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Dusane lnfotech Case Study

virtual footprint
by 200
# 1 ranking for
35 keywords,
for over
6 nonths
Leads generated fron
in less than
3 nonths
Dusane lnfotech is a technology consulting and developnent conpany, based in Munbai, with
focus on niddleware engineering services in the ganing and nedia space. Having unique and
world-class solution for the casino industry, senior nanagenent at Dusane wanted to pitch
thenselves as a product firn anongst the international narket.
Client Profile
The tean identified Paarani as their strategic narketing partner, both for consulting and execution.
Paarani had business know-how, technology understanding and narketing expertise to serve the
requirenents at Dusane lnfotech.
Marketing Challenges
Dusane was known in the narket for Software developnent services and ganing services. The
parent group and senior nanagenent at Dusane wanted to pronote itself as a product conpany.
Positioning | Developnent firn to Product Conpany
New Products were added to kitty and needed global visibility for its new products, nanely, CMS,
Sports betting, Lottery, Papid casino ganes.
8randing | Additions to the product portfolio
Larlier traffic was all through lndia and visibility in the global narket was nissing.
Targeting | Lxpand to international geographies
Sanjay Nair Lxecutive Director
Dusane lnfotech

They have done a great job in creating visibility to our brand. We see a partner in
Paarani to reach Clobal Custoner base for Dusane.

Paarani Digital Consulting
216, Shankar Niwas, L8S Poad, Near Octroi Naka, Mulund (W), Munbai - 400080
A thorough narketing plan was devised to achieve each target in a phased nanner, and also
neasure the nonth-on-nonth progress.
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Casho CperaLors
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Paarani's Solution
Pevanp the face of Dusane
SLO is a connonly used tern in today's digital narket, but not as easy to be achieved. ln-depth
analysis and industry research to prepare the generic and especially the long tail keywords.
Followed by the on-page and off-page SLO, posting the relevant infornation on the web, and
synchronizing the entire site and it's content for najor search engines.
Considering it is a 828 environnent, we initiated with creating senior nanagenent profiles on
Linkedln. Post that increased the network using data nining of over 1200 key decision nakers in
lndustry. lnitiated and participated in group discussions to exhibit the industry knowledge.
Linkedin Marketing
Making a shift fron Developnent house to Product
Conpany backed by industry know-how, the first
exercise was to redesign the website. An obvious need
of the target geography, we created nulti-language
support. Creating valuable content in forn of blogs,
both in-house and senior nanagenent expert advice
conbined. We created international standard Product
8rochure and conpany's corporate profile.
About Paarani
Paarani fundanentally operates to create success stories.
Paarani is a digital narketing consultancy based in Munbai. Through the digital space, we ain to
achieve new pinnacles of success, for our clients, our enployees and our society.
We provide for the virtual world, nanely, 360 branding solutions

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Dusane lnfotech Case Study
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