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February 10, 2014

PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE HERMANDAD MEXICANA HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION February 10, 2014 CONTACT PERSON: Sergio Trujillo (714) 350-4023 Email: strujillo@hermandadmexicana.org

ARIZONA UNTAMED WITH ICONIC LEADER ALFREDO GUTIERREZ Play on iTunes: http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Pxc-7t07-jGq9PK5f8vLYQXmP8pXkN7eEnl_gDSYOunUP6Duqj8Q_dmJjw0jdnbXmsX28QZ0YcRfzTOALgERdPwl2TqcFjVHFBsuvFxnzcti7F 5HN5DbgLc_T7FOexj56pww699pBEaYBmHcR20ft2Zpviip3KiE_HUhvACPKYQaSoZqo JdKrQ83yGZ5DkOIhb5vrcbyNWMcTnvo3bKvIVA_hwBuWnRiWEL7XR77IVC1JfS7A67tigbzzNHyIvjc uMKSiYtCwDbvzr9RCDW29QlyITeBU&c=mSPBp9ni5qYLBcqljQ2lk902S_lqjBeWT4mT yVJMar9nx9-hP4LzoQ==&ch=jXOHIafPXv5k3km1zbJILmlJwM-yO4-

IFen4b3M0aefNP4wpvHmerw== Radio Hermandad dialogues with Senator Alfredo Gutierrez for his book, To Sin Against Hope, as published by Verso Books. + Music by Eliades Ochoa of the Buena Vista Social Club (A cover of Bob Dylan's All Along the Watchtower in Spanish) Produced by Sergio C. Muñoz at Intelatin / Radio Hermandad (c) 2014 Copyright - All Rights Reserved Notes by Host Nativo Lopez: This week's interview with Alfredo Gutierrez is the beginning of a series for Radio Hermandad with historic social-political figures in the Mexican and Latino communities in the United States who have contributed to the people's movement for social change towards justice and basic human fairness irrespective of race, creed, nationality, language, gender, and even ideological orientation. It brings us great pleasure to introduce an iconic figure in his own right who really needs no introduction due to his long-time commitment to bring fairness to his piece of geography of America, the State of Arizona. We hope and wish the best for our friend, long-time leader, activist, legislator, lobbyist, radio commentator, and now author of his autobiography, "To Sin Against Hope." This is Nativo Lopez hoping and struggling against despair. Production Notes by Sergio C. Muñoz: I have produced fifteen radio programs on books published by Verso: Racecraft by the sisters Fields (x12), The Beast by Oscar Martinez, Narcoland by Anabel Hernandez and now, To Sin Against Hope by Senator Alfredo Gutierrez. As a writer myself, I have begun to question: If I were to write serious non-fiction, what would I write that would interest Verso and be at the same level as writers like Oscar and Anabel? My first response was to write a book for their Counterblasts series on somebody in our culture that I feel is improperly lionized: Cesar Chavez. 2014 will see a documentary, a feature film by Diego Luna, another major book and possibly a national holiday on/for Chavez. Meanwhile, one of the true leaders in our struggle, Bert Corona, oftentimes goes unrecognized. In the two months that I have been producing with Nativo at Hermandad, three friends, Dixon Slingerland at the Youth Policy Institute, Nora Mendez at the OCCHC and Senator Alfredo Gutierrez have all credited with Bert, Nativo and Hermandad as the catalyst muscle that inspired them in their missions. I continuously wonder: Instead of focusing on Chavez, what might happen if we instead focus on Corona? Would we be in a better place as a community?

In this cloudcast, Senator Alfredo Gutierrez educates us with his story and it is evident that under Barack Obama, our families are being torn apart and deported in the exact same way as his family was torn apart and deported in the 30s in Arizona. Only to be recruited back by the same bigots/criminals/hypocrites that deported them in the first place. Although I may cringe a bit when I recognize that the most high "leader" of the Latino community in this country (primarily Mexicans) was/is Cesar Chavez, I know that it would serve no positive purpose to counterblast his legacy. So, for the moment, as a writer, I will stick to illustrated fiction and for those that want to read my latest work for the immigrant struggle, it is free to read here: Gamma Rae: goo.gl/WBbV4K Radio Hermandad is podcast on iTunes and posted at @RadioHermandad, http://radiohermandad.blogspot.com, www.hermandadmexicana.org, and other social networking mediums.

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Hermandad Mexicana was founded in 1951 in San Diego, California by immigrant workers, and is the oldest Mexican/Latino immigrant member organization in North America. It was the first to launch campaigns to restore driver's license privileges to immigrants in 1993.

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