platform that Rajasthan Patrika has included with its own SMS short code. Here Kothari added a word of
caution, “When we introduced the SMS short code, we depended on the newspaper in the initial years.”

The newspaper brand also has presence in education (Patrika in Education), television (Patrika TV, which
produces corporate films), Sky Media Network that has a set of television channels of various genres and
events in the form of trade exhibitions. Food festivals and wedding expos are regularly conducted by
Rajasthan Patrika. Patrika Publication also publishes children’s magazines and religious books.

- End -
Rajasthan Patrika Group is publishing 4 newspapers including 2 evening newspaper encompassing 6
states Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal and successfully
retained its No.1 position in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka (IRS 08) among Hindi
newspaper. After establishing itself as a complete media conglomerate that encompasses 3 FM stations,
OOH, Yellow Pages, Mobile VAS, Events, Publication, Cable and recently revamped Web Portal, Patrika
is spreading out in new direction.

Detail of Raj. Patrika in AJMER

Rajasthan Patrika Plays not only as local news but also out side of local. But main focus of
Rajasthan Patrika is to provide regional news.

We can analysis this newspaper:-

1. The paper is published labile in Ajmer including all type of new in its Pater.

1. Main News / Head lines: - The entitled has a very crucial part to understand what means of this is

entitled. So each & every com. try to best to provide entitled of New. Rajasthan Patrika also

induces the selected title which can be easily understood. Most of main news either regional or

word are given on the main page that is able to attract the attention of reader.
2. Rajyamanch :- In patrika the state level news are shown very effectively such as political, Region,

Education, current affairs etc., these news are titled daily on a separate page.

3. Rastra World - Circle: - In a news paper, there is essential part of Nation and world which is

include very suitability and effectively. This news gives a better life to the society because very

society person wants to have whack knowledge currently of world sitting at his/her home by

saving time and cost. So patrika - playing its good role as needs of reader.

4. Business :- In Rajasthan Patrika Business page is also given separate which include all the

economic news not only Nationally but also worldly that provide a good knowledge to reader and

bring out the real situation in front of readers so that readers may be stand up to bring down the

problem which is going on. On this page the news is provided that may be read to all categories

people either farmer or Businessman. The economic situation is occurred to all categories people

who are fulfilled by Patrika.

5. Sports: - The Games are important to all people because without games. A person can not be

called developed & skilled if he does not play & see the games. All the news is provided on the

separate page such as Cricket, Kabbadde, kho-kho, chess, Foot-ball, Basket-ball etc.

6. Entertainment: - Patrika edited a supplementary paper for entertainment called “Bolly Wood”.

Which provide all new of Movies. Music that gives reader all knowledge of music. There is a

‘Varg Paheli’ is also edited with this that mazes the mentality of reader & improve the knowledge.
7. Classified :- Patrika edited classified page that include all types advertisement in a box according

to need & requirement of customer such as - matrimonial, requirement for, selling and buying and

so on. A customer may be satisfied because the main object of Patrika to understand the needs of

customer and provide to satisfaction of customer.

8. Rajay Manch: - “Rajasthan Patrika” Newspaper edited a separate “Rajay Manch” page because it

is a regional news paper. So it is essential to newspaper to include the smallest news of Rajay/State

so that people may be get up to be consciousness according to the society.

9. Supplementary Paper :- Every com. wants to increase sales in existing competitive market Patrika

also launched 3-4 supplementary paper that includes Local news, career news, entertainment,

stories, joking, gajal, poem, varg paheli, your future, spiritual conversation, Book-conversation,

Joar ka Thataka, Bolly-wood & Holly-wood news, advise of problem etc.

These papers are categories into mainly three - or four types -

1. Parivar: - It is distributed free with Rajasthan Patrika including 4 pages. It includes Literately,
Recife, Jock, Educational knowledge, varg-paheli etc.

2. Ravivariya (Sunday):- On the front page of supplementary paper ‘Gupab’ Kothari” intrudes a
topic it may be political, economic, regional, national, international and published a poem which
is full of inspirable. It included mainly spiritual ballywoodtocking, story, gajal (A poem which is
written a lyric form) etc.

In addition of this news, A editor note is also expressed as a conversational way that is related a

madder and current problem which is going on. Editor’s name is Mr. “Gulab Kothari”. Who writes not

only the expression knots but also a poem?

Just AJMER: - It is a local paper distributed with Rajasthan patrika 3 times in a week consisting at 4

pages. This paper provides career & education news, recent news & mostly focus on the youth persons.

Who are busy in preparation of their talent? The Recife is published according to the women, house-wife

who wants to know how a better Recife can be prepared.

Cross word, varg phalli is provided with this new-paper which increases the mentality.

10. Other:-

(a) Khabarai Fatafat: This is including the small current news that has lappet recently is

called “Breaking news most of news are related with all over India & whole world.

(b) Brunch / puzzle / Sudoku / crossword/ quiz master: - These are edited with patrika that

increase mental ability of person who have interest in it. These are published not only Hindi but also


Quiz master is related with the General knowledge and focus on the customer of educated person.

Who have interest in it which not only increase the sales but also attract the customer?

11. Advertisement: - Advertisement is a non personal paid form of ideas, good or services by an

identified sponsor.

It is a part of promotion mix in Rajasthan Patrika. We can categorize.

(a) Primary Demand Advertisement: - These advertisements are published for customer like

T.V. car, Washing Machine, reparatory. This is called demand.

(b) Product or Institutional Advertisement: - Where advertisement seeks to popular brand of

product and who is reputed to produce quality goods.

(c) Co-operative Advertisement :- Where the sponsors are jointly manufacture the product

and published in Rajasthan Patrika is called co-operative advertisement.

(d) Commercial adds - It includes service, business etc.

(e) Non commercial: - This is undertaken by charitable institution for raising public donation

or finds to meet certain special purpose.

2. On the basis of coverage’s

(a) Local Advertisement

(b) National Advertisement

(c) International Advertisement

3. On the basis of users

(a) Consumers advertisement

(b) Industrial A.D.

(c) Trade A.D.

4. Classified Basis of Appeals

(a) Direct or Indirect Action A.D.

(b) Rational Advertisement

(c) Eternal A.D.

My Own Experiences in the field of circulation & Marking

The Man object of Patrika through the method of survey is to identify the customer’s need and
sales promotion negative marketing, data collection, feedback of customer in each & every area, increase
the quantity full fill the responsibility, after sales service and so on.

In market survey of Patrika, Particular selected person are to be sent in particular selected person
are to be sent in particular selected area. Each & every day with the supervisor. Who guide this person?
They survey the customer’s identification and theirs potential l need from door to door with calling sheet
and order form. These not only increase the sale but also, provide the feedback. So i was also sent in the
field of market research where got the training.

(26th May to 10th July)

My self was unknown from market research but it was first day of me in survey of Patrika.

Myself was guided by supervisor of survey of Patrika that how to deal with customer and how to

communicate with customer that gone full interest to learn and saw the other surveyors to deal with


The conclusion was that I learned many thing of market research in circulation.
Next day myself reached at right time in morning. My supervision took me “Vaishli Nagar” with

other survey. He gave calling sheets of survey all the calling sheets surveyor now I saw all survey who

averse busy in survey from door to door. I also talked with 20 customers in survey.

What they have and which newspaper they read?

Third days. I have learned the trick of communication and deals.

Mainly these questions were asked:-

1. Good morning.

2. How are you?

3. Which news paper do you read?

It the answer is positive ‘Patrika’ than question was asked.

4. Have you gat any problem with newspaper?

If the customer says that ‘No’ All right.

5. Have you gat any problem with hawker.

6. Are the news paper collect timely early in the morning?

If the customer said “Yes” than his/her problem was written down with her/his name, address and


If the customer said that he read Denik Bhasker and other News paper than survey of Patrika

asked -

1. May I have asked something more?


2. Kindly provide me reason. Why are you interested to read the Denik Bhasker than Patrika.
The customer gave reason I replied all questions of customer which was satisfactory.

So these 5 days I surveyed and dealt with customer to identify the need and requirement of

customer in the daft places in Ajmer.

Last five days I learned the skills of communication which is essential to be closed with


I started the exact and attractive question according to customer and draw attention of customer

toward the Patrika by describing the faculty of Patrika. and make new customers of Patrika in each &

every day by dealing about 120 customer and more over tried own level best to increase the sale of

Patrika from door to door at the daft. Places in these different days by fulfilling the calling sheet of


My interest was increasing daily by daily as I was happy in the field of circulation as a reached.

Supervisor of Patrika was guiding me daily with other. Researchers and reporters of Patrika.

Now, I started to understand the feeling and requirement of customer what they want from the


I delt with more than 100 customer and makes new customer of Patrika as Researcher and

collated the data that was feed back of customer. Whether they are satisfy or not with product.

sssssss I started to write down the requirement and need of customer on each door where I deal with

customer and have got familiar with the situation of customer. I made not only new customers and but

also written down the problems of old customer with Product, Hawker, News Agencies etc.that was

feedback of customer and sent to Patrika each every day.

These processing’s have spent the 26th June that gave me a better knowledge of customer,

because it was part of direct selling direct interview depth interning from door to door.
Some customer was not satisfy with newspaper, they provided the weakness of patrika news

paper and wanted to some improvement in product.

The Result of survey of Patrika in AJMER

I sent with other researchers and surveyors of Patrika during the training days, such as - Vaishali

Nagar, Adarsh Nagar, Makhu-Pura, Pahadh Ganj, New Market, Madar, Asha Gunj, M.D.S. University,

Kashar-ganj, Ajay Nagar, Near the Martinal Bridge, Alwar Gate, Dargah Bazar, Faysagar Road so on.

In this place, I made not only new customer but also satisfy to all customer and dealt with about

1200 customers the result of survey of Patrika in Ajmer was

About 50% People read the Rajasthan Patrika in Ajmer and 38% people read the Danik Bhasker,

7% left read others new paper and 5% did not read any newspaper.

1. The Danik Bhaskar is close competitor of Patrika.

2. The feed back of customer’s data was too sent to the office of Patrika daily by daily with the

important suggestion and report of customers of Patrika is made.

3. The after sales service is provided by the Patrika through the market research.

4. I dealt about 1200 customer average 30 customers to identity the need & requirement.

5. Some customer opinions and through about the Patrika was given for example:-

I asked one customer who was aged; about the opinion of Patika he answered that -

“Now a day, all Newspaper has become bogus including Rajasthan Patrika. The media company

bears selfishness and wants to increase their sales by reducing their newspaper quality. The Rajasthan

Patrika is cheep Paper.”

There were more thoughts and opinions about the Patrika News paper.
6. The survey of Patrika increased the sale of Production and maple the feedback of customer not

only of the customer but also, agencies, hawkers, non customer.

7. The actual Prostitution of Patrika6 in Ajmer is suitable. Now a day, Patrika is selling thirty

thousand copies in Ajmer

Research Methodology & Circulation

Research in common parlance refers to search for knowledge. One can also define research as a
scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic. It is an academic activity
and as such the tern should be used in a technical sense. According to Clifford Woody - “Research
comprises defining and redefining problems, formulating hypothesis suggested solution, collecting
organizing and at last carefully testing the conclusion to determine whether they fit the formulating

Marketing Research of Patrika

Meaning & Definition:-

Research is a common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. One can also defiance research
as a scientific and systematic research for pertinent information on a specific topic. In fact research is an
art of scientific investigation.

In Rajasthan Patrika we can say that it applied such research defilation through the systematic
study of market through the systematic study of market where are problem going on. Where are needs of

The object of Patrika to link the customer and public to the marketer through providing better
service to customer which is used to identity and define marketing opportunities an problem, generate,
refine and evaluate marketing item, monitor marketing performance and improve understanding of market
as process.

Mainly Rajasthan Patrika tries to its level best to know whether our customer satisfies or not form
our service. So the com. tries to called parts and interest that help to make the feedback of market
customer so that product may be matched more effectively into the hand of the customer that is helpful in
decision making.


The task of data collection begins after a research problem has been setup.

In Rajasthan Patrika. If the sales are decreasing there is essential to know the reason of decreasing
the sales and know what is actual position of it self. The main objective of collection of data is –

1. Why are our sales decreasing?

2. Where do we exist in market?

3. What is critical to improve in our product & service?

4. Where problem occurring.

5. What is customer response toward the product?

6. What is need to improvement of product so that it cans fulfill the requirement of customer?

7. To collect the feedback which is useful to take the decision.

8. To provide a better service as social responsibility so the image of Partika may be high in the
contest of media.

9. To improve the brand image and make a sound background in the competitive market in the eyes
of reader.

10. To show reality of situation and provide news fatly & currently.

To collect the data survey & experiment method are to be adopted by researcher. Patrika uses the
following types way.

1. Primary Data :- In market research Patrika uses the primary data that is collected afresh and for
the first time.

In the survey the data can be collected in the tiled of circulation by any or more of the following
ways :-

(a) By observation :- The observation method is mast commonly used method specially in studies
relating to behavioral sciences. in this way Patrika observes things around in this way. Patrika observes
things around it but it is not scientific observation, because it does not systematically planned and based
on the behavior.

Under this method the investigator does not ask question from respondent, he observes directly
for instance in a study rotating to customer behavior, the investigator instead of asking the brand of
Patrika new paper used by Respondent may himself look at the Newspaper.

The main advantage of it is that subjective is eliminated, if the observation is done accurately.
Secondly the intermitted obtained, whether they are satisfy or nat. under this method relates to what is
currently happening.

This method makes a verbal report.

(b) Interview method: - The interview method is the spirit at the survey used to collection data
involves presentation of oral-verbal stimuli and reply in the oral-verbal responses. This method is used by
Patrika news paper in the following ways.

Personal Interview: - In Patrika, personal interview about the product is asked face to face contact
to the other person. All types persons are included who belong to different categories.

The interviewer of Patrika may asked certain question and the inter viewer response to there, but
usually the interviewer may also initiates the interview and collect the intimation. There are two types
interview –

(i) Direct Interview: - Direct interview the Reporter has to stand on the spot and has collect the
intimation personality from the customer. This method is so effective that it may reveal the real situation
of customer’s requirement more over, customer/ responder answers the questions of reporter that is asked.

It makes round feed back of customer’s stimuli, attitude * possibility.

Actually survey is beneficial & objectiveness if the direct inter view method is applied. In Patrika
some persons are selected as reporters who investigate the door to door each & every axe thorough asking
question to customer. And tries to know whether they have interested to read the newspaper or nat. If they
have Nat interested. What is reason? What is obligation why they are unsatisfied such question answer
can be get easily through the direct interview method.

In spite of time consuming. It is beneficial to know the needs & requirement of customer.

The method of collecting information through the direct interview carried out in a structured
interview. Such interview invoices the use of asset of predetermined question and highly standard
techniques of recording. Thus the inter viewer or Reporter of Patrika in a structured way follows a rigid
procedure laid down.

Asking Questioning a form and order prescribed. The main aims to structure interview to know
some selected behavior and identification of customer.

In this method, there is no restriction of asking the question. For example- Reporter asks question
to customer ‘which newspaper do you used? Customer may say that he read Danik Bhasker. Than the
question may be either asked why do you read Danik Bhasker or asked what is situation of Bhasker in
Market? This question may be asked according to situation.
(ii) In direct Interview:- Indirect interview is used in such each on indirect oral examination can
be contracted under which the interviewer has to cross-examine other person who supposed to have
knowledge about the problem under investigation and sales promotion and the information, obtained is
recorded most of the commission and committees appointed by Rajasthan Patrika to carry on
investigation make use of this consumer’s identification and needs.

Patrika uses other two type’s method - focus interview & clinical interview.

We can analysis the Patrika’s personal interview’s advantage.

(1) More information and too in grater can be obtained.

(2) An experience holder interviewer of Patrika News Paper can be identifying the behavior
and attitude of customer.

(3) The problem of costumer can be easily and deeply obtained.

(4) Personal intimation can be obtained.

Form of Questionnaire
Quite after it is considered that questionnaire the heart of a survey operation. Patrika tries to b its
level best to make it very carefully constructed. If it is net properly set up, then the su

rvey is bound to fail. This fact requires us to study the main aspects of questionnaire viz,

1. General form: - Coffer as the general form at questionnaire is concerned; it can either be
structured or unstructured questionnaire. Structured questionnaire are these question in which there are
define, concrete and predetermined question. These questions are presented with exactly the same words
and in the some order.

Patrika prepares as well structured and unstructured general form which is beneficial to the
customer and Patrika.

These questions are so simple and so less inexpensive to understand the behavior of and attitude
and needs of customer. According to the General form total Quality management are to be adopted.
2. Question sequences: - Mainly Patrika edits a block questions sequence which is called suggestion
block of customer for a Patrika that is a clear hint of total quality mgmt.

The sequence question reduces considerably the chance of being misunderstood. The first few
question are particularly important because they are likely to influence the attitude of tee respondent and
in seeking his desired cooperation for instance, If one question which is asked by the researcher deals
with the price of News Paper paid for news paper and next question that is related way do you like it than
other news paper?

3. Question formulation and wording: - With regard to this aspect in survey of Patrika to know
whether they like the newspaper or net. The reporter notes each question clearly for any sort of
misunderstanding. The misunderstanding makes the hypothesis and becomes a thought, so it is essential
to reduce such misunderstanding which is harmful to the product such as news paper.

Mainly the question is asked by surveyor of Patrika that:-

1. Which newspaper do you read?

If the answer is forward by customer “Patrika”. Then Next question is of surveyor to customer.

2. Is newspaper is coming timely early in the morning and have you any problem with news paper.

If the customer answers negative and not satisfy than his/her problems are to be written down on
the form with name, address and forward to the com. which makes feedback of problem and improve at
the level of customer satisfaction.

If customer reads another news paper than the normally question are to be asked to customer-

1. May I have asked something?

2. Why are you using the other paper than Patrika please tell me?

3. Have you read the newspaper “Patrika” before?

4. Why are you disliked and what quality does not have in Patrika News paper?

After the asking the some normal question. Surveyor issued to tell the quality of Patrika in well
manner and more over makes a feedback of customer response with name & address that is also forward
to the com. where are problem going on.

In the case of non used newspaper the question is arises:-

1. May I have asked something & would you like to talk with me for a moment?

2. Why do you not use to read the newspaper?

3. What is reason not to need the news paper?

4. Would you like to interest in having knowledge about the world that is provided by newspaper?

After asking such question a feedback of not used the newspaper ‘Patrika is also forward to com.
that is relates what is obligation and weakness of customer relation. Why are customers toward the after
product? All are question is solved by the feedback of question formulation wording.

The demerits and merit of Rajasthan Patrika is :-

1. The cost is minimum and the time may be also escaped.

2. The confirmation and identification are to be identified even when population is so large and is
spread widely.

3. Customer is also satisfied to such question and has adept time to give will though out answer.

4. Customers who are not easily approachable can also be raced out convent rally demerits.

1. Low rate of Return of duly filled in questionnaires: as due to no response is after undetermined.

2. It can be used only when customer are educated as understandable and co-operating.

3. The control over questionnaire may be last once it is sent.

4. There is inbuilt inflexibility because of the difficulty of annexing the approach once
questionnaires have been dispatched.

5. It is difficult to know whether willing customers are truly reprehensive

6. The method is likely to be the slowest of all.

Essence of A good questionnaire. To be successful. Questionnaire should be comparatively short and

simple i.e. the size of the questionnaire should be keep to minimum. Questions should proceed in logical
sequence moving form easy to more difficult questions.

2. Collection of Secondary Date of Patrika

Secondary data means that have already available i.e. refer to data which have been already
collected and analyzed by some are else when the recherché utilizes secondary data. Then he has to look
into various sources from where he can obtain them. In this case he is certainly not confronted with
problems that are usually associated with problems that are usually assonated with the collection of
original data. Secondary data may either be published data on published data used by Patrika. Usually
published data are available used by Patrika :-

(a) Published data and unpublished data

(b) Technical trade Journals

(c) Books, magazines (Balhans) and Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper.

(d) Report of survey

(e) Hawkers Report

(f) Sales person

(g) Agent and Journalist

Patrika follows the three essential and necessary rules of data:-

1. Reliability of data

2. Suitability of data

3. Accuracy of data

Secondary data displays a very eminent role to gather the information related to the need and
requirement and expectation of customer/reader which bas been expected. These data helps the company
to reach out a suitable conclusion which is very beneficial and satisfy the need of customer.

Some Other Methods of Data of Patrika

1. Coupon suggestion cards: - In Rajasthan Patrika newspaper the coupon suggestion cards are
edited to the reader and customer.

On this cards, the suggestion questions are printed which is require to collect the information
regarding their interest and satisfaction to the Patrika. And request is made by company to reader to fill up
the card and post it back to company.
2. Occasional coupon : Occasional coupons are also published Patrika such as diwali, holi
damaka, Raksha Bandan, Summer Etc. that is filled up by reader and sent to Patrika newspaper that is
helpful to make the feed back of customer.

1. Depth Interview: Depth interview that are designed to discover under lying
motives and desires and are after used in motivate research that incase the sales
and increase the satisfaction of customer.


1. Unrevealed the truth : Today, not only Patrika, but also each & every news paper has become a
shape of earning the money without caring the feelings of consumer. They not only hide the trust but also
take the money not to reveal the truth. The politician/has come in Patrika.

2. The importance of Profit Maximization than other importance.

Patrika has become a daily newspaper that has only to earn profit to forfeit the social
responsibility and customer satisfaction. After selling their news paper they forfeited the needs of
customer and even not listen their problem what they have.
They including in their news paper advertisement removing or reducing the important news that
is only earning the money. The main motto of Patrika has changed.

3. Weakness & cheap paper: - Patrika buys a cheap quality news paper that two person. It good
example is that early in the morning to give newspaper to customer he throw his newspaper that may be
cut down. So the paper is so cheap.

4. No service after sales: - After selling their newspaper to a regular customer they do not attention
the needs of customer and do not provide any service that may provide even sympathy and satisfaction
that is draw back of their service.

5. Less news & more advertisement: - Patrika edited more advertisement reducing the news. They
include advertisement so that they can earn more and more money that like “Myopia” and more over.
They are hurting the feeling & expectation of customer that have thought.

Three or four page is full of A.D. even there is no escape the main page. This dangerous to com.


Customer satisfaction studies illustrate that research mythology of “Patrika” response times and
similar factors were ranked more highly in industrial buying decisions than price and equipment
specification Organizations in all market sectors must continuously build and maintain service quality to
remain competitive. One way of developing and improving service quality is through customer care
programmers. These should be implemented throughout the whole organization, emphasizing further the
need for organizations to develop a customer and marketing orientation which is integrated and flexible.

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