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PURPOSE: What is an Individual Professional Development Plan (I-PLAN)?

An IPLAN is a goals-driven professional development plan for recertification that is informed by self study, grounded in professional
standards, and supported by plans for professional development.
It is a program designed for RI educators for teacher certification.

PROCESS: What are the steps to developing an IPLAN?

Complete a self-study
Formulate your goal
Link the goal to professional standards
Outline the professional development plan to meet the goal
Submit the I-Plan on True Outcomes for peer review


Complete a Self-Study:

Reflect on what you’ve learned prior to student teaching.

Think about what you want to know and be able to do in order to be an effective student teacher.

Formulate Your Goal:

A goal is made to improve teaching, student achievement, or the teaching and learning environment.
An effective goal cites the new knowledge or skills the educator wants to acquire and how that knowledge/skill will be applied in
school/district setting.
For example: “Technology: I will increase my knowledge in the area of technology in order to incorporate it into my lessons, better
communicate with families, and organize data. (RIBTS 2.4)”

Link Goal to Professional Standards:

Cite applicable RI Beginning Teacher Standard(s) and element (For example, RIBTS 2.4).
You can cite more than one standard and element.

Outline the Professional Development Plan to Meet the Goal:

Write a 1-2 paragraph narrative outlining at least 2 ways (categories) you will engage in professional development to achieve your goa
by the end of student teaching. Provide your rationale based on self-study and reflection.
In addition, identify a link to school, district, or state improvement documents.

Accept able S chool I mp rovement D ocumen ts :

District Strategic Plan
School Impro vement Plan
School Ac tion Plan
District Technology Plan
District Action Plan
SA LT V isit Team Report or SAL T Report
NE ASC Report
Pr ovidence O ne P lan (P OP)
Student S uccess Res our ce Guide (Prov idence)

Examples of Professional Development include, but are not limited to:

Video tape instruction and analyze.
Attend parent and team meeting.
Observe variety of teachers to gain better understanding of classroom management.
For more ideas click this link:

Submit the I-Plan on True Outcomes:

Log into True Outcomes

Upload your goal and professional development plan.
Your peers and instructor will review your I-Plan.


Global: I will learn a variety of differentiation techniques in order to develop lessons that will accommodate individual
learning needs in my classroom. (RIBTS 2.5, 4.4)

Global: I will learn more about Spanish language and culture in order to communicate with ESL students and their families.
(RIBTS 4.1, 4.2, 11.4)

Global: I will increase my knowledge of positive behavioral management in order to prevent discipline problems and establish a
safe and effective learning environment. (RIBTS 6.1, 6.2)

Global: I will learn effective strategies for engaging families and students in order to improve home school communication and
cooperation for improved student achievement. (RIBTS 7.2)

Global: I will increase my knowledge of school/district improvement initiatives such as PBGR, advisories, improving content
area instruction, etc. in order to support and improve teaching and learning. (RIBTS 7.4)

Global: I will increase my knowledge in literacy in order to increase student achievement in reading and writing for a
variety of purposes. (RIBTS 7.4)

Check Performance Levels Type in Points

Element Levels of Performance

Acceptable(1): Needs Modifications(0): I-Plan does

1. Goals Driven: not contain a meaningful or measurable
The number of The candidate has goal.
goals is written 1 measurable goal
appropriate for based on self-study.
the length of the
plan and the
being renewed.

Acceptable(1): The Needs Modifications(0): The goal

2. Goals Driven: does not identify the RIBTS.
Each certificate I-Plan goal is
being renewed is appropriately
linked to at least connected to the
one appropriate RIBTS.
Acceptable(1): The Needs Modifications(0):
3. Goals Driven: goal identifies
Goal cites skills/knowledge to be The goal does not identify
professional acquired as well as how skill(s)/knowledge to be acquired
growth and new skills/knowledge will AND/OR
application. be applied to classroom
or school or district The goal does not indicate how
setting. skill(s)/knowledge will be applied to
classroom or school or district setting.

Acceptable(1): Needs Modifications(0): The

4. Informed by rationale from the self study DOES NOT
Self Study: The rationale from the reflects personal professional
self study reflects aspiration(s) for the goal AND/OR the
The rationale
personal professional rationale for the goal DOES NOT
aspiration(s) for the goal reflects a connection to school/district
AND the rationale for the initiatives AND/OR school/district
goal reflects a connection initiatives are not listed or paraphrased
growth and
to paraphrased/stated
school/district initiatives.

Acceptable(1): Needs Modifications(0):

5. Supported by Professional
Plans for development is listed by Professional development is NOT listed
category AND there are by category AND/OR
Professional at least two categories
Development: identified for the goal. at least two categories are NOT
The identified identified for the goal.
categories for
completing goals
include sufficient
variety and will
likely result in
with respect to
the goal(s).

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