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Projects under Civil Society Facility IPA 128287 (safety & health at work; energy efficiency or the environment)

In total 15 projects granted

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Metamorfozis Gauss Institute Trade Union of finances of Macedonia (SFDM) Business Macedonia CERM Medical companies associations (CERM) Klaster drvna industrija (CERM) Front 21/42 Ecologists' Movement of Macedonia Kocka Training Institute Macedonian Ecological Society

Project name
E-waste No for Asbestos Health and Safety at work BOSMIP III, Occupational safety and health FACTS3 furniture Efficiency and renewables Environment policies and strategies Local Green Agendas Wings accors the Bankans In total 9 projects granted

IPA 128286 (crime)

1 2 3 4

Project name

Yes Incubator Responsible youth enterpreneurs Center for Civic Initiative Anti trafficing in human SEMPER Citizens' initiative for equal opportunities (with CISS as leader) Fighting human trafficing Transparency Zero Corruption Macedonia Monitoring anti-corruption
Womens Lobby and Action Against Violence and Trafficking in Women - OpenHuman Gate, FYR trafficing Macedonia victims

1 2 3 4 5

(Culture) In total 10 projects granted Centre for Common Ground (CCG) (project leader) Sharing a Common Culture: Balkan Theatre Networks for EU Integration Association of citizens Taksirat (Macedonia) Music without borders Macedonian Artisan Trade Association (MATA), the F.Y.R.O.M. European Values in Heritage (EVAH) Center for Promotion of Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Rural Development A Balkan Tale Media Artes Art where it is hart to talk

IPA 129799


(Socio-economic partnership programme) In total 12 projects granted Macedonian Red Cross, Macedonia SEE Forum on Climate Change Adaptation Textile Trade Association of Macedonia TexWeB textile&clothing CERM Business Confederation of Macedonia (BKM) BOSMIP IV Progress Institute for Social Democracy Decent Work Balkan Economic Chamber of FYR of Macedonia PACE Acquis & Energy (Partners for Acquis Compliance and Energy Efficiency) SSM and UNASM European Cooperation Bridges for Occupational Health and Safety ORT Eco Social Economy Network South and East Europe HUMANOPOLIS, Foundation for education and development Safe food for all Journalists for Children and Women Rights and Environmental ProtectionProduct and Chemical Safety in the Balkans Energy Efficiency in Buildings within the frame of EU Regulations and 10 Macedonian Center for Energy Efficiency (MACEF) Legal Arrangements. 11 Macedonian Civic Education Center and Planetum Sustainable Development education 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

IPA 129637

IPA 129897 (vulnerable groups)

1 Union of the Blind of the Republic of Macedonia 2 Foundation Macedonia Institute for Media (MIM) 3 Centre for non-formal education Triagolnik

In total 10 projects granted Blind people network for representation in the Western Balkans Advancing Roma visibility Advocacy and lobbying training for youth organisations In total 11 projects granted SEE WoRD- SEE Women in Rural Development Network Strengthening working women in WB Empowerment campaign for Roma Women Gender equality in local communities Fostering WB CSOs common practices to enhance participation of rural women in local governance and development

IPA 131114 (Women empowerment)

1 2 3 4 National Council for Gender Equality KSS, UNASM, SSM Regional Roma Educational Youth Association Antiko

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