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Mud Schools Catalog

Pti mud school

PTI MUD SCHOOL presents drilling and completion fluids schools at Petroleum

Training Institute Effurun, Delta State, Nigeria. Classes are led by experienced consultant mud Engineers with over 80 years experience in all aspects of drilling fluids operations.

Who Should Attend?

These classes are designed to satisfy the needs of a broad range of interests. Classes are designed for Potential mud engineers, Government Representatives in Joint Petroleum Venture contracts, Drilling fluids supervisor (office based) ,Drilling Supervisors, Well site Petroleum Engineers, Well

planners, Drilling Rig crews, Well engineers, Drilling engineers, Mud Laboratory Technicians, Mud plant operators, Lecturers in Petroleum Institutes, Petroleum institute graduating students who desire to pick up carrier in mud , Drilling and Completion engineers, geologists, rig supervisors, chemical sales representatives, R&D technologists, oilfield managers and supervisors, supplychain personnel and service company personnel. Attendees can choose the class level that best fits their needs, from basic information to advance mud technology.

NOTE: This is a typical mud school needed to qualify a person as a mud engineer as well as classes that provide industry information through a combination of lecture and laboratory exercises.

Types of Schools:
Basic Drilling fluids engineering (Mud School)

This Training is ideal for those wanting general knowledge of the drilling fluids industry and technology to become Drilling fluid Engineer (Mud Engineer), so that under minimum supervision could provide onsite services by measuring, testing and supervising of the running of fluid mixing and pumping, including technical analysis and specific product recommendations for controlling fluid properties on rig sites by testing fluid properties accurately. Maintain inventory at well sites. Provide effective service by providing rig-site coordinators information regarding the progress of a rig-site and create/implement solutions to rig site problems. Make sale calls on the field and field office level. Perform other related duties as required. Provide ongoing support to assist operations in providing the most effective, environmentally safe drilling fluids available while optimizing the well-bore construction process and maximizing production. Conducts all business activities in accordance with Drilling HSE policies, Legal Compliance requirements and other core values.

The school duration is 4 to 5 weeks Graduates of the Basic Drilling Fluids Engineering Program receive a Certificate of Completion

Seminars and Short Courses: These Seminars and Short Courses are for those wanting more indepth knowledge of drilling and completion fluids testing and technology as well as products and systems. It is also used to develop the skills needed to test and report drilling fluids data. They are slated between 3 to 5 days.

Advanced Mud School: This course is intended for individuals with prior drilling or drilling fluids experience, who desire indepth training and certification on specific area of Drilling and Completion Fluids. This is a one week Course.

How to Register:
Please preregister for classes online at the REGISTRATION menu on, O R d o w n l o a d t h e f o r m , c o m p l e t e a n d s e n d t o a d m i s s i o n s @ p ti m u d s ch o o l . c o m . A representative will contact you.

Instructor Contact:
Rotimi Akinkunmi:; ( +2348033714271)

Basic Drilling fluids engineering(Mud School)

training sessions are presented in

modules. Some of the modules are common to all the schools, but the depth of information presented may be different for the different length of schools. Some of the modules covered include:

Introduction to Drilling Fluids; Functions/Types Role of a Drilling Fluid Engineers Drilling Fluids Testing; (API Standard) Drilling Fluids Test Equipment: API standard Field Testing Procedures Mathematics for Drilling Fluids Engineers Mud Contamination / Pilot Testing; field and lab Rig Calculations Water-Based Mud Formulations and Products Water-Based Mud Chemistry Polymer Chemistry Hydraulics / Rheology Stuck Pipe Mud Programme / Daily Mud Report Pore Pressures


Wellbore Stability Lost Circulation/Wellbore Strengthening Hole Cleaning Solid Control / Solid Control Equipments Laboratories Solids Testing and Analysis Clay Chemistry/ Shale Problems

Program Pricing and Payment Schedule

The technical training program at PTI MUD SCHOOL prepares students for an exciting and rewarding career in the professional field of Drilling Fluids Engineering. PTI MUD SCHOOL provides high quality instruction and practical application under the guidance and supervision of highly qualified instructor(s). All tuition / registration fees are due in advance. Tuitions may be made by check, cash, cashiers check, or money order. At this time, PTI MUD SCHOOL does not have a timepayment plan or the capability to finance scholarship

PTI MUD SCHOOL Drilling Fluids Engineering Program Tuition and Fees
a. b. Registration fee: $ 50 TUTION OR N7,000

: $ 2,500 OR N400,000

Total Cost $ 2,550.00 (N407, 000)

Book(s) Included Supplies Included

Contact Us

Enrollment Periods:
Enrollment for upcoming session(s) may be accomplished during normal office hours, by telephone, or via email. Students may enroll at any time up until the day their first class begins, but if orientation has not been completed, approval from the Director must be obtained. Orientation is required for all students.

Program orientations take place prior to the first day of class. Since PTI MUD SCHOOL has many students from out of town, PTI MUD SCHOOL often will have orientation in a town closer to the students attending the orientation. The Director of Admissions schedules, publicizes, and calls all students who will be attending each orientation prior to the event. This helps to convenience the students from differing locations. Orientations take place before the first class start date and lasts approximately 1 hour. Orientations m ay be scheduled with the Director of Admissions for group or individual orientation at the school facility or at a location convenient to the locale of the attending group. Re-orientation is initiated on the first day of class as well.

For more information +2348033714271