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1 Establishment of INA Market and Contribution of Shri Ramesh Bhutani: Ramesh Bhutani the name people of INA Market

& nearby areas have been vouching for now more than 3 decades says Madan Lal, General Secretary of INA Traders Association, remembering the days of Mandal Commission told us that during that tenure under the guidance of our President Sh. Ramesh Bhutani we got tents installed for the college students and Mr. Bhutani guided them to stop violence and extended his support to students by arranging food, blankets and space with tents installed for them. He adds that there have been a number of more incidents during his long tenure like the fire gutted thrice in the market and Mr. Bhutani was one person who got involved every time problems occured and did fight with the DESU to get new wires installed in the market so as to safe guard the market from fire incidents It is Mr. Bhutani's effort that the markets of New Delhi & South Delhi which were alloted by the Estate Dept. to the refugees and other people in 60's that got them ownership rights of their shops. He is still fighting for the rights of markets awaiting ownership including INA Market, which was stalled by Sh. Ajay Maken on the pretext of rebuilding the market as a mall. Neither there is a plan for a mall nor the market has been given ownership rights even after depositing the money 10 years back, tells us the market Vice President Sh. K.L. Sachdeva owner of Lucky General Store. On being investigating the famous meat market situated in the last of INA Market we were shocked to know that despite the court orders neither PWD, MCD nor NDMC is maintaining the market and according to Mr. Qureshi it is the President Mr. Bhutani who with the support of association has been maintaining the sewers, toilets, cleaning, barsaatis and rain water drainage on their own. If this is the condition of one the most famous and prestigious markets of New Delhi what could be situation in the interiors of the city adds Qureshi.

2 Contribution of Shri Ramesh Bhutani during 1984 Riots: Mr. Jaswant Singh owner of Fish Corner reminds us of the 1984 riots which started from Safdarjang Airport, nearby INA Market, tells us he was a young man of 30 years that time, and tells us how Mr. Ramesh Bhutani then the General Secretary of the market safeguarded all the 7 shops owned by the sikh people in the market. He remembers that all the families of the sikhs of the market were safeguarded by the association 24x7 until it all was over , " and we all stayed in the market only with our parents, children and close relatives feeling safer in the market than at homes" says Mr. Singh.

A True Leaders of Businessmen: Shri Ramesh Bhutani It has been a long journey with Mr. Bhutani says the market people from solving our NDMC, MCD, Sales Tax < Income Tax problems from looking into our personal problems. He has been our mentor and savior in all ups and downs in our lives and has the quality of leading, helping and caring people without thinking about any caste, creed or age. He is our true leader told us by Mr. Shyam Ahuja owner of Shyam Stores. This market has been the favourite market of many prominent dignitaries of the world, which includes the leaders like Lt. Honourable Sh. Giani Jail Singh ji, Lt. Sh. Rajiv Gandhi and foreign dignitaries and the latest being Mrs. Prime Minister Japan in 2012
4 Corruption: Views of Shri Ramesh Bhutani Corruption is something which has weakened our system from inside, corruption has made its root deep inside our system from a peon to the minister. It cannot be eradicated in a month or 2, but we have to start working on it from today, we have to understand that to remove corruption we have to come together and promise ourselves that come what may, WE WILL NOT PAY BRIBE. This way we can deal with the corruption on ground basis and in day to day affairs of public dealing. The bigger issue is corruption at higher levels at ministerial levels, where there are deals worth of thousands of crores, like the defence purchases, the CWG expenses in 2010, tendering of projects like highways worth hundreds of crores. And to tackle this corruption we need to have a very strong LOKPAL and make every public servant accountable for any wrong decision which is not in the favour of the country We should look into not only making of strong anti-corruption laws but we have to make it sure that they are implemented very strongly. AAP deeply believes that entrepreneurship and industry are the life blood of the economy. What they are against is companies indulging in corruption - paying political parties to seek favours, bringing their way to contracts etc. Since the AAP has exposed corruption by large industrial houses there is false propaganda that they are against industry. This is completely untrue. The reality is that many of established industrial houses are products of the license raj. They have grown and thrived by nurturing corruption.

Women empowerment: Views of Shri Ramesh Bhutani Today we all talk about woman empowerment, but do we really wish to empower the woman? Have we taken any serious step to do so? The first thing we need to understand that first we should learn to respect a woman, and we have to start this at home. In every relation woman is the one at the giving side as a mother, as a daughter, as a sister as a companion. And men are always at the receiving end, as a father brother, husband, son. Now when we respect the woman at home we learn and teach people around us to respect the woman. Woman is worshiped in a temple and abused on the road. Is this what we have in our Indian culture?

Women need not be worshiped but YES should be respected. We should treat them equally at work, at home, at road and everywhere. Few thoughts from my diary about woman empowerment, I firmly believe that women in our country is the real future, giving respect to them is giving respect to the nation, come join hands with me and strengthen the nation on women empowerment, Jai hind.