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Rat Husband and Rat Wife A bit too much togetherness.

The may both be too conscientious and domesticated. When they are too alike, they could suffer from overexposure to each other's personality. r. Rat could be more easygoing than rs. Rat here, !ho may have an inclination to be fussy and bossy. T!o !orldly and calculating signs !ho may !atch each other rather intently and not like the close"up picture they see. Rat Husband and #x Wife A happy combination. The affectionate Rat husband !ill be very attractive to his security conscious !ife. He is a good provider, !hich is the chief re$uisite in her book. %he, on the other hand, is more than dutiful, competent and reliable. %he !ill love attending to all his needs and !ill keep his house in order. &nder this arrangement, they !ill no doubt admire each other's $ualities and each !ill do more than his or her fair share. The ardently demonstrative Rat could make the #x lady more responsive and less obstinate. Rat Husband and Tiger Wife He is success"oriented and a home and family man. %he is affectionate and generous but very unconventional. They !ill have a lot in common as they are both sociable, active and have many interests. He !ill seek po!er and riches and she loves the prestige and recognition it provides. Ho!ever, he could be resentful of her unpredictable manners and she may critici'e him for being niggardly at times. (ut both are basically optimists and !ill try to !ork out their differences or call it $uits. Rat Husband and Rabbit Wife This match may not bring out the best in each party. (oth are charming and pleasant but not selfless and dedicated individuals. They could be friendly and sincere but constant coexistence may create a strain on both of them. He is possessive and romantic and she tends to be too passive in her response to him. )xpectations on either side may be greatly reduced in the final accounting. Rat Husband and *ragon Wife These t!o share courage and determination and !ill find a bright and re!arding future together. They !ill not try to restrict each other unduly and the Rat !ill find his *ragon !ife an admirable companions if she is not overbearing. (oth are very competent and have enough self"assurance to trust the other. They !ill look at the brighter side of life and en+oy a very gratifying relationship. Rat Husband and %nake Wife A union made up of t!o possessive partners !ho are realistic enough to make all the necessary ad+ustments if they find much to admire in each other. The Rat man !ill value the %nake's brilliance and tenacity !hile she finds him ambitious and clever enough to set up house !ith. #f these t!o materialistic and performance"conscious parties, he may be the more adaptable and easygoing. %he is cautious and he could rely on her excellent ability to sniff out those traps. The %nake also finds the Rat's devotion very touching and !ill respond passionately. Rat Husband and Horse Wife (oth have independent and active spirits. (ut he !ill be very irked by her restlessness and inconsistency. %he, on the other hand, !ill be unhappy and nervous !ith all his bickering !ays. They cannot appreciate each other's !ay of thinking and may not try hard to !ork together. Rat Husband and %heep Wife The Rat may not like setting up house !ith an oversensitive and impractical %heep lady. %he, on the other hand, !ill respond only !hen she is pampered and indulged. The prudent Rat may conclude that she is too expensive to maintain and she may find him too calculating and greedy to suit her tastes ,either of them is openly combative but they could harbor deep resentments and be very frustrated and dissatisfied by doing so.

Rat Husband and onkey Wife %trongly compatible as he !ill fall for her charm and ingenuity and she !ill find his go"getter attitude very admirable. They are both achievement"conscious and !ill push each other up the ladder of success. They are not hypersensitive and can accept each other's faults !ith understanding. They could !ork together or choose separate paths or careers !ithout any trouble. -ike!ise, they !ill be able to smooth out any rough spots in their relationship. Rat Husband and Rooster Wife Will not blend together !ell. %he appraises him critically and finds him !anting. %he means !ell and feels obligated to call his attentions to all his shortcomings. He finds her eccentric and overly analytical !ays very annoying. He cannot avoid resenting this and feeling hurt. He !ants a doting !ife, not a psychiatrist. %he is surprised he is resentful and labels him ungrateful. Rat Husband and *og Wife (oth are peace loving and independent. He can be hard !orking and energetic and she !ill be loyal and tactful. The *og !ife is !arm and responsive and the Rat husband is charming and e$ually affectionate. The danger in this match is that they may both do too much compromising and end up !ith a too bland relationship that makes them uninterested in each other. Rat Husband and (oar Wife (oth have a great 'est for life. They !ill find each other attractive physically as !ell as mentally. (ut both signs are too optimistic and imprudent and thy may +ust push their luck too far. ,either has enough !illpo!er to apply the brakes and provide a stabili'ing force to the union. They need something concrete to seal the marriage. #x Husband and Rat Wife He is al!ays dependable enough to bring home the bacon and she is loving and doting enough to cook it +ust the !ay he likes it. .ery satisfying and re!arding union. He is strong, silent, loves being fussed over, and admired by his outgoing !ife, and she is content !ith the security and stability he provides. (oth !ill have fe! complaints. #x Husband and #x Wife (oth members of this team are serious and industrious to a dismal extent. ,either is lively enough to provide some respite from all that !ork they have planned. An extremely reserved and civil union of t!o security"conscious sub+ects !ho are both pessimistic and strong"!illed. They may end up sho!ing each other too much of their negative sides. #x Husband and Tiger Wife He is interested in personal success and achievement/ she is interested in herself before anything else. He is practical, !ell organi'ed and stable/ she finds him too predictable and dour. The Tiger !ife can be very temperamental if she feels neglected, !hile the #x cannot stand tantrums and !ill not tolerate her fussing over nothing. They are on different !avelengths. The reserved (uffalo !ill be shocked by the Tiger's unrestrained and passionate display of emotions. %he on the other hand !ill be frustrated by his coldness and may need a more !arm"blooded and responsive partner. #x Husband and Rabbit Wife The Rabbit finds the #x steady, realistic and dependable !hile the #x sees her as sociable, sympathetic and feminine. Ho!ever, he can be very exacting and !ill critici'e her for her lack of discipline and she !ill respond by becoming !ithdra!n and oversensitive. (ut getting to kno! each other may be !ell !orth an effort in this marriage, as both of them could sustain a satisfying relationship if they can ad+ust a bit.

#x Husband and *ragon Wife Will not be an entirely harmonious union. He is slo! and deliberate, too methodical for the pioneering and dynamic likes of the fiery and excitable *ragon !oman. He could make her more persevering, but she !ill still be imprudent and daring at times. 0t's possible she can enliven him !ith her optimism or drive him further a!ay. He can be a cold and unemotional loner !hile she needs fun, friends and variety. (oth these strong personalities !ill have to respect and admire each other a great deal before they agree to make any ad+ustments to each other. #x Husband and %nake Wife A very enduring and happy combination. The #x has high standards of achievement and the %nake !ife is e$ually ambitious and materialistic. %he !ill be appreciating of the luxury and comforts he can provide. He finds her very !ell mannered and presentable "" and astute in financial matters as !ell. (oth !ill be happy fulfilling their part of the relationship. He !ill be a source of strength for her and she !ill be his pride and +oy. #x Husband and Horse Wife ,ot many favorable aspects for this match. %he is carefree and uninhibited and he is industrious and do!n to earth. He !ants a !ell"organi'ed and pleasant home and she is too restless and busy to stay pinned do!n. %he needs freedom and diversion. He cannot comprehend her instability and lack of devotion to him. *ifficult for either to find completes harmony. #x Husband and %heep Wife %he can organi'e an artistic and comfortable nest for him !hile he acts as her defender. (ut he is prudent and persevering !hile she is sentimental and capricious. He accumulates and she spends. The #x is strong and decisive/ she is !eak and insecure. %he loves being sheltered and reassured, but r. #x may not be so obliging as he expects a great deal from others and his %heep !ife !ill become depressed !hen he exacts too much discipline and self"denial from her. (oth may find the going rough at times. #x Husband and onkey Wife (oth are self"assured and kno! !hat they !ant. And !hat they !ant may not be each other. He is simple, serious and matters of fact. %he is attractive, complicated and self"centered. They both love success and money but they have entirely different ideas on ho! to attain success and ho! to spend the money. rs. onkey is $uite accomplished and independent and not as security" minded as he. %he could find him becoming tyrannical !hen she takes his orders lightly !hile he cannot $uite get her to pay him the respect and admiration he craves. 0f he flaunts his authority, she !ill enrage him "" by laughing in his face. ,either !ill ever succeed in subordinating the other. #x Husband and Rooster Wife (oth are hard"!orking and industrious. He values self"respect and devotion to duty and his competent and conscientious Rooster !ife !ill certainly !in his admiration. They both love analy'ing and organi'ing, and neither is too easily hurt or sensitive about criticism. They can be ob+ective and methodical in managing the office as !ell as the household. (oth love simple pleasures and intellectual pursuits and !ill excel in speciali'ed fields. %he doesn't mind his exacting nature, as she is very attentive to details/ he on the other hand !ill take her criticism constructively and not feel reproached. A happy and contented pair. #x Husband and *og Wife He looks for money and prestige/ he abhors dependency. %he is generous, open"minded and a loyal ally. (ut he could be too %partan and domineering for his friendly and communicative !ife. %he !ill be tough, outspoken and touchy if he pushes her too hard. %he could find him too rigid and aloof for her tastes and he may find her $uestioning mind and cynical logic hard to s!allo!. #ther!ise, they might en+oy each other's company.

#x Husband and (oar Wife They !ill make the best of each other's outstanding $ualities. He is serious, !ell mannered and success"oriented !hile she is patient, self"sacrificing and devoted. He is hard !orking and she trusts enough to support and encourage him every step of the !ay. Her tastes may be richer than his may and she is more sensual and demonstrative. Ho!ever, she !ill be understanding of his needs and help make him less reticent and stubborn. Tiger Husband and Rat Wife ,ot much togetherness in this marriage. He is too hotheaded and imperious for the domesticated and sentimental Rat. %he can be considerate and thoughtful only !hen appreciated and he is too impatient and involved !ith himself. He finds her petty and too possessive and demanding. (oth parties !ill be dissatisfied !ith the other's performance. Tiger Husband and #x Wife A clash of temperaments. He is the nonconformist, the activist and the defiant rebel. %he loves tradition, respects authority and is conservative in her behavior. They are t!o stubborn individuals !ho are 123 degrees apart. 0t !ill be difficult for them to find common grounds to e$uate their varying outlooks on life. Tiger Husband and Tiger Wife They are attractive, vibrant and charming and may have a great deal in common. Ho!ever, both are e$ually rebellious, stubborn and $uick on the dra! !hen displeased and there could be a strain in their household from bruised egos. (oth need a lot of personal freedom. They may be able to patch up their differences as they have excellent senses of humor, but the family budget may have a perpetual hole in it, as these are t!o big spenders. Tiger Husband and Rabbit Wife The demure Rabbit may be attracted to the rugged and appealing Tiger man but !hen she takes a closer look she may be frightened by his impulsiveness and daring. He on the other hand cannot appreciate her moody and !orrying nature. %he is rational and opportunistic !hile he is led by his feelings and has little need for diplomacy and tact. %he is polite and sensitive. He is loud and spontaneous. (oth !ill have to make a ma+or effort to put up !ith each other's idiosyncrasies. Tiger Husband and *ragon Wife (oth are energetic, ambitious and brave. They could over stimulate each other in the process. With both of them being innovative and daring, there may be no one left to finish the +ob after his or her mutual initial enthusiasm fades a!ay. The *ragon !ife has aspirations for leadership and !ill fight the Tiger for dominance. He !ill let her get a!ay !ith some things so long as she does not restrict his actions and expect him to be docile. They !ill only cooperate successfully after much ad+ustment on both sides. Tiger Husband and %nake Wife )ach !ill $uestion the other's motives and only notice the negative traits. The !ise and practical %nake !ill find the Tiger husband directly opposed to her sensible course of action. He finds her +ealous, over possessive and too philosophical. %he cannot comprehend his love for courting disaster. %he may be financially shre!d but he is overgenerous and a spendthrift. They cannot accomplish very much together. Tiger Husband and Horse Wife Well"balanced and harmonious pair. They are outgoing, fiery and spirited. (ut !hile the Tiger fights for a cause, the practical Horse !ife !ill direct both their energies to more re!arding pursuits. He !ill like her $uick and intelligent mind and she can steer him to!ard !orth!hile ob+ectives. ,either is domesticated enough to be too possessive. He is thoughtful and affectionate !hen humored, and she is flexible enough to put up !ith his unpredictability. They !ill have a passionate relationship and much need for each other's company.

Tiger Husband and %heep Wife He is outgoing, involved, and vivacious. %he is domesticated, sensitive and clinging. He !ill be companionable but cannot devote himself exclusively to her needs and finds her too dependent and indecisive. %he is basically understanding but could !allo! in self"pity if she finds him curt, impatient and unconcerned about her trivial complaints. )ach !ill have to ad+ust to the other's !ays before they can make this marriage !ork. Tiger Husband and onkey Wife They live in different !orlds. Although they are sociable, energetic and outgoing, the temperamental Tiger !ill dislike the competitive onkey because she is too intelligent and too sure of herself to be intimidated by his loud dramatics. He is productive and forceful only !hen given the center of the stage. 0f the onkey lady demands e$ual billing, he could feel hemmed in and very resentful. (oth are lavish spenders but the onkey is more prudent and clever about finance. This mixture of t!o inconstant and self"possessed personalities is +ust too over!helming to do either of them any good. Tiger Husband and Rooster Wife %he is too smart, !ell informed and critical to put up !ith the dynamic but overreacting Tiger man. Her nagging and faultfinding !ays and her love for detail upset him. He is openhanded, generous and outspoken !hile she is efficient, thrifty and methodical. He is idealistic !here she is a keen intellectual. #ne is unconventional and ruled by his heart, the other is eccentric but ruled by her head. (oth are very engrossed in them and !ill be unhappy and irritated by the other. Tiger Husband and *og Wife An ideal marriage combination of t!o charming, attractive and humanitarian signs. He is passionate and animated. %he is loyal, understanding and helpful. The Tiger is impulsive and impatient, the *og is logical and clear"headed enough to advise him !ithout getting personal. He admires and respects her loyalty and good sense and she !ill not try to monopoli'e his affections. )ach is !arm and responsive to the other's needs !ithout invading his or her privacy. A very satisfactory arrangement for both sides. Tiger Husband and (oar Wife These t!o dedicated and inspired individuals !ill !ork more energetically for the goals of others than their !on. Together they !ill make a happy team/ the (oar !ill be tirelessly devoted to the idealistic pursuits of the Tiger, and he !ill admire her courage and stamina. Although she can be trusting and congenial, she !ill make him more materialistic because of her taste for luxury. They are sensual, uninhibited and passionate in love. (oth can brush aside little differences and !ill en+oy +ourneying through life hand in hand. Rabbit Husband and Rat Wife The Rat is sociable, active and crafty. The Rabbit has a mild disposition and is not inclined to strenuous activity and involvement like his gregarious and entertaining !ife. (ut both love home life and are realistic about their goals. %he can be devoted and outgoing enough to brighten up his moods. A responsible and good match. Rabbit Husband and #x Wife The Rabbit is gentle, sagacious, and receptive to ideas and the feelings of others. The #x !ife may be lacking the emotion and sensitivity to understand his refined personality. He can be ac$uisitive, indulgent and selfish. %he can be pragmatic, but virtuous and !ell disciplined. (oth could supply each other !ith missing attributes if they sincerely care enough to cooperate. Rabbit Husband and Tiger Wife The Rabbit is imaginative and docile, inclined to!ard mental and creative endeavors. The lady Tiger is dramatic, sensuous and electric. %he may be too strong and colorful for the $uiet and impeccable Rabbit. #n the other hand, she finds him impersonal and lacking in emotions. He

could help her solve her problems but she may be too inattentive to listen. %he could build up his confidence and assertiveness but he is not too keen on her method of teaching. They tend not to mix !ell together as, in the final analysis, !hat one likes, the other shuns. Rabbit Husband and Rabbit Wife Will cohabit peacefully and $uietly. (oth are calm and intelligent enough to do !hatever is practical and necessary. Ho!ever, they can only gratify each other to a point, as they tend to perform !hat is essential and not much more. This is because the Rabbit is basically not selfless and serving. atrimony for them !ill have to be a !ell"thought"out affair !ith e$ual sharing of responsibilities. There !ill be some snags !hen either one starts to think he is bearing a little more of the !eight than he should. They are both gifted and intuitive but may neglect to encourage each other. Rabbit Husband and *ragon Wife %he is independent, vivacious and cheerful. He is capable but introverted and calculating. %he could lift his spirits and make him more ambitious in his ob+ectives. He could teach her a think or t!o about diplomacy and fine manners. He doesn't mind her assuming the dominant role because he kno!s in the end she !ill seek his excellent advice. He is competent and kind and she has a backbone strong enough for both of them. A realistic and positive combination in marriage. Rabbit Husband and %nake Wife They are compatible to a good degree if they can enhance each other's stronger points. He has great potential, vision and tact. %he is al!ays determined to succeed and approves of his materialistic aims. Although they !ill both have the same refined tastes and inherent love for ease and beauty, the %nake could be too ardent and demanding for the Rabbit's superficial type of involvement. #n the dark side, both are philosophical and meditative and all lines of communication could be severed should they decide to be negative. Rabbit Husband and Horse Wife They may find it difficult and apt to consider things very carefully before passing +udgment. Her emotions and intuitions govern her. They are either too practical or too self"absorbed to make any great effort at ad+usting to each other. His deliberation and sensitivity bore her/ he finds her thoughtless, inconstant and mercenary. #ne prefers rest and solitude/ the other is constantly on the go. This union could never !ork at such different paces. Rabbit Husband and %heep Wife )ach is receptive to the vibrations of the other partner. The Rabbit appreciates her compassionate and sensitive !ays and she finds him kind, astute and sagacious enough to make their decisions. Her dependence could make him feel more important and purposeful. He is a good listener and she needs sympathy and advice more than action. (oth are romantic and affectionate and !ill en+oy domestic bliss. Rabbit Husband and onkey Wife %ome hostilities may develop in this sort of a marriage. %he is gay, self"assured and proud of her accomplished !it. He may feel humbled by her and she !ill hate his anxiety and brooding. (oth have the ability to see through others and !hen they look into one another, they may not find anything that fascinating. These t!o realistic individuals !ill not cooperate unless both have something substantial to gain from such a commitment. Rabbit Husband and Rooster Wife He !ould like to be catered to and served rather than serve. %he is too straightfor!ard, meticulous and efficient to put up !ith his !himsical re$uests (oth are kno!ledgeable but eccentric. He broods in dark silence !hile she !ill make up a long list of his faults and publish it. They could make life very uncomfortable for each other.

Rabbit Husband and *og Wife A beneficial and very agreeable combination. (oth parties !ill only make reasonable demands on each other and come out feeling satisfied and fulfilled. The *og !ill be loyal and affectionate to the Rabbit even !hen he is indifferent and moody. %he admires his suave and diplomatic !ays and he can rely on her support and logical assessment of situations. %he is the more positive of the t!o and !ill encourage and pep him up !hen he is depressed. #n the other hand, he is al!ays considerate and sensitive enough to kno! !hat is bothering her. Rabbit Husband and (oar Wife These t!o !ill be interesting and sympathetic to each other. He is talented and astute and ca negotiates his !ay out of trouble. %he admires him for his aplomb and refined !ays and !ill meet him more than half!ay. %he is dependable, generous and obedient and he !ill find her devotion very touching and !ill be dra!n to her unselfishness. ,either of them is given to faultfinding/ rather they !ill be content to count their blessings, especially in such a re!arding union. *ragon Husband and Rat Wife The *ragon !ill find his !ife's loyalty and optimism endearing. The lady Rat !ill follo! her hero to the ends of the earth. He is magnanimous !hile she is thrifty and resourcefulness. He could make a lot of money and blo! it but she is likely to have stored some of it a!ay for a rainy day. %he is talkative and lively but al!ays agreeable to letting him play the boss. A fruitful and lasting union. *ragon Husband and #x Wife (oth are dutiful but stubborn. This factor could make or break the marriage. He !orks for glory and recognition !hile she has to see the material benefits. 0f his ventures do not turn up hard cash, she could be harsh and unsympathetic. He is exciting and extroverted !hile she can be too conforming and conservative. He needs love and admiration/ she can be cold and undemonstrative. A good deal of compromising needed. (ut if both parties try hard and succeed, they !ill be immensely proud of and dedicated to each other. *ragon Husband and Tiger Wife ,ot a $uiet, conventional and uneventful marriage at all. (oth partners are progressive, pioneering and active. They could provide each other stimulating company if they understand their basic individual need for freedom and expression. The Tiger !ife may respect and adore her *ragon spouse but !ill never give her o!n identity. He !ill be in trouble if he tries to give her obedience training. (oth are $uick"tempered and !ill resist being dominated. An adventurous marriage if they can maintain a !orkable balance. *ragon Husband and Rabbit Wife %he needs his strength and daring !hile he relies on her competence and companionship. He is forceful and outspoken/ she is indulgent but tactful. %he !ill manage an artistic and restful home for him. %he is adaptable but moody and defenseless/ he serves as her !arrior and protector. A good marriage if they strive for their common !elfare, not allo!ing petty or calculating concerns to interfere. *ragon Husband and *ragon Wife ,ot a very peaceful arrangement unless they first agree on their goals. (oth are individualistic, strong"!illed and aggressive. rs. *ragon !ill not like to be overshado!ed/ in fact, she may be more assertive than he. r. *ragon is masterful and expects to have control, but in this case he may have to surrender some of his rights. (oth partners !ill be !ise to maintain their o!n careers to avoid suppressing each other. *ragon Husband and %nake Wife A fulfilling and stimulating relationship if these t!o diverse personalities can ad+ust to each other. He is active, impulsive and domineering. %he is sensual, unhurried and lover of ease. As he is al!ays geared to !ork and success, she can impart to him some of her tenacity and common

sense. %he may have finer business acumen than he or !ill at least handle the family finances !ell. They can both build a sound foundation for their home. *ragon Husband and Horse Wife The Horse lady !ill be clever and resourceful enough to stretch !hatever income r. *ragon brings home. (ut the serious *ragon may find her restless and not too cra'y about a steady diet of house!ork. -ife !ill be more fruitful and delightful for both if they live in the city and rs. Horse keeps a +ob as !ell as manages her home. Actually, both parties perform better !hen given variety and freedom. The constantly aspiring *ragon !ill find his !ife's practicality very profitable, !hile she finds him strong and reliable. *ragon Husband and %heep Wife ay not turn out to be such an appealing pair. They !ill live harmoniously only after much effort. He is adventurous and independent !hile emotions and her moods rule her. %he loves home and family but he may not care to be so domesticated. %he cries easily and he finds it hard to express the sympathy and gentleness she craves. He is ambitious and decisive !here she is artistic and intuitive. He is the knight in shining armor !ho !ill love helping a lady in distress, but not if she is going to make habit of it. *ragon Husband and onkey Wife An ideal match romantically and mentally. He is dra!n to her magnetism and she admires his leadership. They are both ambitious and above"average performers. They !ill shine together beautifully. 4ombined, these t!o !ill look for ne! !orlds to con$uer and explore. (oth are socially inclined and !ill probably maintain a beautiful home and entertain a lot. *ragon Husband and Rooster Wife 4ould achieve a great deal of togetherness but !ill have to smooth out some rough edges first. Her discriminating and at times callous remarks could often deflate his super ego. He is dynamic and full of energy !hile she is efficient, economical and critical. (oth !ill be happier if they agree on !hat areas each should control. entally they are on e$ual intellectual levels but they should not try to overpo!er each other !ith their accomplishments. *ragon Husband and *og Wife any disputes because of the !ide gap in basic temperaments. They are both aggressive and forceful but in different !ays. He loves freedom and !ill act independently !hile she demands cooperation and unflagging loyalty. %ubconsciously each may be trying to attain the attributes of the other that he or she lacks. Ho!ever, they don't have the basic understanding of ho! to go about it. (oth signs are proud and !illful !hen challenged. ,either !ill !ant to give in easily or lose face. A great many modifications needed for this marriage to !ork/ perhaps too many. *ragon Husband and (oar Wife A successful and stable union. The (oar !ife !ill al!ays encourage and support her ambitious *ragon mate. He is impulsive !hile she is patient and enduring. He is fighter and she loves to be the peacemaker. They !ill have no trouble cooperating for the same goals. %he !ill devote all her energy to !hatever he undertakes. He can have the limelight so long as he makes her feel needed. He is the daredevil and she !ill uncomplainingly help him up every time he falls. (oth !ill be intensely romantic. %nake Husband and Rat Wife An aspiring and covetous pair !ho !ill never stop moving up!ard. This could be a profitable union if they have the right attitude and agree on fixed priorities. The Rat girl is sociable and very charming and !ill dote on her ambitious but introverted spouse, although she craves more togetherness than he is prepared to give. (oth are resourceful and shre!d enough to make their marriage a big success provided they do not let their petty +ealousies get in the !ay. They should not keep secrets from each other.

%nake Husband and #x Wife (oth parties here are cautious and selective and !ill find that they made a good decision in choosing each other. They are both do!n to earth and dignified and share the same beliefs and driving ambition. He is tenacious and scheming/ she is disciplined, orderly, protective of family, and home. They can both rely on each other in a crisis. 0n a marriage such as this one, the %nake !ill elearnto confide in the tight"lipped #x and she !ill stand by him against all adversities. They can look for!ard to a happy life together. %nake Husband and Tiger Wife A difficult and upsetting relationship for both side. They cannot understand or overlook each other's frailties. (oth signs are passionate and deeply suspicious. They cannot ever really trust each other. The %nake is refined, intellectual and constant. The Tiger !ife is altruistic, lively and idealistic. The self"contained %nake finds her to unconventional, stimulating and outspoken. %he, on the other hand, is resentful of his secretiveness, aloof behavior and intense ambition. They speak entirely different languages and cannot communicate. %nake Husband and Rabbit Wife The %nake is forceful and dominant and the !ell"bred Rabbit !ill be receptive to his !ay of thinking. (oth share the same exclusive and refined preferences and these t!o can strike a harmonious chord mentally and romantically. Ho!ever, these signs are also basically not so obliging. They may neglect each other in their search for self"expression and gratification of their desires. Ho!ever, the Rabbit is not as possessive as the %nake and !ill not mind very much if he gets !rapped up in his !ork or cannot pay her too much attention. %he !ill be content so long as he provides her !ith a lovely home and pays all the bills. A relatively peaceful combination. %nake Husband and *ragon Wife He is loving but possessive and complicated. %he is generous, open and excitable. He is careful and deliberate in his actions. %he may have to struggle !ith him to put across her vie!s. %ome friction is bound to develop in the marriage but secretly the *ragon female longs for someone !iser and more dominating than she does. The %nake !ill not only provide a stabili'ing force for the union but he !ill admire the ambition and enthusiasm of his *ragon !ife. Together they could surge for!ard !ith greater determination. A helpful and constructive alliance. %nake Husband and %nake Wife (oth !ill be on the same !avelength and communicate !ell together especially !hen they are involved !ith the same pro+ect. They !on't cling to each other too much, as they are both independent thinkers. 0n their search for po!er and success, they can be relentless and enduring. &sually their mutual ambitions seal them together. 0f +ealousy does not get in the !ay, they could accomplish a great deal. %nake Husband and Horse Wife )ach has a different approach to life. He is cautious, tenacious and strong"!illed "" his goals are long"term. %he is adventurous, mercurial and impatient. %he cares more for the +oys of the moment. He is consistent in his endeavors/ she is impulsive, $uick"!itted but consistent. He finds her irresponsible and hard to keep up !ith, !hile she dislikes his serious, calm and deliberate mental deductions. ,ot a very satisfying union for either. %nake Husband and %heep Wife 4ompanionable only to a certain extent. The lusty %nake may like to get !rapped around the ob+ect of his affections but he !on't like it !hen the %heep clings to him indefinitely. He !ill feel trapped. The realistic and efficient %nake is basically an achiever. The %heep is sensitive, sentimental and docile. He !ill sacrifice a great deal to reali'e his ambitions. %he is self"indulgent and may be easily discouraged !hen the going gets rough. He is highly intelligent and she is highly emotional. They may find it hard to bridge the gaps in their relationship in times of difficulty.

%nake Husband and onkey Wife Will not go !ell together at all. A battle of !ills and !its. (oth are scheming and competitive. The onkey could easily incite the %nake to anger and he on the other hand is not forgiving and !ill retaliate s!iftly. %he is opportunistic, insensitive and competent enough to challenge him/ he is e$ually ambitious, conniving and set on having his !ay. A tug of !ar might occur to determine !ho is smarter. They seem to bring out the !orst in each other and in this alliance neither may emerge !ith any benefits in the end. %nake Husband and Rooster Wife There are t!o brainy, calculating and very performance"oriented signs that !ill prefer po!er and money in the bank to holding hands romantically in rags and poverty. %he is the efficient and perfect housekeeper. He is the brain behind each financial deal. They !ill share the same dreams for prestige and material security. The %nake is philosophical enough to put up !ith the Rooster's rambling and eccentric !ays. 0n the end, he !ill still rely on his innate !isdom to make the decision. #n the other hand, she is happy that he understands her and allo!s her to let off steam and run his life to a certain extent. 0n this combination each !ill be able to expend energy productively/ they !ill have a strong spiritual and mental affinity for each other. %nake Husband and *og Wife The %nake is po!er"hungry, cool and deliberate in his actions. The *og is affectionate, loyal and fair. They may have mutual admiration for each other. (ut she !ill support him only to the extent her principles allo!. He expects total commitment and adheres to the belief that the end !ill +ustify the means. (oth have strong convictions. They may clash if she finds him straying from the righteous path. He must make hay !hile the sun shines and cannot understand !hy her conscience is so easily offended. %he is not materialistic and cannot comprehend his fascination !ith !ealth and po!er. Their disapproval of some of each other's !ays may prevent a close relationship. %nake Husband and (oar Wife The %nake has unfailing determination and !illpo!er. The (oar is easygoing and community spirited. He feels that she !ill not be able to understand him or further his career because of her indulgent and compromising attitude to!ard others. He is mystical, sophisticated and deep %he is simple, trusting and naive. He finds her scruples unappealing and has no use for her good!ill unless there is a special motive behind it. %he is incapable of figuring out his complex and doubting mind. The %nake could be aloof and uncaring for the (oar's s!eetness and sincerity and the (oar's feelings !ill be hurt. Their diametrically opposed personalities cannot provide either !ith much happiness. Horse Husband and Rat Wife He re$uires physical as !ell as mental freedom. %he is levelheaded, industrious and affectionate. %he !ill be content to stay in a close.knit family/ he must constantly explore uncharted seas. %he is resourceful and thrifty. He is adventurous, flirtatious and changeable. They !ill not see eye to eye on ho! things should be done because of the differences in their temperament. The Rat vie!s the Horse as selfish and inconsiderate. He finds her too bossy and possessive. After careful appraisal, neither may find each other appealing enough to +oin forces permanently. Horse Husband and #x Wife ,ot very good prospects for happy cohabitation here. He is too versatile, high"strung and outgoing for the organi'ed, proper and dedicated #x !oman. He is al!ays giddy !ith excitement and she is too sober to share his 'est. He finds her very respectable but too undemonstrative and rigid. %he feels she cannot depend on him because of his lighthearted and unpredictable moods. He finds her humorless and difficult to !ork or play !ith. Her man must be more disciplined and responsible. These t!o have very little in common.

Horse Husband and Tiger Wife There !ill be a spirit of unity bet!een these t!o signs. The same animated, lively and passionate outlook at life bonds them to each other. He is captivated by her vivacious personality and she is greatly attracted to his colorful, vibrant and self"assured manners. (oth are active, affable and appealing. The Horse can manage to keep the money coming in and the Tiger is at her best as his radiant and charming hostess. %ince they share the same philosophy, they !ill gravitate to!ard the same goals. uch togetherness can be achieved in this marriage. Horse Husband and Rabbit Wife These t!o parties may not find accord in such a relation because of the differences in their personalities. He is annoyed by her detached, cautious and impeccable !ays. %he can be affectionate, inspired and very personable once he can reassure her that he is a dedicated and capable provider and family man. (ut he does not care to have her or anyone else anchor their hopes all on him, so off he goes in !hatever direction he pleases. ,o doubt he !ill perform !ell but the tender Rabbit cannot stand uncertainty and insecurity. As a result, both !ill be discontented and unhappy. Horse Husband and *ragon Wife oderate re!arding partnership. He is versatile and ingenious !hile she is al!ays enthusiastic about taking on ne! and exciting pro+ects. 0f she is not engrossed in her o!n profession, the *ragon lady may !ant to transfer her idealistic vie!s and ob+ectives to her high"spirit, adventurous and e$ually outgoing spouse. He is perceptive enough to +udge the chances for success in their venture, !hile she is persuasive and po!erful enough to deal !ith his inconsistencies. They !ill both lead a brisk and roving life as neither are domestic enough to stay meekly at home. Horse Husband and %nake Wife An unlikely match. (oth are mentally agile and realistic. (ut !hile he is mercurial and needs freedom and variety, she can be resistant to change and resentful of his rash and self"centered !ays. %he may be too determined, private and refined for his strong preferences, and in turn the %nake !oman may not find the Horse appetites persistent enough to be !orth her !hile. They both have to be very unselfish to make this marriage !ork. Horse Husband and Horse Wife Team!ork and cooperation are possible because they can !ork at similar speeds. 0t !ould be better if they !ere born in different seasons so as to provide more variety to their relationship. (oth are passionate but independent and restless. Their !itty, lively, materialistic and adventurous personalities may make life very hectic but does not guarantee that they !ill get any!here unless one of them is skillful enough to control the other. They may not be able to build a solid foundation for a home, as they are both bored by routine and restrictions. Horse Husband and %heep Wife %he is delicate, sensitive and kind"hearted. He is cheerful and practical enough to in+ect humor and purpose into her life. He can be easygoing !ith the gentle %heep, !ho is compassionate enough to overlook his selfishness if he can liven up her moods and teach her the $uickest route around her magnified problems. H) !ill be grateful for a please and !arm home and !ill find the %heep concerned enough about him to ad+ust her !ay of life to his inherent needs. )ach !ill complement the other and this could be a very happy marriage indeed. Horse Husband and onkey Wife (oth are adaptable and intelligent enough to leap over obstacles barring their progress. (ut their very similarities may breed mutual contempt. (ecause, +ust as he is practical and opportunistic, she can be e$ually unscrupulous. %he is versatile and adroit and he may irritate her by his shre!d and mercurial movements. The onkey is bright and beguiling !hile the Horse is e$ually !itty and persuasive. They may end up trying to con each other into submission.

Horse Husband and Rooster Wife 0ncongruous but sometimes !orkable arrangement. He is !itty and skillful !hile she may be frank, kno!ledgeable and 'ealous. He could start something magnificent and then dash off !hen he gets bored. The efficient Rooster !ill complain and no doubt critici'e his lack of dedication, but she !ill sort out the details and finish the +ob. He is too high"spirited and detached to be really annoyed by her outspoken and faultfinding !ays. He may not even stay around long enough for her to finish the lecture. He is the colorful and vigorous performer and she is the most capable of administrators. ,either is too sensitive to be greatly disturbed by the faults of the other if they find the union productive enough. Horse Husband and *og Wife A lasting and cooperative math. (oth are animated and demonstrative persons !ho can find real +oy in their union. The *og is loyal, honest and sincere enough to follo! the Horse's excellent vibrations. %he !ill be impressed by his intelligent, high"spirited and perceptive !ays, !hile he loves her sense of humor, reason and logic. The *og is realistic enough to understand and accept the Horse's shortcomings, !hile he !ill not take offence at her curt, observant and straightfor!ard manner. Horse Husband and (oar Wife He is persuasive, magnetic and appealing and !ill be able to convince the compromising and good"natured (oar to concede to his !ishes. %he is kind"hearted and sociably inclined enough to en+oy activities !ith the gay Horse, but then again, she is a devoted soul and craves for more togetherness and affection than the self"centered horse can provide. He, on the other hand, is not amused !hen she is too conforming, and considerate enough to please everyone else besides him. (oth may have some difficulty coming to terms !ith each other's !eakness. %heep Husband and Rat Wife (oth are charming and capable of great !armth and tenderness but that is !here the similarities end. The Rat is resourceful, in$uisitive and hard !orking. The %heep husband is likely to take life too easy for his industrious spouse. %he saves and treasures money, !hile he splurges and indulges his !hims. %he is alert, practical and levelheaded. He is creative but emotional and sometimes indolent. %he can be fussy and faultfinding !hen irked. He finds her too shre!d and conniving to communicate !ith. There may not be a great deal of give and take in this union, since the partners have difficult understanding each other. %heep Husband and #x Wife The %heep is artistic and leisurely. He must savor and en+oy life as he pleases. The #x lady is dutiful enough to keep house and take good care of her family, but she !ill not relish complying !ith his indulgent and impractical demands. He must be loved and appreciated to bring out the best in him. %he expects order and discipline and !ill tend to be too commanding for the %heep. %he is resolute and uncompromising and feels she must make optimum use of her time and energy. He is artistic and must !ait for the right mood to strike him. %he is impatient and scornful of his soft !ays and he is thoroughly adverse to regimentation and being pushed around. *rastic changes needed for both sides to cohabit peacefully. %heep Husband and Tiger Wife The %heep is a domestic soul and needs affection and understanding. The Tiger lady is temperamental and unconventional. He is easily hurt by her sudden bursts of fury and dramatic scenes. He is genteel and needs a $uiet and comfortable home, !hile she is all for a fast life and cannot put up !ith his unhurried and !orrying !ays. %he is too strong for his liking. He is too !eak to handle her effectively. (oth may end up displeased in this combination. %heep Husband and Rabbit Wife These t!o personalities may be compatible to a very high degree. 0f the astust and inscrutable suave Rabbit !ife takes the lead, she can help the %heep to perform great things !ith his inherent talents. The Rabbit is gentle enough for the sentimental and at, times, passive %heep,

but she is decisive and shre!d !here he tends to be too generous or compassionate. %he !ill provide him !ith the right environment to !ork !ell in and he !ill be grateful for her guidance and subtle !ay of steering him onto the right path. (oth are sensitive to and solicitous of each other's moods. 0n this marriage they could accumulate more than +ust love and happiness. %heep Husband and *ragon Wife oderately !orkable arrangement. The %heep could be fascinated by the *ragon's brilliance and dominant !ays. %he, on the other hand, could be dra!n to his kindness, devotion and sincerity. #n the darker side, the %heep may be too timid to try out the *ragon's super ambitious undertakings and she may find him too reserved and unadventurous to meet her scale. He !ill be able to depend on her for encouragement, but she could push him beyond his level of endurance. A trying tie for both in this union. %heep Husband and %nake Wife Things !ill not be completely idyllic in this marriage, but it could !ork out if both sides make sincere efforts. (oth of them are materialistic and receptive to beauty and refinement/ these aspects could seal their union. Ho!ever, the %heep lacks the perseverance of the scheming %nake. %he, on the other hand, could be too secretive and distrustful for the sensitive nature of the %heep. %he is calculating and guided by her !isdom !here he is emotional and led by his artistic inclinations. They could disapprove of each other in some areas and succeed in others. The %nake's unfaltering determination could be a valuable asset for the %heep to cling to. %heep Husband and Horse Wife He is domesticated and home"loving enough to provide a secure base for the restless Horse lady. #n the other hand, she is happy and affable enough to complement his depressed moods. He may be +ealous and possessive !hile she is independent and impulsive. (ut the Horse is not sensitive enough to take the %heep's self"pitying !ays too seriously. %he is capable, delightful and $uick at catching on to delicate signals. He could curb her freedom by providing her !ith enough variety and attractive options to stay and spice up his life. A strong and possibly enduring marriage. %heep Husband and %heep Wife The %heep cares deeply for the !elfare of his family, but in this combination the %heep !ife may turn out to be the stronger of the t!o. (oth love luxury and dependency too much but they could succeed as a unit if they combine their strengths. He !ill assume responsibility !hen there is no one else around to do so, and she loves to be the po!er behind the scene. (oth are good homemakers and compassionate enough to put up !ith each other's !eak points. They should be careful about being too protective or indulgent !ith their children. %heep Husband and onkey Wife ,o deep or permanent attraction here, as the onkey is too intricate and egotistical for the %heep. He is more subdued in taste, action, and her expertise and craftiness !ill upset and !orry him. He cannot keep up !ith her inconsiderate demands no matter ho! good"natured and obliging he may be. %he is clever and appealing and !ill lead him about once she discovers his !eak points. He is creative, pure"minded and compassionate but these $ualities !ill go unappreciated since the onkey prefers someone more conniving and shre!d. %heep Husband and Rooster Wife He is kind"hearted and considerate enough to make a sincere effort at anything. %he loves to investigate, analy'e and administer other people's lives. He is pessimistic and sub+ective/ she is optimistic and ob+ective. Her energetic and dauntless attitude could scare the sensitive and unobtrusive %heep. He finds her too meticulous, argumentative and sharp for his taste. %he, on the other hand, !ill say it is difficult to deal !ith one as sentimental and self"indulgent as he. They have vast similarities in their basic outlooks, !hich may prevent them from enduring each other's peculiarities easily.

%heep Husband and *og Wife This relationship !ill probably not !ork as the *og is too realistic and !ill naturally critici'e the %heep's indulgence and enumerate his !eaknesses, thus making him more pessimistic than ever. %he is reasonable and affectionate enough, but not al!ays !illing to resort to the little !hite lies necessary to placate his touchy feelings. He needs a lot of compassion and support to be able to put his best side for!ard. %he is unsympathetic and hardy and can be irked by his complaining and self"gratification. ,ot much congeniality here as each tends to bring out the other's negative traits. %heep Husband and (oar Wife A sound marriage because of the ob+oius lack of friction. (oth do not mind making concessions and like to have their activities centered on their home. The (oar is gregarious and not as sensitive as the %heep, !ho may take offence easily because of his reticent nature. %he is less extravagant than he and could be more sociable and outgoing, thereby reducing his shyness. #n the other hand, he can make up for lack of refinement and is responsive to her ardent need for !armth and cooperation. onkey Husband and Rat Wife These t!o partners !ill !ork most constructively together. %he is a happy and competent homemaker, !hile he is the great strategist that she !ill be immensely proud of. The Rat could get the enchanting onkey to settle do!n nicely and he !ill adore her industry and parsimony. They !ill be constantly discovering desirable $ualities in each other, and their marriage !ill be re!arding, fulfilling and financially auspicious. onkey Husband and #x Wife (oth are egotistical and forceful to coexist happily. He is an extrovert, a natural sho!man. %he is an introvert and reticent. ,o doubt both parties have excellent positive sides but they may not have a chance to display them. He has an innate superiority complex and considers her dull and unimaginative. %he may be blunt and proud and !ill no mince !ords !hen it comes to pointing out his fla!s. They !ill both have to exercise great control over their basic urges to achieve any kind of rapport. onkey Husband and Tiger Wife ,ot a very harmonious combination and these t!o may not find much happiness in their union. (oth are allergic to restraints of any kind and !ill not like playing second fiddle to anyone. They are both apt to think only in terms of 505 and are goaded by strong ambition and self"esteem. The Tiger can be arrogant !hen not given her !ay and the onkey is naturally cunning and suave in his undertakings. They could regard each other !ith doubts and secret reservations. #ne has to be more masterful in order to control the other. %o there may al!ays be a struggle as to !ho can do better. onkey Husband and Rabbit Wife He is a positive and innovative thinker and a captivating performer. %he is very personal and !ell mannered, although some!hat superficial. (oth can be diplomatic and inscrutable about obtaining their ob+ectives. The onkey needs a lot of attention and compliments to keep him charming and companionable. The Rabbit is dra!n to!ard $uiet surroundings rather than active pursuits. He delights in controversy/ she abhors dissent. They have totally different approaches to!ard life. 0n the end, both are realistic about their situation and !ill either ad+ust accordingly or seek a better solution. onkey Husband and *ragon Wife #ne of the best matches, as they !ill both be able to harness their positive forces and achieve lasting unity and success together. (oth are a!are, aggressive and very ambitious. The onkey is practical and crafty !hile the *ragon has more than enough !illpo!er and energy for t!o. He !ill plan !hile she !ill set their goals higher each time. He loves challenges and she gives him

great reassurance by standing behind him through thick and thin. (oth !ill indulge each other, exchange ideas and !ork in harmony. onkey Husband and %nake Wife (oth may tend to magnify the frailties of the opposite party. He is lively, outgoing and enterprising !hile she is persevering, ambitious and sophisticated. ,o doubt they are in the same big league but they cannot help challenging and at times opposing each other because of their natural +ealousy and inborn suspicious inclinations. (oth may have to be more sincere and straightfor!ard before they can feel comfortable !ith each other. onkey Husband and Horse Wife (oth partners in this union are versatile, flexible and outgoing. Whether or not they can coexist in a spirit of good!ill !ill rest largely on their efforts to control their self"centered personalities. ,either is long on endurance, and they !ill not persevere in !orking out their differences if one finds the other lagging behind. They are both independent and practical individuals !ho can cooperate !ell if they !ant to, as they possess the same $uick mind and keen faculties. onkey Husband and %heep Wife The %heep lady loves to play house but she may make too many demands on the !ily onkey. He may be flattered by her attentiveness but still finds her fla!s out!eighing her virtues. %he, on the other hand, is no match for the calculating and evasive onkey, !ho may not al!ays take her seriously. The %heep stands to lose more in this bargain, as the onkey !ill exploit her kind and generous nature. )ach is on a different !avelength in this union. onkey Husband and onkey Wife A combination that could be binding if envy does not get in the !ay. 0f they can think in terms of 5!e5 instead of 505, they can achieve much together. ,o problem !ill be too great for them if they meet it in the true spirit of cooperation. onkeys can rise above pettiness and +ealousy if they learn to share the good !ith the bad. These t!o could live in harmony if they are !illing to stick to each other and not blame each other in the face of adversity. onkey Husband and Rooster Wife (oth are ambitious and crave acclaim and recognition. These t!o materialistic and similarly po!erful personalities may clash more often than they cooperate if they insist on maintaining their affections. The onkey man likes to get things done !ith a minimum of fuss and supervision. He prides himself on his ingenuity and innate capabilities. The Rooster girl is efficient and fastidious. %he's prone to looking over his shoulder and picking up on his imperfections. They try each other's patience and endurance. He cannot stand her $uestioning and love for argument. %he finds him too sure of himself and conceited to pay her many minds, let alone heed the advice she readily dishes out. (oth are going to find the ride pretty rough unless they are !illing to admit to some of their inherent shortcomings and meet the other half!ay. onkey Husband and *og Wife A good marriage !ith the partners usually favorably disposed to each other. The onkey is productive enough and generally smart and sociable. The *og !ife !ill be cooperative and congenial if he expresses genuine desire to !ork together. He is apt to be more materialistic and ambitious than she is and !ill pleased if she does not try to overtake or outdo him in performance. %he, on the other hand, is captivated by the onkey's many"sided personality. He finds her a strong and refreshingly unpretentious ally and advisor. %he loves his talents but could take a dim vie! of his envious and conniving traits/ he may find her inspiring and fair"minded practices a bit restricting at times. #ther!ise, both are !ell balanced and intelligent enough to make necessary concessions. onkey Husband and (oar Wife They may be strong attraction for each in this combination, but the trials of everyday married life could !ear it a!ay. The (oar lady is prodding, energetic and staunchly devoted to her loved ones

and her goals, but she operates more on blind faith, and in this case the onkey cannot resist the urge to take advantage of her innocent nature. %he, on the other hand, benefits from his financial acumen and guile but is not impressed by his unscrupulous and opportunistic !ays. He fins her over conscientious about spreading good!ill about. He could also resent her extravagant generosity at his expense. (oth may not need extra efforts to put up !ith one another's frailties. Rooster Husband and Rat Wife He is analytical and a perfectionist/ she is stimulating, practical and $uite brainy in her o!n right. He is bossy, dogmatic, and prone to giving lectures. %he is balky about criticism and can be sharp and petty !hen offended. He lacks the sensitivity and !armth she seeks in mate. Her resourcefulness and competence make her un!illing to follo! his orders blindly. ,ot a promising match for either party. They tend to agitate each other unnecessarily. Rooster Husband and #x Wife An excellent and lasting union for both. He is open, frank and brave and makes up for her reserve and restraint. He is also hard !orking and serious enough for the #x's love of dignity and prestige. His security"consciousness !ill certainly appeal to the steadfast and resolute #x lady. 0n response to his sunny and optimistic !ays, the #x may become less undemonstrative and be prodded on to more achievements. %he is likely to be the more prudent and do!n to earth of the t!o, and in spite of his noisy and competent discourse, the Rooster !ill love to lean on his strong and noble #x !ife. They !ill find each other responsible and dedicated. Rooster Husband and Tiger Wife A turbulent and spicy marriage. (oth are active and progressive souls but they have !ide differences in their personalities. He is too egotistic and eccentric for the colorful Tiger lady and she is too much of a fighter to ever concede defeat in the face of his fastidious criticisms. &nder different circumstances, they may be energetic and diligent, but in this combination they may be stubborn and petty. Rooster Husband and Rabbit Wife They are unlikely to ever find their ideal love in each other. Their personalities may clash strongly because both are vexed by each other's negative traits. He is outspoken, exacting and over'ealous in his cutting criticism. %he is an artistic and reticent intellectual !ho may be a bit self"indulgent and un!illing to !ork hard. When the industrious and ruthlessly efficient Rooster gets through !ith her, she may feel like a victim of the 0n$uisition. ,eedless to say, the Rabbit !ill be defiant and uncommunicative. The Rooster's lack of tact and indelicate !ays are not intentional, but he cannot avoid hurting the Rabbit, !ho thrives on sympathy and consideration. Rooster Husband and *ragon Wife An excellent and productive marriage combination. The Rooster is analytical and brainy and !ill be dra!n to the bold and bright personality of the *ragon lady. %he !ill immediately recogni'e his inherent !orth and intellectual pro!ess. Together they can achieve success in their aspirations. %he is purposeful and not easily con$uered or frightened into submission by his bossy aggressiveness. %he can and !ill be able to dismiss his lo! e$uaciousness !ith a shrug, as she is bound to have a fe! peculiarities of her o!n that he !ill have to bear. He finds her enthusiasm and energy boundless and exhilarating. %he !ill not resent his running her affairs provided he looks upon her as an e$ual and respects her opinions. Rooster Husband and %nake Wife The exuberant and intrepid Rooster man could brighten up the %nake's serious vie! of life and bolster her spirits as !ell. A prosperous union for both. The are both intellectuals but on different levels. %he is serene, reflective and deliberate/ he is overcharged !ith 'eal and dauntless optimism. This union provides them !ith the opportunity to balance the scales and offset each other's excesses.

Rooster Husband and Horse Wife A smooth marriage is not indicated as each other easily irritate these t!o strong"minded individuals. He can be provocative and undiplomatic and !ill castigate her for her high living and lack of steadiness. (ut she is too sophisticated, !itty and flamboyant to settle for the simple and hard"!orking life he has planned. The Rooster may have grandiose ideas but his methods are dependable and precise. 0n the opposite corner, the Horse may be more practical and realistic about her goals but she is unpredictable and inconsistent in her method of application. He cannot comprehend her changeable !ays and she cannot abide his strict routine and obsession !ith facts and figures. Rooster Husband and %heep Wife The tough"minded Rooster has the stamina to match his taste for !ork and perfection. The %heep is kind"hearted, emotional and dependent. He may patroni'e her need to cling to someone, but cannot be expected to put up !ith her self"pitying and indulgent !ays. He can deal better !ith facts than !ith her tender feelings. %he can understand his optimistic drive and ambitions, but may find him too cold, calculating and particular. %he is genteel and easily hurt and could pack up and go home to ama if he censures her too much or too often. The tolerance factor in this combination is very lo!. Rooster Husband and onkey Wife ost likely to result in a cool and defensive union unless both partners can alter their behavior suitably. The onkey could have the annoying habit of grabbing !hat she !ants and hanging on to it, oblivious of !hat others may feel. He is too rigorous and stringent to let her get a!ay !ith this. %he is not amused, on the other hand, by his skillful and parsimonious !ays, nor impressed !ith his gift for oratory and debate. %he possesses e$ual po!ers of rhetoric and !ill provoke him to anger. They tend to rub each other the !rong !ay. The !ill only cooperate !hen the inducement to do so is irresistible. Rooster Husband and Rooster Wife (oth are virtuous personalities but this match could provoke an unhealthy 5holier than thou5 attitude bet!een these contenders. They are both peevish and often obsessed !ith their o!n vie!s and !ill not pay much heed to the opinions of the other. Ho!ever, these t!o are also duty" oriented and have conscientious and responsible natures. Who kno!s, they may be able to relin$uish some of their demanding !ays to achieve common goals. Then again, both are argumentative and opinionated, and there may be endless discussions before they sign the 6eace Treaty or agree to call a truce. Rooster Husband and *og Wife ,o doubt both parties here have fine minds, value their integrity and are proud of them. Ho!ever, in spite of their self"assurance and poise, they are also very outspoken. 0f the Rooster starts to nag and grumble about the *og's frailties, she could respond by thro!ing harmony out the !indo! and giving him some scalding rhetoric of her o!n. (oth parties have sharp tongues and could hurt each other $uite painfully. A !orkable relationship only if one of them is unselfish and sensible enough to entice the other to lay do!n arms. Rooster Husband and (oar Wife The (oar is trusting and easygoing. %he accepts things at face value and !ill politely skim the surface instead of offending others. The Rooster makes pointed accusations/ he is the unrelenting private eye !ho has to get to the root of the problem even if it means upsetting everyone's apple cart in the process. The (oar is an independent thinker but is al!ays receptive to suggestions, !hile he is observant about every detail. %he !ould love to take his advice if only he could put a little sugar on it. %he is prone to being naive and easily imposed on by others. %he may have need of his sharp faculties. This could be the one common denominator of their marriage.

*og Husband and Rat Wife A union !hich could develop fairly !ell if they have strong mutual interests. They are both sensible and outgoing and could find contentment because of the lack of friction in this marriage. %he may be more affectionate and thrifty but the *og is reasonably easygoing and tactful enough to avoid bickering !ith her on unimportant issues. (oth !ill try to give each other enough breathing space to ensure freedom of expression and movement about their house. *og Husband and #x Wife (oth are faithful and loyal and !ill take their con+ugal duties seriously. Their difficulties could arise from the #x's overbearing attitude and rigid opinions. The *og prefers free speech and e$uality and may not humor the narro!"minded #x for too long. The #x, on the other hand, may resent the *og's over direct and outspoken !ays/ she can nurse grievances for a long time. They both shun pettiness and in+ustice, but are sometimes guilty of these faults themselves. A relationship that needs a lot of understanding and compromise. *og Husband and Tiger Wife (oth are idealistic by nature and have the same humanitarian interests. The *og can be more ob+ective and logical than the animated but hotheaded Tigress. He is thus able enough to advise her !hen she gets too emotional or impulsive. He is diplomatic and unbiased and !ill persuade her to see reason !ithout touching any of her sensitive spots. The Tiger, on the other hand, is demonstrative, affectionate and honest !ith her feelings, !hich the *og likes, and her sanguine disposition could live up any relationship. They !ill feel completely at ease !ith each other. A !ell"suited match that should enhance this couple's unpretentiousness and generous personalities. A combination that !ill bring out the best in both. *og Husband and Rabbit Wife A good and lasting match. The Rabbit is imaginative, charming and diplomatic. The *og is straightfor!ard but agreeable in manner. (oth en+oy honest fun and entertainment, but !ill prefer activities that have useful purposes. They have innately cooperative spirits and !ill allo! each other a fair degree of independence and assertiveness. %he has a strong need for comfort and luxury, !hile he is less materialistic and more understanding. (oth !ill have little difficulty in putting up !ith each other's peculiarities. A union that should bring out the best in each of the partners. *og Husband and *ragon Wife )ach may have the !rong chemistry for the other. Their basic dispositions are uncomplimentary and they may opt to disperse their energies in different directions. (oth have leadership abilities but in totally different directions. The *og loves cooperation and may resent the *og's audacious, high"handed and overpo!ering tactics. %he may find him taciturn and erratic if she pushes him too much/ the *og has a reputation for being pugnacious and acidly sharp !hen hurt. ,either can conform easily to the other's !ishes and this could only be a love"hate relationship at its best. *og Husband and %nake Wife He is levelheaded and open"minded but may still be pu''led by her mysti$ue. %he has a fair respect for his intelligence but is inclined to!ard more sophistication and luxury than the unmaterialistic *og can endure. (oth lack the proper understanding to ever be totally enchanted !ith each other's personality, but may be realistic enough to have an amicable life together if each can accept the other for !hat he or she is. *og Husband and Horse Wife This !ill be a happy and fruitful match, as these t!o people have a sound understanding of each other's needs and deficiencies. The *og is honorable and intelligent enough to !ork !ell !ith the capable Horse. He also admires her keen kno!ledge of timing and strategy, !hile she finds him reasonable and practical enough to depend on. They !ill both get the cooperation they seek and still be able to en+oy the degree of individualism and independence they re$uire.

*og Husband and %heep Wife They may have strong or !eak conflicts of interest, but this sort of union !ill make both partners less amiable than they normally are. %he is too sentimental and her !istful !ays !ill serve to irritate the logical *og, !ho !ill be more curt and impatient than sympathetic. %he is tolerant and unselfish !hen handled correctly, but in this case she may become !ithdra!n and de+ected by the *og's hardy and direct manner. 0n the final analysis, both may find that they have too little in common to bear the strain of their different personalities. *og Husband and onkey Wife A !orkable and fairly positive match if both are generous and forgiving enough to discount the other's frailties. The onkey !ife !ill admire the *og for his sensible approach and logical outlook/ no one kno!s the value of intelligence more than she. He, on the other hand, sees her as a capable go"getter and !ill appreciate her !itty and charming personality. %he is the more materialistic of the t!o and he is the more idealistic. %he values tangible !ealth. He puts his principles first. Together they could contentedly travel the middle of the road. *og Husband and Rooster Wife A cool to moderate coexistence is in store for this couple. (oth are discriminating and forthright souls !ho may be easily displeased !ith each other's faults. ,ormally, they may strive harder to be more agreeable, but this match could bring out their most offensive traits, making them !illful and uncompromising. (oth are too $uick to retaliate !hen challenged and can be fierce fighters. The *og is nice and easygoing only as long as you keep out of his hair. The Rooster is virtuous and e$ually sincere in her efforts, but she has much too rigid an outlook to suit the *og. %he !ill make him feel like she is out to reform him and he !ill never stand for that. *og Husband and *og Wife They are reasonably compatible. (oth have the same !arm and stable nature although the female of the species may be the more outspoken and critical of the pair. An idealistic and conscientious couple !ho !ill seek and value each other's opinions. *ogs are fairly conforming in marital relationships and !ill perform !ell they desire harmony. ,o large problems in this union if they !ill consult and respect each other. They should al!ays make +oint decisions as neither can tolerate being left out. *og Husband and (oar Wife This couple may have $uite dissimilar personalities but could still maintain a fairly agreeable relationship. He is dependable and sharp enough for her to rely on, !hile she is loving, uncomplaining and affectionate enough for him to have comfortable feeling togetherness. They are not averse to mutual concessions and !ill share !hatever they have !ith each other. A union that !ill be happy because neither !ill need to harp on the other's !eakness. (oar Husband and Rat Wife There is a good measure of attraction bet!een these t!o and they !ill strive to have a companionable and peaceful relationship. (oth are outgoing, sociable and energetic and !ill probably center their life around their home, their friends and their mutual interests, !hich !ill include a good deal of entertaining. This couple !ill be dra!n to active pursuits and have definite ideas about their involvement. %he could be the more sensitive and prudent of the t!o, !hile he is positive but too conciliatory at times for his o!n good. He may have need of her counsel. (oar Husband and #x Wife An acceptable union but unlikely to be a strong one. Their different outlook and behavioral patterns !ill engender underlying friction. As a rule the (oar is !arm, generous and understanding, but the #x lady may only notice his sensuality and love of extravagance and find him too immoderate for her needs. #n the other side, the #x's predilection for hard !ork and constant security and self"discipline may unnerve the (oar. He is a +ovial, gregarious and open and he !orks only to ensure his leisure. %he is serious, systematic and rigid and finds contentment in her labors.

(oar Husband and Tiger Wife A !arm and gratifying union, as each side has a strong desire to please the other. (oth are affectionate, dynamic and progressive in their basic attitude and !ill complement each other. He is kind and understanding enough to cope !ith the unpredictable and exciting moods of the Tiger, !hile she finds him devoted, courageous and unselfish. The Tiger is usually repentant for her outbursts !hen she meets no opposition, and the (oar's good humor and compassionate !ays !ill bring out the best in her and make her more compliant to his !ishes. (oar Husband and Rabbit Wife The (oar is courageous and dedicated enough for the $uiet and !ell"mannered Rabbit. %he is sagacious, resilient and subtle enough to impart some of her astuteness to him !ithout his noticing. He finds her kind and cautious and !ill lavish on her both his affections and the luxuries she lies. The (oar is selfless enough not to seek more than the Rabbit can give and she !ill be happy to be the ob+ect of his attentions and generosity. (oth could feel enriched by this union. (oar Husband and *ragon Wife A fairly successful relationship in !hich the gains !ill probably out!eigh the losses. (oth are ardent and forceful, although in different !ays. The po!erful *ragon !ife could stimulate any spouse into action or break him in the process. The (oar is not averse to bending to the desires of his loved one and !ill be tireless in his efforts to achieve success and !in her approval. They are evenly matched in energy and love of physical exertion. Their mutual fla! is that they are both too responsive to stimuli and could be easily carried a!ay by enthusiasm and excesses. There may be no one to apply the brakes. (oar Husband and %nake Wife The aesthetic %nake cannot stand the (oar's sincere but mundane and simple !ays. He finds her too complex and secretive. The %nake is too highly evolved, ambitious and profound for the over indulgent and trusting (oar. %he !ill not approve of his open and easygoing manners and !ill be aloof and unsympathetic to him. The (oar, in turn, !ill find the %nake's uncommunicative and coldly calculating attitude very disconcerting. (oth !ill suffer from unfulfilled expectations and a lack of appreciation for each other's positive traits. (oar Husband and Horse Wife They are both pleasure seekers, have very sociable personalities, and could benefit each other to a certain extent. %he is imaginative and resourceful !hile he is dependable and good"natured. The (oar admires the Horse's animated and cheerful !ays, and she finds his devotion and honest fortitude very pleasing. They both understand the value of compromise and !ill have an active and involved marriage !ithout stepping on each other's toes. They !ill opt to live their life to the fullest. #n the darker side, neither party !ill !orry too much about tomorro!. (oar Husband and %heep Wife A !arm, intimate marriage for this couple. (oth !ill give their best to the union and have a deep love and genuine concern for one another. The (oar is sturdy, gallant and thoughtful enough to please the gentle and compassionate %heep lady. %he, on the other hand, !ill mother him and make him the ob+ect of her !orship. He is sensual and simple and !ill interpret her possessiveness as true love and devotion. The (oar is generous and protective, and the %heep !ill perform her best !hen she kno!s she is loved and appreciated, as she !ill be in this union. (oar Husband and onkey Wife A fairly civil union, but they may not be really fascinated by each other's real personality. The (oar is too straightfor!ard and scrupulous for the complicated onkey. %he has more pungent tastes and the (oar !ill definitely be too bland. #n the other hand, !hile the onkey is deviously charming, her basic intricacy and pretentiousness may prove too much for him. (oth are bound to be irritated and bruised by the incapacity of the other. %till, they could make a go of this match if they can figure each other out and concentrate on their positive $ualities.

(oar Husband and Rooster Wife 4ould turn out to be a feasible match if both parties make the proper concessions. There !ill be areas of disagreement, but both have the capacity to !ork out differences if they admire each other enough. The (oar may be too passionate and !arm for the analytical and mentally inclined Rooster, !hile she is too argumentative and kno!ledgeable to follo! or love him blindly. Ho!ever, on the positive side, neither is too thin"skinned and criticism !ill slide off their backs like !ater. He is honest and accommodating and has a true need for her diligent and critical mind, and !hile she is capable and self"confident, she !ill have every need for the diplomacy and reliability of the affable (oar. (oar Husband and *og Wife A kind and agreeable relationship despite their differing attitudes to!ard life. (oth are robust, open and honest and like doing their best !henever possible. Ho!ever, the *og could be aggressive and !ill not !ithhold her criticism if the (oar is too self"indulgent or lax in his duties. %he is not as passionate as he, and may lack understanding of his large appetites and sensuality. %till, they could find common grounds for cooperation as the *og has more insight than the (oar and !ill be loyal to him. -ike!ise, the (oar is tolerant and generous enough to forgive the *og's peculiarities and see her as the trust!orthy and noble ally she is. (oar Husband and (oar Wife A combination that could !ork out !ell if they can take the good !ith the bad. (eing born under the same sign, both !ill be strong, courageous and modest, but they may lack direction and tenacity and may not be able to strengthen each other's !eak points. %incerity and good!ill !ithout resolute and systematic organi'ation could !reak havoc for t!o such !ell"meaning people. #ne of them !ill have to be unemotional and disciplined enough to face reality and adversity, other!ise their mutual love and loyalty !ill not be much protection for them.