The 5 Elements of SAGE

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Supports Young Entrepreneurs SAGE provides students with the opportunity and resources to fulfil their dream of starting their very own business. Furthers Civic Engagement and Builds Social Capital Students acquire political knowledge, public problem-solving skills and develop a greater sense of civic duty. Promotes Environmental Awareness In execution of projects, students adopt strategies that provide a balance between economic success and environmental sustainability and restoration. Expands Social Networks SAGE aims to provide all participants with a global perspective along with local insight, by involving schools, businesses, governments and countries. Hosts SAGE Tournaments SAGE competitions focus on effectiveness and creativity. It encourages team competition, forcing students to continually improve existing activities and create new ones.
SAGE World Cup

“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.” American educator and writer Robert M. Hutchins, who led the Commission on Freedom of the Press (1946)

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How SAGE Works

“I was truly amazed with the passion and creativity of the students I met. Whether they go on to pursue business or not, their participating in SAGE will instill in them lessons of teamwork, discipline and ethics; all of which will pay generous dividends in the years to come.” U.S. Congressman Wally Herger, California SAGE judge

Sponsorship & expertise

Champion team represents Singapore at SAGE World Cup

Junior College Students
Industry insights and sharings Teams compete nationally

SAGE Singapore National Competition

SAGE Singapore is operated by Singapore Management University Initiatives for Social Enterprise (SMU-ISE), together with SAGE Singapore Country Coordinator Professor Tan Teck Meng.



initiatives for social enterprise


SMU-ISE is a social entrepreneurial club which allows members to apply their business knowledge learnt within the classroom to start or improve businesses to help communities. SMU-ISE is in-charge of the running of the SAGE programme, including mentorship of junior college SAGE students, organizing the SAGE Singapore competition and handling all related administrative matters.

Snapshots of SAGE World Cup 2007

What is SAGE?

SAGE’s goals

SAGE Tournaments

Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship, Singapore c/o Prof. Tan Teck Meng School of Accountancy Singapore Management University 60 Stamford Road Level 5 Singapore 178900 Email:

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Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) is an international nonIOS_V profit organization that links junior college student organizations to mentors from local universities and businesses. Founded in 2002 by Dr Curtis L. DeBerg and a team of Chico State Students in Free Enterprise students, SAGE enjoys a presence in 175 high schools in twelve countries- a presence which continues to grow today. SAGE aims to advance youth business and social entrepreneurship in an ethical and sociallyresponsible manner. Youth use their experience as a SAGE member to become self-reliant, and help others. SAGE provides a new avenue for youth working individually, or in cooperative teams, as if they were business partners, and contributing to their communities. Every year, SAGE teams showcase their entrepreneurial innovation and creativity through national and international tournaments. Judged by a panel of influential business leaders, this provides students with a competitive opportunity to present their efforts, and to gain realworld perspective which builds team competency.

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initiatives for social enterprise