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On securing admission in the prestigious PEC University of Technology (the erstwhile Punjab Engineering College), the predicament of choosing between electronics and communication engineering (ECE) and mechanical engineering (ME) stood me in the eye. Unrelenting pressure from parents, relatives, peers and the vulnerable conscience of a novice, citing the more lucrative job scenario in ECE, could not wither out my veiled zeal to pursue mechanical engineering in the future. This feeling of association with ME, can be mapped back to my early childhood. Being attracted to cars is very common with young boys, but in my case the sight of a new model at a friends place or a toy store was captivating and motivating enough for me, to make me try and replicate them or make models of my own using hardboard, straw and other accessories. Even after maintaining an immaculate academic record, 9.5 CGPA on a scale of 10, and thus being eligible for change of branch, but my unfettered love for ME sustained and since then I have ventured into the most memorable three years of engineering which have nurtured my quest to learn, perpetually. One of my settled aims at the beginning of engineering was to design and fabricate a formula car, for college competitions and emulate my seniors by bringing laurels to the college at national and international level. Clearing the technical test and two interview rounds gave me a chance to work in the team as the head of the chassis design team. The spaceframe and body designed were possible only by the use of principles of Solid Mechanics and Manufacturing Processes, grasped in the classroom. Using softwares like CATIA and ANSYS gave me a sneak peak into the intricacies involved in technology. All the year round my knowledge was given a fundamental dwelling shape by the seminars of design organized by Society of Automotive Engineers, by various professors and scientists, motivated me to further delve in the vast depths of ME, in particular manufacturing and design. This is the time I started to realize that this field has far reaching consequences, deep into the lives of the people, if taken part in with ardor. My hard work paid off when I was among the three students of my class to be selected for a summer research internship in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. The work done on modeling flexible rotor shaft systems using Finite Element Methods (FEM), opened up a wide horizon in front of me. Not only was I introduced to a new gamut of engineering but also sowed the seeds to look at research as the most fundamental of all manifestations. Interacting with various professors of IIT, Delhi and constant guidance of my mentor Prof. Jayanta Kumar Dutt made me fetter out my untapped proclivity towards further studies. I carried on work on an extension of my summer research project under my guide in college Prof Alakesh Manna, on the topic of bearing service life. Being able to relate to the use of roller bearings in the industry and then carry out FEM analysis on the wear encountered by the

bearing, impinged on my psyche the far reaching conspicuous impact of research. Our work on the project was able to find a place in the International Conference on Vibration Problems ICOVP 13. My faith in research was galvanized better when I was able to apply parts of my research work at a few local vendors. This gave me the confidence to conceive research as a tool powerful enough to bring in sea change whenever applied tactfully. My sixth semester internship in TATA Motors, Lucknow was a memorable experience which developed my affinity towards manufacturing even further. My work in the supplier quality department gave me an enhanced view of the practical applications of research and designing. The studying of various designs of idiosyncratic parts used in the various HCV models of TATA Motors, enriched my prior knowledge in the genre of designing. Also supplementing my gains from this experience was the proficient use of quality tools which in the process enabled me to establish a firm control over my project of quality control in the plant. Besides my technical efforts, I have been a volunteer and have been fortunate in availing opportunities to give back to the society, which is the most efficient tool to relax my nerves when under stress. My college life has been pigmented with various projects connecting different age groups and sects in the society. Through the Rotary International I have had a golden opportunity to interact with thousands of people. My association with local Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) like Yuv Satta, DASCFT, has made projects like recording audio books for visually impaired students, teaching the slum children on a regular basis, an indispensible part of my life. It is my endeavor to give back to the society with the skill set that I develop. I feel that my insatiable hunger to learn more about engineering can be done justice to, through your masters program. My ultimate goal would be to puruse a doctoral degree and get accepted as a researcher and a faculty member at an esteemed institute like yours. As much as research gives me a magnetic attraction, teaching is a balm, I feel satisfies my purpose of sharing the gift of knowledge with my fellow mates. These two factors have promulgated my fondness and desire to scour the hinterlands of my field thoroughly. I sincerely believe that engineering with research is equally capable of bringing comfort to peoples lives, which is the guiding philosophy behind my attempts in becoming a successful engineer. I hope my application presents itself as an ideal candidate for your university.