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Capt. BAWEJA DG Shipping Function I and III Internal: Capt. Deepak Kapoor E ternal: Capt. Ba!

!e"a #ASS #ASS $$.%&.'%$$( )onda* +ue,tion, a,ked -* Capt. Ba!e"a Function I $. #rincipal o. G*ro and G*ro Error, / !ith For0ula 1 E..ect o. Ship2, 0otion on G*ro '. 3adar #er.or0ance 4e,t( 4rue and 3elati5e 0otion( 4rial )anoeu5re 6. Situation, !ith t!o target, and in 3e,tricted 7i,i-ilit* 8. Fog ,ignal .or #ilot 7e,,el under!a* 9. A ,ingle Green :ight( !hat it can -e; <. 3ule 9( <( = and $% &. Grounding in *our !hatch( !hat can -e the rea,on; =. A.ter Grounding( !hat !ill -e *our action a, Dut* o..icer; >. 4*pe o. Ship 3eporting S*,te0 in Indian Water,; $%. What do *ou under,tand -* S*noptic Chart and #rogno,i,; $$. What i, late,t a0end0ent to S?:AS related to 4o!ing Arrange0ent on-oard Function III $. Certi.icate, re@uired .or #a,,enger Ship and it, 5alidit* '. Certi.icate, re@uired .or Special 4rade #a,,enger Ship/.. Certi.icate A and B 6. Dutie, o. )ate a, per S4CW 8. 3e@uire0ent .or 3e,t Aour, a, per S4CW >9 a, !ell a, S4CW '%$% 9. Fitne,, .or Dut*; <. What i, -iBpart* and triBpart*; &. What i, Article o. Agree0ent and Collecti5e Bargaining Agree0ent =. #)S .or deck 0achiner* >. #recaution, in Aea5* Weather $%. Slipping o. Anchor $$. Chain 3egi,ter content; $'. #recaution, .or Dr* Docking; $6. Wh* Dr* Docking i, re@uired; $8. E plain a-out )ariti0e :a- our Con5ention Cargo gear -reakdo!n contingenc* plan: An,: Stop cargo operation a, ,oon a, -reakdo!n occur, -* pre,,ing ESDS or cut o.. ,!itchChe !ant, to here thi, $,tD in.or0 ch eng elec o..icer in.or0 port and chie. in,pector !ho !ill ,end a co0petent per,on. 9D What i, Bipartite and tripartite !ith eg An,: -ipartite CBA C-et!een o!ner and unionD ( tripartite A?ACo!nerE0a,ter ( ,hipping 0a,ter and e0plo*eeD

Function 6: $D Wh* i, dr* docked needed; An,: $D cla,, re@uire0ent 'D and .or under!hater hull 0aintenance 'D con,truction o. :FGE:#G ,hip,. 6D Statutor* and 0andator* certi.icate,. An,: ,tatutor* !hich i, re@uired -* the la! or ,tatute 0andator*: local reg 8D Chain regi,ter part,. 9D !hat i, Bipartite and tripartite !ith eg An, : -ipartite CBAC-et!een o!ner and unionD ( tripartite A?A Co!nerE0a,ter ( ,hipping 0a,ter and e0plo*eeD <DDutie, o. 0ate a, per S4CW and I,0 An, : 'nd in co00andChe !ant, to hear thi, $,tD and then -lah -lah... &DA, a 0ate prepare .or #SC in,pection, An, : tell hi0 i !ill .ir,t check the la,t #SC report and all the pre5iou, FC,( i. an* are recti.ied. )a,terB certi.icate, 'o..B Bridge ite0, 6o..B :SAEFFE 0ateBloadicator printout, log -ook entrie,: ?3B( -alla,t !hater 0anage0ent( ?FB Cdrill entrie,D etc( !ork re,t hour,. cre! B kno! their dutie, and their dutie, during e0ergenc*. =D Gi5e e a0ple, o. FC $.!ork re,t hour, not co0plied '.cannot lo!er li.e -oat 6.g0d,, e@uip0ent not !orking 9.e0ergenc* e@uip0ent not !orking. >D A, a 0ate ho! !ill u 0ake a #)S .or an* e@uip0ent on -oard; An,:$D i !ill to 0akerG, 0anual. 'D a, per co0pan* S)S. $%D contingencie, GroundingB ,top engine...then -lah -lah colli,ionB ,top engine. E change o. in.o and check the .ea,i-ilit* o. ,ta*ing interlocked. $$D )a,ter gone a,hore and *ou2re anchored in port li0it,. Action i. there i, an* e0ergenc*. I u,ed dragging anchor eg a, e0ergenc*.

An,:$D ,ince I20 ,end 'nd in co00and i !ill a,,u0e the re,pon,i-ilit* 'D ,end 'nd o..icer .or e0ergenc* anchor ,tation,. In.or0 port and alert near-* ,hip. Contact 0a,ter on 0o-ile Che i, actuall* !aiting to hear thi,D 6D in.or0 engine roo0. 8D #a* out e tra ca-le. 9D i. ,till not holding then pick up anchor $'D can u pick up anchor on our o!n. An,: no ,ir. Be.ore picking up i ha5e to in.or0 port and re@ue,t their per0i,,ion !ho !ill arrange .or a pilot that2, all gu*, i re0e0-er....Capt. -a!e"a i, a 5er* nice gu*.. he !ill a,k u practical @ue,tion,. Ae help, u and gi5e, u chance i. *ou2re ,tuck. Ae i, looking .or the ke* !ord, eg: 'nd in co00and CS4CW @ue,tionD( ,top engine CgroundingD etc. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB 'nd Atte0pt Conl* .un 6 D DG Shipping Capt. Saggi E Capt.Bha5e"a In: $<%% hr, ?ut: $<$% hr, 3e,ult: #ASS FHF 6 ,tatutor*E0andator* certi.icate,; Dutie, o. chie. 0ate a, per IS)ES4CW; #ort ,tate control; What i, )?H; 4otal ho! 0an* )?H; #)S; Ao! !ill u 0ake #)S .or ,teering gear; Action, in ca,e o. grounding; Anchor dragging( action;; Dr* docking ,ur5e*, n re@uire0ent; de.inition n e.g. o. nonBcon.or0it* a, per IS); BBBBBBBBBBB di... -et!een S?F and 4i0e Sheet; State0ent o. .act, CS?FD. 4hi, i, the docu0ent attached to a record o. calculation o. la* ti0e u,ed Cthe I4i0e,heetID and i, a record o. the e5ent, that can a..ect the counting o. la* ti0e. In ,o0e calculation .or0,( the State0ent o. Fact, could -e part o. the 4i0e,heet( preceding the colu0n, in !hich the period, .or loading( di,charging( ,hi.ting( incle0ent !eather( other e cepted period, and tendering o. Fotice o. 3eadine,, etc.( are noted.

.unction$ : $.ror .e! 37 ,ituation, '..og ,ignal, .or pilot 5e,,el 6.principle, o. g*ro 8.a,,i,ting 0a,ter in co00and deci,ion, ,ign o. approach and action, <.indian ,hip reporting ,*,te0, &.to!ing arrange0ent, a, re@uired -* S?:AS =.radar u,e o. Iper.or0ance 0onitorJ. H,e the !ord Kto check e..icienc* o. radarI >.ho! *ouLll u,e trial 0aneu5er -utton $%.S?:AS re@uire0ent o. A3#A. Ao! 0an* target, it can ac@uire a, per S?:AS $$. 5e,,el grounded action...0ention $,t point I,topping o. engine,I heLll -e happ*.. $'. +uote rule 9( <( & $6. E plain ,*noptic chart .unction 6: $.,tautor* certi.icate,. E a0ple, and 0eaning o. ,tatutor*. '. Dutie, o. chie. 0ate a, per IS) code 6.#)S .or ,teering gear 8.port ,tate and .lag ,tate control di..erentiate. And !ho i, ,uperior 9.5,l anchored in port li0it,( 0a,ter a,hore and anchor dragging action <.dr*docking. 3e@uire0ent a, per;; And preparation .or DD &.late,t 0, notice,. A,ked 0e to tell 0, notice .or pirac* in detail C0ention ,a.e hou,e and e plain ,a.e hou,e in detailD Date: %6B)arB'%$$ 7enue: DGS Internal: Capt. Shukla E ternal: Capt. Ba!e"a $,t Atte0pt. #a,,ed Func. $ n ' All @ue,tion, a,ked -* Capt. Ba!e"a. Ae ,tarted !ith Func. $ $. +uote 3ule 9( <( $> '. 9B< Card, 6. Di..erent t*pe, o. ?cean Current,. 8. #er.or0ance Standard, o. 3adar n ECDIS 9. Ao! to check #er.or0ance o. 3adar e@uip0ent;; 9. I, the 3adar per.or0ance ,!itch 0andator* or optional;; <. What i, the u,e o. antiBclutter n gain control ,!itch;; MAe, to u,e the e act !ord .or thi, n donGt .orget to tell Ie..icienc*I o. 3adarN &. Grounding in *our !hatch. Action;; =. Beaching n !hen it, u,e n ho! to ,elect the area .or -eaching;; >. #rinciple o. G*ro n it2, Error;; $%. EchoB,ounder #rinciple n it2, Error;;; $$. Sign, o. 43S n Action !hen in 43S;;

Func. ' $. Oou are going .or ,hore lea5e in 7enePuela( !hat in,truction !ill *ou gi5e to *our 'nd ?.. to carr* out C?W;; M $,t o. all hearing ,hore lea5e in 7enePuela 0* .ace -rightened up( -ut -ha5nao ko control karte hue i ga5e hi0 an,!er .or precaution, carried out !hile C?W n re@uire0ent .or C?WN '. Ao! to load in an oil tanker;; 6. What are the Docu0ent, re@uired .or loading Grain;; 8. De.ine angle o. 3epo,e;; 9. #recaution, to -e taken !hen loading Concentrate,;; <. Di,tingui,h -et!een I)DG n ISG?44;; &. Sa.e carriage o. Coal;; Func. 6 $. What are ,tatutor* n 0andator* certi.icate,;; '. )a,ter gone to ,hore lea5e( Anchor Dragging( action a, a 0ate;; 6. What i, the i0portance o. Dr* dock n ho! !ill *ou enter a Dr* dock;;; 4hatG, all i can re0e0-er no!.... Fote: Ae i, particular !ith Card,( donGt get that !rong. Ae !ill go deep in 3ADA3( n in the ,hip, *ou ha5e ,er5ed .or Func. 'Q and "u,t donGt .orget to call )a,ter on hi, Cell phone i. an* e0ergenc* co0e, up coP thatG, !hat he !ant,... ) ,till !ondering !h* he .ailed 0e in Func. 6. ?ther!i,e he i, a "o5ial n nice gu*... Ae !ill help *ou to rela n - con.ident a-out *our an,!er.. Santo,h Ku0ar Oada5 ''nd dec '%$% $,t atte0pt( E ternal Capt. Ba!e"a n internal Capt. )andal got .unc ' Fun $: B* e ternal $. #rinciple o. G*ro '. #urpo,e o. 4rial n 0anoeu5re in radar...( ho! to check the per.or0ance te,t o. radar... !hat i, ?AW triangle( e plain... 6. Error, o. echo ,ounder 8. $8 to $9 card, o. FHC( aground( .i,hing 5e,,el( pilot 5e,,el( -ou*, 9. Ao! !ill u keep an e..icient na5igational !hatch a, chie. 0ate n ho! !ill u train *our "unior o..icer, <. Ao! !ill u appro5e a pa,,age plan prepared -* *our 6rd 0ate. &. #recaution, -8 entering ice. =. Check, in ,teering roo0 -8 departure >. Dri.t( up!elling n gradient current... na0e ,o0e !ar0 current, B* Internal $. +uote rule no. $( '( <( &( >( $6( $&( $>.... While i !a, on $> he a,ked '. What all calculation, u do in 0oon ,ight....... :C Fun ': E ternal

$. Di.. -et!een 3?3? n car carrier '. De.n o. Aea5* li.t( an, i, an*thing !hich a..ect, the ,ta-ilit* o. the 5e,,el or !hich cau,e, concern to da 5e,,elG, G) 6. What i, contingenc* planning .or cargo gear arrange0ent( an, i, li0it ,!itche,( 0anual o5er ride.. 8. De.n o. load den,it*( SW:( -reaking ,trength 9. Content, o. I)SBC code <. :oading o. I)DG good,( ho! !ill u plan... ,tart .ro0( u !ill a,k un no. .ro0 ,hipper &. Calculation, o. grain loading.... 7A) in detail =. What all in.o u get .ro0 tri0 n ,ta-ilit* -ooklet >. #recaution, .or loading ,ulphur $%. 4anker Calculation, in detail $$. Di.. -et!een pulp!ood n !ood pulp $'. De. ti0-er $6. AaPard, a,,ociated !ith concentrate, $8. Di.. -et!een -oat note n 0ate, receipt Fun6: -* e ternal $. Cert a, per S?:AS '. Statutor* cert n 0andator* cert... di.. 6. Content, o. chain regi,ter 8. Entrie, in ?:B 9. 3e@uire0ent o. ?3B n entrie, 0ade -* cEo <. Di.. -et!een -ipartite n tripartite agree0ent, &. Ao! !ill u 0aintain di,cipline on -oard =. Di.. in port ,tate n .lag ,tate in,pection >. 4raining o. cadet, $%. Grounding... action in detail $$. 3unning 0oor n ,tanding 0oor $'. #reparation -e.ore dr* docking 'nd atte0pt: '$,t "an '%$$ Capt. Deepak Kapoor got .unc 6 Fun $: $. #lan pa,,age .ro0 ne! *ork to ,o0e port in uk Ci .orgot it, na0eD( 0ention polar code in an, n precaution to take in ca,e encountering ice '. What i, haPe 6. Situation, in 37. 6 to 8 8. What i, )SI C0ariti0e ,* in.oD 9. Ao! !ill u check *our !hatch keeper i, .it .or dut* <. 3ule $> E plain &. Ao! !ill u a,,i,t 0a,ter in deci,ion 0aking o. a-andoning the 5e,,el =. S*nop,i, n progno,i, chart, >. What i, !eather routing $%. Di.. in 4:D R 43S; $$. A5oiding action in na5iga-le ,e0iBcircle in SA. I ,aid keeping !ind 8 point, on port @uarter( I !ill keep altering a, the !ind 5eer,( he ,aid ok... no!( u ha5e no roo0 to alter...( I ,aid I !ill hea5e to n let the ,tor0 pa,, o5er

$$ Ao! doe, S?:AS ch 5 help, in keeping e..icient na5 !hatch $'. Di,t -et!een ' da* ,hape, o. 3a0 5e,,el $6. Content, o. ,hip, routeing guide n routeing chart, $8. nor0al 5i, ,ituation,... u c a pilot 5e,,el on *our ,t-d ,ide on 8 pt,( pa,,ing .ro0 ,t-d to port ,ide( ri,k o. colli,ion i, e i,ting.... *our action... i ,aid 0 a gi5e !a* n ,he i, ,tand on( 0 ,uppo,ed to keep clear( ,o i !ill alter to ,t-d n pa,, her ,tern....n he ,aid( a, per !hich rule n i, aid( a, pper rule $9.. Ae ,aid( rule $9 !ill not appl* n rule, 9( <( &( = !ill appl* in di, ,ituation, -ecau,e ,he i, not a po!er dri5en 5e,,el.... :C Fun 6 $. What i, en5iron0ent and protection polic* '. Shell e pan,ion plan 6. Who endor,e, chain regi,ter... i ,aid co0petent per,on n he ,aid i. 5e,,el i, in port den !ho !ill - da co0petent per,on.. i ,aid chie. in,pector..... he ,aid chie. in,pector o. da port 8. Di.. -et!een ,pecial ,ur5e* n ES# 9. Ao! !ill u i0ple0ent IS) on -oard a, 0ate <. #reparation .or loadline n ,e@ ,ur5e* &. !en carr*ing out enhanced ,ur5e*( !hat all in.o u 0ake a5aila-le C :i,t o. de.ect n da0age, !.r.t. ,hell e pan,ion plan( pre5iou, ,ur5e* rpt,( hull ,u00ar* rpt,( hull ,ur5e* rpt,D =. A0end0ent, to ISG?44( IS)( S?:AS ch 5 >. Drill, .re@uenc* $%. #)S .or !indla,, $$. )S notice, regarding iron ore .ine,( na5 !arning,. #repare )S notice, 5er* !ell... $'. What i, .oundering $6. Ao! !ill u 0ake u,e o. anchor, in -erthing $8. Cargo ,hi.ted in ,ea!a*( action.... tell hi0 a-out angle o. loll '$,t .e- '%$$ E ternal: Capt ?ak( Internal: Capt. Khatri got .un $ Fun$ $. Situation in 37( u r going in ,ingapore ,t. -ehind a 5e,,el( *our ,pd i, 0ore( ri,k o. colli,ion e i,t,... action... An, i !ill o5ertake her( he ,aid ,hallo! patch on ,t-d ,ide( tell hi0( I !ill o5ertake .ro0 port ,ide -ecau,e a, per rule( u can alter to port .or a 5e,,el -eing o5ertaken... '. Calculation o. tide in detail( !hat i, neap n ,pring tide, 6. Error, o. G#S 8. S3S C,hip reporting ,*,te0D n 74S C5e,,el tra..ic ,er5ice,D in detail 9. 3ED Fla,hing '1$( in Japan... de,cri-e the -uo* <. In Singapore ,trait, near ?FB 0a,ter died action..... i !a, an,!erin ,uddenl* he ,aid engine .ail,( action... !hile i !a, an,!ering( he a,kd ho! 0uch i, one .atho0( i ,aid... < .eet den he ,aid( ,oon a.ter u anchored( 5e,,el li,ted ' deg to port( action... &. Ao! !ill u a,,i,t 0a,ter in co00and deci,ion 0aking Cread .ro0 nitin 0aha"anD =. ha5e u taken ,ight,... i ,aid *e, ,ir... e plain theor* o. po,n line,....den he told 0e to !ait out,ide... den he called 0e in a-out $% 0in, n Capt. khatri told 0e congrat,.... g5 0e *our e n .or0.....:D

Date: $=.%&.$' DG ,hipping Capt. Kapoor $. Dutie, o. a ,* o..icer; '. Content, o. I?## .or0, 6. Ao! !ill *ou load grain cargo; 8. Ao! !ill *ou load ti0-er cargo; 9. Ao! !ill *ou load I)DG cargo; <. Ao! !ill *ou load container cargo; &. Ao! !ill *ou load oil cargo; :a,t 9 @ue,tion, .or a,ked to check $ thing( a, a 0ate ho! !ill *ou ,tart( -ecau,e the repl* !a, ,uppo,ed to -e charter part*/.re,t o. the procedure, !ere all nor0al( -ut a -ig 0e,, a, .ar .unc. 6 i, concerned( -ecau,e I ,tarted !ith recei5ing the cargo @uer*; =. Action on ,ighting a da0aged I)DG container( 0ake ,ure !here *our 5e,,el i,( !hen ,uch a container i, .ir,t ,cene i.e port or at ,ea; >. Stor0 ,ignal,( nothing ,peci.ic( it2, a plu, i. u can gi5e an e a0ple; $%. Dutie, o. 0ate; Fo! thi, i, endle,, and the KandJ .ro0 ,ur5e*or !ould keep on popping up. $$. Situation,: .i,hing 5e,,el( pilot 5e,,el( C .or pilot 5e,,el I 0entioned rule $( a0 not ,ure i. he !a, happ* or notD( -ut thi, @ue,tion ended 0* 3?3 part. $'. IA:A de,cription; Wooden 0odel,. $6. S?:AS ch. 9; $8. #rinciple, o. keeping a !atch Cin port( at ,eaD $9. Sur5e*, in dr* dock; $<. Di..erence -et!een ,pecial ,ur5e* and e,p. Will update thi, po,t i. I re0e0-er 0ore @ue,tion,( the nu0-er o. @ue,tion, !ere li0ited -ut needed co0prehen,i5e an,!er,//

1) 2) 3) 8D 5) 6)

!hat i, tide( neap tide ,pring tide !hat i, routing ,*noptic and progno,i, chat, re@uire0ent .or ECDIS R AIS ho! *ou !ill a,,i,t capt in hea5* tra..ic on -ridge con,train o. radar . ' $D 'D 6D 8D 9D <D &D =D >D $%D $$D . 6 $D 'D 6D 8D 9D <D content o. CSC Ccontainer ,* con5entionD ho! to load a container ho! to load coal(9%(%%% t on *our ,hip ,ti.. 5e,,el R tender 5e,,el on a tanker li,t i, increa,ing 'nd 0ate in.or0 u action and 5at i, the cau,e. IG alar0, oil in -alla,t tank ,een action grain code in general !here *ou ll .ind old te0p o. container !hat i, hea5* li.t( ho! to load container on hatch top o. a gear le,, container !here !ill *ou .ind load den,it* ,e@ ,ur5e* *our dut* a, a 0ate -ipartite tripartite agree0ent ceo goe, .!d .r !indla,, repair !ork a, cEo *our action IS#S ne! a0end0ent or he a,ked ne! pirac* 0, notice t*pe o. ,ur5e*. action on rene!al ,ur5e* ho! !ill *ou anchor in hea5* !eather

Date: $<E%6E$' 7enue: DG Int: Capt A!a,thi E t: Capt ?ak Atte0pt: $,t 4i0e In: $$%% hr, 4i0e ?ut: $''% hr, 3e,ult: #(#(# Initiall* Capt. A!a,thi introduced hi0,el. And Capt. ?ak to 0e and a,ked to cal0 do!n and told 0e to An, @ue,tion a.ter hearing it and under,tanding it properl*. 4old 0e that 0ainl* oral !ill -e taken -* Capt. ?ak and in -et!een I !ill -e participating in the ,a0e the cunning ,0ile/. Function $: $. Ga5e an 37 ,ituation that u in 4SS and o5er taking( that 5e,,el i, on *our port -o! ho! !ill u go a-out( then he altered hi, @ue,tion to that u don2t ha5e roo0 on her port,ide/ C3adar operationalD '. 4hen a, ,oon a, I ,tarted o5er taking he a,ked a-out the interaction -et!een the 5e,,el,

6. 4hen !hen 0* 5e,,el !a, a-ea0 o. the other 5e,,el then Bada Saa- ka engine .ail, !hat action; Ao! !ould that 5e,,el kno! a-out *our ,ituation apart .ro0 *our 3E4 0,g,/ Ba,icall* he !anted to hear a-out the .og ,ignal,. 8. Fo! !hen taking action !ith engine .ailed no! 0* a,tern ki,,e, her ,tern !hat action,; 9. Fo! ,ince -oth 5e,,el collided ho! !ill *ou go a-out controlling the .looding o. engine roo0; CI ,aid that !e !ill u,e e0ergenc* -ilge ,uction to pu0p outD <. 4hen he a,ked 0e !hich pu0p i, u,ed .or it; &. Fo! third e0ergenc* on-oard that engine roo0 continuou,l* taking in !ater( all generator, gone no ,uppl* on -oard e0ergenc* generator kaput. Action; =. I !a, telling hi0 a-out the deplo*0ent o. colli,ion 0at/. Ae a,ked 0e to e plain ho! to deplo* it / I e plained then. But he again re0inded 0e that no electrical ,uppl*/. 4hen I told the0 that !e !ill u,e purcha,e to haul the ,a0e initiall* I al,o told the0 !e can tr* hauling it 0anuall* -ut I thought !ith ,uch a0ount o. !ater in .lo! it2, not ,o ea,* and I could 0ake out that he !anted to hear the ,a0e an,/ that !a, the .ir,t and la,t ti0e that I ,a! Capt. ?ak changed hi, .acial e pre,,ion >. What i, -eaching and grounding( ground tackle; $%. Ao! to go a-out -eaching *our ,hip and re.loating; $$. Fo! he a,ked in 37 u hear .og ,ignal on *our port -o! and radar in operational action; $'. +uote 3ule Fo.$> $6. +uote 3ule Fo.< $8. Catp. A!a,thi a,ked tell 0e all the a0end0ent in Anne 5i C he got pi,,ed o.. !hen he a,ked that do I kno! the a0end0ent -* heart( I ,aid that F? ,ir I "u,t read the0 t!ice D $9. What all )SI S, u recei5e on -oard !ith 5ariou, e@uip0ent; $<. Who tran,0it, Fa5 Warning on Indian Coa,t $&D Di..erence -et!een Clearing -earing and clearing 0ark, $=. Ao! do u deter0ine !hich ,e0iBcircle u r in 43S; $>. Capt A!a,thi A,ked a, a 0ate ho! !ould u a,,i,t 0a,ter in planning *our action !hen approached -* 43S '%. Ao! do u kno! the a5erage pre,,ure o. a local area .or that particular 0onth and ho! i, it repre,ented Cgraphicall*E ta-le,D told 0e to dra! one on paper. '$. What i, diurnal 5ariation o. pre,,ure and !hat i, it, ,igni.icance ''. Di.. -et!een 7D3 and SB7D3 apart .ro0 their na0e; 3egulation,; '6. 4*pe, o. AIS. Which t*pe u,ed on !hich ,hip, and .re@uenc* on !hich the !ork Cdidn2t recollect the .re@uenc*D '8. Fe! #ilot ladder to -e 0ade a, a chie. 0ate !hat introduction gi5e to *our Bo,un CSpec, and he !a, 0o,tl* intere,ted in kno!ing ho! u ,ecure the la,t ru--er ,tep;D 4hat i, all !hat I could re0e0-er o. Function $ Function': $. ho! !ould u go a-out loading a general cargo ,hip; '. Ao! u load a 5e,,el !ithout loadicator; 6. Ao! !ould u load hea5* li.t cargo on hatch co5er o. a gearle,, container ,hip; E plain ,tep -* ,tep/.. All o. a ,udden he in.or0, there i, no e*e pad and la,hing point on -oard ,hip ho! !ould u go a-out getting the0( !ho !ould appro5e it. 8. What i, Accu0ulator oil; 9. Ao! !ould u load an accu0ulator oil; <. Sto!age #lan on oil tanker CBa,icall* loading planD &. Cargo calculation on oil tanker. =. A, a chie. 0ate on oil tanker !hat all .ileE docu0ent, u 0aintain on-oard

>. C?W tanking re@uire0ent; C)ainl* co! re@uire0ent,D $%. C?W line on $# leaking hea5il* action;; 3ain ,tarted;;;; $$. What i, the plate at -reak o. acco00odation called; And it, di0en,ion CI told hi0 that ,ir I tried to .ind the na0e -ut couldn2t .ind it Capt A!a,thi ,tarted laughing/..D Di0en,ion B6%% 00 or 0ore $'. De.ine concentrate,( ho! to go a-out loading the0 $6. Angle o. repo,e $8. Carriage o. e plo,i5e and t*pe o. 0agaPine,; $9. ?n !hat para0eter a holdE or ,hip i, gi5en G? to load e plo,i5e,. $<. 4*pe o. ,egregation in I)DG; $&. Di.. cargo clai0, u get; 4hat2, all !ith .unction ' Function6: $. Aa5e u ,een the C?' roo0 again cunning ,0ile -* capt oak/ I !a, like What the hell/ So tell 0e ho! doe, co' ,*,te0 !ork, a.ter u ha5e actuated the pilot -ottle; 4hen !hen I !a, e plaining he a,ked 0e ho! doe, actuall* the gang, are relea,ed !hen the ga, .ro0 pilot -ottle reache, the .ir,t -ottle Cactuall* he !anted to kno! ho! the chain reaction o. co' -ottle puncturing ,tart,D '. What are the 0aintenance R te,t carried on the co' line -*e ,hore and -* ,hip ,ta..; CWeighing -* ,hore and line pre,,ure te,t and -lo! through -* ,hip ,ta..D 6. What are the te,t, carried out on li.e -oat da5it; 8. A, a 0ate ho! !ill u prepare .or SE+ ,ur5e*; 9. What i, docking plan and !hat all in.o u get .ro0 the plan <. What 0aintenance u carr* out on anchor and it, chain; In dock And a, a chie. 0ate !hat u carr* out; &. ?n !hat -a,i, u di,card the anchor chain =. What t*pe o. paint, u,ed in chain locker >. Ao! do u ,lip *our ca-le in e0cee $%. What i, the de!atering arrange0ent in .pk ,tore; C I took the @ue,tion !rongl* -*e thinking that he, a,king a-out .pk tank/ later !hen he repeated hi, @ue,tionD $$. Work re,t hour a0end0ent a, per S4CW and told 0e to dra! a ta-le .or !atchkeeping in hea5* tra..ic area keeping in 0ind the !ork re,t hour. $'. A, a chie. 0ate ho! !ill u train *our cdt, and ne! cre! in 5ariou, ,hip op,/. 4hen he told 0e to teach the cdt ho! to unreel a '=00 !ire rope to rene! crane !ire( reel kept in poop deck. 4hen Capt A!a,thi told 0e to !ait out ,ide and I !ill -e called later/. I !a, like ki aur kitna ;; again !ill -e called /. I !aited till $96% 0ean !hile he took oral, o. other candidate, and I !a, !aiting .or 0* 'nd round -ut !hen I !a, called again onl* Capt A!a,thi !a, updating 0* .ile I 0anaged to ,neak a peek into the .ile and ,a! .unction ' and 6 pa,,ed. I !a, like ki chalo kuch to 0ila. But a.ter ,o0e $9 0in o. talk a-out the !a*, to approach to!ard, di..erent a,pect o. li.e and the !orking culture to 0aintain and di,cipline /.. he told 0e to pa,, on 0a ETF .or0 and he !rote 0a re,ult #(#(# and I !a, like C to 0a ,el. .. Congrat, 0r )ate D Date: $8E%6E$' 7enue: DG Int: capt. Shukla C'% 0in,D

E t: Capt. ?ak C 9% 0in, D Atte0pt: $,t 3e,ult: # # # Initial chit chat a-out co0pan*( e perience ( ,hip, ,ailed on ... )o,t an,!er, !ere cut ,hort a.ter hearing !hat he !anted preci,el*. Ae a,ked ,o0e @ue,tion, .ro0 other .unction, in -et!een Cgenerall* one liner,D ... Ae !ould purpo,el* "u0p to ne t @ue,tion to -reak *our an,!er .lo! ... Func $ $. ?5ertaking a 5e,,el in Pero 5i,i-ilit* in a narro! channel E o-,truction on ,t-d ,ide and ha5e to o5ertake .ro0 port. Interaction .orce, !hen -o! clo,e to ,tern in a-o5e ca,e B ho! E !hat hel0 to u,e '. 7,l on port -o! at ' 0ile,( hearing .og horn( radar al,o operational 6. Sound ,ignal, a, per rule 68 8. 4hi, !a, a long di,cu,,ion.. ?!n 5e,,el CBD and target FHC B head on E action a, per !hich rule( ,a0e ,cenario in 37 no! radar not operational( a.ter e5er*thing done -* *ou FHC ,till keep, co0ing ... no! "u,t a .e! ca-le, .ro0 *ou and colli,ion i00inent ho! !ould *ou go a-out it( !h* glancing -lo! !h* coll. pre.erred .!d o. colli,ion -ulkhead 9. Fo! that *ou ha5e collided !ith the FHC 5e,,el( action a, 0ate <. What i, !eather routing E ,hore -a,ed and ,hip -a,ed; &. What )SI do *ou recei5e on -ridge .ro0 5ariou, e@uip0ent =. 4ide, B Spring and Feap tide, E Ao! o.ten do the* occur; >. Fa5igation in Ice E #recaution, and preparation a, 0ate $%. Who tran,0it, Fa5B!arning, in India $$. What i, di.. -et!een clearing -earing and clearing 0ark Func ' B $. #repare a plan .or loading concentrate, '. #reparation o. ,to!age plan on a tanker 6. 7,l di,charging B What night order, !ould *ou lea5e .or *our 'nd 0ate Cthe a-o5e three on paper a, he !a, doing hi, !orkD 8. Oou ha5e to o5erhaul a da0aged cargo 5al5e E line ... thi, i, in,ide a cargo tank B ho! !ould *ou go a-out it Ca, i !a, an,!ering "u0ped to ne t partD What i, the .a,ted 0ethod to ga, .ree thi, tank ho! do *ou practicall* do it on -oard a tanker ... 9. Carriage o. e plo,i5e, ... re@uire0ent, .or 0agaPine ,to!age Chad .ini,hed ,a*ing 0ag t*pe A( "u0ped to ne t @ue,D <. Wh* i, 7CF i0portant E !hat i, it &. Carriage o. container, Cagain cut ,hort on the an,!erD =. ho! do *ou 0onitor te0perature, in cargo hold, o. a ,hip

>. an* incident related to cargo operation, that *ou ha5e .aced B in -rie. .ollo!ed -* cro,, @ue,tioning C thi, later ca0e -ack to haunt 0e a, 0* la,t @ue, a.ter .unc 6D $%.!hat i, hea5* crude oil; $$.,tandard @ue, no! B <%%% 4 re0aining to load in U$ and U<( pre,ent tri0 6% c0 and .inal tri0 <% c0 .. ho! do *ou go a-out it ... in -rie. pl, Func 6 B $. Steel coil .ell on ,te5edoreG, leg B action ho! !ill *ou ,a.eguard *our intere,t in a-o5e ca,e '. #)S .or :i.e-oat da5it 6. Ao! !ould *ou te,t li.e-oat da5it, during dr* dock 8. What i, docking plan E in.o in it 9. What plan, are o. 0o,t u,e to *ou .or dr* docking <. Oou are on a general cargo ,hip B What kind o. cargo related clai0, 0a* ari,e; C*et again cut ,hort on the an,!erD &. I0agine a "oining ,hackle in .ront o. *ou( !hat e@uip do *ou ha5e on-oard to di,0antle it; Fa0e the part, =. C?' ,*,te0 re@uire0ent, .or 0achiner* ,pace Cagain cut ,hortD >. take thi, roo0 a, a cargo tank ... ho! !ould *ou report the condition o. the coating $%.!hat i, .ire control ,tation $$.ha5e *ou ,een a C?' re0ote operation le5er in control roo0 B !hat i, actuall* happening a, *ou relea,e the pilot c*linder B ho! the ,ignal reache, the C?' roo0 .or other -ottle, to relea,e. $'.I?## ,ur5e* in -rie. $6.C?W line B hea5* leak on deck( a lot o. oil collected at the -reak o. acc0 B action ha5e *ou ,een torrential rain B *e, no! co0-ine the hea5* do!npour !ith the a-o5e leak condition ne t part to thi, @ue, B no! the !ater oil 0i ture i, .lo!ing o5er-oard Ci had alread* co5ered B deBpre,,uriPing (opening du0p 5al5e ( etcD ,till oil* !ater i, going o5er-oard Bouncer, a, per 0e B $. !hat i, .i,h plate Can,!eredD B !hat i, the criteria to decide it, height ;;;;; '. Aa5e *ou ,een a 5ertical plate at the -reak o. acco0 COe, B to pre5ent .lo! o. oil a.t to!ard, the poop deck and utiliPe the du0ping 5al5e, to drain the deck, o. oilD !hat i, the na0e o. the plate and *et again B ho! high ,hould it -e ;;;;;; 6. although C?' one !a, ,i0ple ... -ut i 0ade a 0e,, o. it ... 4hen !aited .or Capt Shukla to co0e to I !a, called and a,ked .or ETF .or0 ... then a,ked 0e a-out ,hip, i a0 ,ailing on( )ean!hile he !rote the golden letter, on it VVVVVVVVVVVVV then ca0e a @ue, ... Ao! doe, S?:AS decide on di..erentiation -et!een Crude oil tanker and product tanker C i -eat

around the -u,h( all he !anted to hear !ere t!o ter0, B 5olatilit* n .la,h pointD ga5e 0e a lecture .or $%B$' 0in, then a,ked 0e #rinciple, o. S4CW .... and .inall* ,aid thank *ouVVVV Date B %$ )ar '%$'( 7enue B DG Shipping( Int B Capt. Shukla( E t B Capt. ?ak( 3e,ult B #( F( #. All @ue,tion, -* Capt. ?ak. Function B $ $D ho! !ill u identi.* Fair!a* Buo*. 'D While cro,,ing 4SS in Singapore ,trait, )EE .ailed B Action. 6D ?n radar ,ho!ing 5e,,el ahead o. u in 4SS in 37 condition( ho! !ill u o5ertake CAaPard on ,t-d ,ideD B Action. 8D +uote 3ule $>. 9D Dia0ond ,*0-ol !ith Alpa-et GAG on chart( !hat doe, it indicate. <D Ao! !ill u kno! !hether it, ,pring tide or neap tide. &D Ao! !ill u 0o5e the anchor ,ide!a*, .or 0ooring -uo*. =D What i, 7D3 R SB7D3. >D 3e@uire0ent R t*pe, o. AIS. $%D Di..erent 4*pe, o. 0e,,age, u recie5e .ro0 5ariou, e@uip0ent on -ridge. $$D Who Send ,* 0,g, on Indian coa,t. $'D What i, the late,t )S notice regarding IS#S code Function B ' $D A0end0ent, to BC code. 'D What i, 0anila con5ention R it, a0end0ent,; 6D Ao! !ill u load grain cargo. 8D H .ound 3u,ted Steel Coil, kept on "ett* .or loading B Action C)a,ter not on-oardD. 9D What te,t need to -e done on coil, -e.ore loading. <D During loading u .ound ,hore 0an got ,tuck underneath coil B Action &D Ao! !ill u load E plo,i5e,. =D Ao! !ill u load concentrate,. >D :oadicator .ailed( ho! !ill *ou prepare di,charging plan. $% Initial tri0 B $0( Final tri0 B %.<0( cargo in Fo.$ R no.> hold( ho! !ill u di,charge( told 0e to ,ho! calculation on paper. $$D Content, o. CSS code. Function B 6 $D ho! !ill u change Crane 3unning !ire n ho! *ou !ill uncoil it. 'D What i, # R A 0anual; 6D Co! re@uire0ent,.

8D What i, CA#BCAS. 9D What i, o5erhaul ,ur5e* R clo,e up ,ur5e*; <D Ao! !ill u carr* out tank in,pection; &D Ao! !ill u prepare .or load line ,ur5e*. =D Cargo line ha, hole( a, a 0ate ho! !ill u prepare re@ui,ition to change that da0age part. >D What i, condition o. a,,ign0ent .or .ree-oard; $%D What plan, to -e.ore dr*Bdock. Fir,t o. all gu*,( ,orr* .or the late po,ting. Date : &th and >th Dec 7enue: DG Shipping Internal : Capt. APad E ternal : Capt. ?ak Atte0pt : Fir,t 3e,ult : # # # I !a, initiall* ,ent to ?ld ))D in the 0orning. Ao!e5er .ro0 there !a, ,ent -ack to 00d a, ,ur5e*or !a, going to co0e late. Fro0 00d !a, ,ent to DG. I reached DG at a-out $$ a0 and !a, told that Capt. APad ,hall -e conducting 0* e a0 !ith Capt. ?ak a, the E ternal. Capt. ?ak i, a 5er* practical per,on and !ill a,k practical @ue,tion,. Ae e pect, conci,e and to the point an,!er,. ?nce u ,tart an,!ering and u ,tart in the right 0anner he !on2t !ait .or u to co0plete and !ill carr* on !ith the ne t @ue,tion. Started o.. !ith the na0e o. co0pan* an, !hat t*pe o. 5e,,el, i ha5e done. Al,o checked the !ritten e a0 re,ult, Function $: $.Started o.. !ith 37 ,ituation. 3adar in operational and .og ,ignal .!d o. -o! clo,ing in. :ot o. cro,, @ue,tioning. 3ule $> in detail. '. Fog ,ignal,. Wanted 0e to 0ake the ,ound o. a 5e,,el aground. 6. Approaching ?ne .atho0 Bank. Engine .ailure. )a,ter not co0ing up on -ridge. Action,;; 8. What doe, a gong look like; 9. +uote 3ule <. <. Characteri,tic, ( E..icienc* and :i0itation, o. 3adar. &. Ao! !ill u decide the ,a.e ,peed .or *our 5e,,el; =. Forthern he0i,phere( ,ign, o. approaching 43S . Ao! !ill u deter0ine e*e o. tr,. ,o0e cro,, @ue,tioning. >. Aigh latitude na5igation... #olar code.. Cro,, @ue,tioning a-out pro-le0, !ith g*ro and 0agnetic co0pa,,. $%. What all )SI do *ou get on -aord. Went in detail on the Fa5te and on Fa5 Area Warning,. Ba,icall* he !ent in detail on 37 . Function ' : $. What i, late,t a0end0ent to BC code; CBa,icall* !anted e5er*thing a-out I)SBCD '. Ao! !ill u prepare hold .or loading coal; 6. Ao! !ill u calculate 0a cargo that can -e loaded; 8. 4ri00ing operation. <%%% 0t re0aining. Oou ha5e to load in no.$ and <. Sho! 0e ho! u !ill do the calculation. Ga5e 0e a paper and pen and !anted the .or0ula and e planation. 4hi,

!a, the 0o,t i0portant @ue,tion i gue,,. Ae looked ,ati,.ied !hen i !rote do!n the !hole procedure. 9. What all docu0entation upon co0pletion o. cargo. <. Fo! during tran,it .ire in the cargo. Action;; &. Ao! !ill u load Aigh den,it* cargoe,. =. Ao! 0an* checkli,t, .or C?W. >. What do u kno! a-out #RA 0anual; $%. Cargo ,hi.ting at ,ea. Action;; $$. Grain loading. Ao! !ill *ou go a-out calculation,. $' A.ter co0pletion o. cargo the ,hore .igure, are '%%% 0t 0ore than *our dra.t ,ur5e* .igure,. Action;; Function 6 : $. Dr*Bdocking in detail. '. Critical 0o0ent and period. So0e cro,, @ue,tioning. 6. Sho!ed 0e a !all and ,aid ho! *ou !ill go a-out ordering paint .or thi, !all and ,ur.ace preparation. Sur.ace preparation Standard, and re@uire0ent,. 8. 4ell 0e )S notice, related to Securit*. 9. What do u kno! a-out C3B. <. What !a, the con,truction o. :i.e-oat .all, on *our 5e,,el. &. #reparation .or SE+ ,ur5e*. +ue,tioned a-out li,t o. e@uip0ent. Ba,icall* !anted to hear For0 E. =. )aintenance on-oard. Ao! !ill *ou go a-out it; >. What do u kno! a-out Bi #art* and tri part*. 4hat, all that i re0e0-er . I 0a* -e 0i,,ing out on ,o0ething. Ae took 0* oral, .or "u,t a-o5e $ hour. :ater a,ked 0e to !ait out,ide. 4hi, !ait !a, a -it to long. Aad to !ait till $>$9 hr,. Finall* Capt. APad called 0e in and took 0* oral, till '%$9 hr,. hi, @ue,tion, !ere not e actl* .unction !i,e. Aere are a .e! o. the0. $: :i.e -oat relea,e 0echani,0. 3e@uire0ent,. '. What all te,t are carried out on the da5it, and at !hat duration; 6. What certi.icate carrie, the entr* to Dr*Bdock. 8. Hnder !hat certi.icate doe, Windla,, co0e. 9. Anchoring in Singapore ,trait. In detail. Ga5e 0e 9 5e,,el, 0aking a circle and ga5e 0e a po,ition in the center to anchor. Di,tance .ro0 each 5e,,el 6 ca-le,. :ot o. cro,, @ue,tioning. Wanted the ,topping di,tance o. 0* la,t 5e,,el at 5ariou, ,peed2, <. What i, cra,h ,top; &. 7ariou, certi.icate, and ,ur5e*, re@uired. =. 43S in detail. Wanted action a, per Sector, dra!n. >. G*ro ,er5icing. What Spare, did u carr* on -oard; What ,pare, .or 0agnetic co0pa,, did u carr* on-oard; $%. Grain loading. Ao! !ill u go a-out it. What in.or0ation !ill u get .ro0 grain loading -ooklet. $$. I)SBC code in detail. What are late,t a0end0ent,. $' What i, )AB. Do u kno! an* )AB. I an,!ered D3I. A,ked 0e action in ca,e o. .ire in D3I. $6. :ate,t a0end0ent, to S?:AS Ch. 6 and 9 $8.Entrie, to -e 0ade in cargo record -ook. $9. In ca,e o. Da0age to cargo on a -ulk carrier( !hich con5ention i, applica-le; $<. I, 0ate, receipt ,till u,ed on Bulk carrier,; What i, it, u,e;;

Ba,icall* lot o. cro,, @ue,tioning in all the an,!er,. Ae !anted practical an,!er, and !a, not looking .or an* -ooki,h an,!er. Ae a,ked 0e to co0e -ack on !edne,da*. ?n !edne,da* i had to again !ait till $<$9 hr,. Finall* he called 0e again. A,ked 0e a-out the @ue,tion, !hich i had not ,ati,.actoril* an,!ered earlier; A,ked 0e a-out Foul ha!,e and anchor and the procedure to clear the ,a0e.

FHF $ WWWWWW $. Oou ca0e on !atch at 8%Gclock and 5e,,el i, approaching Japan u ,ee a red light Group .la,hing C'1$D. Action. '. Ao! !ill the -uo* on a-o5e @ue,tion look like in da* ti0e;; 6. What i, a .air!a* -uo*;; :ight Characteri,tic,;; 8. 3.7( radar in operational( u can hear a .og horn ' point, on ,t-d -o!. Action;; An,: I told hi0 that I !ill reduce ,peed to 0ini0u0 to 0aintain the cour,e and care.ull* li,ten to the .og ,ignal,. +. Still the other 5e,,el i, in a colli,ion cour,e. Action;; An,: I !ill go a,tern. +. Ao! !ill u indicate *our action to the other 5e,,el;; An,: When i ,top i !ill change o5er 0* .or ,ignal to ' prolonged -la,t. And !hen i ,tart 0aking !a* a,tern( then again i !ill change the .og ,ignal... he !a, prett* happ* !ith the an,!er. 9. 3.7( 7e,,el in 4SS( 3adar operational( *ou ha5e to o5ertake a 5e,,el( action;; <. What i, ,*noptic chart;; &. What i, progno,i,;; =. Ae had a ,*nop,i, chart !ith hi0 and told 0e to e plain it. >. #repare a pa,,age plan .ro0 #eru to Japan. $%. 4SS. Approaching ,ignal, and a5oiding Action. $$. Feap tide and ,pring tide;; Ao! it occur, and ho! 0an* ti0e, a da*;; $'. Ao! !ill u calculate E4A to Singapore pilot -oarding ground;; An,: Ae !anted 0e to take current and tidal ,trea0 into accountVVV $6. Ao! !ill *ou calculate E B )eridian li0it,;;B )ight -e the .ailing @ue,tion a, i !a, not prepared on E B ) calculation, $8. Doppler log !orking and Janu, Con.iguration. $9. 7e,,el tran,iting near ?ne .atho0 -ank. 3udder got ,tuck in port '%. Action;; )a,ter not co0ing up. $<. :ight, .or ,ailing 5e,,el Aground. $&. )aintenance to -e carried out on a g*ro co0pa,,. I don2t kno!. An* co00ent,;; $=. Ao! !ill *ou co0e to kno! that 5e,,el i, -rought up;; FHF ' WWWWW $. Ao! !ill *ou deter0ine 0a i0u0 loada-le @uantit* in an oil tanker '. 3e@uire0ent, .or Crude oil !a,hing. A, per )A3#?: !hich regulation;; 6. I)DG Code. Content,. 8. CSS code content, 9. Sta-ilit* criteria .or grain loading

<. D?A;; Ao! !ill *ou load grain in a General cargo ,hip; &. A0end0ent, o. B.C code =. #RA )anual re@uire0ent and content. >. Ao! !ill u carr* out Ga, .reeing and Inerting. $%. E plain di,place0ent and dilution 0ethod in detail. $$. Content, o. I)SBC code. $'. Ao! i, cargo cla,,i.ied;; $6. *ou ha5e to load a hea5* li.t on a container ,hip on hatch co5er,. #recaution, and procedure $8. What i, load den,it*( Sto!age .actor;; $9. What i, high den,it* cargo;; $<. What i, C3B;; Hnder !hich regulation it i, carried;; $&. What i, ,tatic accu0ulator oil; $=. Ao! !ill *ou carr* out te,t ?D)CS E@uip0ent on-oard;; $>. Ao! are cargo da0age, clai0ed;; FHF 6 WWWWW $. A, a 0ate ho! !ill prepare .or Dr* dock;; '. Critical )o0ent and critical period 6. Check, -e.ore re.loating;; 8. Bipart* and tripart* agree0ent 9. A?A and CBA;; <. Oou ha5e not recei5ed ,alar* .or t!o 0onth,. Action;; An,: i !ill en@uire !ith 0a,ter )a,ter tell, u that co0pan* i, out o. .und,. Action;; &. What 0aintenance to -e carried out on !inche, =. Ao! !ill *ou change -rake -and;; >. What te,t !ill -e carried out on li.e -oat da5it, in a dr* dock $%. #rocedure .or d*na0ic load te,t. $$. CAS and CA#. $'. #reparation .or CAS and CA#;; $6. What 0aintenance !ill *ou carr* out in chain locker during dr* dock $8. What 0aintenance !ill -e carried out on Anchor;; $9. Oou ha5e to paint $%%0 T '% 0 area on deck. Ao! 0uch paint !ill *ou order;; $<. Oou !ill ha5e = da*, o. anchorage. #lan 0aintenance to -e carried out on anchorage $&. What i, docking plan; What in.or0ation !ill *ou get .ro0 it; $=. What i, ,hell e pan,ion plan;; Ao! !ill u identi.* a palate and ho! plate, are 0arked; $>. Ao! doe, tri0 change due to change in den,it*;;

$' Sept at DG Shipping Int : Capt 3ake,h A!a,thi E t: Capt ?ak Atte0pt : $,t C taking a cue .ro0 5i,hal "ai,!al : it doe,nGt reall* 0atter D 3e,ult : ### All @ue,tion, !ere a,ked -* the e ternal ,ur5e*or( Capt A!a,thi -eing the ,ilent audience.

Function $: Content, o. GBridge #rocedure, GuideG I, it 0andator*;; A, per !hich re@uire0ent;; ' 37 ,ituation,. CBoth action, re@uiring action a, per $>CeD :ot, o. ,hip 0odel, in Singapore ,trait,( ho! !ill *ou a,,i,t )a,ter on Bridge;; Fair!a* -uo*( identi.* -* da* and night; Signal .or a,tern propul,ion in 37; 4SS precaution,; Bridge 0anning le5el arrange0ent,; Function ': Dra! Fla00a-ilit* Diagra0 and e plain; All a-out DG loading( I)DG Code 7ol '( #acking #ro5i,ion,( Sto!age ,egregation. A high container on deck i, ,0oking. Ao! !ill *ou co0-at .ire; CFighting the .ire o. a 9Bhigh container i, e tre0el* di..icult. 4hu, "etti,oning o. container -e.ore it can har0 all the other,( e,peciall* DG in the 5icinit*. An,!ering thi, @ue,tion con,u0ed a lot o. ti0e a, all the option, I ,ugge,ted .or "etti,oning !ere i0practical or letG, ,a* di..icult to carr* out. 4he .inal an,!er that he agreed upon !ith a little input .ro0 Capt A!a,thi. Stop the 5e,,el. 3eporting procedure, a, per S?:AS( I)DG code carried out -* )a,ter. H,e ,hip, crane( attach !ire, Cnot ,preaderD( li.t up( ,!ing o5er ,ide( get clo,e to deck le5el and cut o.. ,ling, u,ing Ga, cutter.D Steel coil, loading; C)ention that #RI ,ur5e*or to -e pre,ent during loading .or in,pecting coil,D Stained ,teel coil, !hat action;; Bill o. lading, clau,ing; :etter o. inde0nit*;; Hnder !hat circu0,tance, !ill *ou i,,ue Clean Bill o. :ading e5en i. cargo i, ,lightl* da0aged; Where can *ou .ind load den,it*; Can *ou e ceed;; CShort di,cu,,ion: I 0aintained that !e cannot e ceed load den,it*( he kept in,i,ting that ,hip need, to load hea5ier cargoD Cargo ,ecuring 0anual content,; Change runner !ire o. deck crane and precaution,; C3ight .ro0 uncoiling the ne! !ire rope.. Al!a*, uncoil .ro0 a ,u,pended dru0( like a kite 0an"ha( !inch: # . A,ked 0e dra! and e plain the .itting, that 0ight need to -e !elded to carr* out thi,D Function 6: #reparation .or a SE+ ,ur5e*; Cre! re,t hr,; Ao! !ill *ou kno! i. Anchor -rought up in .orce 8; :etting go anchor .ro0 -itter end( 8 ,hackle, in !hate5er;CDonGt .orget the anchor 0arking -uo*D E0ergenc* ,teering drill re@uire0ent,( procedure; Align0ent o. g*ro repeater in ,teering .lat; Bipart*Etripart*; E a0ple, Fo !age, paid to *ou .or a 0onth; CFir,t re@ue,t )a,ter to !rite to the Co0pan* a,king rea,on,. I. ,till no pa*( in.or0 Shipping )a,ter -ecau,e he ha, ,igned on *our A?A( !ait .or .urther co00unication.D Ao! doe, tri0 change !ith change in den,it*; CDra! and e plainD De.inition, o. ,tealer plate( 0argin plate( gar-oard ,trake( ,hell e pan,ion plan,( nu0-ering o. .ra0e, and ,trake. Dr* docking plan content,;

I think I 0a* ha5e 0i,,ed out on ,o0e @ue,tion, in .unction '( -ut the* !ere al,o ,traight .or!ard one,. 4ip : Capt ?ak 0ight .eed *ou !ith a !rong an,!er( "u,t to check *our con.idence. 3e0ain a,,ured o. *our an,!er.

DG Shipping Int: Capt Khatri E t: Capt ?ak $,t Atte0pt Duration: 'Ar, '% 0int,...!ith E ternalQ 89 0int, !ith Internal # # # ......... Function $ $. 37 ,ituaition R +uote 3ule $> C I had al0o,t an argu0ent !ith hi0 a, he !a, a,king 0e to .ind the ,ound ,ignal in 37 .or ,tern propul,ion....A, i !a, in,i,ting there i, no ,uch thing in 3?3D '. 9 ,hip, around *our ,hip( action .or each. In thi, ,cenario ho! can u a,,i,t )a,ter; Hnder What regulation u can a,,i,t 0a,ter. 6. What , Janu, con.iguration; 8. Di..erence -et!een 7D3 R SB7D3 9. Feature, o. ECDIS. Ao! to correct ECDIS <. Ao! to prepare 5e,,el .or Ice Fa5igation CIn detailD &. What i, 3oaring Fortie,; CGod Kno!,...D =. Wh* $ .atho0 -ank i, called ,o; CGod kno!, again...D #recaution approaching $ .atho0 -ank a, ??W. >. Ju,t -e.ore $ .atho0( ,teering .ailed. Action; $%. Ao! to kno! 4idal ,trea0,( ,pring tide( neap tide( Full 0oon R ne! 0oon. $$. Ao! to u,e tide ta-le,; $'. S)S ,*,te0 on -oard ,hip. $6. 43S( it, .or0ation( action in SA and !eather a,,ociated !ith it. $8. 7ariou, e0ergencie, on -oard ,hip and a, )ate ho! to deal !ith it.C Ba,icall* A3 0anage0entD $9. Cre! co0plained( acco00odation not in good condition. Action a, )ate R under !hat regulation C3egulation Fo. again.... god onl* kno!, againD $<. 3i,k a,,e,,0ent on -oard a, )ate. $&. #lanning o. ho! to re0o5e Bo! thru,ter 0otor in 0otor roo0; $=. Ao! to handle cre! on -oard Cal0o,t all a,pect, like di,cipline( !el.are( drill,( partie,( legal action,.....etc...Etc...D $>. )SI on -oard R !ho ,end )SI in India.... CI ga5e a !ild gue,, B Fautical ad5i,or...he ,tarted laughing a, i cracked ,o0e adult "oke...D Capt. ?ak co00ented: B )r. Gupta u don2t ,ee0 to kno! an* regulation Fo..... I replied B Sir a, a 0ate it, 0ore i0p. to kno! the thing, around and under,tand the0 !ell in,tead o. 0ugging up regulation Fo.....e5en the -ig la!*er, and ar-itrator, !ho .ight legal

ca,e, cannot kno! the rule, -* heart...it2, al!a*, ca,e -* ca,e......B* thi, repl* Capt. ?ak ,ee0, to get irritated and told 0e that I a0 o..en,i5e...I ,aid ,orr* to hi0 -ut I !a, ,till ,ticking on to 0* co00ent....he ,0iled and ,aid let2, ,tart again... Function ' $. :FG cargo, contain0ent, ,*,te0..... '. For e5er* an,!er he !ant 0e to @uote IGC code regulation nu0-er, R a, u,ual I !a, an,!ering hi0 !ell -ut !ithout regulation nu0-er,....he told 0e again dat a, 0ate i ,hud -e thorough !ith IGC code...I ,0iled and replied B Sir 0 thorough !ith IGC code. I kno! !here to look .or !hat -ut regulation nu0-er, I can2t re0e0-er... 6. Content, o. cargo ,ecuring 0anual 8. Grain loading preparation. CAll .ro0 grain codeD 9. E0ergencie, in5ol5ed on ga, carrier,...ho! to deal !ith it....,peciall* cargo .ire,... <. DC# re@uire0ent on ga, carrier, R regulation Fo. a, per FSS code Ca, u,ual I !a, ,0iling at reg. Fo.D &. 4*pe, o. cargo da0age, on Bulk carrier.... =. Ao! to load grain in General cargo ,hip... >. During loading H .ind a ,teel coin .ull* ru,ted....action a, 0ate.... $%. I. charterer, ,till in,i,t to load that coil ... !hat u !ill do a, 0ate. $$. :oadicator .ail,. Ao! to calculate SF E B) no!. $'. Aea5* li.t precaution,.... ?5erall he told 0e that he i, 5er* i0pre,,ed !ith 0* cargo oral -ut I need to -ru,h up 3egulation nu0-er, al,o.....HnB intentionall* I laughed.... Function 6 B $. :etting go anchor .ro0 -itter end... CAll told .ro0 Danton -a-a ki -ook...D '. Dutie, o. 0ate a, per S4CW R IS)....under !hat regulation...C da0nD 6. Ae a,ked 0e IF R ?H4 o. ,ur5e*,....including ,ur5e* in dr* dock... 8. E5er*thing regarding dr* dock......In detail Cthank, to Danton -a-a againD 9. A?A R CBA <. Statuar* certi.icate, on -oard.... &. SE+ ,ur5e*, preparation a, 0ate... =. 4*pe, o. anchor,,pection o. chain locker..... >. 7ariou, t*pe, o. paint,....ho! to calculate a0ount o. paint re@uired.......!hat paint, to -e u,ed in dr* dock.... $%. Ao! !ill u train cadet and cre! on -oard... $$. #)S ,*,te0 on -oard....under !hat regulation...... $'. #?:A3 code again in detail.............. Ae a,ked 0e to !ait out,ide a, Capt. khatri !a, not in the roo0 ....A, i got up I ,a! hi0 !riting &E$% in 0* Func ' R 6 -ut he !a, !riting ,o0e re0ark, in F $.... :ater in the e5ening capt. khatri called 0e and I a,ked 0e !hat !a, 0* la,t ,hip...a, i replied hi0 :FG ,hip ,o he a,ked 0e to ,tart talking a-out it until told to ,top.....So i ,tarted on :FG operation.....ro0 dr* dock ( inerting( ga,,ing up( cool do!n( loading( loaded pa,,age( di,charging( !ar0 up( ga, .ree etc..... ,uddenl* he !rote # # #....and told 0e B Good " !ell on -oard....

So...that !a, all.. ?5erall I !a, a-le to repl* hi0 e5er* @ue,tion( 0a* -e !ith ,o0ething here and there !ithout an* regulation nu0-er,.....-ut all !ell...... #anda Date: %< Jul* '%$' 7enue: DG Shipping Internal: Capt. Saggi E ternal: Capt. #anda Atte0pt: 'nd Appeared .or .unction $ 3e,ultQ #a,,ed $. A0end0ent, o. S?:AS Ch 9: :3I4( BFWAS( AIS '. #rinciple o. :3I4. :3I4 data centre, in India: DG Shipping( )u0-ai( Delhi( Cochin i.e. to ,a* all around Indian coa,t. 6. #er.or0ance ,tandard, o. BFWAS. :ot o. cro,, @ue,tioning on that 0otion ,en,or, 8. )eaning o. EBFa5igation 9. 3elation o. EBFa5igation and :3I4 <. I. g*ro .ail, !hat !ill -e the e..ect on ECDIS. Ao! !ill u tran,.er po,ition .ro0 ECDIS to #aper Chart &. 7ariou, 0ethod, o. po,ition .i ing =. 3ea,on, .or ocean current,( tidal ,trea0 and tide, >. Wh* current, on !e,tern ,ide o. the ocean, are ,tronger than that on ea,tern ,ide !ent on .or long ti0e on thi, $%. 7e,,el in e*e o. a 43S ( What !ill -e the !eather like $$. 3ea,on, .or .or0ation o. 43S( !arning ,ign, o. a 43S $'. 7,l in dangerou, @uadrant Action $6. +uote rule no <( &( =( $6( $8( $9( and $>. :ot o. cro,, @ue,tioning on rule no < and $> $8. Apparentl* .or!ard o. -ea0 ,ound ,ignal o. another 5e,,el !hat doe, !ord apparentl* 0ean, $9. Cro,,ing ,ituation and 5e,,el o5ertaking in 37 $<. Di..erence -et!een ,hip routing and ,hip reporting $&. )a,ter incapacited there i, an area o. high tra..ic den,it* ho! !ill u na5igate the 5e,,el $=. Steering .ailed action $>. In and out o. E0ergenc* to!ing '%. 7,l grounded action '$. S*noptic and progno,i, chart, ''. Ad5antage, o. ECDIS o5er paper chart, date : $&BoctB'%$% 5enue: DG ,hipping Int : Capt Saggi E t: Capt #anda All @ue,tion, !ere a,ked -* Capt #anda 3e,ult B #B#B#C appro $.9 hour,D Func$B

$DAo! do u carr* out 7o*age planning in general and a, a chie. o..icer !hat all thing, to -e taken care o.; 'D Di..erence -et!een 0agnetic and g*ro co0pa,,e,; 6D Di..erence -et!een terre,trial and cele,tial po,ition line,; 8D Di..erence -et!een tidal ,trea0 and current; 9D Ship2, routeing and !eather routeing; <D ECDIS( ra,ter and 5ector chart,; &D S*noptic chart,;Ao! to .oreca,t !eather; =D 4ropical re5ol5ing ,tor0,; >D +uote 3ule, '( <( =( $&($6($8($9 $%D3?3 ,ituation,; :ight,; $$D Wh* the !e,tern current, o. the earth i, ,tronger than ea,tern part; Gul. Strea0 i, ,tronger( !h*; $'D IA:A -ou*age ,*,te0; Func 'B $D Ao! to go a-out loading grain; 'D I)SBC; 6D Aea5* li.t, and :oad den,it*; 8D :oadicator; Cin general not ,o deepD 9D GXE heeling ar0 cur5e; <D Ao! to go a-out loading concentrate,; &D Intact ,ta-ilit* o. cargo ,hip, and tanker,; =D Sto!age o. cargo on la,t ,hip; CtankerD >D ?il tanker operation; $%D Shipping -ill, E Bill o. entr* ;C,hipping -ill, B .or cargo e ported and -ill o. entr* B .or cargo i0ported .4hi, i, !hat he ,aid.D $$D Fote o. prote,t; $'D Bill o. lading( )ate, receipt; $6D Da0age ,ta-ilit* -ooklet; Da0age ,ta-ilit* criteria; 4ri00ing ,ta-ilit*; Che ,aid the calculation, !e did -* )7 Aind,hip !a, tri00ing ,ta-ilit* pro-le0,D $8D Stre,,e, acting on a ,hip; Func6B $D Statutor* and 0andator* certi.icate, !ith eg; 'D :i,t o. ,tatutor* certi.icate,; 6D #SC in,pection( !h*; #reparation,; Che ,aid there i, no additional preparation, needed a, the ,hip i, alread* 0aintained in ,ea!orth*I conditionD 8D Anchor dragging; Action, a, Chie. 0ate and in general; 9D Action, to take in ca,e o. Foul anchor; <D What action !ill -e taken i. the cadet 0ake, an o..ence;or he doe,nt .ollo! an* particular order; &D IS); content, and purpo,e; =D ?n !hich plate the deck line Co. the load line,D i, dra!n; >D What are ,tringer,( plate( ,tealer plate,; $%D De.ine #irac*; What i, )S notice %$E'%$$ ,a* a-out pirac*; $$D S4CW '%$%; and ho! chie. o..icer the ,econd in co00and though he doe,n2t ha5e a )a,ter, licen,eD $'D Aea5* !eather precaution,;

$6D Dr*docking; Di..erent t*pe, o. dr*dock,; ho! to dock a ,hip tri00ed -* head; $8D A?A;I, it tripart* or Bipart* C 4ripart* B .or indian ,hip, a, Shipping 0a,ter i, al,o pre,ent along !ith 0a,ter and the cre! and Bipart* .or .oriegn ,hip, a, on .oreign co0panie, there i, no ,hipping 0a,ter in5ol5ed and the contract i, ,igned -et!een the co0pan* and o..icerEcre!D $9D Di..erence -et!een Code and Con5ention;

FA)E B KASAIF AAFIF 3AFGI:A 7EFHE B DG SAI##IFG DA4E B $=BJH:B$$ C )?FDAO D A44E)#4 B 'FD ET4E3FA: B CA#4 #AFDA IF4E3FA: B CA#4 D.KA#??3 3ESH:4 B A:: C:EA3 B C FHFC4I?F $ AFD ' D Entered in a roo0 on 9th .loor !here onl* capt #anda !a, ,itting. .ollo!ing @ue,tion, !ere a,ked. +ue,tion, are not in an* order a, ,tated -* 0e a, too 0an* @ue,tion, and topic, !ere co5ered up. @ue,tion, -* capt panda C .ro0 $$.%% to $':6% D .unction $ $D ho! !ill u take !eather precaution, on a 5o*age 'D detail, on polar code 6D !eather criteria .or ,hip, 8D !ith !hat in,tru0ent on -oard !ill chie. o..icer 0onitor e..ect o. !eather on the 5e,,el C loadicator D 9D ho! loadicator can -e u,ed to 0onitor ,tre,, due to -ad !eather an,!er gi5en -* hi0 :B loadicator ,ea condition i, gi5en .or -eu.ort ,cale 8. ,o increa,e teh ,cale in teh loadicator and then check teh ,tre,,e, i. the* are accepta-le at higher -eu.ort ,cale <D di..erence -et!een current and tide, &D !hat dri.t C not ,ati,.ied -* 0* an,!er D he e plained -* dra!ing on paper . he e plained that there i, c*clic rotation o. the !ater !hich ,et, in the !ater ,peed =D !hat i, up!elling C not ,ati,.ied -* 0* an,!erD he e plained -* dra!ing on a paper ho! up!elling occur,. For 0e thi, concept !a, ne! and it did not 0atch at all !ith ,u-ra -ook >D G#S .ail, on -oard. Ao! !ill u co0e to kno! on ECDIS Calar0D $%D ECDIS .ail,. What !ill u do; Cnot ,ati,.ied -* 0* an,!er D An,!er a, per hi0 B change to paper chart, ( co0pare the ,cale o. the ECDIS chart and paper chart( plot the dr on the chart( plot o!n cour,e .ro0 dr ( check .or ho! long it i, ,a.e to continue on that cour,e $$D ho! doe, a 43S .or0 ;

$'D In -a* o. Bengal( !here !ould a tr, de5elop ; CAnda0an nico-arD $6D !h* !il it de5elop there; $8D What are con5ection current, in .or0ation o. cloud,; $9D What i, a ,hip routeing ,*,te0; 3?3 4I)E: B AE 4?:D H )AKE ?FE )IS4AKE AFD FHFC4I?F $ IS ?H4 F?3 H. I A) 7E3O S43IC4 IF 3?3 AFD 3H:ES he kept a-out 9 0odel, o. ,hip, in .ront o. 0* 0odel and told 0e to a,,e,, the ,ituation and an,!er .or all the 5e,,el, gi5ing the ,ituation !ith all 5e,,el,( t*pe o. action i !ould take( due to !hich rule( and then to @uote the rule !hate5er i u,ed in the ,ituation. i told hi0 i !on2t -e a-le to @uote the rule -ut !ould -e a-le to ,a* the .ull rule in the under,tood !a*. he ,aid that that i, not accepta-le -* 0e. u ha5e to @uote the rule. I ,aid i !ill tr* ,ir. $<D ,ituation, in5ol5ed B aD cro,,ing .ro0 port -o! B r5 and nor0al -D .i,hing 5e,,el on port -o! cD head on ,ituation dD ,ailing 5e,,el o5ertaking eD cro,,ing .ro0 ,t-d -o! !ith ,ailing 5e,,el on ,t-d -o! o5ertaking u, $&D rule, @uoted B <($6($8($9($> C -e,t i could D $=D 0a,ter in.or0ed u that 5e,,el i, to -e -eached( action a, chie. o..icer ; $>D Ao! to calculate the ,ta-ilit* o. the 5e,,el in thi, ,ituation; CI didn2t kne!D B he !a, .ru,trated -* 0e at thi, point o. ti0e '%D ho! !ould u calculate 5alue o. # !hen dr* docking; CI told i don2t kno! the .or0ula to .ind out p at thi, point o. ti0eD '$D ho! doe, the ,ta-ilit* o. the 5e,,el i, e..ected !hen dr* docking o. the 5e,,el; C I told a-out 5irtual lo,, o. G) a, !eight o. p i, di,charged 5irtuall* !hen 5e,,el dr* dock, D ''D !hat i, di..erence -et!een -ilging and da0aged 5e,,el a-o5e !aterline C I told -ilged 5e,,el !ill create a lo,, o. -uo*anc* and !ater plane area !ill -e a..ected and that !on2t happen in da0age 5e,,el a-o5e !aterlineD B he !a, not ,ati,.ied hi, an,!er :B -ilging can cau,e .lo! o. !ater in -oth direction, in and out !hile the other can cau,e onl* ingre,, '6D principal o. g*ro co0pa,, '8D e plain prece,,ion and e plain ho! doe, the 0o5e0ent happen !hen tor@ue i, applied C he ga5e 0e a pencil and told 0e to e plain D '9D ho! !ill u 0ake a g*ro north ,eeking ; Ce plained prece,,ion in tilt and aPi0uth and top hea5* -otto0 hea5* etcD '<D principal o. 0agnetic co0pa,,; Ctried to e plain -ut could not ,ati,.* hi0D '&D can 0agnetic co0pa,, u,ed in higher latitude; '=D 3ea,on .or not -eing u,ed; Ci tried to an,!er a, per nitin 0aha"an B he got !ild at 0e and told 0e to ,top 0* non,en,eD

'>D !h* are current, on !e,tern ,ide, are ,tronger than ea,tern ,ide,; CWe,tern inten,i.ication and corioli, .orce. i .ollo!ed -* ,a*ing that i a0 not too ,ure on ho! that help, 0aking the current, ,trongerV he replied H A3E F?4 SH3E AB?H4 AFO4AIFG 4I:: F?WVV 6%D #recaution, .or ice na5igation; 6$D What happen, !hen u u,e deBicing co0pound; Cit pre5ent, ice accretion on deck,D 6'D ho! !ill u deter0ine *our po,ition in open ,ea, 66D in !hich rule doe, it ,a* K,cant* in.o ,hould not -e u,ed I 68D di..erent t*pe, o. ,hip reporting ,*,te0, in the !orld; 69D 3eport, to -e ,ent to the0; Function ' $D grain loading precaution,; 'D Sta-ilit* re@uire0ent, .or grain loading; 6D Intact ,ta-ilit* re@uire0ent, .or nor0al ,hip, 8D ho! !ill u .ind out the initial G) o. the 5e,,el; a,ked 0e to dra! the graph o. GX cur5e and e plain BBB i dre! a tangent .ro0 Pero to the point o. contra.le ture !here it reache, the 5ertical line o. 9&.6 to .ind out initial g0. he didn2t agree !ith 0e and told 0e that all 0* concept, are totall* !rong. Ae ,aid that it i, not al!a*, that that line !ill pa,, through point o. contra.le ture. 4hi, point i, di..erent .ro0 deck edge i00er,ion point. Ae !a, totall* pi,,ed o.. at 0e !ith thi, point. 9D !hat i, that angle 9&.6 C i told it, $ radian D <D .ro0 the point ,o called a, point o. contra.le ture( he a,ked 0e !hat ,hould -e the angle on the Ba i, .or it to -e allo!a-le; C$' degree, D &D tell 0e e5er*thing u kno! a-out ISG?44. B Ae told 0e u 0ake one 0i,take in thi, and u !ill go out o. thi, roo0 .ailedV CI told hi0 the part, o. ISG?44 and it, late,t a0end0ent,D =D !hat i, a 0ate2, receipt; >D What i, a -ill o. lading; $%D Wh* -ill o. lading i, an E7IDEFCE ?F C?F43AC4 AFD F?4 A C?F43AC4; Ai, an,!er: B -El i, ,igned onl* -* 0a,ter and a contract i, -et!een t!o partie,. ,o -El i, not a contract -ut an e5idence o. contract $$D ,ecuring arrange0ent, .or grain $'D oil loaded on a tanker i, dangerou, good,;.C i ,aid no . a, it, not in packaged .or0 D thi, i, all I can re0e0-er !hat capt panda a,ked. Ae !a, 0o,tl* not happ* !ith 0ore than 9% percent o. 0* an,!er,. Ae !anted a deep and thorough kno!ledge .ull an,!er .or all the @ue,tion, !hich !a, -eco0ing di..icult .or 0e. 0an* a ti0e, he -eca0e 5er* angr* !ith 0e telling 0e I don2t gi5e .ooli,h an,!er, and ,a* an*thing u like I he kept on gi5ing ad5ice regarding not -e -e o5er,0art -* tr*ing to( -ut ,ho!ing it !ith *our o!n kno!ledge. Finall* he told 0e that he !ant, to gi5e 0e a o. dou-t and pa,, 0e in -oth .unction, -ut then re,t !ould depend on internal. Ae told 0e to !ait out,ide again and that Capt. kapoor !ould call 0e in hi, ca-in !hen he return, .ro0 the 0eeting. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB

!ith Capt. KA#??3( it !a, a, good a, a doing the .ull thing again. Ae ,tarted a,king 0e .ro0 all .unction, again. 4I)E:B $889 4? $9$% @ue,tion, !ere a,ked rando0l* .ro0 all .unction,. $D What doe, *our .ather do; 'D Who !a, ,* o..icer on *our la,t 5e,,el; 6D Dutie, o. ,* o..icer 8D dutie, o. ,* o..icer !hile cargo !ork i, going on 9D ho! u !ill go a-out loading in a -ulk carrier. CI ,aid a .e! point, and ,topped. cud not co5er all the i0p point,D he didn2t ,ee0 happ* !ith thi, <D loading hea5* li.t, CI did not 0ention that I !ill check all the gear a,,ociated !ith picking up the hea5* li.eD he ,aid that !h* u ,traight "u0ping to the ,ta-ilit* and lo,, o. g0 !ithout checking the gear, and rope, .or picking up the hea5* li.t;; &D Ao! !ill u load dangerou, cargo; =D What all docu0ent, and in.or0ation are gi5en -* the ,hipper .or loading dangerou, cargo >D !hat i, the i0portance o. ti0e ,heet and ,tate0ent o. .act, in a 5o*age charter part*; $%D Ao! !ill u go a-out loading a -ulk carrier !hich i, on a 5o*age charter part*; CAe !anted to hear the clau,e, a,,ociated !ith 5o*age charter part* regarding loading ti0e i gue,,D B An, a, per 0e :B i told that in a 5o*age charter part* it2, 5er* i0portant to .ini,h loading in the la* ti0e and hence dela*, ,hould -e 0ini0u0 he !a, not happ* !ith thi, and told 0e that I had e pected an an,!er !rt arri5ed ,hip( la* ti0e etc. $$D a, a chie. o..icer ( !hat all concern, *ou in a 5o*age; CI an,!ered load line,( ice( !eather( tra..ic( etc.D $'D ,hip routeing ,*,te0 and ele0ent, o. ,hip routeing ,*,te0. i could not under,tand !hat to an,!er in ele0ent, o. routeing ,*,te0. ,o i told a-out 0andator* 4SS ( area, to -e a5oided( AS: lane,( etc. he ,aid that u are .orgetting 0o,t o. the thing, like precautionar* area( DW route( .lo! o. tra..ic arro! etc. $6D ,hip reporting ,*,te0 $8D a, an ??W( ho! doe, chapter 9B,* o. na5igation o. S?:AS and C?:3EGS help *ou I an,!ered that all 69 reg, o. chapter 9 help, in na5igation. $9D na0e a .e! o. the0 all I could re0e0-er i, carriage re@uire0ent, .e! point,( S3S( 74S( 4SS( 0a,ter o-ligation to report. At thi, i, ,topped( he a,ked 0e to continue and na0e 0ore. Ae ,aid that u are .orgetting S3S 74S.... at thi, I "u,t told hi0 that i had ,aid 74S earlier. Ae got 5er* angr* at thi, and told 0e that he !a, not dea. and don2t act ,0art in .ront o. 0e. he a,ked 0e to go out,ide and !ait till he think, he ha, ti0e to take 0* oral,. i !a, totall* ,hocked at thi, reaction, and thought that no! all o5er. Fothing in 0* hand !ill -e gi5en -* hi0. he called 0e again a.ter a-out ' hour,.

4I)E :B $&$9 B $&6% $9D told 0e to continue 0* an,!er on chapter 9 o. S?:AS. Cthi, ti0e I ,aid 0an* thing,. ' hour, are enough to kno! 0o,t o. the regulation, o. chapter 9D $<D on 0agnetic -oard( re,e0-ling to 3?3 card,( ,ho!ed 0e to!ing 5e,,el on port -o!. . action, and a, per !hich rule $&D ,ailing 5e,,el ahead( action a, per !hich rule $=D .i,hing 5e,,el ahead( action a, per !hich rule $>D on 0agnetic -oard( 0ade aground 5e,,el 0ore than 9% 0tr,. action; '%D Fog ,ignal .or ,uch aground 5e,,el; '$D Oour action a, a 0ate !hen u ,ee ,uch 5e,,el right ahead; )a,ter i, ,leeping and doe, not !ake up; Ci ,aid i !ill check the chart and ,ee !h* thi, ,ituation ha, happened and !h* it ha, co0e on our cour,e. that 0ean, e5en our chart, are not corrected or our po,ition i, not -eing plotted properl* a, per the pa,,age plan. I !ill go on reciprocal cour,e and then check the ne t -e,t route to -e taken .or tran,0itting that area. Al,o I !ill report thi, ,ituation to the coa,t guardE74SEportD during thi, an,!er he !rote pBpB on 0* .or0. )* 0ind !a, 0ore on ,eeing !hat he !a, !riting than in an,!eringVV ''D Who i,,ue, na5 area !arning in India CI ,aid I don2t kno! ... I !a, ha5ing a .eeling that he !ill cut the letter p and put . in

Date : %$E%&E$$ 7enue: DG Shipping Internal: Capt Shukla E ternal: Capt #anda C:BS gu*D Duration: 9% )in, Atte0pt: 'FD Atte0pt 3e,ult: FFB$ #A,,ed Initiall* !en ca0e in,ide Capt ShuklaG, ? he a,ked 0e i ha5e ,een u ,o0e !ere and i re0inded hi0 ki 'FD 0ate, Batch :BS. Ae ,0iled and ,aid ok ok.... and ,tarted !ith @ue,tion,. $. H ha5e co0e on !atch 'nd 0ate tell u that pre,,ure ha, drop -* 60- !hat all action, u !ill take a, a 0ate ; '. Con5er,ion o. g*ro,cope to g*ro co0pa,,. 6. Di..erence -et!een g*ro co0pa,, and 0agnetic co0pa,,; 8. What i, ,*nop,i, chart,; 9. Di..erence -et!een Cele,tial and 4erre,trial #E:.; <. Wh* #E: i, perpendicular to AP.; &. What i, accretion o. ice; What all ,ta-ilit* re@uire0ent, u !ill take a 0ate !en tran,iting in the polar region; =. What precaution, u !ill take !en na5igating in ice; >. Action, to -e taken a 0ate !en 5e,,el aground; $%. Di..erence -et!een current, and tidal ,trea0; $$. 4*pe, o. current;

$'. Ao! gul. ,trea0 i, .or0ed; $6.43S .actor, and action,; $8. #3IFCI#:E ?F A GO3? C?)#ASS. $9. WAO A3E CH33EF4S S43?FGE3 IF 4AE WES4 A4:AF4IC AS C?)#A3ED 4? EAS4 A4:AF4IC; $<.+uote 3ule: 9(<(>($%($6($=($> $&.Sho!ed 0e 3?3 $9B'% card, .

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