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RRI Themati a!ea" Improve Aesthetic Value of Mombasa Road RRI G#a$" To improve beautification along Mombasa road from Nyayo Stadium to Mavoko Boarder from baseline to !!" in # days$ RRI A ti%itie& t# '#(e" Street lighting% cutting of grass% litter picking% drain &learing% removal of overburden and stones% Trimming of trees% flo'ers and 'eeding flo'er gardens% removal of street families% illegal structures and herds of cattle% tree planting% ground leveling% developing ne' and improving on e(isting flo'er gardens% removal of 'aste effluents% removal of illegal cooking points% removal of illegal car 'ash% removal garbage dumped% painting of building etc$

O%e!a$$ P#$iti a$ Lea'e!&hi) a(' Vi&i#( ) *$+ ,overnor -r$ +vans .idero E*e +ti%e I(itiati%e Lea'e!" &+&M / 0ohn ,akuo

S)#(&#!" &ounty Secretary and *ead of &ounty 1ublic Service / 2ilian Ndeg'a RRI Re&+$t& Lea'e!" &+&M / Mercy .amau RRI C##!'i(at#!" Mr$ -aniel Masetu La+( h Date"

3ebruary% #! 4

RRI E(' P#i(t" 5rd March% #! 4 St!ate,i Lea'e!" 2ucy Nyaga Team Lea'e!" Stephen Ireri M#(it#!i(, a(' E%a$+ati#(" Albert ,itau% Se !eta!-" 0oshua .imeu Team Mem.e!&" 2$ 6a'eru% Mary 6akio% 0$ .amanu% N$ N7eru% &$ Muny'oki% N$ Amimo% S$ An7a'a% 1$ .ang8ara% &$ Macharia% 1$ Ndung8u% +$ .yarungu *$+ -r$ +vans .idero% ,overnor Nairobi &ity cordially invites stakeholders and members of the public to the official launch of the Rapid Results Initiative 9RRI: tomorro' Tuesday% strategic ob7ectives$ RRI Ba /,!#+(' 2

3ebruary #! 4 Mombasa road &apital centre at !$!!

am a program initiated to'ards achieving the ,overnors pillars and county

Almost all &ounty ,overnments are reshaping their public service establishments to achieve greater efficiency and produce more responsive and fle(ible services$ There is therefore increased focus on R+S;2T Rapid Results Approach 9RRA: is a results<focused learning process 9methodology: aimed at 7ump<starting ma7or organi=ational change efforts and enhancing implementation capacity$ RRA tackles large<scale medium and long<term change efforts through a series of small<scale% results<producing and momentum<building initiatives implemented 'ithin !!<days% commonly referred to as !!<day Rapid Results Initiative 9RRI:$ These short<term !!<day initiative goals therefore form the building block to'ards the achievement of the long<term goals The premise of the Rapid<Results Approach is to create a conte(t for learning and for enhancing implementation capacity% by helping county to 'ork on sharply defined !!<day initiatives that dovetail into Annual 6ork 1lans% 1erformance contract and Strategic 1lans Rati#(a$e 0#! Ra)i' Re&+$t& A))!#a h at NCC Accelerates learning and discovery Reduces hidden risks inherent in long<term strategies 1romotes cross<sectional>departmental team<'ork orientation to implementation of plans and strategies Builds a frame'ork for incorporating lessons learned during implementation$ It taps into your desire to succeed It creates real empo'erment% motivation and innovation 3

It strengthens accountability and commitment for R+S;2TS It unleashes and enhances implementation capacity

1h- Ra)i' Re&+$t& I(itiati%e 1#!/& at NCC Starts by focusing on a fe' R+S;2TS &hallenges teams to achieve !!<day R+S;2TS goals &reates temporary governance and support structure Reinforces basic management skills Manages the scale<up beyond the first !! days It provides a structured methodology for building and practicing management disciplines that are re?uired for successful implementation) for translating intent into action$ RRA achieves systemic change through a series of small<scale% results producing and momentum building initiatives$ The &ounty has implemented the initiative since #!!@ 'ith tremendous achievements 'hich has been appreciated by its citi=enry and stakeholders$ *o'ever% sustainability of the results remains a great challenge to the county$ The N&& is rated the best in terms of implementation and using RRI to fast track results nationally$ &urrently the &ounty is preparing to launch the # th cycle of RRI 'ith 95!: thematic areas cutting across all the ! sectors$ Some of the passed achievements include) reduction of traffic congestion% ha'kers in the &B- and the days it takes to dispose off unclaimed bodies at the mortuary% &ompliance 'ith 1ublic *ealth Act &A1 #4#% increase in number of buildings repainted%

Reduction of the number of days taken to process medical certificate and single business permit% Restoration of recreation facilities% rehabilitation Social halls and cleanliness% Increase in number of development approvals% Reduction of the number complaints of harassment from members of public% +ngagement of the public in service provision% &ompliance to laid do'n financial controls and systems automation% Beautification of the city Improved street lighting etc

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