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Collection Of Idioms

A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush: Having something that is certain is much better than taking a risk for more, because chances are ou might lose ever thing! A Blessing In "isguise: #omething good that isn$t recogni%ed at first! A Chi& On 'our #houlder: Being u&set for something that ha&&ened in the &ast! A "ime A "o%en: An thing that is common and eas to get! A "oubting Thomas: A ske&tic who needs &h sical or &ersonal evidence in order to believe something!

A "ro& in the Bucket: A ver small &art of something big or whole! A (ool And His )one Are *asil +arted: It$s eas for a foolish &erson to lose his,her mone ! A House "ivided Against Itself Cannot #tand: *ver one involved must unif and function together or it will not work out! A -eo&ard Can$t Change His #&ots: 'ou cannot change who ou are! A +enn #aved Is A +enn *arned: B not s&ending mone , ou are saving mone .little b little/! A +icture +aints a Thousand Words: A visual &resentation is far more descri&tive than words!

A +iece of Cake: A task that can be accom&lished ver easil ! A #la& on the Wrist: A ver mild &unishment! A Taste Of 'our Own )edicine: When ou are mistreated the same wa A Toss01&: A result that is still unclear and can go either wa ! Actions #&eak -ouder Than Words: It$s better to actuall do something than 2ust talk about it! Add (uel To The (ire: Whenever something is done to make a bad situation even worse than it is! ou mistreat others!

Against The Clock: 3ushed and short on time! All Bark And 4o Bite: When someone is threatening and,or aggressive but not willing to engage in a fight! All 5reek to me: )eaningless and incom&rehensible like someone who cannot read, s&eak, or understand an of the 5reek language would be! All In The #ame Boat: When ever one is facing the same challenges! An Arm And A -eg: 6er e7&ensive! A large amount of mone !

An A7e To 5rind: To have a dis&ute with someone! A&&le of ) * e: #omeone who is cherished above all others! As High As A 8ite: An thing that is high u& in the sk ! At The "ro& Of A Hat: Willing to do something immediatel !

Back #eat "river: +eo&le who critici%e from the sidelines, much like someone giving unwanted advice from the back seat of a vehicle to the driver!

Back To #9uare One: Having to start all over again! Back To The "rawing Board: When an attem&t fails and it$s time to start all over! Baker$s "o%en: Thirteen! Barking 1& The Wrong Tree: A mistake made in something ou are tr ing to achieve! Beat A "ead Horse: To force an issue that has alread ended! Beating Around The Bush: Avoiding the main to&ic! 4ot s&eaking directl about the issue!

Bend Over Backwards: "o whatever it takes to hel&! Willing to do an thing! Between A 3ock And A Hard +lace: #tuck between two ver bad o&tions! Bite Off )ore Than 'ou Can Chew: To take on a task that is wa to big! Bite 'our Tongue: To avoid talking! Blood Is Thicker Than Water: The famil bond is closer than an thing else! Blue )oon: A rare event or occurance!

Break A -eg: A su&erstitious wa to sa $good luck$ without sa ing $good luck$, but rather the o&&osite! Bu A -emon: To &urchase a vehicle that constantl gives &roblems or sto&s running after ou drive it awa !

Can$t Cut The )ustard : #omeone who isn$t ade9uate enough to com&ete or &artici&ate! Cast Iron #tomach: #omeone who has no &roblems, com&lications or ill effects with eating an thing or

drinking an thing! Charle Horse: #tiffness in the leg , A leg cram&! Chew someone out: 6erball scold someone! Chi& on his #houlder: Angr toda about something that occured in the &ast! Chow "own: To eat! Close but no Cigar: To be ver near and almost accom&lish a goal, but fall short! Cock and Bull #tor :

An unbelievable tale! Come Hell Or High Water: An difficult situation or obstacle! Crack #omeone 1&: To make someone laugh! Cross 'our (ingers: To ho&e that something ha&&ens the wa Cr Over #&ilt )ilk: When ou com&lain about a loss from the &ast! Cr Wolf: Intentionall raise a false alarm! Cu& Of :oe: ou want it to!

A cu& of coffee! Curiosit 8illed The Cat: Being In9uisitive can lead ou into a dangerous situation! Cut to the Chase: -eave out all the unnecessar details and 2ust get to the &oint!

"ark Horse: One who was &reviousl unknown and is now &rominent! "ead 3inger: ;<<= identical! A du&licate!

"evil$s Advocate: #omeone who takes a &osition for the sake of argument without believing in that &articular side of the arguement! It can also mean one who &resents a counter argument for a &osition the do believe in, to another debater! "og "a s of #ummer: The hottest da s of the summer season! "on$t count our chickens before the hatch: "on$t rel on it until our sure of it! "on$t -ook A 5ift Horse In The )outh: When someone gives ou a gift, don$t be ungrateful! "on$t +ut All 'our *ggs In One Basket: "o not &ut all our resources in one &ossibilit ! "oo% :

#omething outstanding! "own To The Wire: #omething that ends at the last minute or last few seconds! "rastic Times Call (or "rastic )easures: When ou are e7tremel des&erate ou need to take e7tremel des&erate actions! "rink like a fish: To drink ver heavil ! "rive someone u& the wall: To irritate and,or anno ver much! "ro&&ing -ike (lies: A large number of &eo&le either falling ill or d ing! "r 3un:


*ight #i7: A certain item is no longer available! Or this idiom can also mean, to throw awa ! *lvis has left the building: The show has come to an end! It$s all over! *thnic Cleansing: 8illing of a certain ethnic or religious grou& on a massive scale! *ver Cloud Has A #ilver -ining: Be o&tomistic, even difficult times will lead to better da s!

*ver thing But The 8itchen #ink: Almost ever thing and an thing has been included! *7cuse m (rench: +lease forgive me for cussing! Cock and Bull #tor : An unbelievable tale! Cock and Bull #tor : An unbelievable tale!

(eeding (ren% : An aggressive attack on someone b a grou&!

(ield "a : An en2o able da or circumstance! (inding 'our (eet: To become more comfortable in whatever ou are doing! (inger lickin$ good: A ver tast food or meal! (i7ed In 'our Wa s: 4ot willing or wanting to change from our normal wa of doing something! (lash In The +an: #omething that shows &otential or looks &romising in the beginning but fails to deliver an thing in the end! (lea )arket:

A swa& meet! A &lace where &eo&le gather to bu and sell ine7&ensive goods! (lesh and Blood: This idiom can mean living material of which &eo&le are made of, or it can refer to someone$s famil ! (li& The Bird: To raise our middle finger at someone! (oam at the )outh: To be enraged and show it! (ools$ 5old: Iron & rites, a worthless rock that resembles real gold! (rench 8iss: An o&en mouth kiss where tongues touch!

(rom 3ags To 3iches: To go from being ver &oor to being ver wealth ! (udd 0dudd : An old0fashioned and foolish t &e of &erson! (ull )ont : This idiom can mean either, >the whole thing> or >com&letel nude>! (unn (arm: A mental institutional facilit !

5et "own to Brass Tacks: To become serious about something!

5et Over It: To move be ond something that is bothering ou! 5et 1& On The Wrong #ide Of The Bed: #omeone who is having a horrible da ! 5et 'our Walking +a&ers: 5et fired from a 2ob! 5ive Him The #li&: To get awa from! To esca&e! 5o "own -ike A -ead Balloon: To be received badl b an audience! 5o (or Broke: To gamble ever thing ou have!

5o Out On A -imb: +ut ourself in a tough &osition in order to su&&ort someone,something! 5o The *7tra )ile: 5oing above and be ond whatever is re9uired for the task at hand! 5ood #amaritan: #omeone who hel&s others when the are in need, with no discussion for com&ensation, and no thought of a reward! 5rave ard #hift: Working hours from about ;?:<< am to @:<< am! The time of the da when most other &eo&le are slee&ing! 5reat )inds Think Alike: Intelligent &eo&le think like each other!

5reen 3oom: The waiting room, es&eciall for those who are about to go on a tv or radio show! 5ut (eeling: A &ersonal intuition ou get, es&eciall when feel something ma not be right!

Haste )akes Waste: Auickl doing things results in a &oor ending! Hat Trick: When one &la er scores three goals in the same hocke game! This idiom can also mean three scores in an other s&ort, such as B homeruns, B touchdowns, B soccer goals, etc! Have an A7e to 5rind:

To have a dis&ute with someone! He -ost His Head: Angr and overcome b emotions! Head Over Heels: 6er e7cited and,or 2o ful, es&eciall when in love! Hell in a Handbasket: "eteriorating and headed for com&lete disaster! High (ive: #la&&ing &alms above each others heads as celebration gesture! High on the Hog: -iving in -u7ur ! Hit The Books:

To stud , es&eciall for a test or e7am! Hit The Ha : 5o to bed or go to slee&! Hit The 4ail on the Head: "o something e7actl right or sa something e7actl right! Hit The #ack: 5o to bed or go to slee&! Hocus +ocus: In general, a term used in magic or tricker ! Hold 'our Horses: Be &atient!

Icing On The Cake: When ou alread have it good and get something on to& of what ou alread have! Idle Hands Are The "evil$s Tools: 'ou are more likel to get in trouble if ou have nothing to do! If It$s 4ot One Thing, It$s Another: When one thing goes wrong, then another, and another!!! In -ike (l nn: To be easil successful, es&eciall when se7ual or romantic! In The Bag: To have something secured!

In The Buff: 4ude! In The Heat Of The )oment: Overwhelmed b what is ha&&ening in the moment! In 'our (ace: An aggressive and bold confrontation! It Takes Two To Tango: A two &erson conflict where both &eo&le are at fault! It$s A #mall World: 'ou fre9uentl see the same &eo&le in different &laces! Its An one$s Call: A com&etition where the outcome is difficult to 2udge or &redict!

Iv -eague: #ince ;CDE the Iv -eague has been the following universities: Columbia, Brown, Cornell, "artmouth, 'ale, +enns lvania, +rinceton, and Harvard!

:a walk: Crossing the street .from the middle/ without using the crosswalk! :oshing )e: Tricking me!

8ee& An * e On Him: 'ou should carefull watch him! 8ee& bod and soul together: To earn a sufficient amount of mone in order to kee& ourself alive ! 8ee& our chin u&: To remain 2o ful in a tough situation! 8ick The Bucket: "ie! 8itt 0corner: "iagonall across! #ometimes called Catt 0Corner as well! 8nee :erk 3eaction: A 9uick and automatic res&onse!

8nock On Wood: 8nuckle ta&&ing on wood in order to avoid some bad luck! 8now the 3o&es: To understand the details!

-ast but not least: An introduction &hrase to let the audience know that the last &erson mentioned is no less im&ortant than those introduced before him,her! -end )e 'our *ar: To &olitel ask for someone$s full attention!

-et B gones Be B gones: To forget about a disagreement or arguement! -et #lee&ing "ogs -ie: To avoid restarting a conflict! -et The Cat Out Of The Bag: To share a secret that wasn$t su&&ose to be shared! -evel &la ing field: A fair com&etition where no side has an advantage! -ike a chicken with its head cut off: To act in a fren%ied manner! li9uor someone u&: To get someone drunk!

-ong in the Tooth: Old &eo&le .or horses/! -oose Cannon: #omeone who is un&redictable and can cause damage if not ke&t in check!

)ake 4o Bones About: To state a fact so there are no doubts or ob2ections! )ethod To ) )adness: #trange or cra% actions that a&&ear meaningless but in the end are done for a good reason! )umbo :umbo:

4onsense or meaningless s&eech! )um$s the word: To kee& 9uiet! To sa nothing!

4est *gg: #avings set aside for future use! 4ever Bite The Hand That (eeds 'ou: "on$t hurt an one that hel&s ou! 4ew kid on the block: #omeone new to the grou& or area!

4ew 'ork )inute: A minute that seems to go b 9uickl , es&eciall in a fast &aced environment! 4o "ice: To not agree! To not acce&t a &ro&osition! 4o 3oom to #wing a Cat: An unsuall small or confined s&ace! 4ot +la ing With a (ull "eck: #omeone who lacks intelligence!

Off On The Wrong (oot: 5etting a bad start on a relationshi& or task!

Off The Hook: 4o longer have to deal with a tough situation! Off the 3ecord: #omething said in confidence that the one s&eaking doesn$t want attributed to him,her! On +ins And 4eedles: An7ious or nervous, es&eciall in antici&ation of something! On The (ence: 1ndecided! On The #ame +age: When multi&le &eo&le all agree on the same thing! Out Of The Blue: #omething that suddenl and une7&ectedl occurs!

Out On A -imb: When someone &uts themself in a risk situation! Out On The Town: To en2o ourself b going out!

Over ) "ead Bod : When ou absolutel will not allow something to ha&&en! Over the To&: 6er e7cessive!

+ass The Buck:

Avoid res&onsibilit b giving it to someone else! +edal to the metal: To go full s&eed, es&eciall while driving a vehicle! +ee&ing Tom: #omeone who observes &eo&le in the nude or se7uall active &eo&le, mainl for his own gratification! +ick u& our ears: To listen ver carefull ! +ig In A +oke: A deal that is made without first e7amining it! +ig Out : To eat alot and eat it 9uickl !

+i&e "own: To shut0u& or be 9uiet! +ractice )akes +erfect: B constantl &racticing, ou will become better! +ull the &lug: To sto& something! To bring something to an end! +ulling 'our -eg: Tricking someone as a 2oke! +ut a sock in it: To tell nois &erson or a grou& to be 9uiet!

Aueer the &itch: "estro or ruin a &lan!

3aincheck: An offer or deal that is declined right now but willing to acce&t later! 3aining Cats and "ogs: A ver loud and nois rain storm! 3ing (encing: #e&erated usual 2udgement to guarantee &rotection, es&eciall &ro2ect funds! 3ise and #hine:

Time to get out of bed and get read for work,school! 3ome Was 4ot Built In One "a : If ou want something to be com&letel &ro&erl , then its going to take time! 3ule Of Thumb: A rough estimate! 3un out of steam: To be com&letel out of energ !

#aved B The Bell: #aved at the last &ossible moment!

#ca&egoat: #omeone else who takes the blame! #cot0free: To esca&e and not have to &a ! #ick As A "og: To be ver sick .with the flu or a cold/! #itting #hotgun: 3iding in the front &assenger seat of a car! #i7th #ense: A &aranormal sense that allows ou to communicate with the dead! #kid 3ow: The rundown area of a cit where the homeless and drug users live!

#mell A 3at: To detect somone in the grou& is betra ing the others! #mell #omething (ish : "etecting that something isn$t right and there might be a reason for it! #on of a 5un: A scam&! #outh&aw: #omeone who is left0handed! #&itting Image: The e7act likeness or kind! #tart (rom #cratch: To do it all over again from the beginning!

The Ball Is In 'our Court: It is our decision this time! The Best Of Both Worlds: There are two choices and ou have them both! The Bigger The Are The Harder The (all: While the bigger and stronger o&&onent might be alot more difficult to beat, when ou do the suffer a much bigger loss! The -ast #traw: When one small burden after another creates an unbearable situation, the last straw is the last small burden that one can take!

The Whole 4ine 'ards: *ver thing! All of it! Third times a charm: After no success the first two times, the third tr is a luck one! Tie the knot: To get married! Til the cows come home: A long time! To )ake A -ong #tor #hort: #omething someone would sa during a long and boring stor in order to kee& his,her audience from losing attention! 1suall the stor isn$t shortened! To #teal #omeone$s Thunder: To take the credit for something someone else did!

Tongue And Cheek: humor, not to be taken serious! Turn A Blind * e: 3efuse to acknowledge something ou know is real or legit! Twent three skidoo: To be turned awa !

1nder the weather: (eeling ill or sick! 1& a blind alle :

5oing down a course of action that leads to a bad outcome! 1se 'our -oaf: 1se our head! Think smart!

6an 5ogh$s ear for music: Tone deaf! 6ariet Is The #&ice Of -ife: The more e7&eriences ou tr the more e7citing life can be!

Wag the "og: A diversion awa from something of greater im&ortance! Water 1nder The Bridge: An thing from the &ast that isn$t significant or im&ortant an more! Wear 'our Heart On 'our #leeve: To o&enl and freel e7&ress our emotions! When It 3ains, It +ours: #ince it rarel rains, when it does it will be a huge storm! When +igs (l : #omething that will never ever ha&&en! Wild and Wooll :

1ncultured and without laws! Wine and "ine: When somebod is treated to an e7&ensive meal! Without A "oubt: (or certain!

F marks the s&ot: A &hrase that is said when someone finds something he,she has been looking for!


'ou Are What 'ou *at: In order to sta health ou must eat health foods!

'ou Can$t :udge A Book B Its Cover: "ecisions shouldn$t be made &rimaril on a&&earance! 'ou Can$t Take it With 'ou: *n2o what ou have and not what ou don$t have, since when ou die ou cannot take things .such as mone / with ou! 'our 5uess Is As 5ood As )ine: I have no idea!

Gero Tolerance: 4o crime or law breaking big or small will be overlooked!

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