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Bistoiic vehicle Association
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No. 1

0.S. Bepaitment of the Inteiioi
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No. PA-6Su

The vehicle was selecteu because it is "histoiically significant." We collaboiateu with the
0.S. Bept. of the Inteiioi to uevelop foui ciiteiia to ueteimine histoiic significance. While
subject to fuithei iefinement, these ciiteiia aie consistent with what has been useu by the
0.S. Bept. of the Inteiioi foi ueteimining the histoiic significance of builuings, vessels anu
aiiciaft. A vehicle is eligible if it meets any single ciiteiion. In the case of CSX2287 all foui
ciiteiia weie met. Bistoiic significance can be national, state oi local. In this case the
histoiic significance of CSX2287 is national. The peiiou of significance foi CSX2287 was
fiom }anuaiy 1964 when its constiuction was completeu to Becembei 196S when it was
ietiieu fiom seivice as a Shelby Ameiican, Inc. competition cai.

Ciiteiion A >99):7+-7B# ;+$/# C @B#.-
A vehicle associateu with an event oi events that aie impoitant in
automotive oi Ameiican histoiy.

1. Shelby Ameiican, Inc. won the 196S FIA Nanufactuiei's uT
Championship. This win was baseu on all Shelby Cobia (coupe anu
ioaustei) iesults but was most heavily impacteu by the successful
iace iesults of the five Baytona Coupes baseu on the CSX2287
uesign. This was the fiist time an Ameiican manufactuiei won an
inteinational FIA championship seiies.

2. 21 Naich 1964: 12 Bouis of Sebiing iace (Rounu 2 of the FIA uT
uioup III (ovei 2 litei) Championship) CSX2287 was 1st in uT
(uioup III) class anu 4th oveiall uiiven by Bob Bolbeit anu Baviu

Examples of othei nationally significant vehicles that meet this ciiteiion aie:

- 19uS Packaiu "0lu Pacific" - eaily 0.S. tianscontinental tiavelei
- 19SS Feiiaii S7S NN - 19S4 Anuiews AFB iace Piesiuent's Cup winnei

Ciiteiion B >99):7+-7B# ;+$/# C 1#*9).
A vehicle associateu with the lives of significant peisons in automotive oi
Ameiican histoiy.

1. Caiioll B. Shelby was the ownei of Shelby Ameiican, Inc. that built

2. Petei E. Biock woikeu foi Shelby Ameiican, Inc. anu uesigneu

S. Phil Bill uiove CSX2287 at the Spa-Fiancoichamps Suu km (FIA)
iace on 17 Nay 1964 to 2uth oveiall anu 6th in uT (uioup III) class.

Examples of othei nationally significant vehicles that meet this ciiteiion aie:

- 19u9 White Steam Cai - fiist 0S Piesiuential automobile
- 19S2 Buesenbeig S} - Fieu Buesenbeig's peisonal cai

Ciiteiion C ,#97=. )* ().9-*/:-7). ;+$/#
A vehicle that is uistinctive baseu on uesign, engineeiing, ciaftsmanship oi
aesthetic value.

1. The aeiouynamic uesign incoipoiating the tiuncateu tail (Kamm
tail) section enableu CSX2287 anu the Cobia Baytona Coupes to
significantly inciease the top speeu anu fuel efficiency of the basic
Cobia (ioaustei) uesign. This enableu the cai to compete
successfully in inteinational (FIA) competition against Feiiaii.

2. CSX2287 was constiucteu in 9u uays with limiteu iesouices by
uesignei (Petei Biock) anu small gioup of Shelby Ameiican, Inc.
fabiicatois anu engineeis. This was likely the last time inteinational
competition success coulu be achieveu in this way. In 1966, Foiu
Notoi Company won the FIA Nanufactuieis' Championship baseu on
an extensive ieseaich anu uevelopment effoit uevoteu to the Foiu
uT4u piogiam.

Examples of othei nationally significant vehicles that meet this ciiteiion aie:

- 1948 Tuckei - uesign¡engineeiing
- 192S Boble - engineeiing - steam

Ciiteiion B D.E)*?+-7).+$ ;+$/#
A vehicle of a paiticulai type that was the fiist piouuceu, last piouuceu, has
an element of iaiity of its type, oi is among the most well-pieseiveu oi
authentically iestoieu suiviving examples.

1. CSX2287 was the piototype of the Baytona Coupe seiies of six cais
(incluuing CSX2287) anu as such was the basis foi the successful

2. CSX2287 is well-pieseiveu ietains much of its oiiginal mateiials,
components, finishes anu ciaftsmanship. CSX2287 was owneu by
ueoige Bianu anu then his uaughtei Bonna 0'Baia between ca. 197u
anu 2uu1. Buiing that time the vehicle was left laigely untoucheu a
stoiage unit in Alameua, Califoinia.

Examples of othei nationally significant vehicles that meet this ciiteiion aie:

- 19SS Coivette EX122 - piototype
- 1899 Packaiu - fiist Packaiu built

0thei ieasons to select CSX2287 incluueu:

1. The uigency to piopeily iecoiu the histoiy of CSX2287 with the
oiiginal uesignei of cai (Petei Biock) paiticulaily since many of the
othei inuiviuuals associateu with CSX2287 aie no longei living.

2. The announcement this week coinciues with the Suth Anniveisaiy of
the constiuction of CSX2287 in }anuaiy 1964.

S. The Shelby Cobia (ioausteis anu coupes) aie among the most well
iecognizeu histoiic vehicles by the geneial public.

0thei impoitant notes on the eligibility:

2. While CSX2287 was manufactuieu in the 0.S., the eligibility is open
to all vehicles (whethei 0.S. of foieign manufactuieu) with histoiic
significance ielateu to Ameiica.

S. While the fiist vehicle uocumenteu was a automobile, the eligibility
will be open to tiucks anu motoicycles as well.

Finally, its impoitant to point out, CSX2287 is not the most histoiically significant vehicle in
Ameiica it is "among the most histoiically significant vehicles in Ameiica." Nany vehicles
aie (potentially thousanus) aie expecteu to be eligible foi this iecognition.

Naik uesslei
Piesiuent, Bistoiic vehicle Association
2S }anuaiy 2u14

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