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University of St. La Salle College of Law PUBLIC INTERNATIONAL LAW ( irst Se!ester" A#a$e!i# %ear &'(()&'(&* TE+TBOO,SBernas" S...

" Intro$/#tion to P/0li# International Law (&''1 E$ition* 2 3AIN RE ERENCE Ag4alo" P/0li# International Law (&''5 E$ition* TOPIC6 CASE OUTLINE7(7 Nat/re an$ So/r#es of P/0li# International Law ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) T8e Pa9/ete :a0ana Case" (;< U.S. 5;; ((11'* T8e Asyl/! Case (Col/!0ia vs. Per/* ./$g!ent of &' Nove!0er (1<' Rig8t of Passage over In$ian Territory (Port/gal vs. In$ia* ./$g!ent of (& A4ril (15' Anglo)Norwegian is8eries Case (Unite$ ,ing$o! vs. Norway*" ./$g!ent of (= >e#e!0er (1<( T8e S.S. Wi!0le$on Case (Unite$ ,ing$o!" ran#e" Italy an$ .a4an vs. ?er!any* 3erits T8e Bar#elona Tra#tion Case (Belgi/! vs. S4ain* (1;' N/#lear Test Cases (A/stralia vs. ran#e@ New Aealan$ vs. ran#e*" PCI. (1BB 3iCares vs. Rana$a" D<< SCRA B1; (&''<*

7&7 Law of t8e Treaties@ International Law an$ 3/ni#i4al Law ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Eienna Convention on t8e Law of Treaties ((151* Case Con#erning t8e Te!4le of Prea8 Ei8ear (Ca!0o$ia vs. T8ailan$*" ./$g!ent of (< ./ne (15& W8itney vs. Ro0ertson" (&D U.S. (1' ((===* :ea$ 3oney Cases" ((& U.S. <=' ((==D*@ see Art. EIII" Se#. < (&*(a* of t8e (1=; P8ili44ine Constit/tion is8eries ./ris$i#tion Case (Unite$ ,ing$o! vs. Irelan$* ((1;B* Na!i0ia Case ((1;(* >an/0e >a! Case (:/ngary vs. SlovaFia* ,/ro$a vs. .alan$oni (?.R. No. L)&55&" 3ar#8 &5" (1D1* A$olfo vs. C I of Aa!0ales" BD SCRA (55 ((1;'* ?/erreroGs Trans4ort vs. Blay0lo#F Trans4ort" ;( SCRA 5&( ((1;5* Bayan Bagong Alyansang 3aFa0ayan vs. Aa!ora (BD& SCRA DD1* SalaHar vs. A#8a#oso ((=B SCRA (D<*@ see Art. EII" Se#. &' of t8e (1=; P8ili44ine Constit/tion ?onHales vs. :e#8anova (1 SCRA &B'* Pi!entel vs. Offi#e of t8e EIe#/tive Se#retary (?.R. No. (<='11" ./ly 5" &''<* Wrig8t vs. Co/rt of A44eals (&B< SCRA BD(* >rilon vs. Li! (?.R. No. ((&D1;" A/g/st D" (11D* In#8ong vs. :ernan$eH" ('( P8il ((&<< ((1<;*

7B7 S/0Ce#ts an$ Ot8er S/0Ce#ts of P/0li# International Law ) ) ) ) ) C8a4ters II an$ III (Ag4alo* U4rig8t vs. 3er#/ry B/siness 3a#8ines Cor4. Tino#o Ar0itration Case (?reat Britain vs. Costa Ri#a* ((1&B* Re4aration for t8e InC/ries S/ffere$ in t8e Servi#e of t8e Unite$ Nations (A$visory O4inion of (( A4ril (1D1* Unilateral >e#laration of In$e4en$en#e in Res4e#t of ,osovo (A$visory O4inion of && ./ly &'('* (

) )

International Cat8oli# 3igration Co!!ission vs. CalleCa ((?.R. No. =<;<'" Se4te!0er &=" (11'* Las#o vs. Unite$ Nations Revolving /n$ for Nat/ral Reso/r#es EI4loration (?.R. Nos. ('1'1<)('1(';" e0r/ary &B" (11<*

7D7 Territory- Lan$" Air" O/ter S4a#e ) ) ) ) ) ) ) C8a4ter IE (Ag4alo* T8e Islan$ of Las Pal!as Case (Net8erlan$s vs. Unite$ States* ((1&=* T8e Western Sa8ara Case (IC. A$visory O4inion" (1;<* Legal Stat/s of Eastern Englan$ (>en!arF vs. Norway*" ./$g!ent of < A4ril (1BB C8i#ago Convention on International Civil Aviation ((1DD* (15; Treaty on t8e EI4loration an$ Use of O/ter S4a#e T8e SFyla0 ProCe#t (NASA*

7<7 Territory- Law of t8e Sea ) ) ) ) ) Unite$ Nations Convention on t8e Law of t8e Seas of (1=& Anglo)Norwegian is8eries Case (Unite$ ,ing$o! vs. Norway*" ./$g!ent of (= >e#e!0er (1<( Nort8 Sea Continental S8elf Cases (?er!any vs. >en!arF@ ?er!any vs. T8e Net8erlan$s* " ./$g!ent of &' e0r/ary (151 Sa/$i Ara0ia vs. Ara0ian A!eri#an Oil Co!4any (ARA3CO* (Ar0itration (15B* T8e S.S. JIG! AloneK Case (Cana$a vs. Untie$ States* (./$g!ent of B' ./ne (1BB an$ < .an/ary (1B<*

757 ./ris$i#tion of States ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) T8e Lot/s Case ( ran#e vs. T/rFey* Trial S!elter Ar0itration Case (Unite$ States vs. Cana$a* Bla#F!er vs. Unite$ States" &=D U.S. D&( ((1B&* Notte0o8! Case (Lie#8tenstein vs. ?/ate!ala* T8e Asyl/! Case (s/4ra* 3eCoff vs. >ire#tor of Prisons (?.R. No. L)&=<<" ./ly B'" (1D1* ilLrtiga vs. PeMa)Irala" 5B' .&$ =;5 (&$ Cir. (1='* (US #ase* Attorney ?eneral of Israel vs. Ei#8!ann" S/4re!e Co/rt of Israel ((15&* (B5 I.L.R. &;; Unite$ States vs. awaH %/nis" 5=( . S/44. =15( ((1==* Unite$ States vs. AlvareH 23a#8ain" <'D U.S. 5<< ((11&) ,err vs. Illinois" ((1 U.S. DB5 ((==5* Se#retary of ./sti#e vs. :on. Ral48 C. Lantion (?.R. No. (B1D5<" .an/ary (=" &'''* ?overn!ent of :ong ,ong vs. ./$ge Olalia (?.R. No. (<B5;<" A4ril (1" &'';*

7;7 I!!/nity fro! ./ris$i#tion ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Eienna Convention on >i4lo!ati# Relations of (15( Eienna Convention on Cons/lar Relations of (15B Pino#8et Case NR v Bow Street 3etro4olitan Sti4en$iary 3agistrate" EI Parte Pino#8et Ugarte B WLR ("D<5 (:.L. (11=*O Regina vs. Bartle an$ Co!!issioner of Poli#e (&D 3ar#8 (111" :o/se of Lor$s* T8e S#8ooner EI#8ange vs. 3a# a$$on" (( U.S. ((5 ((=(&* Unite$ States of A!eri#a vs. :on. E.3. R/iH" (B< SCRA D=; ((1=<* Unite$ States of A!eri#a vs. :on. L/is Reyes (?.R. No. ;1&<B" 3ar#8 (" (11B* :oly See vs. Eri0erto Rosario" .r. (?.R. No. ('(1D1" >e#e!0er (" (11D* Re4/0li# of In$onesia vs. EinHon (?.R. No. (<D;'<" ./ne &5" &''B* 3in/#8er vs. Co/rt of A44eals (?.R. No. (D&B15" e0r/ary ((" &''B* San$ers vs. Eeri$iano" (5& SCRA == ((1==*


) )

US >i4lo!ati# an$ Cons/lar Staff in Iran Case (Unite$ States vs. Te8ran*" IC. Re4orts ((1='* Un$er8ill vs. :ernan$eH" (5= U.S. &<' ((=1;*

7=7 State Res4onsi0ility ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) &''( >raft of t8e Arti#les on Res4onsi0ility of States for Internationally Wrongf/l A#ts T8e Bar#elona Tra#tion Case (s/4ra* L. . :. Neer an$ Pa/line Neer (U.S.A* vs. Unite$ 3eIi#an States ((< O#to0er (1&5* Caire Clai! ( ran#e vs. 3eIi#o*" (1&1 Corf/ C8annel Case ((/nite$ ,ing$o! vs. Al0ania*" IC. Re4orts ((1D1* Ni#arag/a vs. Unite$ States (IC. Re4orts" (1=5* US >i4lo!ati# an$ Cons/lar Staff in Iran Case (Unite$ States vs. Te8ran*" (s/4ra* :o!e 3issionary So#iety Clai! (Unite$ States vs. ?reat Britain*" (1&' S8ort vs. Iran (Untie$ States vs. Iran*" Iran)U.S. Clai!s Tri0/nal ((1=;* C8orHow a#tory Case (?er!any vs. Polan$*" PCI. ((1&=* Ein/ya vs. EIe#/tive Se#retary (?.R. No. (5&&B'" A4ril &=" &'('*

717 Pea#ef/l Settle!ent of International >is4/tes ) ) ) ) ) ) Convention on t8e Re#ognition an$ Enfor#e!ent of oreign Ar0itral Awar$s of (1<= International Co/rt of ./sti#e Stat/te Aerial In#i$en#e Case (Unite$ States vs. B/lgaria*" IC. ((1=D* Ni#arag/a vs. Unite$ States (IC. Re4orts" (1=D* Case Con#erning East Ti!or (Port/gal vs. A/stralia*" IC. ((11<* El Salva$or vs. :on$/ras (Ni#arag/a Intervention*" IC. ((11&*

7('7 T8e Use of or#e S8ort of War ) ) ) ) Corf/ C8annel Case (s/4ra* Legality of t8e T8reat or Use of N/#lear Wea4ons (IC. A$visory O4inion of = ./ly (115* Ni#arag/a vs. Unite$ States (s/4ra* Na/lilaa Case (?er!any vs. Port/gal*" Eersailles Swiss Ar0itral Panel ((1&=*

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